The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 91

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 91

Episode 91 21. Guild Meeting #2(7)

He wanted to keep mentioning the church, but since Bishop Berkis supports Rockefeller, Benjamin can no longer refer to the church.

The moment when you feel like you are selling your skin because everyone’s eyes are so stingy.

Benjamin had no choice but to admit the situation he was in.

As they said, they had nothing to offer in this place.

“At some point, I became someone I didn’t need.”

However, not all complaints were dead.

Even if he resigned from this position, he was unwilling to have that young man named Rockefeller take the position he had left.

“okay. It’s good for me to get out of here. all good Because like you said, I don’t think I’ve done anything for you other than bringing the halo of the family. But I mean. You should know this too. Do you really think that little kid can lead this guild well?”

At the question posed by Benjamin, the guild members began to stir once again.

He was well aware of the unbelievable rumors about Rockefeller, but he was somewhat reluctant to assume the position of guild leader.

It was a matter of trust.

It was today that I actually became a member of the guild, and it was only a few days ago that I became a goldsmith after working as Banco’s young assistant.

Among the noisy guild members, one guild member got up from his seat and spoke to everyone.

“There will be people who completely agree on that. So do I.”

At the same time as he spoke, his gaze lightly scanned the meeting room, and many guild members who sympathized with his words were nodding their heads.

After seeing this, he began to speak.

“The young Banco assistant ate the lord. He also brought in church funds and greatly expanded the loan business. We’ve heard rumors that it’s hard to believe without checking it out, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have someone who is less experienced and younger than us sit as the guild leader. That young man was an assistant to a Banco located on the outskirts just a few days ago. For that reason, the trust they give us is very lacking.”

When the majority of people who sympathized once again shook their heads and showed signs of positivity, Benjamin, who was watching this, was satisfied inside.

Even if he is expelled, if the position of the guild leader becomes vacant again, this expulsion will be insignificant.

After all, the number of people who could sit at the guild leader’s seat was limited.

‘What on earth can I trust in a blue guy and put him on the guild leader’s seat? It will all be the same.’

Let the public opinion about Rockefeller go badly.

Carter, who had been silently watching everything until this point, abruptly got up from his seat and began to speak to everyone.

“This is Carter. As some of you may know, I’m the guy who worked here with a young man named Rockefeller in a little Banco on the outskirts. I think the reason I’m doing this is because you don’t know much about a young man named Rockefeller. I had to get up from my seat to tell you something I was close to.”

Everyone’s attention was focused on him when the banco contractor, who had been working with the rumored assistant, began to speak up.

At the same time, Benjamin, who looked at him scornfully, wrinkled his expression.

‘What are you going to say?’


‘right. I sent out a warning. I told you to testify against him. Or because the guild said they would cut it.’

So Benjamin was able to hold on to expectations.

‘Please be like that.’

But it was his wish.

Carter began to speak out in front of everyone’s eyes.

“There would be no good if the words were long. I will tell you with no regrets.”

Carter, who was so lucky, immediately followed suit.

“I assure you.”

Carter’s voice was full of power, giving his listeners a strong belief.

“Perhaps none of you here has a better tradesmanship than Rockefeller.”

Carter’s eyes turned to Rockefeller, who was nearby.

That little one has already grown up to here and is aiming for a position as the guild leader.

Carter nodded to himself and continued speaking.

“He was a genius from the moment he came in. Although it was under me, the child took the initiative and took the initiative, and as a result, the lord could not interfere with us. I lost. that money makes money I didn’t know that I could live comfortably with only interest for the rest of my life.”

There were no guild members who dared to vomit at his words.

In that atmosphere, Carter continued to speak.

“So I can be sure. Like I live comfortably like this. That you too can completely escape from the life of persecution and live in a completely new way. Why don’t you trust me and give it a try? When you talked to me, you said that you only show results. Then it will not be too late to judge by looking at the results.”

When asked to judge by the result, the guild members once again chatted among themselves and made a commotion in the conference hall.

and after some time.

A guild member got up and looked for Rockefeller.

“Are you really going to show the results?”

Rockefeller answered that question as confidently and confidently as possible in a chaotic atmosphere.

“Yes, of course. If you believe in me and give me the position of guild leader. We will only repay you with results.”

Guild members, who were dubious about the young candidate’s promise to repay with the results, made the conference hall noisy again.

how long has it been

Another guild member got up and started speaking to the still confused meeting room.

“Anyway, the position of the guild leader requires that you have an acquaintance with Bishop Berkis over there, so the candidates are extremely limited. From the looks of it, it seems that the only candidate to replace Prince Benjamin is that young man over there. First of all, how about trusting the young man and entrusting it to him?”

At those words, most of the guild members began to show affirmation.

Of course, the young Rockefeller seemed younger than the other guild members and had little experience as a goldsmith, but the rumors that followed were absurd, which was the reason why they affirmed it.

And since he was very close with Bishop Berkis, he thought it was okay to give the young man Rockefeller a chance even if he was not sure.

“Because Prince Benjamin can no longer take the place of the guild leader. I’m going to go ahead and vote for the new candidate. Those who favor the seat of a young man named Rockefeller as the guild leader, please quietly raise your hand. According to the established rules, the new guild leader must have a majority vote.”

While everyone was holding their breath, they started raising their hands one by one.

Bishop Berkis and Carter were the first to raise their hands, followed by the guild members supporting Rockefeller, either watching their surroundings or silently bowing under their own subjective judgment.

to the increasing number of votes in favor.

Watching this, Benjamin lowered his head at the last minute.

There were more guild members who supported the young Rockefeller than expected.

‘How could this… … .’

Benjamin, who had nothing more to say, continued to remain silent.

On the other hand, Rockefeller, who obtained the consent of a majority, smiled with satisfaction on his face without realizing it.

‘I didn’t even have to take the letter that Uncle Carter had received. It’s going to work out just like this.’

“thank you everyone. I will soon prove that your choice was not wrong today with results.”

When the new guild leader, who gave a young and unique impression, was elected, Bishop Berkis, who watched it, applauded first.

amidst loud applause.

Rockefeller gave a voice with a sense of mission.

“I don’t think it’s just a coincidence that I’m here today. I think maybe it’s like fate. because? So far, we’ve been heading in the wrong direction. As I lamented earlier, we have been living our lives by bowing down to others even though we have enough strength. They were just the weak, swayed in front of the strong, without knowing their power.”

Rockefeller’s gaze was directed towards Benjamin, the former guild leader, knowingly and unknowingly.

“It would have been better if I had turned this around sooner.”

The gaze of resentment felt unknowingly, but Benjamin snorted openly.

Rockefeller, who looked away from such Benjamin, continued.

“But the past is just the past. What matters is the present. And it is the future to come. From today on, we are.”

Rockefeller’s eyes turned to Bishop Berkis.

“We will usher in a completely new era, armed with God, the church, and strong faith.”

Rockefeller raised his index finger.

“To meet such an era, we must first develop our strength to a greater extent than it is now.”

Wherever Rockefeller’s gaze touched, sympathetic guild members were nodding their heads.

“In that sense, we are going to enforce a new guild code from today onwards. This is only meaningful when all members of the guild, without exception, participate.”

Everyone just kept their ears open, waiting for Rockefeller’s next words.

In the meantime, Rockefeller took a breath and continued to speak.

“We are going to completely abolish the business that had previously paid for storage of gold coins and enforce the guild code of paying a small amount of interest for depositing gold coins. This is mandatory for all Banco belonging to the Lyon Guild.”

Then, some guild members who were watching began to chatter with each other.

The reason was a reaction against deposit interest.

Before Rockefeller spoke.

A guild member raised his hand and drew Rockefeller’s attention.

“I will give you a say. If you have something to say, please tell me.”

As Rockefeller pointed his hand, a guild member who stood up from his seat began to express his displeasure at what Rockefeller forced him to do.

“Until now, I have been living well by receiving gold coin storage fees. Can you abolish it in one day? If it’s a guild code, isn’t there any way out?”

“Of course, there will be complaints about this. It’s because it’s completely shutting down a business that has been doing well. But you should know this. That there are big things that come from giving up on small things.”

Rockefeller continued.

“As I was recently elected as the new guild leader, I promised you one thing. I said I’d pay you back with the results right away. And to get the results, you have to follow me.”

“If you are wrong, are you sure you can handle it?”

“Are you sure you can afford it? Of course there is. On the contrary, with that event as an opportunity, all of you here will trust and rely on me even more.”

Rockefeller continued with a confident look on his face.

“It’s all about results. If this goes wrong, I will step down cleanly from this position, so please believe in me first and follow the guild code that I have just announced.”

“If we force it, wouldn’t it create new victims?”

Rockefeller faced the sudden question of a guild member without panicking.

“Of course there are new victims. But that’s not us. because? All of us will not charge gold coin storage fees according to the guild code.”

“Then who is the victim? I thought if any of us didn’t do it, he would be the victim.”

“Wrong. The victims will not be us, but the Black Label Union that formed the Banco Alliance just like us.”

Rockefeller smiled implicitly at everyone.

“Let’s see. Will there be any gold coins left in Banco belonging to the Black Label Union? From today on, their gold coins are ours.”

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