The Goddess Is Obsessed With Me chapter 143

The Goddess Is Obsessed With Me 143

143 – Completion


A strike delivered with all one’s might and spirit.

“Yes… That’s the power!!”

The first blow cut off his arm, but for some reason, he seemed to be smiling inside the mask.


He swung his double-edged sword at me, but…

Kang –!

The sword was so weak compared to my strength that it easily split.

“That’s the will! The will to protect what you love…”

“Kill me!!”

Even though it looks like they are about to meet their end, they cheer with joy and excitement.

“Space distortion!”

The magic that destroyed many precious people, including Elena…

Ting –!

However, the power to twist even concepts was able to cut through even abstract things.

“Time distortion!!”

Same goes for everything else…

Easily cuts off attacks that would normally have been absolutely unblockable.

“Herald ㅡㅡ!!”

A fist approaches me in an instant and throws out a fist.

Thump! Boom! Boom!

Even the damage that I, an ordinary human being, could never bear…

“Wake up! Nothing’s wrong?!”

Just as Tempus said, it didn’t hurt at all…

I didn’t know if the white lights surrounding me were blocking it… Or if I was strong myself.

But one thing is certain…


Even if he was the god of time… It was the power to win overwhelmingly.


The white blade of a sword sinks into her chest.

“I can feel it…! I can feel my death approaching!”

Kwasik -!

The mask is broken, and Tempus is actually smiling

She was not the person I knew.

Lifeless eyes that look listless and uninterested in everything…

Not now.


It’s not much in the game, but it seems the brightest atmosphere out of all the moments I’ve seen.


I wanted death so badly… There was no reason to refuse it.

Thump ㅡㅡ!!!

The sword plunges into her chest and lands in the center of the royal sword.

“It would be a bit boring if I just died… So I will fight back in my own way!”

Her magic hits me directly.

All the magic handled by Tempus must have resulted in instant death…

I had no feeling whether there was something I didn’t know or whether I was even protected.


With her spirit, her slash hits her once again.

This is my first time handling this power… But I could tell something.

This power… Is a power that can change ideas or something higher-dimensional…


Tempus is pushed back after being hit by a slash.

“Huh… Hah…!!”

Although he was in pain and vomiting blood, he was smiling and happy about the coming rest.

“From now on… I’ll finish it with that…”

I hold the sword with all my strength and, in response, dazzling lights begin to seep into me.

Struggles to become more and more fulfilled…

I began to believe that this would be the way to complete the final blow.

“Then I guess I’ll have to fight at my best.”

Tempus also squeezes everything she has into her remaining arm, creating a huge vortex of time.


I suddenly realized the time with a rush of shivering and hit the ground with force.

I raise my sword forward and dig straight into the time magic coming at me.

“Vortex of fate!!!”

The last magic of Tempus pouring over me… I take out a copying machine that turns anything it touches into nothingness.

The last magic shown before dying in the game


I dive into it with enthusiasm.

The blade splits into two stems and advances toward the goal without stopping.

A strike without hesitation, the final moment truly approaching.


The final attack finally penetrated at the end.


The Tempus hit by that blow is bleeding profusely.


And the voice rapidly withers…

But he still looked happy.

“Thank you… Child…”

I look back at myself as I stumbled past.

Now it seemed difficult to even stand, and in a short period of time, I ended up falling to my knees.

“This is a truly satisfying result… Now… I can rest too…”

Looking up at the sky that is gradually returning to its original state, it whispers to me for the last time.

“By killing me, the gods will become weak again… Of course, they are not completely suppressed like before… But there will be no more fighting…”

Tempus, who seemed to keep smiling until the end, soon lowered his head and opened his eyes wide.

“Be happy now… Cherish and love the girls who want you… This time, enjoy your own happiness forever.”

Then, it is gradually oxidized by light and its appearance becomes lighter.


“Do you have any last words to say?”

I ask her the last question in the few seconds left in her life.

“Was all of this… An act…?”

A question you may have

Tempus was talking as if he had made this all up and planned it.

But when I first tried to kill Elena… It started with a simple act and didn’t seem like I had any intention of ending it with an act…

The thing that pushed me… The thing that hurt them one after another…

Was it all for his own benefit…?

“Well… It’s not completely wrong… But I can’t say it’s completely right either.”

It’s the last time, but the God of Time smiles brightly while giving an ambiguous answer.

It was a disgusting feeling until the end.

“If I die anyway, their health will return… And if I kill you, it will all be over… So just understand it like this.”

In other words… There was actually a possibility of me and her killing her…

“It’s really over now…”

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After answering my question, Tempus finally closes his eyes.

Most of her body has now returned to light, preparing to spread widely throughout this world.

“The last ordeal is over… One last time… I’m sorry… And thank you… For giving me rest.”

One last word from Tempus, the god of time…


Soon, she exhaled a breath filled with countless emotions… She disappeared beautifully…

Hwaaah ㅡㅡ

Releasing dazzling light into the world…



Eleona, who lost her mind for a moment, soon awakens her consciousness and raises her body.

“Goddess, are you okay?”

“Heh… Harold?!”

And… Harold, in a very different mood, was facing the goddess.

“What on earth… Happened?!”

In her panicked voice, she looks around her and urgently asks her own man who might know something about her.

In her last memory, her world was clearly in disarray and she was on the verge of death…

Her sky was a clear blue light, and there was nothing wrong with her body.

“I solved everything, with this heart.”

She places her hand on her own chest and smiles brightly.


Her honest-to-goodness demeanor and the extraordinary power that appears on the outside seem to make her a little suspicious, but she soon accepts everything.

“Yes… And…”

The boy smiles even happier and confesses the sincerity that she had been ignoring.

“I love you, goddess.”


Eleona couldn’t believe her ears for a moment as she heard words she thought she would never hear…

“What is it?!!”

Soon, a shyer and deeper blush than ever appears on her cheeks and she screams.

“This incident made me realize. I’ve been ignoring it until now… But now I’ll accept it.”

“I truly love the goddess who loves me!!”

A man’s honest heart… Eleona, who had suffered for a long time, was embarrassed at first…

“I love you too… As always… I love you!”

Soon, she sheds tears mixed with various emotions and smiles happily.

So harmonious atmosphere


However, such seriousness disappears after a while.

“Oppa, what is that… Then what about me?”

“I’m a little sad? I’m in love with you too, right?”

“Did you feel the princess’s love was light?”

“Husband, officially I’m supposed to be the crony?”

“I always said… You are my everything…”

“That’s right! That’s right! I like you a lot too!”

“Do you not know how glorious it is to be loved by fate?”

Soon, the girls, including Elena, regain their strength, but their eyes darken at Harold’s touching confession.

But… Harold didn’t mind.

“I love you all too. I love you as much as you love me.”

A small chaos breaks out due to a remark that confuses everyone.



Heold just smiles happily, wondering what’s funny about everyone’s shouts.

I know that I will have to explain a lot in the future.

“It’s all over now, all you have to do is be truly happy!”

I was savoring the moment and feeling happier than ever.


After that, several months passed.

The Time Rebellion was the worst and best event that occurred under the sky in the entire history of the world.

Many gods died or were injured for a long time, and the entire world, including the kingdom, had to experience a lot of chaos for a while.

There are some shrines that were in an ambiguous relationship because they had disputes but could not resolve them…

There were also gods who benefited from the disappearance of their competitors.

But the culprit disappeared… Time gradually healed the wounds…

Now it’s no different from the old days… No, it’s even improved with the gods now able to be somewhat free.

And I

“Something feels peaceful…”

I was resting comfortably under the shade with a peaceful scenery in the background and a cool breeze blowing by.

I was enjoying the quiet peace under the huge tree where Miru often was.

“It’s really okay, my husband.”

With the lovers who love me.

Everyone sat down and composed themselves.

“Something reminds me of the first time we met, we were attacked by bandits and you saved us… Since then, my life has been peaceful ever since.”

Erina recalled her bitter yet sweet memories,

“But what should we name the child?”

I was thinking about a name for the baby.

In the past, when I was Morione’s squire… It is said that they made him sleep with sleeping pills as a treat for dinner.

I’ve been waiting for the day to reveal this fact, stopping my growth in various ways.

Once again, it was a truly complicated point.

Anyway, let’s move on.

“There was someone who beat a player… I absolutely wanted to have my first child…”

Mir, although a little disappointed, caresses her increasingly bulging belly.

“That’s the same for everyone here, but I’m satisfied that the ultimate goal of continuation has been achieved.”

Although others have many flaws, in the end, Abne is satisfied by accomplishing her goal.

“The palace is still in an uproar over this issue… But rest assured that I am still the leading candidate.”

Marika, who hit the player for the second time,

“Recently, Arcia got together in a different way… Mother and daughter rice bowl…”

“It was embarrassing, but honestly, didn’t you feel good?”


Aris and Arcia are having a conversation about a slightly strange topic.

“I’m sure I should have been first… But why does it feel like I’m a little behind in actual rankings? Well… I’m happy, so it doesn’t matter.”

Ruthria is smiling, although she has some doubts about her own position.

“I can see destiny… A perfect destiny with nothing but happiness!”

Morione looks at something for a moment and becomes excited.

“Now I feel empty without my tail and animal ears!”

Yura laughs and covers her mouth in a slightly funny situation.

“My husband… I’ll be honest, I still want to monopolize you.”

“But… I think I’m happy enough right now.”

Compared to the beginning, the attitude has become much more inclusive, and now even Elena can be happy to her heart’s content.

I feel like there are too many women around me…

It was a good ending in its own way.

No… It’s the best moment, I can’t think of a better ending than this.

“I love you all.”

I convey my true feelings to everyone in quiet, calm peace and happiness.

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