The Goddess Is Obsessed With Me chapter 144

The Goddess Is Obsessed With Me 144

144 – Side story) A new haven

Go back a little bit.

It was after the final battle was over.

“My husband! This is where we will live now!”

When Tempus died and the world changed in many ways, a period of confusion came.

“It’s bigger than you imagine, isn’t it? …. I think it’s appropriate because we have too many people and it’s expected to increase in the future.”

In order to find our own peace, we looked for a new home.

“I got it better than I thought, right? The seating is nice and the interior is cozy rather than too flashy… It’s not bad.”

Because she was not yet pregnant, the lively Mir was the first to look around the house and give her a lukewarm evaluation.

“This is me and Harold’s house… Something makes my heart pound.”

Erina, on the other hand, clutches her fluttering breasts and gently strokes her stomach, which is starting to cry.

“But in the future, you might need a bigger place. You can have more wives, but you don’t plan on having only one child, right?”

Goddess Abne may be a bit odd, but she presents a realistic problem.

“I have to spend a lot of time at the palace, so it’s sad that even though I’m a wife, I can’t stay long in this beautiful place with her husband….”

The next person to speak was Marika.

She was also worried at first.

Well, she wondered if a house like this would seem insignificant to her, having lived as a princess until now.

“I’m really very disappointed…”

However, contrary to my expectations, I looked around this place with mysterious eyes and was internally relieved to see that I quite liked it.

“I’m so sad that I can’t see you often these days… That’s because the whole world, including this country, has been in turmoil since the ‘incident’.”

“What’s more, I have to tell you that I cut your child, so I’m even more busy…”

And recently, her workload seemed to be too much for her, as she was so tired that she often seemed to be out of breath.

“But we’re always together on the weekends, right?”

“That’s not enough… That’s why everyone else is making fun of you to occupy you, but I’m the only one left out at the same time!”

But is it because of me and not work stress?

“Isn’t that a bit surprising when I hear it? Originally, Harold was mine!”

In the meantime, Marika, who kept crying, seemed a little offended, so Elena got angry and started to criticize her.

“So the goddess is not loved the most?”

She is still a princess, so even though she is a goddess, she has made her own remarks.

“Hmph, originally, wouldn’t I have ended up sharing with everyone what I had to myself? I’m filled with the thought of excluding everyone and taking it for myself right now!”

“But you’re still holding it in, aren’t you?! So stop talking!”

“Ugh… Yes….”

There are a few things I would like to point out… But since Marika calmed down, I guess that’s it…?

Meanwhile, there is no one in particular who objects…


I once again feel how great Elena’s influence is.

“This is where my husband and I will live, so I’m looking forward to it!”

The next person to speak was Luria.

“By the way, husband! When will I give you a hug?”

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She was like the former goddess of love… She didn’t care about things like home and only wanted her primary instincts.

“Lusria? Didn’t we come to an agreement? We promised we would come first.”

But it was Arcia who snatched the evil hand away just as it was about to be hugged to me.

“That’s right…! Does it sound different now?!”

And although it was a joke, her granddaughter, Aris, who was around the same age as her, was behind her and argued with her.

“Don’t you understand that the roots come from me… No matter how polygamous it is, how painful it is for a man who sincerely wants to be with another woman to love another woman before me.”

“That’s true, but… Please follow the order.”

“TodayIs us!”

Looking at it this way, the three people really had similarities and seemed like one family.

Ruthria created Arsia in her own likeness, and Arsia also created her Aris in her own likeness.

Even though it wasn’t biological, it looked like three generations were together.

“I gave you birth…! You’re trying to be the first!”

It may be a sad story for her, but perhaps that’s why Ruth Lea seems like her younger self these days….

“That’s that and this is this, stop it!”

Anyway, did you have any plans like that tonight…?

I know it probably wasn’t there…

I guess Aris said something wrong…?

As she overheard their conversation, she felt anxious, but she pushed it to the back of her mind and looked around the house again.

“Herald? Let’s take that room as your bedroom.”


Then I thought someone tapped my shoulder, and when I turned my head, Morione was standing there.

“There’s a reason why I did that~♪ You’ll find out the reason later!”

To be honest, you wouldn’t know if she was a different person… Something about her makes me uneasy as she looks at her future and smiles suspiciously like this….

“Then I’ll take the room next to it!”

But Yura suddenly hugged me from behind and pointed to the next room.


I don’t know what has made me so happy lately, but I couldn’t stop smiling.

Well, that’s what I said, but everyone here is really happy, just not showing it on their faces.

“The room next to your brother is the closest to getting there! Above all, they can always attack you!”

It wags its tail, mentions the advantages of the room next to me, and runs away.

“You thief fox! Where are you going?! The room next to Harold is mine!”

But as if she couldn’t give up the seat next to her, Eleona stopped appreciating her and suddenly followed Yura into the next room that had been designated as the bedroom.

“Goddess! Don’t be too crazy!”

She continues to look around her house, calling on her sometimes childish look.

This is a place I looked into and found with everyone’s consent, but even when I look around the same place, I always get new feelings depending on the situation, so now I look back on familiar places over and over again.

“Then should I write a greeting story?”

“Where do you like Arcia?”

“Hmm… Am I in that room?”

“You two! Don’t ignore me!”

“I want to use the room next door too.”

Now this is a new paradise on earth where my wife and I will live together.

It is not a waste to express it that way. Although this place is so noisy, its unique remoteness has captured my heart.

“Seup… Haa -“

I exhale with countless emotions.

What I feel right now is peace… Happiness beyond that –

“My husband!” “Herald?” “Herald.” “Husband?” “”Harold!”” “Brother!” “Herald~” “hehehe, sir?” “How about being called prince?” “

With women who call me and want me

It was a new beginning to enjoy small and huge joys.


[8 Hours later]


“Huh…♡ Harold…♡ My body feels strange… Arcia suddenly fed me something… ㅡ”

“hehehe, I think Aris wants you right now?”

What is this situation where two mother and daughter are looking at me naked…?

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