A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 152

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 152

EP 25 – The Most Powerful Inspector of All Time (2)

-… … Minister Han Seung-moon. Sorry for contacting you late. 4th Deputy Director of the National Intelligence Service. This is Kim Hyun-mi.

The National Intelligence Service of the Republic of Korea.

At one time, there was a time when it was a target of fear under the name of the Court and the Ministry of Security, but now it is a place that is favored by the whole people, with comments part-timers, Koreongtang, and Matiz towns and villages.

Of course, the reason the NIS keeps trying to get involved in politics was the poor welfare and work environment of the industry, but let’s talk about that later.

Anyway, the NIS was a very arrogant organization.

“Oh, yes. it’s okay. What’s going on?”

-… … no different. I have an urgent message to tell you.

If the original work of an organization is special, it becomes closed, and a closed organization tends to have exclusivity. That’s why organizations become militant.

And the NIS was an extremely special, closed, and exclusive combat organization.

So self-esteem is bound to skyrocket.

For that reason, I usually skip contact with the NIS, such as greetings. It was a form of briefly reporting only the business and then stating the requirements.

in other words,

In that the corpses, except for their pride, began to stutter limp,

-So, that… … .

I guessed that this was a pretty serious matter.

– A person died in North Korea.

* * *

the next morning.

The deputy director of the National Intelligence Service, who met after canceling all schedules, presented a resume at first.

“Oh Myung-Hoon. 32 years old. He is an agent on our side preparing for Operation Backhoe, and was found dead last night.”

“Hmm… … .”

Sadly, it is not uncommon for an NIS agent to die, but it is a different story if he died in North Korea.

Relations with North Korea have been one of South Korea’s most important issues. Because the change in relations with North Korea was enough to point to a major stem in the modern history of the Republic of Korea.

And, now was the most friendly time with North Korea. In that we ate half of North Korea.

‘Operation Backhoe’, which will be launched in the second half of this year, was planned in that context.

That is, the Second Korean War.

“… … .”

The war is well prepared.

The People’s Army took over Baengnyeong Island, infiltrated Sokcho submarines, and dropped missiles in the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) in Paju. These were all the stones. It heightens the atmosphere of war.

And if a war breaks out, the ROK military will quickly occupy major cities in North Korea, and Ri Yong-su, Chairman of the State Affairs Commission who ruled North Korea, will be arrested and sent to an international court in the blink of an eye.

After that, after being officially executed, he will spend the rest of his life in a luxurious mansion in Alaska. The dictator chose to go away with all his sins in exchange for security after retirement.

It was a decision he made on his own, knowing that North Korea was a country that could not be sustained for long.

“… … .”

And at the end of the war, I would return to the House of Representatives after finishing my job and prepare for the next election, and in the United States, Trump would step down and Vice President Pence would take over.

So what is the Second Korean War?

It’s a scrambled war

A war where not a drop of blood flows.

A war that brings only North Korea’s bare bones.

A war that provides a peaceful old age for the dictator.

A bloodless war in which political engineering and calculus go back and forth instead of bullets.

It was just such a war.

We are preparing for such a war.

“This time around, it was about the same. Agent Oh Myung-hoon, disguised as an ordinary hunter, got lost in the mountains and was detained by the People’s Army for about three days before being released.”

“By the way, was it found dead?”

The conductor nodded his head.

“We knew they were detained smoothly, but they said they had never seen Hunter Oh Myung-hoon, and as a result of the search, they found a body.”

“A sign?”

“The damage to the body is so serious that it is impossible to identify it.”

At this point, I had no choice but to tell a sad but obvious story.

“… … Aren’t you killed by a monster?”

The death of one person is a sad story, but the tragedy of a person who dedicated himself to the country is really unfortunate news.

It wasn’t important enough to reach my ears. Because it was a common story now that people were killed by monsters.

The conductor spoke to this.

“… … Agent Oh Myung-hoon was a level 8 hunter. He was an A-rank accelerometer superman.”

Now it has become important.

* * *

Ordinary Awakeners start at level 1. People who saved up money to take stimulants, or who suddenly woke up after going to work as usual.

In order to start at Level 2, you had to complete the Jeju Hunter Academy, have a career as a supporter, or have a very rare ability to be judged in the ability test.

If so, how do you get the 3rd grade?

The owner of a crazy talent that occasionally pops up is a 3rd grader. The Hunter Academy’s chief is also 3rd grade. The rookies raised by large corporations are also third-class. Talents (second-generation chaebols) who can help the association and the nation’s finances are also third-class.

So, up to level 3 is a low-level hunter. Or call me a beginner hunter.

Of course, the 4th, 5th, and 6th grades are Lieutenant Hunters.

Lieutenant Hunter is a stage that goes up by accumulating only a set mileage without a separate examination. So, no matter what level the healer started, if he works hard for about half a year at the local public health center, he will just drop the level 4.


From level 7, which is recognized as a high-ranking hunter, the story is different.

From this point on, it was at the level where each person was appointed after a thorough examination by the association.

So, the high-ranking hunter was a little more than the top 4% of Korea, and even at level 7, he was in charge of a decent PMC main raid team leader. Or did you apply for a police officer?

And there were only 72 students in the 8th grade in Korea.

There are only 3 people in the 9th grade.

“And now the situation is that that level 8 talent died in North Korea. Even NIS agents. Is that correct?”

“… … yes.”




I haven’t cut my nails these days, so the sound of knocking on the desk is clear. Of course, it was also because the deputy director of the National Intelligence Service, who was standing in front of me, didn’t even make a sound.

I spoke with a slightly uncomfortable feeling.

“At the beginning of the situation. There was a case where I rescued hunters in Apgujeong.”

“… … Oh, are you talking about the operation to escape from the Shinbundang Line?”


Close your eyes for a moment and carefully trace your memory.

The soot that filled the dark subway, and the red eyes that approached every moment in the dark. And the superhumans who endured with the determination to die.

“… … At that time, the approximate level of the hunters was roughly level C in American terms. In the case of Captain Kim Chun-shik and Hong Seon-ah, the attack team was at the B-class level.”

“… … .”

“Even those hunters know that the escape from Seoul is within sight among themselves. They couldn’t get out to protect thousands of civilians.”

“… … .”

“So, if any hunter decides to hide or run away, they can roam in the middle of Seoul in quite a variety of ways. In fact, people from Apgujeong later went around slaughtering monsters outside of Seoul.”

Of course, there is also the virtue of a person named Kim Chun-shik who firmly united the organization. It was possible because the difference in abilities between the hunter and the monster was not that great.

The really scary thing about the monster was that it could spawn indefinitely unless you know when and where it will pop out, and go inside the gate and slaughter the queen.

Of course, there were times when monsters so powerful that they couldn’t be dealt with came out of nowhere.

“So. It is very unfortunate that a level 8 veteran died while roaming North Korea, or encountering a formidable monster… … .”

“… … .”

“… … I mean, he was shot.”

* * *

8th grade hunter. Also, an A-rank accelerometer hunter died at Mt. Geumgang.

The NIS doesn’t know whether he was killed by a monster or by a human, or whether he died by tripping over a stone while walking on the road.

I wondered if this would make sense in an era where advanced scientific investigations are possible, but when I received pictures of the scene at the time, I was a little convinced.

Who would look at that and think it was a human corpse? You’d think the zookeeper tossed you a chunk of mashed meat.

“Tt… … .”

Even after the head of the National Intelligence Service has left. I spent some time in the office looking through some field photos.

It was a disturbing picture, but it was much healthier than a real corpse. It was also in the shape of an invisible human in the first place.

“… … .”

At that moment, I had a feeling that something very troublesome was going to happen. Suddenly a knock was heard.

“Yes. Come on in.”

“Aigoo- It’s been a while. Senator.”

let’s get cold No, it was the Inspector General.

As soon as the door opened, he raised his flowing glasses and poked his head in with a gentle smile.

I got up and greeted him.

“No, what’s going on with this?”

“I came to report the results of the GS Aegis audit you mentioned last time. As a father, Jiyoon came here to leave a request for the child to stop working overtime… … .”

“okay. What about GS? He said he broke the book.”

“It was just an ordinary accounting fraud. It seems that they are trying to crave overseas investment.”

“Aww. CEO Cheon is quiet these days. Fortunately, the.”

“I usually call it meek… … ?”

He slyly approached me in the corner of the office with a handful of red ginseng candy in his pocket.

“… … Uh, what is that?”


As it turned out, I couldn’t take the picture. There wasn’t really anything to show anyone, so I smiled shyly and started organizing my desk.

“No, well, one hunter is dead.”

“Oh my gosh… … . Who killed you?”

“I do not know. Did you die by a human or a monster?”

That was the time when I was trying to put a picture in my head like that.

“Did someone kill you?”


“Can I see some pictures?”

He frowned as he glanced at the photo. It wasn’t a look of disgust, it was just an expression that was trying to take a closer look.

He opened his mouth carefully.

“… … Those, usually third-world political thugs, kill people and pretend to be dead by wild animals, just torn their clothes and splattered blood around them.”

“… … .”

“But if you die by a real wild animal, you die instantly and collapse? So you don’t splatter blood all over the place like this. If you resist properly, you’ll end up with long bloodstains or something like that. What is this. There was no water bomb.”

“… … Is that so?”

He continued to speculate, muttering something.

“The body is too healthy to be detonated by being stepped on or hit by a monster. However, the scene was too dirty to fight a monster. So, I think he may have disguised himself by throwing the dead body into the wild.”

“… … .”

“Isn’t it? Minister?”

* * *

“… … So.”

The cold person had an expression on whether this made sense.

“The dead person was an agent who was trying to work on North Korea, and there was a level 8 hunter. Did you mean that he disappeared on the way to voluntarily detained by the People’s Army and was found dead?”


“My name is Myung-Hoon Oh. Hunter Rank 8. Ability Rank A minus. accelerometer. The cause of death is unknown. It was discovered in the middle of Mt. Geumgang… … . Is that correct?”


“But you want me to investigate this?”


“… … .”

I couldn’t get over his unsatisfied look, and I smiled kindly and continued talking.

“Ah, ah ha… … . It is difficult for our investigative agency to come forward directly. Because it happened in North Korea, I am cautious about using administrative power.”

The more they exercise administrative power in North Korea, the greater the responsibility for the North Korean people. It is difficult to feed 40 million people right now, but it is natural to break your back if you take on even the North Korean people.

“And, again… … It’s a bit odd to leave a bit of anxiety while preparing for Operation Backhoe.”

“… … oh Baekho.”

It’s warfare, but war is war. And there was a problem in the pre-work, how can I get over it?

“If you look at it this way, it’s the NIS job. That’s a secret, isn’t it? Nominally, you mean an ordinary South Korean hunter who got lost in North Korea and then died?”

So, on the surface, it was completely under the control of the Portrait Management Department.

“… … .First of all, it was set as a hunter who lost his life in North Korea. Because it is not certain whether he was killed by a human or a monster—”

The cold took my words harshly.

“Are you saying that a secret and thorough investigation is necessary?”

“yes… … .”

“Doesn’t it need someone who can go in and out of the relevant institutions naturally for no reason? For example, do you give excuses for regular audits or random inspections?”

“That’s it.”

I smiled lightly, but the cold person’s expression was not very bright.

He groaned and asked me.

“… … no! So you’re saying you’re going to take me into the case where the 8th-level hunter also died!? The NIS has already raised both hands and feet!?”

“That, well. Is there anyone who is better than the NIS?”

“Let’s try something crazy!”

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