A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 125

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 125

EP 21 – Knights Without Borders (7)

1st Generation Hunter.

A self-awakened person at the beginning of the crisis.

The first-generation hunters were treated the most in the Korean hunter industry.

Since they are hunters who have been active since the beginning of the crisis, they live their experience highly. In general, experience and ability were proportional.

In that sense, to discuss Korea’s strongest armed group, the Apgujeong faction hunters organized by Kim Chun-sik.

Among them, it was the strong Kim Chun-sik family who did not leave the guild following Hong Seon-ah.

They formed the largest survivors’ organization in the hellish Seoul, and experienced large-scale all-out war and mobile warfare as they broke through the Shinbundang line.

In addition. After forming the guild, it served as a mobile strike force to hunt monsters that had spread to the southern part of Gyeonggi-do, and received magic stones while conducting internal expeditions in Seoul.

Even after the guild was disbanded due to the operation of Han Seung-moon, the hunters who followed Kim Chun-sik experienced the Uijeongbu situation that followed.

They helped the South Korean army retreat by blocking the point where the Seoul encirclement had collapsed, and they went north through Seoul to suppress the unrest in the Uijeongbu area.

In addition, the Seoul runaway that followed shortly thereafter.

They were specialists in combat.

They were all experienced before antenatal battles, air battles, subway battles, guerrilla warfare, mobile warfare, and defensive warfare.

These were the people who had gone through such a hard battle, so they couldn’t get it right unless their hands and feet didn’t fit. The yangbans that didn’t fit were either kicked out or died already.

Of course, when it comes to teamwork, the number of people at Dongdaemun Camp who survived a long time in Seoul was also not easy. On the contrary, it didn’t feel more sticky.

But. Dongdaemun Camp was the people who accumulated most of their combat experience as a ‘defence’ camp.

They specialized in procuring food, maintaining prayer secrets, purging internal reactionaries, and killing looters.

In that sense, the identity of the hunters of the Kim Chun-sik system is,

It was an ‘attack squad’.

And such a Kim Chun-sik-type strong hunter. Among them, the most veteran member of the reconnaissance team from the early days of Apgujeong Camp.

Coordinated reconnaissance commander.

And sniper Dasol Yeo.


“Car ahead! Car in front!”

They were running away like crazy.

* * *

A common problem with the Higher Physical Awakeners is that at some point the head can’t keep up with the body’s movements.

Each person had a different solution.

In the case of Kim Chun-sik, recalling the experience of knocking off a grenade flying into a bunker during the Iraq War with a butt, he reached a point where the world seemed to be in slow motion only through meditation.

The yangban, who played the role of the left arm of the attack leader Hong Seon-ah, repeated the practice of piercing the middle of a flying baseball with his finger, hoping to open his eyes.

However, the solution of the adjustment formula was extremely simple.

The body is used with the heart, not the head. It would be more appropriate to control oneself by nature rather than reason.

So what does this mean?

will believe

own reflexes.

Just like right now.

Quick profit-!

“👌👌👌 … !”

Jo Jung-sik, who was running sprinting, jumped over the car that jumped out of the corner.

I didn’t think of it. It’s just that the body moves on its own. It’s like catching a baseball flying in your face.

In fact, it could be said that it was a very ignorant method.

Because he was putting his head where the baseball flew, expecting his reflexes to catch the ball.

However, thanks to this habit, Jo Jung-sik thought that he could imitate Seol Jin-woon’s sword-gi, even a little.

Knowing how to use the body with the mind and not the head, it can be said that they are learning how to use the sword with the mind and not the body.

But there were definitely times when I had to use my head.

“Cheet… … !”

Jo Jung-sik made a quick stop and then kicked the bumper of the car that just popped out of the corner.

The vehicle rolled a few laps with the scream of the Western driver and was pushed back. Jo Jung-sik, who saw the appearance, hurriedly continued to run in the direction he was going.



Where the vehicle was just before,

The giant’s foot slammed into a shockwave.

“captain! it’s okay!?”

“f**k it!”


They were being chased by giants.

On top of the small footprints they had left on the concrete, large footprints were engraved again, and the road they passed was half-crushed.

Dasol Yeo suddenly shouted.


“Shut up!”

Jo Jung-sik, who was running side by side, scolded the girl.

“Isn’t there a proper scream!?”


“f**k it!”

“If you twist, the captain will yell at you! My throat hurts too!”

At that time, when middle school and high school hunters were repeatedly chasing after life and death.

“Uh… … !”

The giant’s steps began to slow.

It looked like he was giving up on the chase.

The guy started looking for the person who had crawled out of the driver’s seat of the car Jo Jung-sik had removed earlier.

Dasol Yeo, seeing this, quickly turned around and held the rifle.

And by taking a step backwards, he showed a journey of maintaining the same speed as now.

“Then go to sleep, b*tch!”


Tadadadang-! Right-!

The rifle scratched the giant’s face once, and a subsequent two-barrel hit.

The bullet left a beard-shaped scar on the giant’s seal and blew out one of its six eyeballs.

“This is the snowball!”

“Crazy b*tch! back! back!”


Dasol Yeo, who was smiling brightly, stepped on a bottle of wine rolled out of a nearby cafe and collapsed.

If it were a normal person, the back of the head would have been broken, but not the back of the head, but the asphalt.

The girl got up quickly and started running again, but then she spit out a flurry with a look as if she had separated from her parents.

“ah… … !”

Her rifle was on the floor.

Dasol Yeo’s movements stopped for a moment,

A swear word came out of Jo Jung-sik’s mouth.

“I… … !”

That K2 rifle was the object of Yeo Dasol’s frenzied obsession. Whether we were eating or sleeping, we were talking about hugging that gun.

That gun was used by her brother, who even deserted to save his sister.

And at the same time, it was a keepsake.

Jo Jung-sik frowned as he saw Da-sol’s eyes dyed with a sense of disappointment.

Of course, it wasn’t that he didn’t know that now wasn’t the time to get a gun like that.

Joe was only a 17-year-old boy, but he was clever enough to survive.

However, this time, knowing too much was the problem.

He always knew what it felt like to wear a school uniform stained with his parents’ blood.

And by the time I was thinking about that, Jo Jung-sik had already turned around and ran to pick up the rifle.

“I… … !”

The boy with a frown on his face quickly ran away with a rifle.

The giant punched the boy in the spot just a second before.

Jo Jung-sik threw a gun at Yeo Da-sol.

They started running again.

Dasol Yeo looked slightly at him and said to Jo Jung-sik.

“Joe, Captain.”


The girl’s voice crawled in.

“… … You don’t have to pick it up next time.”


From Dasol Yeo’s mouth, ‘You are more than a gun… … .’ The moment the word came out.


The giant hit a large shield. The shield broke right away, but it was enough to stop the giant from running.


“Die-! Motherf**ker!”

The world was colored brightly.

A huge thunderstorm destroyed the giant for a long time. The gray giant staggered and then collapsed.

Then, Lumière and Daniel arrived in front of Jo and Jedasol, who were looking at the scene in amazement.

Daniel took off his pink rubber gloves, and Lumière hurriedly checked their condition.

“Are you okay!?”

Jo Jung-sik answered nervously.

“That bastard doesn’t eat electricity!”

Lumiere paused.

“Yes Yes?”

“My team Blitzkrieg has lost a few times before. That bastard has thick skin and he’ll wake up soon!”

Daniel tilted his head, and Dasol Yeo explained in English.

“No Thunder! No, No! Thunder No! We cant kill!”

just as expected. The giant staggered again and got up.

However, Daniel and Lumiere do not seem to have any intention of escaping.

As Lumiere’s halo lit, a huge shield began to form, and a menacing thunderbolt began to erupt from Daniel’s hands.

Jo Jung-sik, who was watching him, shouted.

“If you fight here, the whole building will be destroyed!”

And everyone in it dies.

“Once, run! Never provoke him!”

As the giant started screaming and getting up, the four hunters started running.

The sound of the giant’s footsteps began to vibrate again in the sky, and an earthquake that narrowed the gap was clinging to their backs.

However, Lumiere and Daniel could not keep up with the running of the top physical athletes in Korea.

Dasol Yeo’s judgment was agile.

“Get up!”

“What… … !”

“Abuba! Riding Me!”

In the end, the bearded Westerner was carried on the back of a Korean middle school girl. The two physical hunters carried the two mental hunters and ran away for a while.

It was a very funny scene, but if you see the giants following you, you will surely lose your laughter.

Lumiere, who was carried by Jo Jung-sik, was restless and asked the boy.

“Do you have any plans… … ?!”

“… … About 70 meters left!”


“50 meters!”

* * *

They kept on running,

The giant followed them,

Then I passed a hotel.

That was then.


The glass windows on the 5th floor of the building are broken,

A large icicle came out.

And violently smashed the giant’s exoskeleton.

Get a card!

Icicles lodged in the giant’s temple.

It slammed into it like someone was nailing it.

It was the work of the telecasting magicians who were in ambush.

The giant body started to stumble.

The giant’s eyes lost focus.

And there was one person watching it.

in front of the broken window,

A man walked out.

“… … Whoa.”

The fat man looked down at the staggering giant and smoked a cigarette. He was a 43-year-old ex-salaried worker who had done some business in France when he was young.

He tossed a cigarette at the giant’s head. The cigarette fire turned into a fireball and flew away, melting the icicles once.

He ruffled his desolate hair once, and muttered in a serious voice.


Immediately, two blitzkriegs exercised their skills.

An eerie thunderbolt 雷擊 hit the icicle.

Electricity shredded the giant’s brain.

like that

The giant fell forward with a thud.

It happened in an instant.

“Oh! Joe Joe! Well done!”

In front of Lumière and Daniel, who were looking at the corpse of the giant with blank expressions, a 43-year-old plump man who had been running a business in France when he was young appeared.

He smiled softly and patted Jo Jung-sik on the back.

“I saw you!”

“… … ha. Please don’t do this in the future.”

“I’m doing this because I believe in everything! let’s go Is this guy over?”

Lumière gave the information to the uncle.

“There are four giants in total.”

“Then, if you catch two more, it will be good!”


“I caught two jab now! haha!”

Team leader Park, who was in an emergency waiting group to prepare for an unexpected close-quarters battle, walked out of the first floor with the team and gave the uncle a pint glass.

“Don’t talk, let’s move quickly. They even wrote a manned tactic to reduce casualties.”

“haha! ok! Okay!”

Team Leader Park smiled at the man who was smiling happily, then asked Lumière in a businesslike tone.

“Can I just catch two more?”

The answer came from behind.

“You don’t have to.”

It was Yeo Do-yeon.

The bloody woman spit out indifferently.

“We caught two of them on the way.”

* * *

“Iya, the chews, is that one?”

A 43-year-old plump man who had been doing business in France when he was young was lying on the sofa and fiddling with the remote control.

“What, what, did we ask you to change the hotel?”


“But the French government didn’t change it, did it?”


“The media only cursed us with that!”


“Now that I look at it, it looks like it was all made up!”

Jo Jung-sik listened to the ardent speech of a 43-year-old plump man with an indifferent expression.

“I… … ! Look at me!”

Excitedly, the old man pointed the TV with the remote control.

On TV, the heroic performances of the new hunters were reported.

Of course, he wasn’t a Korean hunter.

[…] … Noah Lumiere, Daniel Wellington, Lewin Schmidtseva and other hunters did a lot of fighting, so the damage was not so great-]

[…] … The gate emitted 4 large bells and disappeared immediately. The Investigation Bureau has classified this instant gate as Class A-]

[…] … The analysis predominates as a harbinger of a predicted catastrophe in the south of England. In the process of aggregation of magical power in the atmosphere, an abnormal phenomenon occurs nearby-]

The uncle was angry and pointed at the TV.

“Does this make sense!?”

Jo Jung-sik answered with a sullen expression.

“I don’t speak French.”

“No man! okay. Me, me, look at the screen!”

The data screens on the screen were in a state of ambiguous editing.

French helicopters circled over the corpses of the giants, and a huge shield of Lumière was erected in front of the giants.

Especially in the part where Daniel’s lightning strike destroyed the giant, at first glance it seemed as if he had overpowered the giant with one shot.

After the data screen was finished, the interview continued.

The announcer asked with a fresh expression.

[…] … Wellington, who hunted two giants, was here!]

[hello. French citizens. This is Daniel Wellington.]

On the screen, Daniel was still dressed like a metal band frontman and wearing rubber gloves, but he was smiling for the show.

The uncle shuddered when he saw that.

“I, I… … ! Whoever caught it is a ball… … !”

But regardless of what he said, the interview went on in a very friendly way.

[Oh, and by the way.]

At least so far.

[This is all bullshit. The Koreans caught all four. We have no idea what we did.]

[…] … yes?]

[So get rid of this disgusting mic. This dog-like bird-]


The screen went dark.

Uncle dropped the remote control with a blank expression, and Jo Jung-sik blinked to see what was going on.

“Ahhhh! Everyone, focus!”

The man immediately got up from the sofa and started to explain the situation to the hunters by shouting whale whales, and the hotel lounge was soon engulfed in heat.

Pi Chae-won, who watched the scene, folded her arms with a very serious expression,

I covered my mouth.

But Yeo Do-yeon clearly saw it.

The corners of his lips wriggling under Pi Chae-won’s hand.

A subtle smile that I couldn’t even cover with my hands.


And, that sullen smile that reminds me of my younger brother at first glance.

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