A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 150

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 150

EP 24 – Mouth (5)

It rained.

As if to wash away all the blood in the world, the rain poured down like a storm.

Thunder and lightning ripped through the dead city, and Hunter and Politician faced each other in the corner of a crumbling cafe.

It was Han Seung-moon who opened his mouth first. He spoke in a very formal voice.

“… … Well, I don’t want to lay out all the plans like a third-rate villain.”

“Uh… … Can’t you just tell me?”

“… … but.”

Politicians self-help. He was half as a hunter, half as a politician, and perhaps half as a villain.

“It seems like I can’t get out of third-rate because I talk in the middle every day.”

“… … .”

“Where can I tell you… … .”

* * *

It was a world of demons.

Hunger-crazed monsters bite each other. A constant craving without knowing satisfaction. It was such a world of demons.

It wasn’t because of some great and tragic event that I came up with this idea.

It’s kind of, like… … .


It was an occupational disease.

[Come on, Minister! An explosion of infection has occurred in Hong Kong! One of the protesters who lost their family due to the firing of the government army woke up, but, apparently, it was awakened into a type 3 transformation system, and the transformed entity was an infected individual… … .]

[Minister. The Ampatuan family in the Philippines sent 18 tons of magic stones. However, it seems that they want to deliver the payment in a secret way, unlike the previous promise. Maybe, I’ll have to go through some messy procedures… … .]

[Minister? It is an analysis by the NIS that a large-scale unrest is likely to occur in Japan. The monsters that came from Toyama Gate built a plant on the mainland. It is said that the Yakuza succeeded in assassination of the chief minister by mixing assassins among the refugees heading to the Kanto area… … .]

I was a person with a job where I could see all things just by sitting, and I was a person who had to adjust the national policy stance accordingly.

I have learned something in my daily life.

“… … .”

This country was a prosperous country as a result of biological experiments, overcame the crisis by pushing the monster to North Korea, and was now in the process of recovering the economy by fighting with the dictators of Southeast Asia.

In addition, in exchange for acquiescing to China’s expansion of power and US interference in foreign affairs, North Korea was used as a hunting ground for hunters by making North Korea a semi-colonial absurdity.

In addition, he actively intervened in the media, adjusted the contents of entertainment and current affairs programs, and played a patriotic and optimistic broadcast to the public if possible.

“… … .”

how did this happen

Of course, it wasn’t a sign that we were going to end a dictatorship by implementing some kind of woominization policy. There were all sorts of plausible circumstances for the country to become like this, and all of these were suboptimal measures for the happiness of the people.

It’s a country that was saved with the blood of many heroes, but shouldn’t it be saved somehow? So, everyone worked hard, but after doing it, this is what happened. I could only explain it that way.

okay. so far it’s ok These are things that politicians have to endure, and what politicians have to protect is not justice or peace, but the safety and happiness of the people.

The real problem is something else.

[Minister. A teleporter carrying a nuclear bag launched a terrorist attack on the Iberian Peninsula. Because it is a dirty night, the primary death toll is rather low, but large-scale radiation. Oh no. It is said that PMC Armada declared an all-out war with IS. The Knights Association has yet to announce its position. This is news I just got, so I’ll report back when I get it right… … !]

[Come on, Minister! In the northeastern region, there is a conflict between the PMCs! According to the investigation by the Gangwon-do provincial investigation team, it is said that the case is related to the entertainment district capital of Chungcheong Province… … First of all, I killed everyone according to Sir Yang Pan-seok’s instructions, but this is also the first case, and what? What the media caught on to… … .]

[…] … Minister. A hunter ran out of control in Jeju Island. One of the bodyguards killed the chaebol family because of his usual harsh behavior… … . Yes. Anyway. First of all, I stopped it from leaking to the media, but for the time being, the rumors about the community seem to be a bit ugly. … … And since the news on the upper network is so fast, business gents are a little afraid-]

This, again, was a very strange society.

I don’t know when or how I will fall asleep.

* * *

“… … I want a world where you never know when it will collapse.”


I was surprised by the sudden words, and Yang Pan-seok was also surprised. The yangban-seok, which had been brushing and applying the sauce to the eel, was slurred.

“Yeah. this man You’re talking nonsense.”

“… … No, it is.”

A camper on the shore of a mountain valley lake surrounded by bodyguards. It was a casual meeting, but I carefully confided my feelings.

“… … In fact, if I often use Gam Ji-yun’s abilities, I don’t think it’s about destroying the Republic of Korea. I think it would be possible to turn the whole Busan over and blow up nearby fighters at the same time—”

“therefore. Where are you going to lock him up and keep only the dumplings?”

“no. It’s because he’s a kid who feeds back so much. It’s not without worries, but it’s not too serious. Sometimes I wonder if my child has grown up too early… … .”

Yang Pan-seok laughed bitterly.

“Who can tell you’re Abin?”

“… … Maybe an uncle.”

“Your face value is an uncle.”

“I’m sorry about that.”

“What a pity… … .”

Yang Pan-seok mumbled mutteringly as he rummaged through the eels on the fire with his tongs. The aroma of ripening eels wafts out.

“Superman troops made by Won Ok-bun. You know I’ve moved everything to the President’s Guard, right?”

“… … yes?”

“Looks like you didn’t tell me. it goes over once Anyway, Dr. Chun and reporter Gam are now receiving the same level of security as you.”

“… … .”

Every single word that Yang Pan-seok said was something that was embedded somewhere in my heart.

“When Gam Ji-yoon has a problem with her parents and the child runs away, it’s like an atomic bomb detonating on the spot.”

“… … .”

“Is this what you were worried about?”

It was accurate.


it wasn’t either

“… … That was one of the things I was worried about.”

“Then what else?”

I was obsessed.

“… … How would you feel if the second Gam Ji-yoon appeared?”

“I have to sort it out.”

The answer was very immediate, which meant Yang Pan-seok had always had the same thoughts as me.

“… … .”

In order to relieve the compulsion, I opened up the inner truth of my heart.

It was a calm voice at first, but later it wasn’t.

“… … Isn’t this a strange world?”

“Hey, do you know that now?”

“Imagine Gam Ji-yoon absorbing all the magic stones possessed by the Korean government. How would you like it? No, if you catch any hunter passing by on the street and pour hundreds of tons of mana stones. What will happen to you?”

“One more nuclear bomb. Why are you asking knowingly?”

“… … Now that it’s discovered that stimulants don’t shorten lifespan. Wouldn’t the chaebols buy manastones inexorably and then absorb them? No, there is no law that says not to wake up the chaebol right now. Won’t the day come when the PMC and one hunter will become stronger than the Korean army?”

“… … Come on, can you calm down?”

“Right now, North Korea or China may be shoveling a huge amount of magic stones into a hunter. What if that hunter went crazy in Busan? What if dozens of hunters who can block even nuclear weapons with a shield turn the country upside down?”

“… … you-“

“I am more amazed that this country is still intact!”

“… … .”

The compulsion, uttered in a cracked voice, eventually brought silence.

In the midst of embarrassment not knowing that I had become so excited, Yang Pan-seok, who was looking at me, shook his head.

“Is the rumor that you still haven’t left work?”

“… … sorry.”

“Get some sleep and work. You are a politician, not an administrator. It’s not that you’re highly motivated, it’s that you don’t have the skills. The ability to write.”

“… … .”

“Even though the world is like this after all, people can’t stay healthy forever. Still, you have to make an effort. Effort is… … .”

Yang Pan-seok showed a somewhat tired smile.

“How did you live before the gates opened? You never know when North Korea will launch a nuclear weapon. No, there was the United States, Russia, and also China. The world we live in is not as safe as we thought. I used to think everyone was like that, but now I am surprised.”

“… … At least nuclear weapons aren’t in the hands of many? And politics and diplomacy controlled the war.”

“Isn’t it now?”

“We have freed the walking missiles. They will turn into nuclear weapons over time. And the only way to control it is through individual morality. And because I can’t control it, there’s been a series of outbreaks all over the world-“

Yang Pan-seok cut off my words and spit it out.

“They are trying to destroy North Korea soon.”


“The big picture has been roughly conceived. The United States and China also actively cooperated. Eventually, this… … . It’s a little delayed because I’m eating the ground. It will probably all be finished by the end of next year. With the US election season overlapping… … .”

“… … .”

I couldn’t even speak.

Because it was completely unexpected.

Not to mention the ripple effect.

However, Yang Pan-seok continued talking as if nothing happened.

“North Korea has no future. Chairman of the State Affairs Commission Ri Yong-su also sold the country for a luxurious Alaska mansion. It looks like a war, but it will probably end without a single casualty.”

“… … okay.”

“It looks like the 7th Fleet will also be stationed in Wonsan. A large-scale refugee relocation plan is also under way in Japan in secret. Our diplomats and lawmakers go through a lot of trouble in this country, traveling abroad.”

It wasn’t a big deal, but it wasn’t a big deal.

What a great circumstance behind such a word, and how many individual positions are there.

I started to figure out the other side of government.

“… … .”

How many conflicts, how many bribes, how many absurdities and compromises that followed.

However, from a macro perspective, the public interest and national interest came to be taken care of.

So what do the words on the yangban stone mean?

“… … The world is so wide.”

“So there are a lot of things you can’t see. There are many things you cannot allow. But where in the world does it succeed if it is done with kindness? I’m not talking about you because you’re a politician. There are all sorts of things to do at work. By the way. I mean, the human mind is not that wide to go out and pay attention to all of that.”

he asked me

“What are you doing?”

“… … It’s spectacular.”

“Where is the minister?”

“I am the Minister of Portrait Management.”

“Then you are the president. But if you look at what you’re doing, you’re an ungrateful office worker. Aren’t we the ones who give out one more bag of rice to the basic recipients?”

“… … !”

“When you look at it like this, it’s obvious that you’re young. You are a very interesting person, too.”

Yang Pan-seok rubbed his wrinkled eyes and spat out.

“Even if a serial killer kills five people, it gets on the air. Even if lawmakers raise the old-age pension and hundreds of people freeze to death on the streets, the news remains silent. because? Because they are elected by election. Because they can kill people like that. Because everyone agrees roughly every four years for the sake of the national interest. Because that’s perfectly normal. Because that is the rule of this society, and the system in which a democratic society works.”

“… … .”

“To borrow your words, you are saying that politicians can do whatever they want. okay.”

“… … .”

“What the hell are you whining for?”

I calmly made up my mind and explained my plans for a while. It separates the lower level hunters from the upper level hunters, and gradually discards all the PMCs owned by large companies.

The money and force will no longer coexist, and most of the hunters will not even think about becoming strong enough to make a living. furthermore. The hunters who became stronger than a certain level were going to go into strict management in the country.

“… … In that way, we will reduce the power of existing hunters. This country is not well suited to entrusting the safety of society to rational individuals.”

At this point Yang Pan-seok asked.

“Then who will protect the country?”

“We need irrational hunters.”

What is an irrational citizen?

My heart races at the word patriotism. Psychopaths who are willing to sacrifice themselves for others.

An irrational citizen who obeys the rules set by the state, readily accepts the state’s control, and can nevertheless sacrifice himself for the sake of the state and the public good.

“You will reap the orphans of war.”

“I will give favor to the country. that’s a good idea In addition?”

“And after a thorough personality test, we will train you to become a just and altruistic third-generation hunter.”

“You want brainwashing?”

“… … After all, they will need the help of the state. To be left in the world without any connection. take it from the country. I prefer to develop them into talents who can take on national affairs. more. good. maybe… … .”

I finally bowed my head.

And I couldn’t speak.

“… … .”

Is this really the right thing to do?

what am i doing

Are they brainwashing orphans and making them the government’s servants? Or is it an appropriate and axiomatic compromise for social justice?

How is this morally different from the claims of those who said they would put chips in the throats of hunters?

Did the countless heroes who died to protect this country really died to protect this country?

“… … .”

I was obsessed.

In a world where everything has collapsed, in a world where even the distinction between good and evil has collapsed.

The Tao does not lead to virtue. When the law ceases to be for the sake of morality.

I was a person who had to draw a line that people should follow.

“… … .”

where to draw

The most fundamental question tortures me.

What would have happened if I had been drunk with power and couldn’t see the future? What if you enjoyed the romance of the end of the century surrounded by alcohol, women, and private troops?

But I wanted to remain human.

I didn’t want to change like the demons I’ve seen so far. However, in order to live in the world of demons, do you have to turn into a demon?

“… … I.”

How can there be any other thing called an ogre? When a person becomes hungry, he becomes a devil, and in a world like this, he cannot survive unless he is a fisherman.

But is it right to become a monster?

What about monsters for the public good? What about monsters for justice?

I was obsessed.

“… … Am I doing this to protect my power? Or I don’t know if it’s because I’m really worried about the country.”

So I ask the head of this country.

“… … Can I proceed with this?”

The president answered.

“Power never tolerates threats and never sits down.”

“… … .”

“What is the constitution of this country?”

* * *

All power comes from the people.

Han Seung-moon left with these words.

And Hong Seon-ah wandered through the ruins of the collapsed city.

“… … .”

It rained,

A stream of water falling from the sky struck the world. It sounded like someone was crying through the sound of rain.

“… … under.”

Hong Seon-ah laughed.

The maniac, drenched in the rain, wandering through the ruins laughed.

iron puck.

iron puck.

She smirks and walks through the mud.

Then, suddenly, he bowed his head.

“… … .”

A strong stream of rain ran down her red hair.

There was a puddle of water under her feet.

The shape of a person was visible in the puddle, but it was difficult to see because of the strong raindrops.

“… … .”

She looked into the puddle for a while.

Blue eyes are looking at her.

At first glance, she misses and grieves so much that she finally asks her heart.

“… … What should I do. mister.”

The anglerfish is an animal that cannot fill its stomach. No matter how much they swallow, they never feel full, endlessly greedy for other people’s things, and messes up the world.

It was a beast very similar to a human. Therefore, it is impossible to distinguish whether these are people or animals.

It was such a subtle, devilish world.

“… … What should I do?”

If you don’t know if it’s a human or an ogre.

What should the hunter hunt now?

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