The Spoon Villain Is Obsessed with the Hero Again Today chapter 48

The Spoon Villain Is Obsessed with the Hero Again Today 48

48 – Evaluation Match (10)

Lunchtime, hospital staff lounge.

Choi So-eun took a brief break, sitting down and checking her smartphone. She had connected to the school community.


So-eun, who had recently started checking the community again, did so to avoid making embarrassing mistakes like last time. To do that, she needed to keep up with some school news.

Not necessarily the freeboard, but she decided to occasionally check popular posts.

─── EveryHunter Han Yul Sa Military Academy ───

*Real-time Popular Post


[Data Warning] Evaluation Match, Total Time 1 Minute 20 Secondsㅋㅋㅋㅋ.gif


I captured today’s combat department evaluation match between 1st-year Kang Tae-hoon and 2nd-year Shin Yoon-seong in a gif

p.s. Don’t worry about the file size, the match time was so short


The community was bustling with discussions about the evaluation match that took place yesterday, the one between Shin Yoon-seong and Kang Tae-hoon.

Judging by the gif, Shin Yoon-seong was busy tying his shoelaces from the start of the match. Not only that, but he even raised both hands to surrender.

Being from the compulsory military service, So-eun wasn’t familiar with evaluation matches, but this was the first time she had seen a match end like this.

The evaluation match ended without a single competition. If that was the case, why even have an evaluation match?

He was truly an unpredictable character. A man named Shin Yoon-seong.

“Well, even so….”

I’m glad you didn’t get seriously hurt. From Choi So-eun’s perspective, she hoped the match would end cleanly like this.

It would only add to the workload if you came back with unnecessary injuries…

“Se, Senior…!”

At that moment, a junior rushed into the break room. It seemed like an emergency.

Just as she had started to sit down. Putting aside her disappointment, Choi So-eun put her smartphone in her pocket.

“He’s here…! That person…!”


But judging by the junior’s reaction, it didn’t seem like an emergency.

Then what could it be? Choi So-eun tilted her head in confusion.

“He’s here, who?”

“A regular customer of yours, Senior…!”


Choi So-eun left the break room and quickly headed to the emergency room. She happened to spot Shin Yoon-seong sitting in the waiting area.

Approaching, Choi So-eun asked, “What’s going on again?”

This time, where did he get hurt? There didn’t seem to be any scenes of injury in the evaluation match video she had just watched.

Really, he didn’t give her a chance to relax. Visiting the emergency room again. Now, it had become a routine.

Shin Yoon-seong showed one cheek and said, “I came to borrow an ice pack.”


It was indeed the left cheek. Swollen as if someone had seriously punched it. It looked like an exploded steamed egg dish.

As a person whose face was only seen from the top of the platform, it was unfortunate that he came back with a swollen cheek. She felt a bit sorry for him.

“Who did you get into a fight with?”

“No one. I fell down the stairs this morning, and it ended up like this.”

A lie. If you fall down the stairs, it’s the arms or legs that get swollen first, not just the cheek dangling. It seemed he was embarrassed to admit he was hit by someone else. Funny, coming here after getting beaten up by Arna all the time.

Well, she decided not to ask for details. Anyway, Shin Yoon-seong was a guy. His pride needed to be protected.

“Alright, follow me to the treatment room.”

Leading the way, Choi So-eun guided him to the treatment room. Shin Yoon-seong picked up his belongings and followed behind.


Without even being told to take a seat, Shin Yoon-seong had already found his place.

It probably meant he frequented this treatment room quite often.

The junior’s words were accurate. He was practically a regular customer.


Choi So-eun filled a well-dried ice pack with ice and handed it to Shin Yoon-seong.



Shin Yoon-seong immediately brought the ice pack close to his cheek. Finally, he relaxed his shoulders as if to say he would survive now.

“I heard. You had an evaluation match yesterday.”

It was probably still lunchtime. Choi So-eun, taking the opportunity to kill time, sat across from Shin Yoon-seong. It was a brief agreement to exchange some small talk.

“I lost.”

“That’s expected.”

The opponent was Kang Tae-hoon, the second-year transfer student from last year. A figure who had become a hot topic right after Arna. His skills were likely exceptional.

He was not an opponent Shin Yoon-seong could defeat.

“Still, thanks to the evaluation match, I was able to earn a good amount of money.”

From Noble mtl dot com

As he finished speaking, Shin Yoon-seong extended a shopping bag. It was the luggage he had brought when he came to the treatment room earlier.

Choi So-eun received the shopping bag in surprise.

“What’s this…?”

“It’s a gift. For you.”

“A gift…?”

It was a vertically long rectangular shopping bag, similar in shape to a chilling bag used for wine or whiskey.

“Why give a gift at all…?”

Today wasn’t particularly a birthday, which was in October. White Day had long passed too.

There seemed to be no reason for her to receive a gift.

“It’s payment for the outstanding lunch debt.”


She wondered what it was, and it turned out to be about the lunch. He was referring to the lunches he used to bring every night when Shin Yoon-seong was hospitalized.

Choi So-eun, with wide eyes, said she hadn’t expected it at all.

“Is it really okay for me to accept it…?”

“It was a gift bought with the intention of giving it to you. If you don’t take it, it loses its meaning.”

“Thank you for now….”

I never expected to receive a gift just because I brought lunch a few times. If I had known, I would have put more effort into making it.

Choi Soeun smiled subtly, as if she was trying to look cool for no reason.

“Can I check what it is?”

Still nodding, Shin Yoonseong allowed it. Choi Soeun put her hand into the shopping bag and took out the contents.


Something that looked like a bottle emerged. It was a brown bottle tightly wrapped in newspaper. A faint smell emanated from it.

This smell is definitely…

“Sesame oil?”

“As expected, the expert is different.”

Shin Yoonseong briefly set down the ice pack and continued to explain about the sesame oil.

“It’s a completely different creature from the sesame oil you can buy in stores. It’s handmade, drop by drop, by a craftsman. Genuine, traditional sesame oil.”


“Later, if you search the price, you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised.”

I know. Sesame oil is expensive. On top of that, it’s handmade sesame oil. The price could easily double.

For those who enjoy cooking, it can truly be considered the best gift.


But for some reason, a laugh burst out suddenly.

It was because Shin Yoonseong had bought sesame oil. Just imagining him ordering sesame oil in front of the store made laughter uncontrollably spill out.

“What’s so funny? Didn’t you like the gift? Maybe I should have given you a bouquet as usual.”

“No. Not at all.”

Choi Soeun shook her head several times. Then, she tightly embraced the bottle of sesame oil.

“I prefer sesame oil over flowers any day.”

Above all, it’s a gift filled with sincerity. Isn’t it evidence that he thought about what the other person might need? From the recipient’s perspective, there’s no choice but to be happy.

I should cook with this sesame oil later. I wonder what dish I should make. I’ll have to think about it when I go into my room later.

“Well, I’m relieved then.”

Only now did Shin Yoonseong breathe a sigh of relief. Then, he stood up from his seat.

“I’ve received the ice pack too, so I’ll go now.”


Lunchtime still has plenty of time left. Can’t he stay a bit longer? Choi Soeun felt a slight sense of disappointment.

However, she didn’t make any effort to hold on. She didn’t want to appear as a clingy woman for no reason.

“If you need ice again later, feel free to come by.”

With an ice pack pressed against his cheek, Shin Yoon-seong left the treatment room.

Choi Soi-eun watched Shin Yoon-seong’s departing back until the very end, holding onto her patience like someone embracing a jar of sesame oil.


Until now, Shin Yoon-seong had visited the emergency room countless times, but it was almost the first time she had looked at his back like this. Before, she didn’t care whether he left or not. Now, her gaze naturally followed Shin Yoon-seong.

Looking at his back, Choi Soi-eun whispered softly.

“As expected… I don’t want it to be taken away….”

Now, she had no choice but to admit it.

That her feelings had changed.



Late at night, a sound echoed within the outdoor training ground. It was a clear and crisp sound, like tapping on wood.


The sound didn’t stop with just one. It echoed again.



The sound was precisely coming from the bench area.

Currently, a male student was sitting on the bench. He sat alone, shoulders slouched, staring endlessly at the ground.

He looked incredibly weak.


Additionally, next to the male student, there was a spoon sparkling with a silvery sheen. A common eating spoon, floating in the air.

That spoon repeatedly struck the student’s head.

Since a while ago, continuously, incessantly.



The student, who had been silently taking the hits, finally spoke. He spoke to the spoon incessantly hitting his head.


However, the spoon did not respond to his call. It simply continued to strike the student’s head in lieu of an answer.

“Do you remember a few days ago when you filled out the evaluation form?”


“At that time, you said it yourself… let’s not meet again after the evaluation.”


“But… why are you appearing in front of me again?”


“Are you really a psychopath?”

The male student raised both hands and wiped his face with a towel.

When will this nightmare end?

When will I be able to see that spoon disappear in front of my eyes?

Really, there was no end in sight.

“At least take a look when I go to the bathroom… I might get constipated for real.”


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