A Cash Warrior Chapter 285

A Cash Warrior 285

# 285

– Volume 12 Episode 13

The only thing left in the place where the dragon’s breath passed was ashes, and only the hunters who could protect themselves with a shield survived.

Kang Yeong-hoo looked at the dragon leisurely hovering in the air with bewildered eyes.

I had already made up my mind, but after experiencing the power of dragons with my whole body, I realized what kind of fight he was facing.

The thought of having to fight such people for the survival of mankind weighed heavily on his shoulders.

Kang Yeong-hoo came to his senses when he heard a call from the side. One day, she was approaching the armrest.

Fortunately, he confirmed that most of the Titan’s raid was unharmed. The Magnum and the Crusades also seemed relatively intact.

The biggest damage was the Thanos raid and the Allied Forces. The 8th Union Battalion, where Chang-Jun Lee was, seemed to have been destroyed, and in the 12th Union Battalion, only Insect King Jang Jae-Won and a few others survived.

The damage to Thanos’ raid was also unexpectedly large, because as soon as the dragon appeared, it was not able to defend properly and was scattered all over the place.

All those who did not escape were killed, and no one escaped.

Anyway, it was clear that it was not a situation where we could continue to fight. A swarm of drakes began to attack the spot the dragon had swept through.

Not only that number was not one or two, but the momentum of the Hunters was greatly reduced. Thinking that fighting like this would only increase sacrifices, Kang Yeong-hoo gave the order to retreat.

“Retreat! Everyone moves to the next point! Seo Ji-won, can you close that road for a while?”

“It’s possible in a moment.”

“Then take your time.”

Seo Ji-won immediately demonstrated his abilities.

He used a trick on the way monsters entered. Kang Yeong-hoo beckoned to take the opportunity to move to the second defense point.

And he himself was about to leave with Seo Ji-won, but suddenly a feeling of despair came to him.

Behind the drakes, golems the size of a skyscraper could be seen.

They were walking in rows like a huge barrier. They would be able to indiscriminately destroy everything by just walking.

A name immediately came to mind in Kang Yeong-hoo’s mind, who struggled to turn his head from the scene and hurried to his feet.

He urged Jeong Dae-sik inwardly, which he couldn’t hear.

‘Aren’t you ready yet, Daesik Jeong? If this is the case, Seoul will become a wasteland before the sun rises tomorrow!’

It was not only Kang Yeong-hoo who was pushed back by a swarm of monsters that trampled on the MFP and retreated.

All the troops that had stepped forward to defend the first line of defense where the MFP was installed had to retreat.

They immediately regrouped in the second line of defense.

They turned their backs to the Han River and struck the Bae Sujin.

If the water monsters attacked again along the river, they would be attacked back and forth, but there was no way. It was because the sky was the same because it was open.

Once the second line of defense had collapsed, the Han River Bridge would have been blown up. At least it was possible because Choi Hee was defending the swarm of monsters that came over to Mt. Bukhan.

If the situation worsened to that point, a large-scale defense was planned to be built around the Gwanghwamun area. In terms of defense, there is Song Si-min, who has absolute power, and there are all kinds of defense items taken out of the national property vault, so he was planning to break through the path while holding out as much as possible with it.

The operation was truly a last resort. It was like giving up all other districts except Jongno-gu, so the damage would have been enormous.

Even now, most of the citizens in Gangnam have been evacuated, but there must have been some who could not escape.

With the appearance of the octopus monster, two main bridges on the Han River were broken, so it was difficult to move to Gangbuk.

Kang Yeong-hoo retreated to Apgujeong, where the Olympic Boulevard could be seen, and laid traps using scrolls and MFP mines everywhere. And he tried to make contact with the engineering commanders who were defending other districts.

It seemed that the situation was bad for them as well. The MFP is of no use to monsters of 10 or more stars, and it was made in haste, so it was vulnerable to physical attacks.

From what I heard, the situation in Yeongdeungpo was very bad.

The chief of engineering, who is still guarding the Yanghwa Bridge, where refugees are moving, said that the entire area of ​​Yangcheon-gu and Guro-gu had turned to stone due to the appearance of Medusa. And he uttered words like wills, adding a word.

“Do you know what the worst is? Among the monsters that are supposed to be over 15 stars, the monsters don’t even budge.”

The five new giants were named Nemesis, Hecate, Eris, Libitina, and Ceres, respectively. They were named after Greek mythology.

There were even some saying that the names given to monsters were not grandiose, but in fact, their formidable abilities were enough to be called gods.

However, they have not yet moved from their location around Seoul. Only a large army of monsters rushed in like a flood, and they were watching the situation.

If they did, such a defensive operation would be of no use. Before that, I had no choice but to hope that Dae-sik Jeong would return after completing the preparations.

Kang Yeong-hoo remembered that thought and smiled bitterly.

‘It’s risking the lives of so many people on just one.’

Kang Young-hoo remembered the first time he saw Jeong Dae-sik. He felt he was unusual at that time, but he never thought that he would become such a tycoon.

That fact was surprising, but at the same time, I felt dubious. Even if he appears, will he be able to face those mighty monsters alone?

He proudly demanded compensation and said that he could do it, but as the preparation for it took longer, his anxiety was growing.

It was even more so after I retreated because I couldn’t handle one dragon.

Kang Yeong-hoo looked up at the sky with an anxious feeling, fearing that the Fire Dragon might appear again.

It was still quiet, perhaps because the drones were pouring bombs, but it was obvious that he would appear soon.

‘If you pour breath from the sky, we have no way of resisting it. Even the traps installed on the ground don’t apply to him. If they ignore us and cross the Han River… I can’t even imagine what the outcome would be. I must somehow find a way to defeat the Fire Dragon.’

Kang Yeong-hoo made a detailed plan to summon the Fenrir troops and bring down the Fire Dragon.

Once the gnome was tied to the ground, power would be greatly lost.

If only the Fire Dragon could fall, even if he shot a breath, the rest of the Titan raid members would be able to pour a relentless attack and cut their breath.

“The Fire Dragon will most likely reappear to make way for the monsters on the ground. There is a high probability that it will fly while shooting the breath, so I will attack by taking advantage of the gap that occurs after shooting the first breath.”

Kang Young-hoo turned on the holographic map and marked each high-rise building.

“Place a trap here with Mi-rae Heo with a wire. And Seo Ji-won, you have to push the dragon into this place by distorting the space. If the dragon gets caught in the trap, God Deok-hwa you have to make it impossible to fly. Using that gap, Jae-woo Lee implements the harpoon. “And Kim Song-geun makes a huge clone and brings him down. It would be nice if Gwangpil-doo added his strength with a 7-star weapon. Once he brought him down to the ground, the rest of the Titan units will take care of killing him.”

As soon as Kang Young-hoo finished speaking, Ki Cheol-min opened his mouth.

“Me? What can I do?”

Kang Young-hoo tapped him on the shoulder.

“You’re aiming for when he’s been dragged down to the ground.”

A bitter smile spread across Ki Chul-min’s face. He can’t use Tyrbringer, so there’s not much he can do about it until he brings the fire dragon down to the ground.

There is Dodgeborg’s Circlet, but that’s because it can’t pierce the scales of the Fire Dragon.

At that time, Jae-Woo Lee made an insecure expression on his face.

“It’s not difficult to make a harpoon big enough to bring down a dragon, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to pierce those scales. There’s a limit to the durability of my embodiment…”

“I’ll help you with that.”

Kang Yeong-hoo glanced at the Ghost, his sword wrapped around his waist, and Lee Jae-woo’s expression turned pale.

He was familiar with the sword, so he showed a sign of dissatisfaction, but he couldn’t say he wouldn’t do it.

Then I heard a different kind of explosion than a bomb exploding. The raid members raised their heads in unison, and then from a distance, flames rose in a straight line and the fighters exploded.

Seeing this, Kang Yeong-hoo frowned and exhaled softly.

Fenrir’s men quickly returned to their positions. Then, the fire dragons that smashed the fighters began to fly.

The howl of the fire dragon resounded through the reddish sky.

According to Kang Yeong-hoo’s account, he spewed out flames that turned everything to ashes along the road where the traps were laid to open the way for the swarm of monsters to go north.

A tremendous amount of heat surged, and haze erupted everywhere, shaking the landscape.

Using the phenomenon cleverly, Seo Ji-won connected the place where the fire dragon was flying so that it could not be noticed by the high-rise building where Heo Mirae was waiting.


The fire dragon’s giant body seemed to disappear for an instant, but suddenly a high-rise building appeared along the road, facing each other like twins.

Realizing that the Fire Dragon had been caught in some sort of trick, he began to use magic.

Blazing balls of fire were poured down, but the attack fell from above.

God Deokhwa dropped the power of the condensed wind onto its body, and the Fire Dragon staggered as if it had been hit by a giant bowling ball.

As a result, the altitude lowered and the gnome flew through the buildings. Then, Mirae Heo, who had been waiting in advance, started the debuff.

Blue magical light spread through the buildings, and the long hairs of the Fire Dragon got tangled in it.

The angry fire dragon struggled and nailed it to the wall of the building.

The glass shattered, the concrete ruptured, and the debris fell. The Fire Dragon was about to climb up the building with the wire wrapped around it. Then Kang Young-hoo quickly pulled her ghost out of her body.


The sword, which freely swung through the human body, was immediately lodged in Lee Jae-woo’s back.

Jae-Woo Lee let out a shriek as he felt his body pierce, but soon felt the power of flowing magic and threw the paper on which he had drawn the harpoon into the sky.

“Artwork name, dragon harpoon!”

As a giant harpoon popped out of the paper, Song-geun Kim immediately created a giant clone.

“Two minutes, giant clones!”

They snatched the large harpoon Lee Jae-woo had embodied. Then he leaned his shoulders back as hard as he could, pulled his arm back, and fired the harpoon forward.


The harpoon that flew away with a heavy yet sharp sound was shining blue.

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