The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 89

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 89

Episode 89 21. Guild Meeting #2(5)

The sudden attitude of the bishop could not help but bewildered Benjamin.

‘What are we going to do now? Come all the way here.’

Benjamin, who could not understand the reason no matter how much he thought about it, wanted to ask Bishop Berkis, who was speaking to everyone, the reason.

“Why are you doing that?”

“What do you mean?”

“No, once Mass is over, there’s nothing to do, right?”

“I have something to tell you, so I’m here too.”

“I mean, you want to say something.”

“What have you heard so far? If you were deaf, you would have heard everything I had to say.”

Excited, Benjamin smirked.

‘What are we really going to do?’

When Benjamin pondered for a moment as to what to say.

Bishop Berkis, who was speaking to everyone, continued.

“Everyone knows that they are doing business thanks to me. Then there will be no objection if I make that young man a member of the guild here, right?”

When the guild members are chattering with each other.

Benjamin with a wrinkled expression came out.

Even though he was a bishop, he was from the same family.

So from Benjamin’s point of view, there was no need to make him too difficult.

Stop complaining if you have any complaints.

“No, what are you doing now? Come to someone else’s karma and do good deeds. Let’s go when work is done. You are just interfering with our work.”

Bishop Berkis was not the one who would easily resign at such words.

“What are you doing? I am doing business now thanks to someone! Have you already forgotten what I have done for this guild so far?”

“That’s it, haven’t you been compensated enough so far?”

“What reward! What kind of reward did you give me?”

“Do I have to tell you all of them?”

“That’s why you made this place so that you can’t even pay interest to the church!”

“Why are you talking about that here!”

As their voices increased, the guild members looked at each other and became quiet.

On the other hand, Benjamin, who was staring at Bishop Berkis as if he was about to eat him, thought with a wrinkled expression on his face.

The bishop knew why he came out like that.

‘I know roughly. I was still dissatisfied with that.’

When I asked him why he was still here, it seemed that he still had a grievance about canceling the business.

“Anyway, this is our business, and I hope you will no longer interfere with our business.”

“Why aren’t you interfering? If you do that, it will harm me and the church! Do you want to look so hateful to God!”

“It’s not that I hate God, it’s that I hate the Bishop, right?”

“It’s blasphemy!”

“under… … What blasphemy is blasphemy? If you are dissatisfied with this, I will compensate you later. So it didn’t happen?”

“What are you going to reward me for?”

“Have you not paid back all of your donations until now? Have you forgotten all the donations I made?”

“What is the donation? Are you showing condolences by giving it as a donation? And if you were going to be so condescending, you would have helped me then!”

“Then why are you bringing it up again? And at that time, didn’t I clearly tell you that it’s hard for me too! It was difficult, so I went to visit him several times and told him that I couldn’t do it anymore.”

As the argument between the two began to intensify again, Rockefeller, who was standing there, coughed and announced his existence to the two.

Then Bishop Berkis, who was angry, managed to calm his anger and stopped arguing with Benjamin.

“Anyway. I have to do my part, so please accept that young man as a member of the guild here. Otherwise, I won’t be standing still.”

“It doesn’t work.”

“Why not?”

“Well, no.”

“Tell me why not?”

“This young man is not even a goldsmith… … No, not that.”

Benjamin, who had no other excuses from the bishop’s gaze as if his eyes were about to catch fire, continued speaking with a wrinkled expression on his face.

“Anyway, it is difficult to accept him as a guild member because of his inexperienced experience.”

“Now that you are a goldsmith, what inexperience do you mean? If you have done that much work, you have enough qualifications and experience.”

Then Rockefeller, who was watching, came out.

“Benjamin Ball. Didn’t I say that you would accept me as a guild member? Isn’t this different from what I said last time?”

Benjamin was taken aback by Rockefeller’s sudden words.

‘What is that bastard? When did I say that?’

So I’m just trying to say something.

Recognizing the need for Rockefeller, Benjamin swallowed again what he was about to say.

If he hated Rockefeller, who had to testify to everyone soon, he recognized that it might not go in the direction he wanted.

‘What are all these cases? Yeah, it’s not a job to be accepted as a guild member. It’s enough to cut it again.’

You’re a guild member you don’t like. Stop making excuses and cut them later.

With that thought in mind, Benjamin spit out unwanted words.

“great. As of this time today, I will accept you as a member of the Janelle Lyon Guild. Although this was seldom the case. There’s nothing I can do about it, as the High Bishop over there is trying to eat me up.”

Accepting or not accepting guild members was at the discretion of the guild leader, but since it was a gathering place for everyone, Benjamin posed a meaningless question to everyone.

“Is there anyone who disagrees with accepting that young man as a guild member? If yes, tell me. Then you will not accept that young man as a member of the guild.”

All the guild members answered that question in silence.

There was no reason for them not to accept it.

Anyway, this is also at the discretion of the guild leader.

It was an issue I didn’t need to worry about.

“Are you okay now?”

When Benjamin asked, Bishop Berkis did not speak any further.

When the bishop became quiet, Benjamin’s gaze was naturally directed to Rockefeller.

“Now, you have become the guild member you wanted. Then you will know what to say on the spot.”

“of course. I swear in front of everyone here and God that I will speak only the truth here. From now on, I promise that there will not be a single lie in my words.”

“Yeah, I like it. Then tell me about what you did. Tell everyone how stupid and stupid it was.”

All seats are ready.

Since the consent of the guardians has already been obtained, all that is left is a major operation to bring down the incompetent guild leader.

Rockefeller, having finished preparing his heart, began to take his luck towards everyone.

“Everyone here knows you as well as I do. Our main source of income is interest income from gold coin loans. Of course, the incidental work of exchanging gold coins and receiving gold coin storage fees. In addition to that, there is a separate fee for gold coin work. After all, you won’t deny that the biggest source of income is interest income from gold coin loans.”

The guild members gathered in the conference hall continued to sit and wait for Rockefeller’s next words with an expression of no disagreement, and Rockefeller continued to speak in a quiet atmosphere.

“Then what did you have to do to grow this loan business? Of course, I had to have a lot of gold coins to lend. If you lend a lot of gold coins, won’t the interest income increase with it?”

At this point, Benjamin’s expression softened slightly.

‘What are you doing now? Is something strange?’

However, as Rockefeller’s words were not finished yet, I thought that it was not advisable to make hasty judgments, so I squeezed out my patience and decided to listen quietly more.

‘no. Let’s listen a little more. First of all, it seems to explain the background for paying the interest.’

When Benjamin is showing useless patience.

Rockefeller drew everyone’s attention and calmly proceeded with major surgery to get rid of the guild leader.

“So I devised my own scheme and decided to give interest to the person who entrusted me with the gold coins. That way, I wouldn’t be able to receive the gold storage fees I used to be doing, but I had a strong belief that I would be able to grow my loan business further and generate higher returns.”

At Rockefeller’s words, most of the guild members began to shake their heads.

The interest-bearer was the person who did the business, so he had some faith.

“And this is the result. We, Banco, were able to generate higher profits than before, and we became more special than before with the church we paid for with interest income. That this is not a lie, I think you will know enough just by looking at the bishop who just had an argument with the guild leader for me.”

Intertwined with the noisy guild members, the unseen guild leader intervened and began to raise his voice.

“What are you doing now? Who told you to do that? Isn’t that what you’re talking about there?”

Then Rockefeller spread out his index finger and stopped the guild leader for a moment.

Then, as if he had something to say, he continued to speak.

“Of course, if you start an interest-paying business, it will probably not be possible to keep the gold coins you used to pay for. If someone pays interest and someone gets a storage fee, where will people put their gold coins? Of course, you will be left with the interest payer. It’s common sense.”

You have to listen to what people have to say.

The guild leader, who raised his voice for a while, squeezed out his lack of patience and decided to wait a little longer.

‘It sounds a bit strange, but you have to listen to the end. Would you say nonsense over there?’

Rockefeller continued.

“I am sure there will be victims. because? Because of the interest-bearing banco, you can no longer take the gold coin storage fee you used to do. People will no longer go to Banco where they charge gold coins. Then, of course, Banco without customers will suffer a lot of damage. So I earnestly ask you all.”

Rockefeller’s eyes blazed brighter than ever.

“As of this time today, I would like you to withdraw all the old business methods that have been receiving gold coin storage fees.”

The entire conference hall was engulfed in great shock by the unexpected remark.

This was because he had testified completely contrary to what the guild leader had said before Rockefeller’s remarks.

“It’s not only the cumbersome shackles that keep us from growing, but if we keep going that way, we’re going to end up being the victims I talked about and beggars.”

As Rockefeller finished speaking, the entire conference hall began to rumble, and Benjamin began to raise his voice in a rage.

“What is this! Who told you to say that!”

Rockefeller had no bending towards such a guild leader.

“And today! I would like to make one more suggestion to you. From today onwards, that incompetent guild leader! I want you to take me out of a place I don’t fit in right now!”

“What, what? take me down What is your guy! What are you talking about!”

“That guild leader is a frog in a well. He is a foolish and very foolish person who only pursues immediate profits without seeing the big picture at all. The only corner he believes in is a family that will support him! Other than that, he has nothing to offer. As long as such a person continues to occupy that position! There will be no further development of the Lyon Guild!”

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