The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 50

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 50

Episode 50 14. War makes someone fat (2)

Early moning.

Andrew and Joshua headed to the market with several donkey carts, as they did every day.

When we arrived, the market was not quiet and quite noisy.

The market merchants were trembling in Busan preparing the ingredients to be delivered to the mercenary camp, and the children were talking about me, or they were loading the ingredients on the donkey cart at the call of the market merchant.

All the children in the market here were hired by Andrew and Joshua.

They were hired additionally because they could not supply all the ingredients to the mercenary camp, which had grown significantly in size with just the two of them.

Andrew, who started his day by giving instructions to his peers in the market, was able to recall a conversation he had with Rockefeller before.

“You really want to go?”

“Yeah, I really want to go.”

At Andrew’s words that he wanted to go to the military academy like the lord’s daughter, Rockefeller pondered briefly, then nodded his head.

Like the fourth who became a priest, he respected the second choice.

“great. If you really want to go, I won’t stop you. It can be good for you and my family to go there and build a lot of connections. So when do you want to go?”

“I want to go as soon as I finish this work. Are you okay though?”

Andrew and Joshua’s income became quite savory as the food supply grew, but it was far below the income that Rockefeller earned from banco and beer monopolies.

In any case, Andrew, who needed the permission of Rockefeller, the head of the family, sought permission from his eldest brother, Rockefeller, and Rockefeller gladly granted it.

“If you want to go, you can go now. If that is your choice, you should respect it.”

“no. I’m going to finish what I’m doing here. And I have to hire kids my age to be there. It’s me or the kids don’t listen to Joshua. Joshua is still a kid. I can’t even punch.”

It was Andrew’s responsibility to supervise the children he hired.

Although he was the oldest among the village children, he was also good at fistfighting, so he was playing the role of a captain among his peers.

Of course, that aspect gave birth to strong self-confidence and even thought of going to the military academy, but in any case, Andrew was essential to supplying ingredients.

“Then let’s talk again after that. Even then, if you change your mind, tell me.”

Rockefeller’s second thought was that he wanted to go to the military academy.

Fortunately, the third Joshua was interested in the banco business as he was in agreement with him, but the second and fourth were not.

Here, the youngest, Lucia, was still young and not in a position to discuss anything.

“okay. If I change my mind, I’ll tell you right away.”

Andrew, who recalled the conversation that had ended, saw the ingredients on the donkey cart and began to lead the children.

“Let’s go to our respective places! And don’t forget to come back here after work!”

At Andrew’s call, the children on their respective donkey carts shouted with unison.

“yes! see you later!”

I was able to finish all the work that started in the early afternoon.

As the number of workers increased, the number of hours worked also decreased.

Joshua, who was pulling the donkey cart himself, spoke to the infinitely quiet second Andrew.

“There, Andrew.”

Andrew responded slowly to the third call.

I was thinking about something else for a while.


“Are you really going to go to the military academy and become dragoons?”

“uh? uh… … yes.”

“Can’t you go to Banco and become a goldsmith like me, not a dragoon? I’m learning metalworking these days, and it’s really fun. Do you make gold coins with your own hands? How is it, Andrew hyung, isn’t it amazing?”

Andrew felt sorry for the third person who spoke proudly, but the place he went to right now was not money, but her.

‘If only she wasn’t the lord’s daughter here.’

Andrew, who was silent without answering, recalled his previous memories.

Back then, like now, I was on the way home with Joshua to deliver the ingredients.

Joshua, who was quietly pulling the donkey cart, saw a familiar person approaching in the distance and hurriedly raised his voice.

“Brother Andrew! That’s Miss Stella!”

Andrew, who already knew about it, growled in a low voice, trying to calm Joshua down.

“shut up! Lower your voice.”

“why? That’s Miss Stella over there. Miss Stella!”

Stella answered the call and rode up to the two brothers.

When the scent of her flowing in the wind reached the tip of Andrew’s nose, Andrew involuntarily blushed and lowered his head.

“Hello Joshua? Andrew was there too.”

Stella, who had been staying in the estate for quite a while longer than expected, headed back to the Imperial Palace as the time to enter the military academy approached, and in the process, she accidentally ran into two brothers from the Los Medici family.

Andrew still didn’t answer here, and the only good fit for him was his younger brother, Joshua.

“Where are you going again?”

“I must go back now. I have been here too long.”

If you think about the strict and short-tempered lord, Stella was quite friendly and had good attachment.

And even the superior appearance of aristocrats.

As Andrew, who was trying not to make eye contact with her, chatted for a while, Joshua, ignorant of this, was excited to talk to himself.

“really! that is great. My older brother is going to the military academy soon too! Did you know this?”

Stella asked in surprise.

“brother? who?”

“Here is Andrew!”

“Hey, noisy!”

When Andrew, who was quiet, got angry with Joshua for making useless noises, Stella, who was watching this, covered his mouth and started to laugh.

“Hey, Andrew. You want to come here and become a cadet?”

Andrew, who had no choice but to answer because he called himself directly, felt something pounding inside her.

“uh? uh… … yes. I have already told my family.”

“What do you mean by wanting to become a cadet? Life itself is strict here, and it’s a very difficult place physically. Do you still want to come here?”

Even though they are the daughters of the lord, the two have been arguing with each other since they first met, and Stella herself has already told Andrew to stop talking, so Andrew spoke nonsense in this situation without hesitation.

“hey! You think I can’t even do that? That is nothing!”

“I’m glad. Confidence overflows. Isn’t that a more comfortable place than you think?”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“Then I will become a senior there, so even if we go, we can’t pretend we don’t know each other? That is a violation of the rules.”

“uh? yes… … .”

After the conversation finished, Stella left, and Joshua saw this and waved her hand to see her off as she left.

“Miss Stella! Be careful! And see you next time!”

“Joshua you.”

Stella, who rolled her eyes backwards, glanced at Andrew, who had just been furious, and then looked away.

The two brothers met casually, but her expression was not so bright.

‘Los Medici… … .’

Ross Medic.

He was one of many commoner families in the Montefeltro estate, but that was only a year ago.

Her father, the lord Chester, had been watching the Los Medici family for some time, and it was only later that she found out that it was because of the money she had raised to defend the estate.

His father, who had been sitting in his study agonizing over the interest to pay this month, was still glimmering in his eyes.

‘The eldest hyung over there has a very picky personality. It was not as easy as it looked.’

She visited Banco due to the debt problem of the estate, and consulted with the owner of the Banco, Carter, and in the process, she learned that the real power of the store was not the store owner, Carter, but the young assistant he hired.

Rockefeller Ross Medic.

He was the older brother of Andrew, who was the same age as him, and, on the surface, he was just a young assistant helping with work in Banco, but after talking to him, he was quite an adult.

She had several conversations with Rockefeller about her father’s debt, but to no avail.

No matter what he said, the answer that came back was always the same.

“If the interest to be paid right now is burdensome, we can lower it a little just this time. But paying only the principal without interest is never allowed.”

“Looking at the interest paid so far, I think I will go crazy on the principal sooner or later, but this is… … Isn’t that a little too much?”

Rockefeller only responded with a smile to her dissatisfaction.

“Miss Stella. I fully understand that the young lady is worried, but since the lord has secured the land anyway, there will be no major problems. Isn’t that why you held the collateral?”

She knew she couldn’t do that, but her opponent was a banco assistant with a tight front and back.

It was only then that she realized why people hate Banco so much.

When it comes to borrowing money, it is like an angel, but when it is time to pay it back, it is Banco that turns into a devil.

‘Can I tell Andrew if there’s a problem?’

She was worried, but when she heard that Andrew would one day be coming to the military academy, she thought about what might happen.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be friends with Andrew and try to ejaculate his eldest brother, Rockefeller?

while thinking like that.

As Stella disappeared from view, Joshua, who was looking at him, started talking to Andrew, who was next to him.

“But Andrew.”

“yes? why?”

“Hyung, do you like Miss Stella?”

Andrew responded with a look of surprise at the outrageous sound.

“What? What kind of nonsense is that all of a sudden! No, never.”

“Hey, I already noticed. Andrew, do you like Miss Stella? So, didn’t you suddenly say you wanted to go to the military academy?”

“Because it’s not. you and be quiet Then right?”

“I hit it again!”

“You haven’t hit me yet?”

“Anyway, Andrew-hyung knew everything. From now on, if Miss Stella comes, I’ll be quiet. Even when I call, I can’t even speak.”

It was all thanks to Joshua that Stella came to talk to her like before.

If it wasn’t for Joshua’s closeness, he would probably have left like a man.

Knowing that, Andrew raised his voice as if he was sorry.

“Hey, that’s not it.”


“Because it’s not. It’s not like that, so don’t look hateful for nothing and say hello to Stella.”

“But why are you talking to Miss Stella?”

“What is half-talk? I just told him to do it from the beginning. he didn’t care So I thought he was just a commoner.”

“Isn’t it too aristocratic for a commoner?”

“Are all commoners poor? Some people like us have some money.”

“Anyway, are you really going to the military academy?”

The time Andrew hesitated for that question was quite short.

“Yeah, go and become a dragoon. Even if you can’t use magic, there is something called gunpowder in the Empire. to believe it.”

It was Andrew’s secret that someone solidified the idea.

“Then you can come back if you don’t like it. Anyway, Rockefeller-hyung seems to want me to do banco work like Rockefeller-hyung.”

Joshua was delighted with those words.

“Andrew hyung, if you think it’s not going to work, come back quickly. By then, I will already be a goldsmith.”

Joshua continued.

“I’m going to make a lot of money like Rockefeller. I’m going to make a lot of money and make my family the richest man on the continent.”

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