The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 88

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 88

Episode 88 21. Guild Meeting#(4)

Indeed, it was Banco’s assistant who even ate the lord.

How dare you have such a thought.

In the noisy conference hall, the guild members began to mourn.

“That young man over there. Do you think differently from us?”

“Did you just eat the lord for nothing? Everything is there for a reason.”

“Some people think that way.”

“I heard you are right. We don’t have that kind of power. What do you mean we’re not pushing the emperor?”

“Even if the first prince has cancer, he cannot win the crown war without money. If we can push one of the two princes properly, what will he be the next emperor?”

Even at this moment, Rockefeller’s words continued.

“It is the result of the First Prince, who took us lightly. If you thought they were a good group, would you have ignored them in that way? If we had properly known that we had that kind of power, if we had continued to act like that! The attitude the First Prince would take toward us would have been completely different from what we have now.”

Rockefeller’s words implicitly implied that the Lyon Guild had gone astray until now.

And those words were also indirectly expressing dissatisfaction with the guild leader who had led the Lyon guild in that way.

“quiet! quietly!”

The guild leader, who had a stiffer expression than before, silenced the noisy conference hall, and then spoke to Rockefeller, who was looking at him.

‘What the hell a kid who doesn’t know anything knows what he’s talking about.’

“You mean it. Even then, I felt it, but he really is a little boy who doesn’t know anything.”

The stiff expression on his face for a moment.

Benjamin continued to speak, forcing a good impression on him.

‘I need it when I testify later. Until then, you have to be patient.’

“I understand everything. If you don’t have much experience, you can of course think so. But say it. It’s not that easy. On the contrary, if we had the guts to do it, we could just fly away. Where you dare say a banco contractor installing something like that, you can see it in a very rough way.”

But not everyone felt the same way.

Some guild members who strongly sympathized with Rockefeller’s words stood up at once and continued to shout at the guild leader.

“You’re right, but why!”

“right! It’s all right! I mean, how much like Hogu would come out of that place!”

“Now let’s show you just how scary we are!”


The conference hall is buzzing again.

Even though he couldn’t agree with his thoughts, the voice of the opposition was a very unpleasant noise from the guild leader’s point of view.

“quiet! quietly!”

Benjamin, who silenced the meeting room again, found Rockefeller, who was still standing with a voice.

‘No, if you’re going to stay with this guild, you shouldn’t talk to me like that. What are you thinking? Don’t you have any intentions of talking about it?’

“Now that the words have come out, let me tell you. From your point of view, do you think I’ve been wrong about guild management?”

In fact, there were only a few guild members who had the guts to say yes in a situation like this.

Except for a few guild members who are strong enough or have close ties with high-ranking people, they would not dare to rebel against Benjamin.

But Rockefeller was different.

‘You don’t suit that position at all.’

“My opinion remains the same. The attitude this guild has taken so far appears to be wrong. It is time for a change.”


At that word, the entire conference hall began to roar again, and Benjamin’s expression had no choice but to rot again.

In the midst of the commotion, the guild leader, who had been quietly pondering Rockefeller’s words, came down and said in a voice.

“You don’t seem to notice me at all. I’m going to talk like that. haha… … .”

Rockefeller changed his attitude for a moment to him, who even shed a ridiculous laugh at the end.

“Is that possible? I was just angry for a while because the First Prince had said that, and I was just ranting. This is my very personal opinion, so I hope you don’t get too swayed by these thoughts.”

“Anything to wield? It was said by a kid who didn’t know anything about the world anyway.”

His gaze on Rockefeller did not change.

‘It’s definitely annoying and I don’t like him.’


Guild member?

‘It’s nonsensical. I’ll get you out of this industry forever. As long as I have the strength, there is nothing difficult.’

“I’m saying that because you said that. Let’s move on to the next item. In fact, the next agenda for this meeting is more important.”

Then there was a guild member who protested.

“The first issue hasn’t been properly resolved yet, are you already discussing the next one?”

“It’s up to me to decide, so it’s up to my discretion. After all, you guys don’t have good opinions, don’t you?”

“I still have to look for it! Or maybe what that young man said earlier wasn’t too bad?”

“If there was a good opinion, of course I would have accepted it. And bringing it up as an agenda item for this meeting was to ask you if you had any good opinions, and ultimately, it is a matter for me to decide on my own.”

Benjamin continued.

“If you have any good ideas, you can always come and discuss with me.”

When no more words came out of the first agenda, Benjamin began to explain the subsequent ones.

“This is the next agenda. In fact, it is not an exaggeration to say that this guild meeting was held to discuss this issue. You, too, must have heard the rumors. That young man over there dared to come up with an absurd idea.”

A young man named Rockefeller was sitting where Benjamin was pointing.

“That young man over there is not really a goldsmith or a member of the guild here. Just a young assistant hired by Carter.”

Not knowing that Rockefeller had become a goldsmith with the help of Bishop Berkis, Benjamin continued to chime in.

“However, he came up with a rather erratic idea and greatly disrupted our ecosystem.”

The guild members, who had some knowledge of the rumors, continued to listen to Benjamin in a quiet state.

“In a situation where even receiving the gold coin storage fee will not be enough. This is the absurd idea of paying interest instead of receiving it. And there will be some vendors who have been hurt by that.”

Of course it was his story.

The guild members knew about it, but they didn’t vomit here.

“So, as the guild leader, I called the author and had a long talk. I was curious to know why he did that, so I asked him. Then the young man said so. He said he was blinded by the church’s property right away and made a wrong decision. They told me they were all wrong.”

Then the whole meeting room began to roar again.

The reason was that the rumored assistant visited the guild chief and said that.

The guild members who sat in the chair of the guild spoke in small voices with expressions of disbelief.


“haha… … That was the wrong decision.”

“It must have felt strange. Because it is more correct to receive gold coin storage fees than to pay interest.”

Benjamin, who continued to make eye contact with Rockefeller, soon showed a friendly smile.

“Isn’t that obvious? No one here would have thought of paying interest to their customers, and what the hell would an inexperienced assistant, no goldsmith, know, to do such a thing? It’s just that I didn’t know how to do it. And I regretted it.”

Unknowingly and knowingly, Benjamin, who laughed at Rockefeller, continued:

“Then here today. I want you to hear for yourself how foolish that young man was.”

Then, as he emphasized, he extended his index finger.

“And after this time, we will announce the guild policy to completely ban interest payments based on deposits of gold coins. It is an act that harms us rather than benefits us. It is not enough to encourage competition between each other, so they are saying that they will completely withdraw the gold coin storage fee business, which they have been doing well, is this reasonable?”

When Benjamin pointed to Rockefeller, everyone’s attention was focused on Rockefeller.

“Then listen to what that young man has to say.”

When he finished speaking to the whole, Benjamin even passed these words to Rockefeller so that he might not think otherwise.

“I don’t have much experience right now. In order for that experience to accumulate and to become a better fit for us later, shouldn’t we have to show deep reflection on our mistakes? I made this place out of consideration for you, so please tell me with a comfortable mind. I mean, tell me what you did wrong and what wrong judgment you made.”

Rockefeller, who was then given the right to speak, stood up.

“This is Rockefeller Ross Medici. I have been working as an assistant for several years now at Carter Banco in the Montefeltro estate, and I am also a goldsmith recognized by the imperial family.”

At those words, the conference hall began to roar again.

“what? You say you’re not a goldsmith?”

“I know. I heard that I am not a goldsmith either.”

“Isn’t it just an unqualified assistant?”

“Well. Doesn’t that seem like it?”

“Then you just became a goldsmith?”

“It doesn’t make sense. As everyone here knows, to become a goldsmith requires approval from the guild leader.”

“The guild leader doesn’t know… … .”

The guild leader said he wasn’t a goldsmith, but he said he was a goldsmith, so there was a riot.

It was the same with Benjamin, who put on a puzzled expression in the noisy conference hall.

‘What kind of bullshit? I never made you a goldsmith.’

“Hey, what do you mean? You’re a goldsmith. You’re not even qualified yet, are you?”

At those words, Rockefeller began to speak again towards the noisy conference hall.

“As we all know, to become a goldsmith, you need the approval of the two famous banco alliances in the empire. However, in the end, the imperial family was too cumbersome to select and appoint goldsmiths, so it was only entrusted to the two representatives. In other words, to become a goldsmith, you only need the permission of the imperial family.”

Again in the noisy conference room, Benjamin asked Rockefeller.

“What are you, ignoring me as the guild leader and getting approval from the imperial family?”

All had the same idea.

A young man named Rockefeller was just a banco assistant from a poor family.

I couldn’t help but wonder what kind of connection he had with the imperial family, ignoring the Banco Alliance and becoming a goldsmith.


There was a person who unexpectedly intervened at this moment.

He was a person who had been quietly waiting for my turn from the start of the meeting until now.

“Fly. I made you a goldsmith.”

When Bishop Berkis, who had been quiet, suddenly spoke out, the conference hall became more and more noisy.

“bishop… … dismissal. What do you mean? You said the bishop made that young man named Rockefeller a goldsmith?”

Wasn’t it funny at all?

Benjamin asked with a blank expression on his face, and Bishop Berkis responded with an uninspired tone.

“I’m using the church’s property by giving interest, so there’s nothing I can’t do, right?”

The atmosphere was strange.

Now, this was a place to let people know that the business of paying interest to Banco’s customers was very wrong.

However, the bishop’s attitude was so different that everyone was confused.

“What… … .”

“Someone has a heart for John and wants to give it to the church, but from the church member’s point of view, wouldn’t it be reasonable to repay it? So I wrote a letter directly to the imperial family. I want that young man over there and all the people in his family to be goldsmiths.”

It was so absurd that Benjamin was at a loss for words.

Bishop Berkis, who was still dissatisfied with such Benjamin, decided to use his power and position to further bully Benjamin.

“Governor Lee Wang said it would be good to do this as well. From a while ago, I watched him quietly, and he kept trying to reject that young man just because he was not a member of the same guild. Yeah, I’d like to see what my strength is here. From this time on, accept that young man as a member of the guild here.”

Bishop Berkis’ gaze turned to everyone.

“Does anyone have any objection to this statement? If yes, tell me. God is watching.”

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