A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 15

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 15

EP 4 – Big paintings need big brushes (2)


“Yeah, I don’t know if it’s right to say it’s war. Aren’t there a lot of war orphans?”

Cha Jae-gyun made a shaky expression here.

“It seems like we can get rid of the monster first and deal with it.”

“Didn’t you say you were looking for superpowers?”

“…that’s right.”

“Isn’t a little girl a superpower?”

In order to ascertain whether a trustworthy person is a psychic,

It is effective to make the superpowers believe in us.

Cha Jae-gyun was silent for a moment and thought. I added an additional explanation to him.

“Of course, not all of the orphans accepted are psychics. Also, not everyone will be a child.”

There is also the case of the petitioner.

“Isn’t it a bad thing for us to embrace displaced minors? It also creates some jobs for ‘talented’ friends.”

Those who can absorb magic stones among orphans will be sent to the National Intelligence Service or ‘social welfare’.

It’s not too bad from their point of view. Cha Jae-gyun asked me to confirm.

“Is this an organization to manage psychics?”

“It is also an educational welfare project to be run by the foundation.”

I smiled confidently.

In fact, there is nothing a legislator can do alone.

Legislation requires at least 10 people, and any decision requires hundreds of people. The same is true in the current situation.

Are you going to do a government audit now? Or would you like to budget? It’s still in the early stages of the situation, but everyone will soon find out that the National Assembly member is a scarecrow.

If you don’t want to be a scarecrow, you have to be enlarged. So that people can see me as a ‘politician’ rather than a ‘member’.

By creating a service company for psychics, I repair infrastructure damage, catch monsters, and create a private organization that I can run, while managing my social image and increasing my influence.

Create a psychic research complex to monopolize psychic-related research, peek at level 0 information that will be managed as a military secret, and increase your influence.

By creating an orphanage, I develop this Han Seung-moon’s social presence, establish a connection with the National Intelligence Service-Security Command, interact with various psychics, and increase my influence.

Besides, job creation.

this is politics

I smiled contentedly and nodded my head.

“How are you, Vice Minister?”

“……good. all good By the way.”

Where are you looking for money?

Cha Jae-gyun tilted his head along with the key question, and I pointed at Cha Jae-gyun with a meaningful smile.

“The deputy minister.”

I didn’t intend to spend my money here.

In fact, the lack of money is the bigger reason.


“The social welfare project will be carried out in the form of receiving a commission from the military,

The R&D project will also receive investment from the military and share the research results.”


“The educational welfare project will receive donations from the Armed Forces and provide ‘jobs’ to orphans.”

Cha Jae-gyun is the commander of martial law and the commander-in-chief of the South Korean military.

The ‘power of command’ is a combination of the ‘military command’ and ‘military government’.


Military command is operational command,

Military government is the military ‘administrative’ power.

personnel, governor, organization, etc.

It means holding the money chain of the military.

in other words,

“With the help of the Vice Minister, everything is possible.”

“So now…”

Cha Jae-gyun snapped his finger on the desk.


“Managing the superpowers while running three public utilities within the forced foundation.”


“The legal process is being crushed by the authority of the martial law commander.”


“Doesn’t that mean that it’s a public service project, and that you’re actually running the defense industry?”

I smiled proudly and nodded my head. Cha Jae-gyun added.

“It’s even actually a military-industrial complex.”

military-industrial complex

It means the system of interdependence between the military and defense companies.

And that in Korea,



“Are you crazy?”

It’s called a defense burial.

Cha Jae-gyun frowned.

“I am the person who became the Deputy Minister for my contribution to eradicating defense corruption. I actually hate it.”


“Even if it is a national crisis, it is very reluctant.”

Cha Jae-gyun pressured me and looked at me terribly.

Suddenly, the deputy minister behaves cutely. There is no reason to be gloomy here. It’s kind of like a test.

In my experience, these high-ranking people often see whether they’re worthy of a big job. If I run away from here, he’ll probably use this idea himself.

Above all, I said that I was reluctant, but I didn’t say I didn’t.

I smiled shyly.


Then he sat in the wheelchair and placed his chin on his interlaced hands.

“So you won’t?”

her. Cha Jae-gyun, who had been staring at me frightened, suddenly let out a smirk. And as if he had seen some kind of gag, he covered his mouth and giggled, unable to hold back his laughter.

Cha Jae-gyun wiped a small tear and said to me.

“Rep. Han Seung-moon.”


“Isn’t this all going on under my own authority?”

Interpretation: I wasn’t ‘bad’ with this good method, I was ‘not’. I have a bad head.

It was a de facto acceptance.

I smiled contentedly and bowed my head.

“Thank you, Deputy Minister.”

“Since I’m in the military, I don’t know if my head is stiff or if the oriental clinic is exceptional.”

“I double majored in Economics and Political Science.”

He smiled and said to me.

“Bring your papers in the evening.”


“After all, that’s why people have to study!”

“Shut up your vested interests.”

Yeo Do-yeon, who was dragging a wheelchair, fed beans and honey chestnuts on my top. I nodded and continued talking.

“Relief, research, education, welfare. The Han Seung-moon Foundation, who is leading this, and Han Seung-moon! How nice is this picture?”

“Ts. black again But a member of the National Assembly can’t do other jobs, right?”

“It is called the principle of prohibition of concurrent positions, but honorary positions for the public interest are an exception.”

Of course, whether that would be legally recognized was a ‘other’ matter,

Also, whether that was really an honorary job was a ‘wrong’ question.

“Well, whether there is a problem or not, it is a matter of reporting it to the Speaker of the National Assembly and getting it approved by the Ethics Review Advisory Committee…”

I sat in the wheelchair and tilted my head back.

I saw Yeo Do-yeon’s face in the upside-down world, and I smiled.

“Is that what the world is now?”

– Snap!


“disgusting. Clear your face.”

Yeo Do-yeon took a picture of my face with her palm.

“What’s the use of talking after hitting…?”

As I was stroking my face to relieve the pain, Yeo Do-yeon asked me.

“But what were you talking about?”

“Did you not understand?”

“What R? I’ve been pouring it out of one ear since it came out in English.”

“Actually, it doesn’t matter if my sister doesn’t know”

“Then why did I bring you?”

To show off that I have some great superpowers.

“folding screen.”

Yeo Do-yeon slapped her on the back of the head, but I did not stop my tongue.

“If I’m going to explain it to my older sister, it means that you will create a foundation with military money, run services, research institutes, and orphanages in the foundation, and control all psychics. OK?”

Yeo Do-yeon nodded as if she understood.

“So what does that mean?”

“How did you graduate from college?”

“Are you saying this knowing that I dropped out of college and started my career as an athlete?”


Yeo Do-yeon sang in a caring voice.



“Think about who is pulling this wheelchair now.”


– Rumble!

The wheelchair hit a rock and shook. tongue bitten I quickly became furious and shook the back of the head and took a picture of Yeo Do-yeon’s stomach.

“You can’t drive straight!?”

I knew that it was very simple for a person pulling a wheelchair to strangle a person riding it.


“Your neck is red!”

“It’s because I got hit by an aunt.”

“I’m going to tell my sister!”

“How much?”

I rolled up a 10,000 won sheet and put it in Gam Ji-yoon’s pocket. Cheon Hwa-ran, who was watching, replied with a smile.

“Thank you, Senator. I’m back to work.”

“No, I am more than grateful for your acceptance. Hwaran Cheon can take charge of the research and development company.”

The cold person sitting next to me grinned.

“Research, what?”

“It’s a research and development company. I want to entrust Hwa-ran Cheon to research on psychics.”

I’m not alone, so I can’t send you to the field. gold spoon.

If Cheonhwaran gets hurt, I might get a backlash too.

The cold person nodded as if he understood.

“Aha! R&D? The pronunciation was so Korean, I couldn’t understand it.”

“Ugh. Is it because it’s a Korean university…?”

“Five! Were you a junior?”

write it After all, being a journalist was a highly educated profession. He is a person who has learned enough to learn the international department of major newspapers.

I stick my tongue out and tilt my head lightly.

“Anyway, Hwaran Cheon is research and-”

“You just call it R&D.”

“Originally, I can’t use English often.”


– Kick!

Yeo Do-yeon opened the door of the old warehouse with all her might. Inside were the cartridges we saw last time.

“Put that on the table, Sister.”

When Yeo Do-yeon stared at me with the look of ‘No hands, no feet?’

turuk. She put the cartridge on the desk, and when she opened the lid, there were piles of shimmering pieces of jewels.

“I don’t know what will happen if I absorb it carelessly. Noona absorbs it little by little first, and if it’s okay, then let’s put it in Jiyoon little by little.”

“Am I a lab mouse?”

“It’s better than being weak and being attacked by a monster. Pour slowly while watching your body.”

A slightly unrealistic landscape followed. The softly shining jewel fragments began to be absorbed by the two of them.

Yeo Do-yeon came to me, holding a handful of jewels with the hem of her robe.

And it smacked my face.

“…what are you doing?”

“Why aren’t you in this?”

This is weird again.

“Why can’t I absorb Mana Stones?”

“Isn’t that because he’s a disabled person who can’t use superpowers on his own?”

“Be quiet, you high school student.”

Yeo Do-yeon groaned and absorbed the jewel dust on my body while fumbling around.

As I pondered ‘Why can’t I absorb the magic stone’, Yeo Do-yeon, who was absorbing the magic stone on my body, pressed her thumb on her thigh.

“ah! what are you doing!”

“Your thighs are strong.”

“I’m strong because I’m squirming with one leg every day!”

“A man is a thigh.”

“There’s nothing funnier than Mosol’s s*x drip.”

under! Yeo Do-yeon was slightly furious.

“Can’t you separate the nails from the inside?”

“Do you think I didn’t know that you wrote a love letter to a girl who had a girlfriend in high school? I’ve been pretending not to know until now, I actually know-“

“Shut up! You bastard!”

Do-yeon’s eyes turned red with a reddened face and grabbed my collar, and Gam-yoon Gam-yoon, who was absorbing the magic stone next to her, exclaimed brightly.

“Shut up!”


Yeo Do-yeon closed her mouth. Ga Ji-yoon smiles brightly.


“Ji, Jiyoon-ah. I can’t use words like that.”


“That’s a bad word. If you use bad words, you are a bad child-”

“Shut up!”

I didn’t know Yeo Do-yeon, but for a moment, I saw her hand tremble.

“Who makes kids education like that these days?”

tt I kicked my tongue and rolled the wheel of the wheelchair.

“Ji Yoon-ah. Because my uncle will give you ten thousand won. Let’s never use the words ‘shut up’ and ‘bastard’ in the future.”


“Yes, I promise.”


I signed a contract with Gam Ga-yoon with my little finger, and even received a notarization from Yeo Do-yeon (28, Mosol).

Yeo Do-yeon covered her face with her hands.

“Teaching children good things…”


We went back to the dormitory holding Gaji-yoon’s hand, and Ji-yoon approached his father who was preparing dinner and said,

‘Shut up you bastard!’

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