The Goddess Is Obsessed With Me chapter 142

The Goddess Is Obsessed With Me 142

142 – Time for the decisive battle

Cracks formed when space is suddenly torn apart

And within those cracks, an unexpected being appears.


She, who I thought had disappeared due to Elena… Was standing proudly in front of me.

“Don’t be so surprised. Just let me know that you can’t kill me with simple methods.”

It doesn’t make sense…

It was a development that clearly did not occur in the game…

It should be so.

How did you come back alive…?

No, from the beginning… I had long ago given up on the idea that everything would go as planned…

Anyway, this is…

When so many thoughts overlap and overlap that you feel so confused that you can’t even see… Tempu doesn’t hesitate to reveal the secret to immortality to me.

“I am the god of time… Nothing will change if I kill this moment.”

I don’t want to believe it, but it might be possible for her…

Then what should I do to get rid of her…?”


Morione, who was suddenly attacked by Tempus, started bleeding severely and even spit out blood.

“Didn’t I tell you that a seed that survives the winter will bloom into a beautiful flower? Just as you must face a crisis and gain enlightenment, you can completely destroy me.”

With that, she returns the double-bladed sword she sent back to her hand and begins to walk slowly.

A feeling as dark as the distorted sky begins to gnaw away inside…

Because… As of now, there is no one who can deal with Tempus.

“Morione, wasn’t this unplanned?!”

“Ugh… I think it might be a bit overwhelming…!”

Lusria and Eleona look exhausted from the continuous conflict…

“It must have been like that…!”

Morione was also fatally wounded in the surprise attack just now…

“Ugh… Harold, my body doesn’t listen…”

Others, including Erina, were close to being unable to fight due to Morione’s suppression…

She was by no means an easy opponent, so for now, the only ones who can defeat Tempus are me, Arcia, and Eleona… “

“Tch… I’m injured…”


Lastly, Abne and Mir, who are at least conscious…

However, no matter how numerically superior they were, if you look at each individual’s condition… It was not at all a situation where they could stop Tempus.

This is a very bad situation…

“Morione… Did you think that I, who has similar ideas, would be easily guessed?”

I don’t know what the Goddess of Fate and Arcia are planning together, but…

Perhaps the current situation was not a problem that was in the expected category.

“If you don’t attack now, you’ll all be kicked to death, so try to wriggle.”

Is it an act of consideration… Or a strategy to instill despair? It appears to be waiting leisurely for the other person’s attack.


Lucia, realizing that they have a common enemy, pours her magic on Tempus, who leaves Elena alone for a while.

What a disaster!

He uses various black magic to attack Tempus, but…

“It’s not a bad attack even after a rough battle.”

Dismissal -!

He praises the opponent’s attack leisurely and easily blocks it.

“Time Bullet”

After Morione’s short chant, she uses her attention to fire objects that are pure white light but are filled with a void in the center.

“The veil beyond death…!”

However, he succeeds in canceling out her magic by protecting himself with infinite darkness.

“Time Strikes Back”

Tempus, thinking it is his turn, shouts out an unknown technique…


It’s an ironic situation where nothing happens…

“The void beyond…!”

However, Arcia, who did not hesitate in the empty atmosphere, immediately continued the next attack.


Kwasik -!


When her attack reached Tempus, it was none other than Arsia herself who was destroyed…

“Is it reflection magic…? Ugh…!!”

Her self-attack causes her to twist and moan in pain.

“For me, it’s a good light attack, space distortion.”

She laughs at Arsia’s increasingly disorganized appearance and once again shows off her skills that I have never seen before…

“Ugh…?! Ahhh?!!”

At that moment, the space began to distort and Arcia screamed.

In a phenomenon that is difficult to describe in words, blood burst out from all over her body…


She is suddenly pulled towards Tempus as if by some invisible force.


And then he pierced her stomach with the double-edged sword she was holding….

“It’s too bad, I’m already weak and my condition is the worst, so it ends easily.”

“Ah… Ah….”

The sight of Arcia struggling to escape from the tip of her sword was both terrifying and pitiful…


Tempus then mercilessly throws Arcia away, as if shaking off the fruit caught on the tip of her kitchen knife.

“If you don’t come, I will immediately hit the man you love.”

Let’s threaten an enemy that rarely appears…


This time, Eleona runs towards her.

“Spear of the Sun!”

She first tried to gather her magic and throw it, but it was no use…

“You’re weaker than before, well… That’s only natural since you’re still carrying the curse of weakness that never ends…”

With none other than her own bare hands, he catches the spear of her sun and throws it back at her.


From Noble mtl dot com

Although I blocked her, I was thrown back by her own power…

“Space distortion.”


And then brutally neutralizes it with the same magic as before.

She was a goddess who would never appear miserable… But now she was miserably ruined…


Arsia and Aris wake up from fainting…

“What is this… That goddess must have killed me earlier!”

Marika also awakens from a brief faint and is embarrassed by the situation that has become strange in the blink of an eye.


Yura finally comes to her senses, but her expression becomes distorted due to the unusual atmosphere.

“Oh, you guys don’t know the current situation.”

“First of all, to get to the point… I am your enemy. If I don’t kill him desperately, he will probably die.”


Although it seemed like she still didn’t understand the situation after hearing those words, she hurriedly pulled herself up and gathered all her strength.

“Ice shower!”

But how many more eggs will the rock break?

“King of Ice… – Ice Shower!”

“It’s crude.”

The mother and daughter joined forces with the same magic, but were powerless…

“I will protect my brother!”

Yura unleashed a barrage of flames that were beyond her normal concept, but she was unable to inflict even the slightest damage.

“It was a good attack, but… It wasn’t enough to stop me.”

Tempus’ body seems unharmed despite being literally attacked…

“Storm Ruler!”

I’m sorry to Marika, but her attack wasn’t even worth mentioning…


I can’t stay still either.

“Elect -“

“It’s not your time yet, save your strength.”

However… The moment I try to do anything, I collapse on the floor due to dizziness that I can’t handle.

“Then me!”

Mir concentrates his mind and pulls something up, probably to change into the form of a dragon…

“I’m sorry, but that won’t work either. This is the right stage and I can’t ruin it.”


But this time too… Before anything can be done, Tempus gestures to Mir and blocks the unknown magic.

Spreading words of unknown meaning…

Kwasik -!


Just like what happened to Eleona and Aris, painful screams and blood spewing out…

“What on earth do you want!”

This time, Abne pours out the light of the universe to intercept Tempus.


The vast light extending from the fingertips clashes with Abne’s magic.

Now, attacks are blocked as if it were a given…

Kugugugugugung -!


That’s not enough, the light penetrates right through Abne’s firepower.


Abne, who soon fell to his knees, showed no reaction other than a small moan…

“Don’t worry, you’re not at the point where you’re going to die yet.”

What is happening inside her…


She just closes her eyes tightly and tries to somehow overcome the pain.

So overwhelming a power… It was beyond what we could handle…

“Now… I think it’s sorted out to some extent… Space distortion.”

After mumbling something briefly to herself, she suddenly disappears.

Pak ㅡ


Then when she appeared again… Right under my nose…

I feel an unsightly fear of the person who may bring about my end…

“Now, take it.”

Tempus stretches out her hand towards me…

“Ugh… Harold!!!”

When her body falls into danger, Erina bravely runs towards her, forcefully guiding her already badly injured body.


Tuk –!

However, he strikes it with the side of the double-edged sword and blows it away again…

“Not -“

Even though she was only lightly hit… Erina’s body ended up being smashed into the wall.



In order to somehow protect me, the remaining members fire magic towards Tempus.

Just ㅡ


But again, he shows unknown strength and easily subdues them.

I just snap my fingers, but the dull, inaudible sound of bones breaking makes me even more desperate.

“The girls who love you have fallen… And now you are the only one left.”

Is it as if I wanted to savor the decisive moment at the end?

They’ve easily neutralized me so far, and now they say it’s my turn and they take away my dizziness again.


All I have left are negative things…

“Rock coal! Purple Arrow!”

But I tried all the magic I knew to struggle somehow…

“Um… This isn’t it.”

There was no way it would work… Tempus looked somewhat disappointed and sighed…

“This is not it.”

Tuk –!


As she bombards my solar plexus, the air that had accumulated in her lungs escapes in an instant.

“Ugh…! Big…!!”

It became difficult to even breathe… I tried to breathe properly, let alone fight… But only the obvious pain continued.

“Can’t you do it right? You can definitely kill me.

Kwasik! Kwasik! Kwasik!

Every time Tempus continues to kick, as if kicking an ant on the floor, I can feel my bones being crushed.


I didn’t even have the strength to scream so I just played in pain.

No… If you do this, you’ll really die…

The survival instinct, which can be sensed for granted, desperately warns.

“Are you not aware of the danger to your life?”

Then Tempus suddenly stopped the assault and fell into thought, saying something unknown from before…

“Is the method wrong? If so, how about this?”

“Space distortion.”

As I use my own magic once again, I see Elena lying miserably in front of me.


“Heh.. Heh… Rolled…”

“If you are powerless to stop me, your goddess will die.”

When she is already broken enough, he steps on her broken body and raises her own weapon.

If things continue like this, Elena’s neck will break…


The moment I imagine that, something burns inside me.

It’s as if there’s something I’ve been hiding… I’ve been denying it, but now I’m reminded of a fact that needs to be acknowledged, and I yearn for something endlessly.

“It’s okay… Everything…”

She is my goddess who never loses her smile until the end to reassure me even though she is about to die…

“Then I will hit you.’


I begged so much in my heart, but I couldn’t stop it…

“If you don’t stop me quickly, I’ll gradually die, starting with this goddess?”

When I hear those words, I feel even more excited.

“Okay… Then…”

Just as the sword of her guillotine falls, the blade finally aims for Elena’s neck…

Exciting -! Exciting! Exciting! Exciting!

My heart is burning like crazy.

Compared to them, I force myself to whip my body out of disgust for myself, who was incompetent until now, and the passion to acknowledge and protect reality.

Exciting! Exciting! Exciting! Exciting!

“Heh.. Heh… My.. Man.. Woman…”

Exciting! Exciting! Exciting! Exciting!


Exciting! Exciting! Exciting! Exciting!


“I love you…”

Exciting! Exciting! Exciting! Exciting!

Exciting! Exciting! Exciting! Exciting!

Exciting! Exciting! Exciting! Exciting!

Exciting! Exciting! Exciting! Exciting!

“Is this a failure…?”

Now, the blade is about to reach her neck…

” ㅡㅡ!!!”

Time passes slowly in an instant…


“Stop it ㅡㅡㅡ!!!”

We finally acknowledge reality.


“What is this…?”

A guest who came to her lonely prison

“Your disappeared father almost killed me. In your father’s anecdote, he destroyed Luria, who was originally the god of love, forever, right?”

“This is a pendant created by her magic that remained after she disappeared.”

Before sending a young girl to the past, I gave her a gift.

“But why is this suddenly…”

From Noble mtl dot com

“When the time comes, tell it to your father in the past. When that moment is… He will realize it himself when the time comes.”

A cute girl who keeps things that may be useful in her arms for now.

“I hope you do well. Letting go of your past may be part of your wish, but if you look at it more broadly, it is also for my own good.”

A precious item that helped him remain as the strongest on the human side.

“It’s an object that can bring out love, steadfastness to protect… And other wills as strength. I guess there will be times when your father needs this object more than anything else.”

After those words, a black-haired girl is sent flying into the past.

A space left alone again… Inside, Tempus looks into the distant sky.

What kind of past are we looking into?


She mutters the name of the man who will give her rest.


“I hope you can face you squarely and realize it, and also…”

“Please show no mercy to my cruelty.”

He earnestly wishes for his wish and smiles faintly.


“I guess it was a success….”

The pure white light that clears the distorted sky and brings dawn once again after night has passed, cheers me up.


The pendant that I kept so carefully began to shine… And transformed into a sword, becoming my fleeting weapon.

“You finally realized it.”

Check –!

Koo ㅡㅡㅡ Ungh ㅡㅡㅡ!!!

With a light swing, the blow that goes out rewrites the concept of the world.

“You thought they were dangerous… So you wanted to protect them? Why… What do you think?”

“You didn’t do that because you loved me?”

Okay, let’s admit it… I finally realized it…

I confess to myself the true feelings that I have ignored until now.


I love all the women who love me.

Sometimes I’m afraid… Sometimes I’m strict… And sometimes I’m tired…

I like women who love me very much.

They are all women who are a waste to me… But despite that… I love them so much that I am greedy to have them.

I will no longer deny my feelings using excuses that have now faded away.

I’m proudly shouting…

Just as they endlessly wanted me… I also want them.


Confidence evident in the power that seems to overflow

Beyond that, there are tremendous potentials that you can be sure of.

“That’s it, kid.”

The power that will bring true death to Tempus…

Yes… I can definitely do this…

“Now spread your wings with that power, and dance with me one last time!”

Let’s give it a try

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