The Spoon Villain Is Obsessed with the Hero Again Today chapter 47

The Spoon Villain Is Obsessed with the Hero Again Today 47

47 – Evaluation Match (9)

─Well, I wasted time for nothing.

─I knew Kang Tae-hoon would win, but… still, isn’t it ending too blandly?

─If you were going to surrender, why even have the evaluation match?

─Leave it. It’s Shin Yoon-seong. It’s not the first or second time he’s doing something strange.

The evaluation match ended with Kang Tae-hoon’s victory.

It was an entirely expected outcome. The audience gathered here would have all anticipated Kang Tae-hoon’s victory. No one would have thought I could win. Perhaps even our mother would have thought the same.

The difference in skill was that apparent in this fight.

“Hey, Shin Yoon-seong.”

However, Kang Tae-hoon, who actually secured the victory, didn’t seem particularly pleased. Instead, it was my defeated self that seemed more at peace with the world.

“Something on your mind. The evaluation match is over. Anything more to say?”


For a moment, Kang Tae-hoon’s eyebrows twitched. It was a look of discontent, as if resenting my words questioning what was happening.

Kang Tae-hoon spoke softly, almost unexpectedly.

“Have I done something wrong to you…?”

It was somewhat surprising. If it were the original Kang Tae-hoon, he would have outright denied this victory and swung his sword impulsively. But the current Kang Tae-hoon was remarkably composed.

Trying to contain the boiling frustration, I attempted to engage in conversation.

Well, well. Who would’ve thought Kang Tae-hoon would hold back his anger? It’s somewhat commendable.

“Something wrong with me? Hmm, I’m not sure. Was there something like that?”


However, even that composure didn’t last long. Kang Tae-hoon listened to my response and widened his eyes. With his lips tightly shut, he took a firm step forward.

“Cease. The evaluation match has already ended.”

Midway, Sergeant Sodan-Ah intercepted Kang Tae-hoon.

Kang Tae-hoon couldn’t hold back any longer and yelled.

“Move! You damn brat! I swear, I’ll cut that tongue of yours and fry it in oil today!”

“Not allowed. As mentioned earlier, the evaluation match has concluded. If you cause any more disturbance, I’ll report it immediately to the higher-ups.”


Kang Tae-hoon flinched. He seemed to be held back by something since he couldn’t easily wield his sword.

Did he receive some scolding from his father or something?

I stuck close behind Sergeant Sodan-Ah and spoke to Kang Tae-hoon.

“I’ve been trying to understand why you’ve been angry since earlier. Isn’t winning the evaluation match enough?”

“It’s obvious that I would win! The most important essence was taken out!”

For Kang Tae-hoon, there was something more critical than winning. Nothing mattered except defeating me to the point of my demise—that was the goal of this evaluation match.

However, at this point, now that the evaluation match had ended, even that couldn’t be accomplished.

In the end, it was just a bitter victory. Only scars remained.

“Still, the record of defeating me doesn’t disappear. It stays in your career. You can at least be a little happier about that.”

“Bastard! What’s there to boast about catching just one? Putting that in your career! It’s barely even a C-grade topic!”

“Well, it’s frustrating, but it’s a valid point. I admit it.”

Kang Tae-hoon was also a seasoned awaken, comparable to Arna. Winning against me in the evaluation battle doesn’t count as a significant achievement.

From Kang Tae-hoon’s perspective, there was nothing special about defeating a passing monster. That’s how insignificant I was.

“And! Since earlier, you’ve been hiding behind that woman, only wagging your tongue! If you have something to say, come out and say it boldly!”

I was still sticking to Seo Dan-ah’s back. She looked at me a bit strangely, perhaps finding my behavior odd.

But it couldn’t be helped. Seo Dan-ah is like my lifeline.

“Will you hit me the moment I come out?”

“Of course!”

“Then, I definitely shouldn’t come out even more.”


Kang Tae-hoon screamed, scratching his head frantically. He seemed quite frustrated.

“Why on earth are you doing this? You not only shamelessly hit someone on the back of the head with a spoon but also turn them into a liar! And on top of that, you gulp down the penalty too? Who the hell are you!”

Since the evaluation battle is going to end anyway, I have no lingering feelings towards Kang Tae-hoon. I even obtained the most important restraining order along with medical expenses.

It’s time to be honest.

“I didn’t like that you complained to Arna.”

“What? Complained to Arna? Me?”

“Yeah. How many times did you request an evaluation battle with Arna?”

After hearing that, Kang Tae-hoon burst into a bitter laugh.

“Huh! You’ve been giving me a hard time just because of that? Are you a kid? Are you jealous or something?”

“Jealousy… I might be.”

If there’s one villain who can torment Arna, I’m enough. There’s no need for other villains.

Even if there were, I would stop them. Just like now.

No one can approach Arna.


At that moment, a sound came from the audience seats. It was the sound of something like a drink can falling to the ground.

What is it? It’s been a long time since the evaluation battle ended. Are there still people here?

I looked at the source of the sound.


In the audience seats, there was one person who hadn’t left yet, still sitting there. It was Arna.

Arna opened her eyes wide and covered her mouth with both hands. She appeared as if she had just received a big shock.


Afterward, Arna swiftly left the stadium with a frightening look as soon as our eyes met. Without even looking back, she started running.

Why is she suddenly acting like that?

“Student Shin Yoonseong.”

As I watched Arna leaving, Assistant Seodanah spoke up.

“Do you happen to like Arna?”


From Noble mtl dot com

What a random question. Asking if I suddenly like Arna. I shook my head and denied it.

“No, there’s nothing like that.”

“Then there might be some room for misunderstanding in what you just said.”

Misunderstanding? What did I just say? I thought carefully.

…Perhaps it was jealousy. It might be possible.


It immediately came to mind. It was definitely a line that could be misunderstood by the person involved.

But is it really necessary to make such a fuss over just that?

“I think it’s better to go after her.”

Assistant Seodanah gave me a hint with a discreet glance. It meant that if I left it as it was, it could lead to even greater misunderstandings.

Understanding her intention, I nodded and decided to go to Arna.

“Hey! Where are you going? We’re not finished talking!”

“We can continue the conversation later through DMs.”

I shook my smartphone toward Kang Taehoon. It meant that he should contact me separately later.

Kang Taehoon let out an exasperated sound.

“Damn it! At least follow me back before you go!”


“Huff… huff…”

Due to suddenly running, I started gasping for breath. Arna stopped for a moment to catch her breath.


It was odd. I had only run for a short time, yet I was already struggling like this. Moreover, my body was burning up. Sweat was streaming down my forehead.

Even after running for several tens of minutes, Arna was usually unfazed, but today her physical condition

It was really strange.

─ Jealousy… It might be that.


The words I heard at the outdoor arena a while ago. As soon as Arna recalled those words, she raised her hand to her cheeks.

Her cheeks were very hot. As if she had caught a cold, her entire face felt like a burning pit.

“That person… Jealousy….”

At first, she doubted her ears. Shin Yoon-seong, jealous? It was still hard to believe.

He was always sincere in tormenting himself. His mischievous pranks were full of malice, devoid of any kindness.

It seemed like the behavior of an ordinary villain.



All of this originated from love.

Arna, who had just realized his hidden feelings, couldn’t help feeling grateful for the fact that he liked her. However, at the same time, she felt a sense of repulsion.

Where in the world does a man express love in such a way? Playing pranks on the girl he likes is something only an elementary school student would do.

It was too childish, even excessively so.

“By the way, what should I do from now on…?”

Now, she didn’t know how to face Shin Yoon-seong. The situation was such that she had already understood his feelings. It was impossible to act the same way as before.

She had to be conscious of him in some way. Whether in words, actions, or anything else….


It felt like suddenly shouldering a heavy burden.

Why were there words like that? From the moment of confession, everything afterwards was entirely the other person’s responsibility. Arna was exactly in that state.

Anyway, she had to give an answer to those feelings. It was a matter of courtesy between people.

However, she didn’t know what answer to give. Her heart was too turbulent to decide something right away.

Refusing like this felt a bit sly, and accepting the confession without feeling drawn to it wasn’t right either….

Becoming a couple overnight from a state of hostility. Even with an American mindset, it was not an easy thing.

Shin Yoon-seong’s girlfriend. It was truly unimaginable.

“Wait a moment…?”


He had completely forgotten. Right now, Shin Yoon-seong surely had a decent girlfriend. Her name was Choi Soeun, a student in the medical corps.

He almost made a big mistake.


But even with a girlfriend in plain sight, why did he make advances towards Arna?

What could be his ulterior motive?

Maybe trying to play both fields?

“Ugh… Ugh… Arna….”

Suddenly, Shin Yoon-seong followed. Caught off guard by the unexpected playboy, Arna’s whole body trembled.

“Ack…! When did you follow me…!”

“Just listen to what I have to say for a moment.”

Shin Yoon-seong immediately grabbed Arna’s arm. However, Arna tried to shake off his hand.

“W-What are you talking about…! I have nothing to say to you…!”

“I don’t know what you’re thinking, but it’s all a misunderstanding. It’s all a misunderstanding.”

Misunderstanding? Arna blinked in confusion.

“W-What are you saying…?”

“So. What you’re imagining right now is all a misconception.”

“A misconception…? But earlier, you were jealous of Kang Tae-hoon….”

“Ah, that thing.”

Shin Yoon-seong started scratching his head. He wore a face that seemed to be wondering how to explain.

Soon, Shin Yoon-seong clarified to Arna.

“Simply put, it’s like a toy.”

“A toy…?”

“Yeah. Imagine someone suddenly taking away the toy you were playing with so well. Naturally, you’d feel a bit upset, wouldn’t you?”


Hearing that, Arna crooked one side of her mouth. She couldn’t even laugh because it was so absurd.

It wasn’t that kind of jealousy? Not the jealousy that often appears in romantic comics?

Then why did she embarrassingly flee the stadium earlier?

Why did she indulge in various fantasies, blushing alone?

What was she worrying about in the future?

Was it all just a solo performance?


The heat that had surged a moment ago had now cooled down, leaving an eerie silence. Sweat had soaked in, but the mind was clearer than ever.

Soon after, Arna’s fist began to tremble.

“So, Arna, you’re no different from a toy….”


Arna plunged a solid blow right into Shin Yoon-seong’s face.

By the way, Kang Tae-hoon had never done something like this.

“Don’t casually play with a woman’s feelings, okay…!”

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