The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 55

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 55

55 Episode 55 Under the peaceful sky, on the wide open meadow.

In the mercenary camp located at the back of the fortress, mercenaries who were tired of boredom and repeated daily life were gathering among themselves and chatting.

The most important of these was when they left.

“I think it’s time to open up here too, what do you all think?”

When one of them got out of luck, the other mercenaries around them spoke quickly.

“right. It was time to leave. There’s no reason for guys like us to stay in this place where nothing’s going to happen, right?”

“Your body is itchy.”

“agree. i’m really sad It’s boring to the point of going crazy.”

“I’m not too worried about looking back.”

Then a mercenary snorted and began to rebuke the mercenaries for saying that.

By his standards, he thought it sounded satiated.

“Hey, why don’t you know that dying like this is happiness? All we have to do is sit around in peace while burning money and eating. What kind of complaints are there so many? Where do you think you will come to your senses when you fight an orc to death?”

“Yeah, that’s right. No matter how many mercenaries we roll on the battlefield, human lives are always precious. It’s kind of boring to be doing this, but it’s the best thing for us. Do I want to die like this for the rest of my life?”

Another mercenary who had been quietly listening to the two of them came forward.

“It is the life of our mercenaries to stop losing their lives if they say it is useless, so let’s enjoy it while we can enjoy such happiness. Don’t do stupid things just because you’re bored.”

Most likely, he began to shake his head.

Then one of them spoke up again.

“By the way, does the lord here have a lot of money? There may not be one or two mercenary units hired here and there.

“That’s also the lord of the periphery.”

“right. Did I think of that too?”

“Isn’t there some kind of gold mine hidden here?”

“Ah, please. Sometime after the ground has been dug here. It won’t be like that.”

“Then what? What kind of money did you have to hit the money here?”

“Where are you doing business? Even trade.”

“It didn’t seem like that.”

At the moment when everyone’s questions were about to be amplified, a mercenary who had heard stories from all over the world came forward and answered their questions coolly.

“I heard from the seers here, they said it was a loan. It seems that everything was settled with the money borrowed from Banco.”

“A loan? Is this all a loan?”

“Yeah, it’s all about loans.”

“Wow, how awesome is that? Did you solve all of this with a loan?”

When they found out about the reality, the mercenaries shed absurd laughter along with their disappointed faces.

The lords in the frontier made the defense of the territories so secure that I thought the lords had some great secret, but that was not the case.

And everyone’s thoughts were unified by this.

What was the lord here thinking about borrowing such a large amount of money?

“By the way, with what confidence did the lord here borrow so much money? If you spread the board like this, wouldn’t you have borrowed a lot from Banco?”

“That’s it.”

“There is no particular source of income. Oh yeah… … .”

“Is it possible that Ji is the lord, so he has the guts? After all, you are a lord.”

“It might be. They say they don’t pay any more. Because they are more poisonous than us.”

“I’ve heard that seniors don’t pay well. He said he wouldn’t pay me back really badly. It’s the head anyway, but the lower ones have to spit it out before you can hear it? I will ignore the country.”

As the conversation progressed, the mercenaries looked pitiful for Banco, who lent money to the lord.

Actually, that’s not the case at all.

“Still, Youngjoo here is a great person as far as love for Youngji is. Look at how much money they spent on building such a large fortress over there. Hey, I can see the lord’s will to protect this road somehow.”

“I heard that the imperial family abandoned this road… … Still, it seems like you can’t win money if you look at what you’ve endured.”

“It is. Whether you leave this place in the imperial court or not, as long as you have a lot of money, what does it matter? You can figure it out on your own.”

“By the way, it’s really strong here. For a fortress like that and a force of this size… … I won’t even look at the orc.”

“That’s why you’re so boring.”


As the story blossomed, I saw a familiar figure running from afar.

Upon closer inspection, it was a fellow mercenary who was getting along well with them.

He ran as hard as he could and delivered something while panting as if he had asked for valuable news.

“Hey, did you hear the rumors? From now on, it looks like they are slowly withdrawing.”

“What? Are you withdrawing from here? Since when?”

“From today. They seem to be withdrawing from one or two places one by one, but I accidentally overheard the Overseer and the captain talking here. Looks like we’ll be leaving soon.”

Finally, what is to come has come.

It was impossible to earn money leisurely sitting in a peaceful estate forever.

As soon as everyone heard the news, they let out a sigh of joy and regret.

“I will. The war is over.”

“I knew this day would come. I’m going to have to go around and find another job.”

Most of the mercenaries seemed to accept the reality, but some seemed unhappy.

“Will the war not end so easily? Are you done already?”

“It’s them, how do we know? You’ve been quiet for months. At this point, there would be no will to fight each other.”

“What do you like about war? Even if we do, our feelings for each other will only deepen.”

“It doesn’t mean that either the Dwarves or the Orcs will be completely destroyed.”

“That’s it. Wouldn’t it be best to just beat them up in moderation, and come and eat money in the name of protection?”

It was sad, but it was unavoidable.

So everyone agreed, and now the topic of discussion began to focus on the future work.

“Then I should get my gold coins before I leave here. Did you all get this?”

After speaking, the mercenary took out a paper loan certificate from his pocket and showed it.

Apparently it was a IOU called Gold issued by Carter Banco.

When they saw the loan, the mercenaries around them began to take out similar loans from all over their bodies.

Some from the chest, some from the bag, some from the groin.

Until this day, they had hidden money, which was equivalent to my life, somewhere in their body.

“This is very convenient. If I had gold coins, I would have stolen everything.”

“Because the article is made of paper, it must have been less stolen. If it’s made of paper like this, you can somehow hide it.

“But what if you hide it there? stink.”

“Noisy. What does it matter to you whether you hide it or not? After all, it is the Banco side who accepts this. Or will you exchange it for me?”

“done. Go and talk to Banco. Because I am not interested.”

After speaking, the mercenaries stared intently at the borrowing documents that they each pulled out.

Then, suddenly, this question came to me.

“But I mean, it’s really weird. You are spending it like money.”

It was just an unusual use.

“right. I was a little curious too.”

“At first, there were a lot of bastards who made a fuss when they said they were going to pay for this, right? Is this money?”

“It was.”

“Then there was a guy who saw it being easily exchanged at Banco and just passed on it.”

“Still, there was a bastard who only insisted on gold coins. That’s why I got robbed in the middle, but still!”

“Did you get robbed? really?”

“Hey, would it be easier to keep gold coins, or would this be more convenient? obvious shit. it’s just a fountain If your head doesn’t turn, you’ll have to deal with it.”

“It is, but… … Are you sorry?”

“Leave it alone, what do we have to do with it? All we have to do is take this to Banco and exchange it for gold coins.”

Convenience of the IOU.

To be precise, they were discussing the convenience of paper money, and they secretly hoped that the monetary system they were enjoying now would spread.

Because it was convenient.

“It would be nice to have something like this spread throughout the empire, not just here. People like us, it’s better to carry more than gold coins, right? is not it?”

Then a mercenary began to comment on the fatal problem they had from the beginning, but had now forgotten.

“Hey, what if this piece of paper can’t be exchanged for gold?”

At that question, the mercenaries became mute for a moment.

There was no one who came forward and gave an honest answer.

“Hey, maybe.”

“Hey, the banco there is strong. I don’t know anywhere else, but there I know.”

Instead, most of them showed strong belief in Banco, unwilling to keep the worst in mind.


It is because there are not one or two people who have deposited gold coins in Banco, and if there is a problem there, the work becomes huge.

So, I think that there will be no problems, and I will pass the day with ease.

“If you go there, exchange it 100%. No matter how many IOUs I take, will they always exchange them? i saw Exchanging 500 talents on the spot the last time.”

“What? 500 talents each?”

“Yes, 500 talents.”

All of them went to Banco to exchange gold coins for less than 500 talents.

But is there any need to discuss the safety of Banco, who exchanged those 500 talents at once?

“Then there will be no problem. If you see 500 talents exchanged on the spot.”

“Hey, what did I say? It’s safe there. It’s really big enough to lend that much money to the lord. No problem.”

Still, there was always going to be a suspicious person in any position.

“Hey, do you know? By the way, this is not a piece of paper. What if you don’t exchange it all of a sudden there?”

But despite those concerns, everyone shook their heads.

That is why he had a strong trust in Carter Banco in this estate.

“If you are so suspicious, why don’t you try exchanging it first? I plan to exchange it safely when I leave.”

“me too.”

“If you keep holding gold coins for nothing, you will be robbed by the wrong person.”

“Because the groin is the safest place here. Even if I don’t know anyone else, I’ll never get it out of here. It’s paper, so it doesn’t show even if you hide it here. It’s really great.”

“Stop talking dirty. Even if it’s not there, there’s a lot to hide.”

Their belief in Carter Banco remained the same, but because of the hassle of the exchange, one of them made an offer.

“Hey, I think it would be very cumbersome if so many people exchanged for gold coins at once in the yard to withdraw anyway? Why not just go to Banco tomorrow and exchange it for gold in advance? I don’t think I’ll have time to exchange it later. There are a lot of people here.”

I won’t be here for very long now that there are rumors of a withdrawal.

It goes without saying that once the withdrawal starts, you will be busy.

Several mercenaries present at one mercenary’s proposal began to accept one after another.

“Then, shall we go and exchange it tomorrow? It won’t be here in a few days anyway. As he said, I don’t think I’ll have time to stop by Banco.”

“great. Then let’s all go together tomorrow. I have nothing to do anyway.”


“Okay then, let’s go and get our gold coins tomorrow.”

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