The Returner Wants Complete Victory chapter 57

057. Ardina Karelopin (2)

57 – 057. Ardina Karelopin (2)

Even though the man has left, the procession continues to move forward.

It wasn’t that he had accidentally spread blatant murder that was easy to detect.

On the other hand, the man’s answer was also so strong, but only he could feel it in the world.

A conversation that only two people had in this world.

Ardina felt excitement for the first time in a long time.

Is this man real?

Could it be that, like that child named Chae Yoon, he just had special abilities regardless of his original ability?

Let’s try it.

“What do you mean?”

Ardina said that and naturally took a step closer.

Your posture changes.

The sword that was preparing to swing while keeping the entire procession within range focused only on the man in front of him.

“I’m just talking to myself. “But who are you to do such a cruel thing?”

The man scratches his nose with an embarrassed expression.


Seeing his actions as if he didn’t even know he was being targeted, my hands, which had been tense, relaxed.

Is this just borrowing the power of the strange supernatural ability that has the name of that characteristic?

I thought not.

Then what about that life that seemed to be weighing down my whole body?


The corner of Ardina’s mouth slowly curls up.

It was true that he was defenseless, but that didn’t mean he didn’t respond.

The tip of the spear, which was resting comfortably on the ground like a cane, was slightly lifted.

The hand that was comfortably holding the middle part was slightly higher and closer to the head of the spear.

If you swing your sword, the man will also stab you with his spear.

So, to Ardina Karelopin, who is close to the peak of the Karelopin family who founded their family with a quick sword.

The man in front of me was competing at the same speed.

I can stab you faster than you can cut me.

If you didn’t say that, what did you mean?

I didn’t even think about swinging it.

However, this was a type of provocation that a prosecutor could not possibly avoid.

And before that, Ardina wanted to enjoy this situation for now, putting aside thoughts about what would happen next.

That was the moment when I was about to pull out my sword and swing it.

“What are you doing now?”

“Ugh, I knew I would be like this!”


Ardina frowned at the suddenly appearing disruptors.

The first thing that caught my eye was a woman in a black nun’s uniform standing in front of the man.

“Aren’t you Lord Ardina?”

The woman narrowed her eyes when she recognized Ardina’s face.

“Ahh… . “Priest of Hyril.”

Only then did Ardina, who had properly looked at the woman’s face, mumble her name.

A cold look as if looking at something worthless.

Cardinal Idor… No, she is the woman who has been designated as the successor to the head of the Heresy Inquisition.

Of course, there were only about three or four designated successors that Ardina knew of, but it was clear that even if she did not necessarily become the director of the Heresy Inquisition, she would rise to an important position in the future.

In fact, the fact that Ardina herself remembered Hyril’s face and name also meant that the Celestial Church was supporting her.

“I wonder if… “Is this the situation I’m imagining?”

As Hyril said that, he turned his head crookedly and winked at Ardina’s hand on the sword hilt.

Ardina felt like she was going to burst out laughing at that blatant behavior.

They must be well aware of the difference in skill levels as they have had several friendly sparring matches for exchange purposes.

What do you believe in and be so arrogant?

“I don’t know what you were imagining, but let’s just say it’s true. “Then what are you going to do?”

Suddenly─… .

Then, the sound of a flail hitting is heard as if to listen.

Should we give it a try?



Ardina realizes that she couldn’t hold back the laughter she had been suppressing earlier and burst out.

Hyril clearly did not feel alive.

The only reason he noticed his attack on the man was because of his belated actions.

“For a subject with no skills… .”

Ardina’s words are filled with deep contempt.

“Please be forgiven for the sin of daring to harm the Apostle.”

However, Hyril took out the flail that was folded and hanging on his waist with an expressionless expression.

Those were the eyes of a madman without even a hint of fear.

The man who was actually involved seemed embarrassed and didn’t know what to do when the two suddenly started fighting.

“What are you two doing? stop!”

At that time, the remaining person who had first invaded from above Ardina’s head shouted in an angry voice.

A girl with light purple hair landed between Ardina and Hyril, as if trying to separate them.

Raviola thought that the situation would calm down by intervening.

It was a vain hope.


Ardina’s eyes opened slightly and she let out a strange exclamation when she saw Raviola.

“Now that I think about it, I’ve been curious about it for a long time. I could tell that Raviola Ball was strong without even looking at it, but… Since I have no experience fighting wizards of a similar level, I have no idea what the level is.”

As if the switch had already been turned on, Ardina was making crazy noises about swinging a sword without permission from the head of the royal magic corps.

“Today is such a happy day.”

“W-what? Hey, are you crazy? Are we really going to do it here?”

Raviola, who was caught in the middle, looked embarrassed and looked around as if she was looking for someone who could help her.

Meanwhile, both hands and mana circuits were busy drawing magic circles.

There are three defense magics already activated and one space distortion magic.

Then, as if he was planning to blow the opponent out of the city, he was also preparing a fairly large-scale transfer magic.

“Si, I’m going to report everything to your leader… !”

“Go ahead.”

But unfortunately, the leader of the Knights of the Midnight Sun was not here to stop Ardina.

Lord Rookwood of the White Tower was not there, and of course the leader of the royal guard knights was not here.

Hegenor. Hegenor would be aware of this situation.

But the clever woman was hoping that Ardina would get into trouble and would never come to stop her.

In other words, they were saying that this situation had to be handled by Raviola alone.

‘It’s so twisted, really… !’

“Are you ready?”

Ardina said to Raviola, who was crying.

Raviola, unable to understand Ardina’s words for a moment, makes a blank expression.

Ardina, seeing that expression, smiled at the corners of her mouth as if provoking her.

“After all, wizards need preparation, right? I thought it would be different with Raviola Ball, but… , I waited for you just in case.”


Raviola, who looked like she was about to shed tears out of frustration, let out a laugh as if it was absurd.

Embarrassment quickly turns into anger.

“Okay, that’s great. Every time we make eye contact, you seem so anxious to have a fight with me. “I will educate you clearly about who is superior and who is inferior.”

“That’s exactly what I wanted—”



Ardina tilted her head slightly to the side and finished speaking.

That split second that breaks one second into dozens.

Ardina, who sensed the flow of mana and the contraction of space, succeeded in avoiding the explosion magic with her animal senses.

“… Lord Raviola, you obviously don’t deal with elemental magic, do you?”

With her head slightly tilted back, Ardina looked down at Raviola and muttered as if she was amused.

“Uh, uh… ?”

“It’s quite surprising how much you hid, but if that’s the case, you should have saved a little more.”

“… “Isn’t it me?”


“it’s not me.”

“All of it.”

Ardina and Raviola’s attention focused on the person whose voice was suddenly heard.

A man who was clearly Ardina’s target at first, but was pushed aside with the arrival of Hyril and Raviola.

“No, that. I think you’re overheating, so I’m going to try to cool you down. ah. I was trying to cool it down, but was the explosion magic a bit much? But I’m not that good at water or ice magic. hahahaha. hahahaha… . under… .”

The atmosphere sucks.

Won Jin-woo thought so.


Ardina and Raviola stared at me with expressionless eyes.

Aside from Ardina, you’re not that kind of character, kid.

The look in their eyes became a bit burdensome, so I decided to lighten the mood.

“what. What are you going to do if you look at me like that? Are you going to fight here? Not bad. “If we destroy half of the city, it will be a matter of course.”

Then, absurdity appeared on Raviola’s face again.

“hey. What are you? “If you think about it, it’s even your fault—”

“What nonsense. I am a victim who almost got hit by a knife wielded by that crazy b*tch. If you’re guilty of not avoiding an argument, you’re the same way. no?”

“Uh, huh? is it?”

When I spoke sharply, Raviola flinched and flinched.

And Raviola, who was thinking about something alone, frowned as if he suddenly realized something.

“Hey, but why are you speaking informally?”

As I stared at him in silence, Raviola continued speaking in an offended tone.

“You think I’m really a little kid because I look like this. Even though I’m like this… .”

“Is it okay to look like this?”

“… Age goes by… . I’m the leader of the Ensis Magic Corps, which is directly under the royal family. Raviola ensis. “Have you heard of it?”


The moment I was about to say something, Hyril suddenly stepped forward as if to protect me and spoke.

“This is Won Jin-woo, the apostle whom Izra personally ordered to take care of.”


Raviola is taken aback by the sudden intrusion.

“This person is Izra himself—”

“Oh, no. I understand. “You didn’t hear it wrong.”

After saying that, Raviola tilted her head to the side of Hyril and looked at me.

“But did you also have apostles? Aren’t there any saints or saints in this generation? Suddenly… , ah.”

Raviola, who continued speaking, pounded his palm with his fist as if he knew something.

In fact, neither the palm nor the fist were visible because they were covered by the sleeves of the robe.

“Ah, could he possibly be—”

“Are you the one who defeated Raven?”

Ardina accepted Raviola’s words and finished them.

Raviola, who had been robbed of what she was trying to say, rolled her eyes, but Ardina paid no attention and kept her eyes fixed on me.

The look was exactly like a child looking at his mother who brought a basket of candy.

And usually, kids who have no self-control will take advantage of the time when their parents are not looking at the box of candy at night and early morning.

… Should I go to sleep every night from now on, assuming that a monster with an average ability score of over 110 will attack me?

“It is an honor to meet you. Let me introduce you formally. “I am Ardina Karellopin, vice-captain of the Knights of the Midnight Sun.”

Ardina said that and extended her hand to me as if to shake my hand.

I just said hello to you because I was happy to see you after a long time.

I guess my greeting had more value to Ardina today.

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