The Returner Wants Complete Victory chapter 56

056. Ardina Karelopin

56 – 056. Ardina Karelopin

After completing preparations, Team 2 began withdrawing as soon as all the search teams that had left returned.

It was a little late to leave because darkness had already fallen over the son-in-law, but the fear of Yuiljong took precedence.

A hellish march began with minimal rest, but there were few complaints.

In any case, as long as the group includes workers whose physical abilities are no more than that of ordinary people, the combatants will not tire no matter how much the speed is increased.

At the front, Evan and Rodron continued to talk about something.

Unlike us, Proain wouldn’t have received any special missions.

Rodron, a second-class knight, is doing his best to understand the current situation.

“Thank you.”

At that time, someone came up next to me and spoke to me.

When I turned my head, Ellie was standing there.

Her hair, which was usually neatly braided back, was free and flowing.

Her armor, including her shield, was all broken and she was wearing F-class leather armor that only beginners would wear.

Fortunately, Mace appears to be fine.

“It was nothing.”

I was greeted lightly.

I didn’t go there to personally rescue him, it was just an extension of the job.

It wasn’t something that deserved even gratitude.

“If you ever need my help in the future, please let me know. “For once, I will help you no matter what happens.”

But Ellie didn’t think so, and she told me so with a serious expression.


So, if there are not enough people when establishing a mercenary group, should I ask them to sign a short-term contract?

Roughly speaking, if it takes about 3 to 6 months, wouldn’t it be worth it to repay the favor?

As I was just staring at him in silence trying to organize my thoughts, Ellie said, her earlobes turning red, as if she interpreted my gaze differently.

“… Of course, there is a high probability that I won’t be of much help. “You never know what happens to people.”

“Oh, no. I didn’t mean it that way. “I was thinking about what to ask for.”

“is it so? If that’s the case, you don’t have to say it now. If you need help at any time, even after returning to Earth— Ah. “May I also give you my email address?”

“No, it’s okay up to that point.”

I can’t go back to Earth anyway.

Instead of continuing this topic, I decided to ask something else.

Still, there was something I wanted to ask Ellie or anyone else who participated in the first rescue team.

“Enough of this, Miss Ellie. If it’s okay, could I hear more about what happened from the rescue team?”

I felt Ellie’s expression stiffen at my words.

Was it a somewhat painful memory to remember?

Now that I think about it, the other two I saw in the plaza when I was looking for a team before were nowhere to be seen.

Was there a monster that looked like those two people among the enemies you fought on the rocky mountain?

I didn’t pay much attention, so my memory was vague.

It seems like there was.

“Yes, you can ask. But I don’t know if I can give you the answer you want. That’s all I said on the rocky mountain back then… .”

“Oh, it’s not that important. It’s just a personal question. “If you think it’s ambiguous, it’s okay to just say you don’t know.”

Then Ellie nodded cautiously.

After seeing that, I brought out a question that had been lingering in a corner of my heart the whole time.

“Is there a reason why you ran away in the opposite direction instead of returning to base camp? At first, I thought I was cornered by multiple enemies. But I don’t think that was the case.”

“Uh, that’s—.”

Ellie was about to answer something right away, but her expression changed to ‘Huh?’ and she became lost in thought.

“Iknow, right… ? Why did you do that… ?”

After saying that, Ellie looked back on her memories with a serious expression.

After waiting calmly, Ellie opened her mouth as if she had gathered her thoughts.

“Umm—… . “I was confused for a moment after hearing it, but I think it’s true that I was tricked.”

And then he came to the same conclusion as if my first guess was correct.

“Although the enemy had one fewer man than us, the enemy had a significant superiority in terms of military power.”

“If we had lost, the opponent would have made sacrifices, but it would have been ours who would have been annihilated, right?”

“But right before they died, they reorganized their battle lines as soon as the wounded came out. “It’s as if the victims are extremely reluctant to come forward.”

“Since we were always the ones running away, we had no choice but to go in a direction where they weren’t blocking us… .”

That means it was in the opposite direction from the base camp.

“Looking back, rather than driving us to the rocky mountain, I think they guided us in the direction where the chimera group was. “It’s like they’re trying to take away our power.”

“But aren’t the One and Only species able to control chimeras? Shouldn’t we just control them and attack us? “Why did you go through the trouble of doing that?”

This can be fully explained by the fact that Dust Duke’s control over regular chimeras is reaching its limit.

So, to summarize, was Dust Duke trying to increase his following?

I think that’s true, seeing as how he showed an extreme desire to preserve his soldiers made of sand.

The Dust Duke’s ability treats the lowest level chimera with an average stat in the 20s, a high-ranking knight with an average stat of over 100, or a sand soldier as one of the same servants.

As I listened to the story, I found myself in a confused state, feeling like I knew something or not.

Ah, I think I could have figured something out if I had just a little more clues.

I waited for a while to see if there was anything more to say, but Ellie ended the story as if that was all.


Kirnyu was welcoming untimely guests.

Protection, punishment, judgment, heresy inquisition.

Hegenor Eilente, leader of the Order of Punishment, one of the Celestial Church’s armed forces represented by these four.

Raviola Ensis is the leader of the Ensis Magic Corps, an organization comprised of the best battle mages in the Kingdom of Euphrines.

Ardina Karellopin, vice-captain of the Knights of the Midnight Sun, who subdued the Yuiljong at the young age of twenty-two and earned the nickname Knight of Radiance.

Jorad Rogtash, who was recently appointed as the mayor of Kirgne, felt dizzy to the point where his eyes were spinning when he saw the faces of the big names sitting at the table.

Is it true that you are sitting at the head of the table in front of people you would normally not be able to talk to… .

Jorad was still thinking about it until the chef put the food on the tray in front of him.

“On behalf of everyone, I would like to thank you for your hospitality even though it was a sudden visit.”

“Madame. What is an ajumma, who represents everyone? “I have never handed over such authority?”

When the meal was served, Hegenor got up from his seat and bowed slightly in greeting, and Raviola, who saw this, frowned as if he was disapproving.

Why on earth are you saying that sh*t at the dinner table? .

“I am honored to be able to serve the continent’s heroes.”

Jorad felt embarrassed, but he instinctively stood up and bowed down.

However, despite the polite greeting, Hegenor did not say a single word during the meal.

It seems like there is no reason to even establish a formal friendship.

It seemed like he just saw Jorad as the head of a rural village who was stopping by on his way to catch Yuiljong.

Rather, the one who started talking about various things was the same kid who had been scolding me openly at the head of the dinner table.

“Mayor. Are you a very good cook? Is this really delicious? “I’ll have to ask you to tell me the recipe.”

In fact, he wasn’t even a kid.

10 years ago, when she was still considered the next owner of the Tower of Knowledge, Raviola, whom Jorad first saw in the ballroom, looked the same as she does now.

There was nothing known about his actual age.

Some said he was 50 years old, while others said he was over 300 years old.

The important thing is that no one has looked good after mentioning age in front of her.

“If you wish, we will make arrangements to take you with us on this expedition.”

“Hey, it’s okay. “No matter what, it’s a war zone, so it’s a bit weird to drag away unprepared civilians.”

Raviola said and waved her hand.

The fingertips were covered by the hem of the robe and could not be seen.

Jorad let out an awkward laugh as he saw that.


At that time, Ardina, who was eating quietly, put down her utensils noisily.

Jorad flinched his shoulders at the sound that came out of nowhere.

“hey. “I know you’re the type of person who doesn’t care about such things, but if you go out, please observe some basic manners.”

Raviola, who saw that, was scolded.

“manners… . It’s polite… . “My second brother scolded me a lot for that.”

There was a faint smile on Ardina’s lips as she said that.

“Let me get up first. The meal was great.”

Ardina stood up, bowed lightly toward Jorad, and then walked out the door without hearing a reply.


Ardina wandered aimlessly through the streets of Kirnyu wearing an ordinary knight’s uniform.

Although the uniform itself was eye-catching, it was nothing compared to the attention Ardina usually received.

At least, like in the palace, someone doesn’t pretend to know every time you take three steps.


Ardina secretly screamed murder at an unknown mercenary walking from the other side.

One step, two steps.

Gradually the distance gets closer.


The mercenary’s head fell off.

But the other person didn’t even know that and just kept walking.

Ardina felt disappointed.

Two years ago, when Ardina was subjugating the Yuiljong species, mercenaries from Earth did not do much.

That’s because it had only been a year since the Earthlings came to Proa.

No matter how talented a person is, wouldn’t one year be too short for that talent to blossom?

But even now, two years later, nothing seems different from then.

I had high expectations because I heard that the subordinates who hired Emur’s mercenary group and went on a mission have improved quite a bit these days.

After all, you can’t trust rumors.

Emur had already conducted the same test on the leaders and executives of prominent mercenary groups such as Vegetables, Flarely, and Sangvis.

The result is annihilation.

If Ardina had tried to use her hands, everyone’s head would have fallen off without a single exception.

At least a girl named Chae Yoon sensed that he was killing her, but she didn’t have the skills to counter Ardina’s sword.

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Do these people really help in the war?

Is Ezra just bringing in insufficient meat shields from another dimension?

In the end, it is we who live in this world who capture the One and Only Kind and defeat the awakened ancient evil spirit again… No, is it my responsibility?

Tap, tap, tap.

The sound of horses’ hooves could be heard from afar.

A wave of humans covered in dust and looking hundreds of years old.

They are the mercenary group that went out to find the colony at the request of the mayor.

Ardina, who retreated to the side of the road to avoid the procession, habitually shed her life.

It was literally a habitual act.

For Ardina, this was like a kind of greeting.

An empty greeting with no one to accept it.

No one will notice anyway, and you won’t be disappointed and will just go on with your life as if nothing happened.

That was the moment I was thinking.



Ardina let out a short groan and took a step back.

“Wow,” I felt my back hit the wall.

A horrifying murderous intent overtook Ardina’s body.

It’s like when I first met the current leader of the Knights… .

No, more than that.

Ardina’s hand was already on the hilt of the sword.

Sweat beaded on my hands from nervousness.

Unblinking eyes took in everything that came into view.

All the noise lingering in my ears feels distant.

The wind.

My senses are so heightened that even the slightest friction of air feels like my skin is being chafed.

Where are you?

Who on earth─

“He’s still like this.”

At that time, a man who was passing in front of him spat out words as if throwing them at Ardina.

Then, the distance that felt distant suddenly narrowed.

I realized that the point of the sword, which I couldn’t tell where it was coming from, came from the man in front of me.

“ah. Nope. Seosun is the opposite. “Now is the time to be like this.”

But the man only made incomprehensible noises.

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