The Returner Wants Complete Victory chapter 55

055. Dust Duke (2)

55 – 055. Dust Duke (2)

“If it’s Dust Duke… . “By any chance, isn’t this the only species?”

Evan asked, looking back at Hyril.

“that’s right.”

All information about the thirty unique species is publicly available.

Name, characteristics, and even the abilities you use.

However, just because you have it on paper doesn’t mean you can think of it right away when a situation arises.

What if the original purpose of the expedition was to subdue the Yuiljong species?

This is especially true if you suddenly encounter it without expecting it at all, like now.

For them, being the only species still feels closer to a natural disaster than an enemy they have to fight against.

“The characteristics are clear… . “Oh my.”

Evan stopped talking and raised his bow.

At the same time, Evan’s men, Hyril, and even the first rescue team raised their weapons with nervous expressions.

Grumbling─ Grumbling─

The sound of sand being swept around the canyon.

Eventually, the gathered sand takes the shape of a person.

“… Hella.”

Evan let out a sigh.

A woman with wavy hair pulled back tightly was looking down at us with an expressionless face.

In her hand was a sword that was clearly the same type as the one she used during her lifetime.

Grumbling, rumbling, rumbling─… .

The sound of sand being swept continues to echo, and as a result, the number of human-shaped monsters increases one by one.

“Victor, Arno, Killian… .”

Evan, who had been reciting names one by one, closed his mouth with a pained expression.

Since you know that the opponent is Dust Duke, it won’t be difficult to think about his abilities.

“Team leader, this… .”

One of the team members stuttered as he saw the scene.

They looked confused as if they knew nothing about Dust Duke.

Evan, who saw that, spoke in a stern tone.

“They are all dead. There is no need to look into the situation. You will use the same skills as when you were alive and have slightly superior physical abilities. In its materialized state, it dies if it is stabbed in the vital area, just like a human, but if it turns into sand and comes back, the wound disappears. When you get the chance, you must kill it at once.”

I know.

Even though they didn’t come to target Dust Duke, if the information comes out like this, it means that they haven’t neglected to obtain information about the enemy.

It would be great if someone like this were my subordinate.

While I was explaining, the number of enemies increased and reached close to twenty.

It was probably a familiar face to most people, but the Wild Fang members, including Evan, looked distressed.

“I think I can see a lot of the faces of Team 4 kids. “It’s not an illusion, right?”

No one answered what Charrose said.

Everyone seemed to sense that a battle would soon begin, and looked around with tense expressions.

how will we do it.

Nothing has been clearly revealed yet.

Is Dust Duke really subordinate to an ancient evil spirit, or is he just acting unexpectedly?

If I am subordinated to an ancient evil spirit, why is it attacking me in such a troublesome way?

And, is there really only one enemy, Dust Duke?

I thought that it wouldn’t be a good decision to take the lead and show my strength in a situation like this.

When dealing with Raven, I made a mistake because Decalun wouldn’t know exactly what my physical ability is right now.


For now, let’s just provide support with magic.

I think just that much will be enough to overcome the current situation.


The body of the farthest enemy exploded, turning into powder and scattering.

Instant death.

In the sudden situation, the enemies all turned their heads to look at their comrade who was shot dead from behind.


Without missing the opportunity, Hyril rushed towards the enemy.

The flail being swung was already wrapped in blue mana, as if it had no intention of killing the monster.


The only species.

If Chimera were an army, Yoo Il-jong could be said to be a division commander.

The highest-ranking commander of the Chimera Corps who can control at least tens of thousands of Chimeras, and at most over 100,000.

On such a subject, the main body’s force itself is so strong that it is difficult to oppose it unless you are at least a high-ranking knight or archmage.

To put it simply, if you want to catch Yuiljong, you have to at least bring an army here as well.

“… “What is the situation?”

After dealing with the attackers and quickly returning to base camp to report, we looked at each other in confusion at the sudden situation.

“I don’t remember giving any specific instructions… ?”

The tent was pulled down, and luggage was being piled on the cart.

Workers were busy dismantling the seven-story central spire.

“Ah, team leader. “Are you here?”

At that time, someone hurriedly came over and greeted us.

He must have been quite busy, and sweat was beading on his forehead.

“Ruben. “How did this happen?”

Perhaps he was the one temporarily in charge of the base camp, and Evan immediately asked about the current situation.

“This is a message from the leader. Retreat individually immediately. The gathering point is Kirnyu. See you alive, guys.”

“Retreat? Why all of a sudden… .”

“Why? Isn’t it true that the Yuiljong has appeared? Oh, and the connection to team 4 was lost. “Vice-Captain Lara expected us to have already been wiped out—”

“A unique species? “How did you know that?”

Evan said with a puzzled expression.

Then the other person narrowed his or her eyes as if he had no idea what he was talking about.

Evan, seeing that expression, spoke urgently.

“How did you know Yuiljong had appeared? Oh, I said that contact with Team 4 was lost. So, with that as a clue… .”

“What are you talking about? There’s a mission. The first gathering point is Emur, the second gathering point is Kirnyu. No matter how you look at this, it’s our story.”

As he said that, Ruben waved his cell phone.

After hearing that, we took out our cell phones.

▶ Mission

▷ Subjugation

Defeat the one and only species, Dust Duke.

1st rally point – Emur.

2nd rally point – Kirnyu.

※ If you do not join the expedition at the gathering point, you cannot receive rewards.

[Main Collaborator]

Raviola Ensis (Ensis Magic Corps Leader).

Ardina Karelopin (Vice-Captain of the Knights of the Midnight Sun).

▷ Rewards

When participating in a subjugation battle, freely distributed points +2.

When participating in a subjugation battle, public value +500~30,000 depending on contribution.

When directly contributing to the defeat of Dust Duke, freely distributed points +1 to 9 depending on contribution level.


It was only then that I realized what was going on.

I guess the notification didn’t go off because I was in the middle of a battle.

As I turned my gaze, Hyril came into view, staring blankly into space as if he was thinking about something.

Did you see it with those eyes?

Should I say this is a blessing? .

Still, it seemed like the punitive force would be formed sooner than I expected.


“Did you receive the messenger?”

A girl with light purple hair was sitting on a high railing and shaking her legs.

The girl was wearing a large cone hat as if to show off that she was a wizard, but the hat was too big for her body and she looked like an immature younger sister who had stolen her older sister’s hat.

However, the woman wielding a sword in the middle of the training hall spoke without changing her expression, as if she was familiar with such a girl.

“yes. received.”

A white remnant crumbled along the path of her sword.


She wore a sword at her waist.

When the use of magical power was stopped, the white hair returned to its original light blue color.

Ardina Karellopin.

The youngest high-ranking knight in the kingdom, nicknamed the Knight of Radiance.

“It’s fascinating. Even old man Rookwood will not be loved by Romune as much as you.”

Looking at that scene, the girl with light purple hair muttered as if she was jealous.

“Is that what you came to say?”

“No, not that.”

Saying that, the girl jumped off the railing.


As soon as she jumped, the girl disappeared in the air and landed softly on the floor.

Hallucinations, barriers, space, etc.

A tower of knowledge where crazy people who read all kinds of magic that are not part of elemental magic gather.

Raviola Ensis, a genius magician who was so outstanding that he was appointed as the next magic tower lord there.

“You asked at first. “Did you receive the messenger?”

“yes. A person came out of the temple. Request for cooperation in subduing the unique Dust Duke. “There was no leader’s name, so I guess I am the general manager of the knights.”

Ardina lightly nodded in response to Raviola’s question.

From noble mtl dot com

As expected, Raviola narrowed her eyes after hearing Ardina’s answer.

“Same here. Grandpa Rookwood wasn’t on the list. I guess I’m probably the final decision maker on the wizard side… .”

Ardina looked at Raviola as if asking what she wanted to say.

Raviola seemed to be displeased with something and crossed her arms and tapped the floor with her foot.

The sleeves of the robe were so long that I couldn’t even see my hands folded.

“The commander of the temple side will be Hegenor Punishment Knight Commander. “That lady, you’re sure she’s going to try to get in over our heads by citing our lack of experience, right?”

Raviola shivered just thinking about it, as if she was sick of it.

“Never bow down to that woman. If you give up once, they might make some ridiculous demands. I came here to tell you this in advance because I was afraid that you would just go under that woman and leave me alone. “You understand, right?”

Ardina sighed and laughed at Raviola’s words.

“It sounds obvious. “Why do I listen to orders from someone weaker than me?”

“What is the answer? “You really talk as if Aunt Hegenor will listen to you if she’s stronger than you?”

“If you’re stronger than me, well. I am willing to follow along. If you’re worried about something like that happening, Lord Raviola can defeat me first before that happens. How is it okay right now? “Do you have any thoughts?”

After saying that, Ardina smiled slightly and placed her hand on the hilt of her sword.


He’s like a crazy masochist and battle fanatic.

This is why Ardina decided to join the Knights of the Midnight Sun, rather than the Knights of the Karelopin family.

This is a story that goes around like a rumor.

This is the kind of myth that Ardina decided to join the Knights of the White Night after being severely beaten by the current leader.

And Raviola was one of the few people who knew it was true.

“That’s it. You fight a lot alone. “I’m a pacifist.”

After saying that, Raviola stepped back with a disgusted expression.

And then, slither.

The girl’s retreating form dispersed like a haze.


Ardina traced her lips with her tongue as if regretting it, then took out her sword and started swinging it again.

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