The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 72

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 72

Episode 72 18. My dear, I will be eaten by debt #3(5)

Since when did this guy respect that banco dealer?

Despite the lord’s careful shooting of the Overseer, the Overseer turned away from her gaze.

Even the Overseer had no interest in the lord, who had already fallen as soon as he was about to fall.

There was no need to worry anymore about the salaries being paid by Banco.

He was only pretending to do so when Rockefeller told him to treat him as lord again.

“You are here.”

When Rockefeller riding a donkey appeared, the noisy residents of the province became quiet in an instant.

The culprit was certainly the lord, but Rockefeller, who was associated with Carter Banco, was also a party.

However, the reason why Yeong-ji-min did not send arrows of criticism to him was because he knew well that he was both a party to the matter and the only solution to the matter.

So, unlike the gaze at the lord, there was some resentment and fear in the gaze at Rockefeller.

He had a feeling that if he hated him even a little, his Gold IOU would become a piece of paper forever.

After a while.

Rockefeller, who had climbed the podium, had come in advance and met the lord who was waiting.

When Rockefeller smiled kindly, the lord cursed him inwardly, but he had no choice but to laugh awkwardly because he had already promised.

‘How did I end up getting involved with a guy with no roots like that? … .’

The day after Stella went to dinner.

Young-ju heard unexpected news from my daughter.

The Los Medici family agreed to pay off their debts by getting married, but they said there was another condition.

After hearing about the condition, the lord nailed it as absolutely no.

Just as there are no parents who can overcome their children, the lord who was stubborn in the end could not overcome his daughter and had to accept that ridiculous condition.

‘If it wasn’t really my daughter.’

And the lord thought.

He was convinced that he would not have accepted Rockefeller’s offer, even at the cost of his own death, if Stella had not intervened.

It is not enough for the lord himself to become almost half a lord, so he becomes a lord who lives only by the eyes of a commoner family, who would welcome it?

What comforted me was that I didn’t have a son to take over anyway, so I was thinking about adopting a son, but thankfully (?) I didn’t have to worry about that anymore.

above the podium.

In the seat facing Rockefeller, Yeongju also opened her mouth with an inappropriate smile.

“I want to tear that dirty face off.”

It wasn’t Rockefeller who would give in.

“You must not say that. We’re going to be closer together in the future, so can you say that harshly?”

“you. I’ll live a long time. There is an old saying that if someone has a lot of ugly hair in them, they will live a long time.”

“Haha, is that a compliment? After all, I have no intention of being respected by anyone.”

Rockefeller smiled softly and continued.

“That’s what our family motto is. Choose fear over respect. It was a legacy left by my grandfather.”

Rockefeller glanced ahead.

Young Ji-min, who came to hear the news, held their breath and stared intently at only Yeong-ju and herself.

There was definitely something like fear in their gaze.

Otherwise, he could not be so quiet in the presence of the debtor lord.

‘You know my power. According to my words, they will go back and forth between heaven and hell.’

“I laugh. People are watching. Isn’t this place quite important today?”

When Rockefeller spoke in a low voice that only the two of them could hear, the lord snorted and responded.

“I will. It will be a meaningful day. The day will come when my debt will be paid off and my power as a lord will be split in half.”

At that, Rockefeller gave a small reply with a still smiling face.

“It’s half… … Wasn’t it already gone? I knew that.”

“It’s noisy. Don’t procrastinate, if you have something to say, finish it quickly. They won’t even listen to me anyway.”

“Nevertheless, I will continue to take care of the lord’s authority. If you want to lead this territory well in the future, shouldn’t you become a lord who is feared and respected by the people of the territory?”

“Hey, stop talking nonsense. It’s disgusting to hear.”

Rockefeller began to speak out towards the young people gathered in front of the podium.

“today! What brought you all together! Because we have an important announcement.”

At Rockefeller’s words, everyone held their breath and became silent.

They want only one thing from Rockefeller.

salvation right away.

And Rockefeller brought it out too.

“Starting today at our Carter Banco! I have decided to take back the Gold IOU, which I had no reason to be responsible for until now!”

As those words continued, the bewildered Young Ji-min roared loudly.

“What do you mean by that?”

“Are you going to take responsibility for the Gold IOU all of a sudden?”

“Aren’t you obligated?”

“Shh! keep it quiet Let’s hear it!”

I don’t care about the reactions of the young people who are gathered.

Rockefeller continued his prepared speech.

“Because there was an agreement with the Lord in the background. The Lord is currently unable to process the IOUs issued in his/her name. So, instead of paying for the debt on behalf of Carter Banco, we have made a provisional agreement that all rights of the estate belong to Carter Banco.”

At those words, Yeongji-min was confused again.

“No, the lord has sold all the land rights?”

“So Carter Banco takes care of everything?”

“Do you think so?”

After speaking, Rockefeller looked at the lord.

“If you have something to say, say it. I can’t be the only one talking here, can I?”

A place that requires confirmation of what you have said.

With a wrinkled expression on his face, the lord began to open his mouth with a cough.

“greatness! I, Chester de Montefeltro, declare here today. From today on, I will hand over all rights to this land to the Ross Medici family. instead. My daughter Stella de Mondefeltro is the second in the Los Medici family… … .”

It was something I didn’t want to say, but there was no way out of it.

There is only one way to live.

And the daughter had already made up her mind, so Yeongju swallowed her tears and continued with the next words.

“I’m going to marry you Andrew Ross Medici. After marriage, this promise has due effect.”

Then Rockefeller said.

“Based on the above, we have decided to take responsibility for all the IOUs that the Lord has given us, and as a result, we have decided to take responsibility for the Gold IOUs that you currently have. Of course, from the moment the lord’s daughter married my second brother.”

When cheers are about to explode.

Rockefeller continued until the last minute.

“So, please refrain from accusing the lord any more, and we have made a tentative agreement with the lord to pay the estate tax in the future. This is an obligation to secure rights, so I would like the residents of the territory who have not paid taxes to pay taxes on time. This is essential for the operation of the estate, so I hope there will be no objection.”

As soon as they finished speaking, the gathered young people all started cheering all at once.

It must be the joy that the Gold IOU, which has been a piece of paper so far, has been revived.

Rockefeller smiled slightly as they looked at the cheering Young Jimin as they hugged each other and shouted.

‘Is this what it feels like to be stupid?’

The path he took was completely different from the wishes of the people.

A place that is only completed when you deceive those who are foolish.

Now they knew nothing.

In the first place, all of this was planned by himself, and it means that Carter Banco and himself will suffer less damage than he thought by accepting the Gold IOU, which is nothing more than a piece of tissue paper.

‘Gold IOU, you can change it back to the IOU IOU and give it to you. Then there are fewer gold coins than I expected to get out right away.’

Since I had the right to the land by roasting and boiling the lord, I could become richer than before with the tax that comes from it.

‘There it is in this land. Geummaek that everyone in the world envy.’

In addition, it was the content of an agreement with the lord that the rights of the estate were made to the Los Medici family, not to Carter Banco.

‘The reason why the owner of this land is not Carter Banco but our family is to avoid unnecessary strife in the future.’

Carter Banco was now over.

However, the reason why we are not opening a new Banco is because there is no need to be in such a hurry.

‘It’s been a while since Uncle Carter quit his job.’

Rockefeller came to the fore, and also brought in my brother as a sidekick, leaving Carter with nothing to do.

Rockefeller and Joshua could do goldsmith work, and because of church work, Carter would rather take a break than work while watching the two brothers.

‘If you know what’s going on here, you probably won’t say much. You’ve been away from work for a while.’

Carter Goldsmith had left his gold coins with the Ross Medici brothers at a fairly high interest rate as a prerogative of his own.

Why would you work if you don’t have to work and you get high interest every month?

‘That’s it.’

In front of Young Ji-min who cheers like that.

Rockefeller looked for the lord who was still standing next to me with a shaky expression on his face.

“How are you feeling?”

“What a feeling!”

As the lord fired, Rockefeller laughed and continued.

“I feel like I’m out of debt.”

“Hey, you’re asking about everything.”

“You would know, right? If it weren’t for us, the Lord would never be able to get out of debt forever.”

“So what are we going to do?”

“It would be better to keep the promise you made here. Perhaps even the lord will not make the family where the daughter is getting married bad. You have only one child, the Lord’s love. I have no doubts.”

“you… … .”

The lord’s gaze was still bitter.

“I’ve felt it since Hans’s funeral, but I didn’t always like it. I still don’t understand how the whole house got all the way here.”

“But would you believe it?”

“You believe? What?”

“Now that such a family has come this far, won’t it grow even bigger in the future?”

Youngjoo snorted lightly.

“Hey, so what kind of talent do you have? Aren’t you overly arrogant with things that deceived me in a corner like this?”

“You shouldn’t say that. If we continue to be like this, the daughter of the lord will live with a commoner for the rest of his life. Do you want that?”

“So, didn’t I give up my right to the estate here? It’s all thanks to my daughter that I don’t say anything even though I’m a half asshole. If it wasn’t for that, even if I died, none of that would have happened.”

“There was something that was held as collateral anyway, so it would have been meaningless if the lord tried to stick to shit. However, I am too bothered to run this estate myself, so we just went on a good path for each other.”

Rockefeller continued.

“It’s just that good things are good. Please support me by my side. Later, when my family grows bigger, I can give away one suitable for the elderly from among the estates I own. Still, wouldn’t it be better for a family member to occupy it than someone else’s?”

Will that day ever come?

The lord’s attitude was still there.

“It’s pretty much it.”

Rockefeller ended the session with applause in front of the cheering Young Jimin.

And then I thought

‘The primary task of bringing the rights of the territory is over.’

He didn’t become the lord he was aiming for, but since he brought all the rights to the territory, that was enough.

Also, as in the past, the management of the estate was left to the lord, so he did not have to worry about the affairs of the estate.

‘Who did that in Earth’s history?’

Politics is done in his house.

Laws, wars, and peace, only he decides.

We just don’t call… … .

‘He is the king.’

It was one of Rockefeller’s favorite words.

‘It’s more than I hoped for.’

Now that the primary work related to the Montefeltro estate is over, all that is left is to prepare for the Golden Mace War.

‘After the cataclysm, there will be a major tectonic shift across the continent. That’s when the gold veins that the Dwarves missed will burst out.’

At that time, a large number of dwarves that can’t even compare to the Totem Wars will go crazy for gold and flock to this estate.

The war that broke out at that time was the Golden Mace War.

‘It’s an all-out war between the Dwarves and the Empire.’

In the previous Totem War, Dwarves had little to gain, but the Golden Vein War was different.

It is self-evident that the power map will change greatly depending on who occupies the largest gold vein on the continent.

‘The moment the Dwarves assert their rights to this land, it will hurt your head. Probably no concessions.’

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