The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 73

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 73

Episode 73 19. Lyon Guild (1)


A cataclysm that occurred when the main character in the novel killed the awakened Behemoth at the ancient ruins where the ancient behemoth, an ancient behemoth that clearly existed in the past but was not recorded in history, slept and obtained his magic sword, and the magical power that was created hit the borders of the empire.

Due to this, some of the topography belonging to the edge of the empire changed drastically, and the topography that did not exist overnight was created, and there were big changes such as disappearing.

Due to several large earthquakes, the Montefeltro estate suffered much more damage than other places, and as a result, many houses and buildings within the estate collapsed.

The lord’s castle was also included in this, and the lord, who had taken refuge elsewhere due to the continuous earthquake, was fortunately able to escape the fire.

‘I don’t know why all of a sudden. Did someone use any magic?’

In the history books recorded by the Empire, the story of an archmage with magic powerful enough to crush and split the earth has been handed down.

It was the story of Sinclair’s first homeowner, a magician.

‘There will be no enemies where I am.’

The lord, who looked at the castle that had collapsed more than half, let out a long sigh.

He suddenly lost his home, so his heart must be broken.

“under… … .”

‘There’s nothing in the world. It’s been a while since my daughter was sold to a house without a foundation, and now even the castle where I lived is falling down.’

The intensity of the earthquake gradually weakened over time.

A slight earthquake was still hovering around his toes, but it was nothing compared to what he had felt before.

‘It’s terrible. I really hate to remember what happened back then.’

The first start of the Cataclysm was quite intense, and it has continued to get worse since then, but it has been quieter since the day before.

“Lord, are you okay?”

The Overseer on horseback next to the lord came and spoke to him.

“Are you here?”

“Yeah, it’s not even a riot now. Just in case, I’m going to look around.”

“How long have you been doing this?”

“We don’t even know. Because it happened so suddenly. But now it is quiet.”

“I don’t know the cause, is it just the sky is angry?”

“There is a lot of talk about it in the church. I don’t know.”

“It’s not like any wizard came all the way here to play.”

“It’s too harsh for a joke. There would be no reason for that.”

The lord narrowed his eyes and only touched my beard.

‘Isn’t that the one who played with magic?’

“Have you looked around?”

The Overseer immediately answered the lord’s question.

“Yes, I gave up on the existing road and came to take a look around the new road, but it seems that the terrain itself has changed significantly.”

“I will. It’s been swaying like that for days, but it’s funny that the ground stays still.”

“You can see ridges that did not exist, and the valleys and streams have changed a lot from the previous ones. If you look around like me, the Lord will be very surprised.”


The place where he lived collapsed, and the estate suffered great damage, but somehow the lord did not show much concern.

“Well, it’s broken anyway, so it’s time to build it up again.”

Why has he changed so much?

There was only one thing.

‘It’s better to be like this. It’s me, because I don’t have to worry about money anymore.’

“It’s the money you need, and the handsome Banco will provide it for you. Okay, what is he doing now? Could it be that he died suddenly in the midst of this?”

Overseer answered the question.

“He is now ready to leave for Lyon.”

“Lyon? Why all of a sudden Lyon? Didn’t you originally say you were going to the Imperial Palace?”

“I don’t know why, but maybe it’s because of Banco business?”

Youngju wrinkled his expression.

“He’s no different from the owner of a banco right now, so what should I do here if he leaves?”

“Aren’t you the only one doing banco work? Is there any big problem in the yard with the third brother in Banco?”

Since when did the business become like a family?

Youngju’s expression was not good.

‘It’s crazy. Anyone who sees it would know that it’s not a Carter Banco, but a Banco of his Los Medici family.’

“Since when has it been said that there has been a banco? Did Carter quit his job at all?”

The Overseer nodded and looked.

I don’t know when, but it’s because it’s been a while since Carter left the banco job.

“As far as I can remember, I know he is probably not working.”

“Still, it’s your own shop, so it’s worth it if you’re so engrossed in it.”

“How do we know about that? You will figure it all out.”

“but. It’s none of our business. Even if we don’t care, we’ll take care of it.”

The ruined feudal lord.

And the lord, who thought that the situation in the village would be similar or worse, smiled on the contrary.

‘Anyway, I’ll take care of restoring the lord’s castle. Ji said something, I hope she and Yeongji will not continue to be like this.’

The Overseer left a message to the lord and left.

“Then I should stop by Banco.”

The lord’s expression darkened when he saw the Overseer leaving like that.

‘It’s good that you don’t care about money, but you’re completely dependent on cold food. If it had been before, I would have reported it to me and finished it.’

The Overseer, who happened to meet the lord while looking around the estate, headed straight for Carter Banco.

As we entered the market entrance, we saw Youngji people moving more chaotically than the day before.

Their faces were full of sorrow.

‘Most of them have lost their homes.’

He was also a human being, so he was worried about Yeongji-min.

They have lost their homes over the course of several centuries of one encounter or another.

‘I’d like you to fix this. Probably too much.’

I thought so.

When I went to see him, I realized I was wrong.

“It’s a broken house, so you can rebuild it.”

At Rockefeller’s words, Overseer was a bit perplexed.

“But don’t you need money to build it again?”

“Of course, you will need a loan.”

Carter Banco, who visited the store, was also in a bad shape due to earthquake damage, but unlike other stores, it was protected by magic, so it did not collapse or collapse.

“When it comes to loans… … .”

We’re talking about loans here.

As the Overseer made an unfavorable expression on his face, Rockefeller continued.

“Of course, interest rates are lower than expected. If interest rates are high at a time like this, how will Yeongji people who are suffering from earthquakes get up again?”

“Then how much do you think about interest?”

“I have no intention of making money with this. But there must be a price to be paid for the borrowed money.”

For Rockefeller, who had originally planned to significantly increase lending to generate revenue, the upheaval was very welcome.

If all of Young Ji-min becomes in debt because of this, he will gain even more weight.

“So, if you have good credit, I will lend you a loan at 3% interest every month. That’s half of the current 6 percent interest rate.”

“Three percent… … .”

“It’s not three percent for everyone. In some circumstances, even 1% interest is sufficient.”

“Are you going to drop it down to 1%?”

Rockefeller smiled kindly.

“Shouldn’t we all live together?”

Overseer was quite moved by those words.

Usually, if you are a banco trader, you are busy taking care of your own teeth, so at times like this, you would have tried to get a higher interest rate.

Homeless people had to somehow save money to build a house.

“You are a really nice person. I always thought that all banco contractors were the same.”

“It is not. It will be good for us who collect taxes only when this estate is quickly restored and stabilized.”

“Anyway, you think of Young Ji-min more than Yeongju.”

“Thank you for saying that. I am the only one who always thinks of Youngji.”

“If Yeongji-min finds out about this, they will be very happy.”

“I wish I did.”

The Overseer, who was smiling happily, suddenly remembered something, pulled something out of his pocket and handed it to Rockefeller.

“Ah, I found this by chance on the road.”

The Overseer was scouting around the estate this morning when he saw children playing in the changed water stream.

It had rained the day before, so I went to the children worried about the flooding, but the children were picking up shiny stones there.

“You don’t have to report this, but you are the actual owner of this land, so it would be good to know, so I brought one.”

A sparkling stone given by the Overseer.

It was a gold ore with very fine natural gold embedded between the ore.

‘This… … .’

Rockefeller, who had hidden a surprised expression, asked calmly.

“this… … What is it? It looks like something is shining here and there.”

“You don’t know at all? It looks like gold ore to me. Has the terrain been significantly warped recently? In the past, this place was called Azrak Goldmine, so it was said that there was a huge gold mine. I don’t know, but it seems that some of the gold ore that had been forgotten in the past due to this change of terrain rolled up here along the bulging stream. The children were looking for them and playing, so I went and got one.”

I didn’t even think about it.

After this cataclysm, this land will become a golden land.

I can’t even guess.

But Rockefeller was different.

‘this. I need to hurry up. Cataclysm won’t stop gold ore from coming out. The gold veins must have been exposed in the already overturned terrain.’

It seemed unstoppable now that the golden veins that had been sleeping in this land reappeared, and the gold ore and placer generated from it spread by word of mouth.

Was it really just one gold ore that the Overseer picked up without much thought?

If you continue to stand out, you’ll probably be suspicious of your overseer too.

Is this land really dead land?

‘It’s better to move quickly before the rumors spread.’

“ah… … I heard that too. Did I mention that dwarves lived here before?”

At those words, Overseer shook his head.

“Yes, I heard that a long time ago. At that time, it was said that the land was overflowing with gold mines.”

“That’s it. If that’s true gold ore, I think that some of the gold ore that the Dwarves shed in the past came out of this earthquake.”

Overseer had a similar idea.

“I think so too. What gold ore from already dead land? It must have been picked up by chance because of the earthquake.”

And then he said this.

“By the way. It would be great if this continued. Then, I hope that the value of this land will also change, and your Majesty’s attention will no longer be on the periphery of the empire, but as an important area. Wouldn’t it be better to get help from the imperial family in case of foreign invasion?”

He continued what the Overseer had been saying.

“Do you know how ruthlessly the imperial family turned away from this land when there was a totem war in the past? It was just abandoned land. Whatever happened here or not, the imperial family had no interest in it.”

“It would be. If you weren’t interested, you wouldn’t be able to help. No matter what the land is or not, it won’t make any sense there.”

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