A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 124

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 124

EP 21 – Knights Without Borders (6)

Le Bristol Paris.

5 star hotel near the Champs Elysees.

A large mansion that could be described as a palace rather than a hotel. Thirty hunters were staying there.

“How much do you have to earn to live in a place like this? … .”

“It’s 120 a day.”

“… … Is it cheap?”

“The old waterfront is 120.”


It was not enough to say that it was luxurious because it was a yard full of homeless people on the streets of Paris right now. Besides, there were only 30 people staying in a hotel designed for 1000 people.

Of course, I asked him to reduce the accommodation, but the French government gave him a favor saying it was okay.

The problem was the media.

“Oh, those bastards. It’s crazy again… … .”

The old man, who was watching the news while sitting on the sofa in the common room, nervously flicked the remote control. It was an uncle who had run some sales in France when he was young.

Hunters gathered around him and asked him.

“why. What do you say?”

“The French people look like they are starving. Those chicks are crazy.”

“But that’s right.”

“Write… … ! Didn’t you hear what Captain Seol said? We’ll definitely ask for a room change-“


“Omma, you’re surprised.”

The hunters murmured at the sudden siren sound. When a warning sound in French began to sound, the hunters naturally flocked to the area near the sofa.

“Oh! mister! What are you messing around with?”

“Let me interpret it!”

“ah! Everyone be quiet! I can’t hear you!”

While the man who had been running a business in France was shouting to shut up, a woman standing blankly by the window cautiously opened her mouth.

“… … A monster has appeared.”

“what. Did Manager Park also learn French?”

Team Leader Park pointed out the window without saying a word.

Hunters gathered one by one by the window.

“… … .”

“… … .”

in the sky

A blue hole was drilled.

* * *

Yeo Do-yeon. 28 years old.

The former flyweight mixed martial arts fighter had a fairly intense life. In other words, it was safe to say that he lived a fairly ascetic life.

She has always been crushed by something.

From fitness to diet management, inferiority to his younger brother, pressure on himself, extreme opposition from his mother, and all sorts of f**king human figures.

It wasn’t usually stressful.

Would you like to drink alcohol or eat chicken? The only place she could relieve her stress was at the movie theater.

Of course, second-class fighters without money could not come and go in and out of CGV, and they watched free movies played on the 4th floor of the local municipal library because of difficulties among the elderly.

And her best movie is

[Midnight in Paris]

it was

A Frenchman goes back to the 1920s and meets famous artists of the time.

He has received various awards such as this, saying that it is a work that contains a deep insight into modern and contemporary Western art and literature.

Although she was always teased by Han Seung-moon for saying she was a high school dropout, she liked this movie enough.

Of course, she did not have abundant interest and knowledge in modern and contemporary Western art and literature. Even Han Seung-moon, a graduate of the National University in Seoul, doesn’t know.

So, why was the film etched in her mind?

France in the movie was so pretty.

A person doesn’t need a noble reason to like something. Do-yeon Yeo always satisfied something inside her while watching this movie.

‘Hey- See-pal. I just want to say that while I was watching a movie like this, I took a picture of a macaron on social media and uploaded it to Starbucks to add a shot to the frappuccino.’

What. It almost feels like this.

Anyway, it was true that she had extraordinary romance and anticipation for the ‘Champs Elysees’ street.

That was the reason why she followed Lewin and Seol Jinwoon to buy some snacks.

The three hunters walked down the Champs Elysees like that.

Guided by a French government interpreter.

And the Champs-Elysees betrayed Yeo Do-yeon’s expectations beautifully.

“… … .”

I expected it in my heart. The Champs Elysees were also miserable.

A homeless man with a couple of limbs amputated, soldiers passing by, a family who pitched a tent next to a garbage can in an alley, and protesters shouting on the other side of the street.

The French that swept the streets unraveled each of their harshness, and Yeo Do-yeon finally revealed her complicated feelings on her face.

“… … Isn’t it such a beautiful scenery?”

Lewin smiled bitterly. So did the interpreter. These were the people who remembered the old days of the Champs Elysees.

“… … It will be very different from Jeju Island.”

“Ah, that’s not-”

“it’s okay. Because it is true.”

Yeo Do-yeon had a puzzled expression on her face, and it was only then that Lewin realized that she had unwittingly revealed her dignity.

But, like any 17-year-old, she hesitated for a moment as to whether to apologize or turn her back on, before she turned her head away.

Then Seol Jinwoon intervened and changed the topic.

“By the way, why are those protesters holding portraits?”

“… … oh Lizre’s followers. He is the one who insisted that the state control the personal information of the hunters, but he was killed by the hunters or something.”


“Thanks to that, Senator Lizre became one of the first things that people who don’t like the Awakened people talk about. There is also the term rizrism.”

Lewin turned his head back as if he didn’t want to talk more, making a sarcastic sarcasm. Yeo Do-yeon asked the girl who was walking in the lead.

“… … So, are those people who hate Hunters?”


“Europe heard that Hunters run the city.”

The question was whether he was afraid of his fists.

“Hmm. Obviously, most shelters are run by the guild. It’s also true that if you talk about lizreism in a provincial city, you won’t see good results. But not Paris.”

Lewin continued the story with a small smile, apparently because it seemed like an interesting topic came up.

“EU Joint Forces. So, the only shelter run by the coalition government is Paris. It is the most plentiful place on the continent. Thanks to that, it is also the place with the most civilians.”

“So there’s no problem with hunting down the Hunter?”


Seol Jin-woon, who was trying to ventilate the subtle atmosphere of the past as much as possible, added.

“Aren’t there so many Hunters?”

“I do not know. Does counting hunters make sense? Most gate closure level hunters are guild leaders or executives in provincial cities. In fact, you will lead a life like that of a medieval aristocrat. I die a lot, though.”

A smirk leaked from Lewin’s mouth.

“So, the hunters who serve as civil servants either miss the old world, do not have the courage to go to the provinces to live fiercely, or there are only chisels with a mediocre patriotism.”

The girl’s smile was definitely a self-help laugh. It was all my own story.

She was a representative of the Swiss Hunters Association. Of course, it wasn’t much more than a face mama. The work is carried out by the Vice President, who also serves as the Minister of the Federal Council.

Her role is to show a pretty face in recruitment advertisements or public service advertisements, or to go to a place ordered by the government to catch monsters and save people.

It was nothing more and nothing less.

Of course, this wasn’t the life she wanted. But life was not forced upon her.

If she wanted right away, she could give up her Swiss citizenship and flee abroad (EU only). I’m going to swear a little, though.

Then, what drives Lewin?

“… … .”

it’s garbage

Remnants of bright and pure things. Now, in the girl’s heart, regret for the things that have faded. Only that.

There was certainly a time when patriotism and sympathy were welling up, but now only the remnants of it are burned little by little as fuel.

Do you live by emotion or inertia?

A teenage girl in her prime walked along the fallen Champs Elysees while looking at the cloudy sky.

the world.


how did it happen

And the answer the world gave me was simple.

[…] … WARNING! 4 instant gates opened at the same time in the 8th arrondissement! Martial law of emergency as of the present time-]

An extremely violent siren sounded.

Kill the monster while you think like that.

* * *

The merchants grabbed the shutters and panicked, not knowing whether to close the store or abandon the store and run away.

The soldiers raised their guns, but the direction was not consistent, and the people ran away somewhere but in different directions.

It was confusing.

Confusion spread across the Champs Elysees.

And the culprit of the confusion soon appeared.


He was a giant.

Those steps broke the streets, crushed people, and shook the world. A human’s flurry was not even heard because of the sound of the monster’s footsteps.

Get a card-!

Let the monster’s gigantic hands lightly scrape the building. Blood and screams leaked out of the pile of rubble of a building that had been carved out like a sand castle.

The Champs-Elysees, which was full of miserable people, in an instant, changed so horribly that I miss it terribly.

The gray giant devoured the upper body of the man who struggled to the end, and threw away the lower body.

Iron Puduk-!

At Yeo Do-yeon’s feet, the lower body she had struggled with just before flew. Drops of blood splashed on the black suit pants.

“… … under.”

Yeo Do-yeon frowned.

The six-eyed gray giant had fists wider than his waist. The forearm, where the muscle fibers were visible, was much larger than that.

Obviously, the upper body was three times larger than the lower body.

“Did that bastard only do bulk ups?”

Seol Jin-woon nodded dignifiedly.

“It’s a shoulder thug.”

As a five-story building was lounging around the street, its large upper body collided with the building, killing people.

It walked on all fours like a gorilla, crushing people running around the streets, and occasionally getting up on both feet and snatching people from the rooftops.

“Is your lower body really weak?”

“I do not know. I think I might be able to walk with only my upper body.”

The two Koreans had a very leisurely conversation, and thanks to the professional interpreter, Lewin was able to get angry with them.

“Are you just going to be watching right now!?”

Lewin clenched his teeth and stretched out his hand. It was a moment of anger for one of Europe’s leading telecommunication magicians.

His white hair fluttered wildly, and debris from buildings that had flew around him floated up.



Yeo Do-yeon grabbed her wrist.

Concrete shards floating in the air fell to the ground.

“Isn’t it because you don’t know that if you provoke a large bell and then go crazy?”

“Then will you just take a look!?”

“Observe, not watch! You bastard!”

The fight against large species is never flashy. To be precise, it shouldn’t be flashy. A flashy battle like a movie is just a shortcut to increase damage.

Even the building that was destroyed in the battle between the protagonist and the monster. people will exist.

“It should be short… … !”

Yeo Do-yeon chose to observe the monster rather than rush into it. The cold, sharp gaze that fell, scanned the hideous giant up and down.

He was still attacking people at this moment, but a good hunter knows when to hunt.

Combat should be as simple as possible. You have to figure out the monster’s weakness and dig into it at once.

That is Yeo Do-yeon’s theory.

Whether it’s fists or knives, it’s done with reason, not emotion.

Of course, Seol Jinwoon didn’t know that either. They continued the conversation very leisurely. At least that’s how it looks.

“I said that the lower body can’t be done before, right?”

“yes. The upper body alone is intimidating enough.”

“Then should I cut off my arm?”

“I do not know. My shoulders are so thick.”

“Are you getting mixed estimates?”

“… … If you step on the street lamp over there and jump, you will reach it.”

Seol Jinwoon picked up one of the rolling umbrellas and tapped it. The boy cut the texture, weight, and grip of the umbrella.

“… … It is appropriate.”

The moment Seol Jinwoon raised his umbrella forward,

The blue sword began to fluctuate sharply.

The boy smiled for a moment.

“… … Can you give me a hand?”

* * *

“Is this new brain a muscle… … .”

There is a saying that an old lady at a local boxing center who brought Yeo Do-yeon to the path of martial arts and taught her as a disciple was a living word.

‘Half of a fight is with the color of the eyes.’

At first, I thought that this grandfather might have picked up on some Hong Kong martial arts movies, but as the years passed, he realized that it was a famous saying.

Especially in this day and age.

Yeo Do-yeon looked up at the giant at the feet of the giant. And I replayed the information I’ve seen so far.

Looking at this gray giant’s heavy fists and sluggish gestures reminded me of a typical tank from the game. Looking at the moment he snatched the man he had just run away from, this bastard was by no means slow.

Besides, it wasn’t too shabby. Realizing that there were people in the building, I used to poke my fingers through every window and have fun.

Perhaps there is such a thing as emotion. Is it sadistic? maybe.

And because he has six eyes, his field of vision is quite wide. Right now, one of the six eyeballs was staring at Yeo Do-yeon at her feet.


So perhaps the reason he allowed Yeo Do-yeon to approach was because he was catching and killing people running away from the roof right now.

In other words. Thinking that Yeo Do-yeon is not a threat to her, she continues playing the game that she enjoyed.

“This bastard sees people as very savage… … .”

Yeo Do-yeon’s actions were simple.


She punched the giant’s shin. The gray skin cracked, and blood spurted from the red muscles that were hiding there.

The giant’s reflexes were astounding.

As she attacked the giant’s shin, the giant’s fist struck her in an instant. It was a speed that didn’t match its size.


The shock wave spread in a circle and the sidewalk block was destroyed.

However, Yeo Do-yeon was not destroyed.

She raised one hand and endured the giant’s fist.

The giant finally had the middle finger of three fingers amputated, as if he had punched a sharp nail.

And it was Yeo Do-yeon, soaked in red blood, who crawled out of the wound.

She jumped straight into the giant’s face.

But the giant had the other hand left.


The giant caught Yeo Do-yeon. Her slender body was caught in the giant’s hand.

“this… … ! brain muscle… … !”

The giant opened his six eyes to her, and opened his wide mouth.

Yeo Do-yeon looked into the giant’s hideous jaw and smiled bitterly. It was a vicious smile reminiscent of Han Seung-moon at first glance.

“Heh heh… … !”

okay. This was the most important.

I wanted to run around and beat him, but there was only one reason why he was caught like this.

Yeo Do-yeon gathered the six eyes of the giant in one place.

When the giant noticed the life in the back of his head and turned his head,

It was around the time when Seol Jin-woon’s blue sword, which Lewin threw from the sky, was shaking in front of his eyes.

“It’s a loss of muscle, you bastard… … !”

Six eyelids twitched once.

Time was enough.

A blue flash of light struck the giant’s neck.

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