A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 185

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 185

EP 28 – No Country for Superman (16)

The general retreat was accomplished.

82 airliners for the hunters were in and out of Darwin International Airport. There were more fighters than that to escort them. And the countries where this kind of money is possible are finger-picked.

The saying that a person’s life is more precious than money is also a saying that money is necessary after all.

Australia’s 7 million refugees eventually did not have enough money to flee abroad.

Of course, the process of making that money was a little messy, but there were no humans who questioned the country of origin while spending money.

“Sah, I love you! Minister!”

“thank you! Thank you very much!”

The hunters who were about to return home were very excited. They express their joy by suddenly professing their affection or whistling my name.

Of course, flying with them exposes them to the threat of terrorism.

The government prepared a private plane for me. Very few hunters were able to ride the same plane as me.

Yeo Do-yeon was one of them.

She is staring endlessly at the window of the plane. There was no anticipation in the sharp eyes, only regrets and sorrow remained.

she told me

“Jinwoon said he would endure a little longer.”

“… … okay?”

“Because I am also the head of the Asian branch of the Knights Association. Anyway, except for that, everything seems to be returning. Surprisingly, the Apgujeongpa also said that they would go home peacefully… … .”

It was certainly strange that the Apgujeong faction, led by Hong Seon-ah, was in favor of the return, but I had a slightly different opinion.

“I’m more curious to have my sister by my side.”

“… … What?”

“I knew it was going to last.”

When she sees high school students fighting in the back alley, Yeo Do-yeon is the one who reconciled with both of them and was taken to the police station. I was the one who took Yeo Do-yeon out of the police station, but there’s no way I don’t know her personality.

“Did you stay?”

“… … .”

“I can tolerate that. Don’t you think you’ll regret it if you go back like this?”

However, Yeo Do-yeon silently bowed her head. She remained silent for a while with her head bowed, then turned her head to the window and hid her expression.

And one word that comes out of nowhere.

“… … I’m sorry.”

“what? why?”

“… … .”

Yeo Do-yeon calmly explained.

She was the first to raise the suspicion that the dangers of monsters differ from region to region. He said he almost inflicted a fatal blow on my political life.

Yeo Do-yeon seemed to have complicated thoughts because of the incident.

When I saw that too, my mind was complicated.

“… … .”

“… … .”

The private plane was spacious, so there were plenty of other seats. I got up quietly.

Then Yeo Do-yeon called me.



“Lumière asked me to tell you.”

“… … What?”

“I understand.”

* * *

Time passed very smoothly.

There were no major changes. Korea simply retreated when others retreated, and as a result, it did not receive much attention from the international community.

Therefore, the domestic situation was calm.

Overseas, various controversies such as impeachment, CIA biological testing, and the Australian government’s biological weapon were debated, but in Korea, it did not become a major issue.

In fact, considering that Yang Pan-seok secretly dominates the media, it is not known what kind of intervention was taking place in a place I was not aware of.

“Knights, fierce battle! But where are the underground monsters?”

“Queensland defenses collapse. Massive evacuation begins.”

「Operation Pandemonium Success! Strike the Queen’s Head!”

Of course, the war situation from Australia sometimes appeared on Naver news, but it was just common overseas news.

It was a world where news like a city collapsed, superhumans heroically protecting people, and crazy superman slaughtering hundreds of people were heard every day.

And Koreans are no longer interested in such news. Because they happen in different worlds.

We lived in Korea, and they lived at the end of the century. Protecting daily life from unusual attacks. That was the biggest achievement of both the plate and mine.

Rather, the issue now was the news that the president’s son had applied for the first public recruitment of the GS defense agency, and the reunion of a manager and a former top star Hunter, who flowed into North Korea and returned after a few years.

Moreover, as the general election is a few months away from the political circles, the fact that the party that includes Kim Doo-sik and Yoo Hyeon-jong wins the proportional representative election is not even mentioned.

He didn’t even talk much about me.

Except for internet political bulletin boards.

「ahsld322: The defense line in Queensland, Australia collapses, and 1 million people are in danger of dying ㅜㅜ」

「DIca: Again, again and again, you blame Han Seung-moon」

「ahsld322: Didn’t you say that?」

「Bora Stone Two: It felt like we were f**king with a foreign country every day, but it feels strange because we f**ked a foreign country… … Have Americans always lived with this kind of pain of conscience?”

“Jindogae: In any case, this is a black history that Han Seung-moon must bear. You gave a speech under the flag of the United Nations headquarters to retake Australia, and then you lost it because the situation got worse.”

「Minseomam: I think I have fulfilled my moral responsibility for a foreign country… … ^^ I went for no pay and caught a lot of monsters, but it’s the Australian people’s conscience to curse them for going home… … .”

「Friendship of Friendship 6: Innocent Han Seung-moon, stop tormenting me, motherf**kers… … . Are you planning to ruin the country? Ugh, please leave Korea. I feel sorry for Damian when I see people being scorned like this, even with all sorts of stigma for the country.”

As soon as I woke up today, as usual, I checked the internet news. Surprisingly, there were few swear words against me, so my heart was heavy. It seems that the time has come.

In other words, it seems that it would be safe to just continue to lead a political life like this. The president concealed my immoral side and the people understood it.

However, it is a natural fact that in an era where moral responsibility is not required, the responsibility becomes heavier. At least for me it was.

I was only smoking cigarettes with a bitter heart, so Pi Chae-won approached me and announced the next schedule.

“Senator? Floor Leader Ho-Jeong Lee had a meal with the Gyeongin Refugee Council… … . Cologne!”

“ah… … !”

He hurriedly rubbed his cigarette into the ashtray at the sound of his coughing.

Originally, I could not have imagined smoking in a place where Pi Chae-won was, but these days, it is common to unconsciously smoke.

It seems that bad things have become a habit.

Pi Chae-won, who suffered from secondhand smoke, shed tears without a word.

His distinctive cold and gloomy eyes, those dark eyes, looked down at me.

“… … .”

“Um, I’m sorry… … .”

Excited and apologizing, the guy sighs.

“How about quitting?”

“This is not going to happen… … .”

“It’s a typical man’s excuse.”

“Do you ignore women who smoke? This gender-sensitive… … .”

“… … .”

“… … Oh, I’m sorry.”

“… … .”

“Ah Okay! okay. I’ll quit. I’ll quit. What kind of wife do you have like this?”

“I think the person who is your wife’s wife will spend less time with you than me. maybe.”

“What else do you mean?”

“It means quitting smoking. You don’t usually smoke this often.”

“… … tt!”

a ghost guy He noticed the increase in smoking like a ghost.

But again, I unconsciously put my hand in my inner pocket and was stopped by the guy.



I realized that this is an addiction, not a habit.

Then he took the cigarette pack out of his pocket and put it in the trash.

Pi Chae-won was now concerned rather than rebuking me.

Or it was from the beginning.

“… … Are you okay?”

“Uh, uh. are you okay. it’s okay.”

“I don’t think you’re okay.”

“Oh, really. I know my condition.”

“no. I know better.”

“… … .”

It’s awkward, but there’s nothing wrong with that.

I beckoned him a little.

“Chaewon-ah. Come and sit down.”

“42 minutes until the next schedule… … .”

“Cancel it.”


He tapped his phone a few times and then came over to me and sat down.

I scattered the boy’s figure with my eyes.

I like people’s eyes. The fact that it went under the plate is proof of that. And with that much effort, I thought about a human named Pi Chae-won.

“… … .”

Dark circles are darker than when I first saw them. The hem of the trousers is slightly worn. The long, straight hair that came down to the waist was more like uncut hair than it was with long hair.

Sadly, he didn’t look as lively as his peers, but he also had insight and a gentle sense of intimidation that other people couldn’t see.

In particular, those gloomy eyes were something only those who had experienced hell could have.


“… … .”

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

His tone is rude, but his voice is cold. Rather than a cold personality, it was a broken heart. Because he was a kid who saw his parents die when he was in high school.

Human relationships are very narrow. As a result of the background investigation, all of the family and relatives died in the gate incident. Although there are eighth cousins, they are not familiar with each other. Rather, he approached Pi Chae-won to make a bill, but he drew a line.

I was the legal representative when I was a minor, but now I am an adult. The residence is a detached house in Haeundae provided by Yang Pan-seok. it’s my next door

“… … Do you think of me?”

“… … .”

“It’s a little stinky.”

Pi Chae-won is very dependent on me. Reading the heart of President Cheon Geum-soon right away and seeing a guy who can make a lot of money just from stocks suffers next to me, it was not for computational reasons, but for human reasons.

I’m assuming to some extent that I have entered the void in my heart due to the death of my parents, but I have no way of knowing the exact reason why he follows me.

However, it was one of my great strengths that Pi Chae-Won did not feel hesitant to read my mind, and I was able to form a positive relationship with people with rare abilities.

“Stop it.”

“… … .”


But now things have changed.

I was lucky enough to have a vested interest, but I was not tainted by the vested interests. Thanks to this, I was able to challenge Cha Jae-gyun and Won Ok-bun and be proud of my conscience.

But what about now? I learned the need for a workaround. We know that public interest and conscience do not coexist. I learned that you can’t save everyone.


“… … .”

“Senator. stop… … .”

Knowing too much, I gave up my conscience little by little. The conscience that had been slashed like that gradually wore out.

Now, I have become a person who can easily bend my conscience, and I have become a superman who can do things that criminals cannot do without hesitation.

So, I am no longer proud of my conscience. Now my heart is more ashamed than proud. That’s the price of forsaking your conscience

Therefore, I am now a gritty person.

That’s the truth.

“… … .”

“… … .”

After my confession was over, Pi Chae-won looked at me with shocked eyes.

I don’t know if he was ignorant of this fact or if he ignored it, but at least the fact that I felt bad for him was quite shocking.

For all of us.

“… … Chaewon-ah.”

“… … .”

“It’s a little vague whether you and I have been together for a long time. Isn’t it true that we had a very important time together?”

Pi Chaewon nodded her head slightly.

I spoke carefully.

“I… … . I wanted to become an adult who was a little proud of you. This is how I live my life.”

“… … .”

“I can kill people, I can’t even quit smoking, I’m a f**king politician… … .”

I unconsciously put my hand in my inner pocket. And I realized that I had thrown a cigarette in the trash bin earlier.

Then, as he regains his appetite, Pi Chae-won takes out a cigarette from his inner pocket. Then he quietly took out a dog and held it out to me.

There is no adult here who takes it and smokes it. I smiled bitterly and shook my head.


“… … yes.”

“Actually, I’m not the kind of person who has been fed up with that. I grew up being treated like a leg cripple when I was in school, so my humanity is a little dirty. Even when I was president of the university, I was scorned a lot for saying that a child who came in as a soldier is the same.”

This isn’t something you say to your family.

“But how would it feel for an asshole like me to stand on top of sane people? I told others that I was in politics to change the road traffic law for drunk driving. There would never have been an embodiment of pure power like me. maybe.”

The point was this.

“But since the world has become an asshole, I’m fine. How nice it is to sit and eat meat soup when others are hungry? But when you make a living, you develop a sense of moral resonance. I just want to be a hero who reforms the absurd. So I made Cha Jae-gyun and Won Ok-bun.”

“… … .”

“But what I hadn’t thought of. I have to fill those vacancies. And the place makes the man, and only now do I realize why the villains did what they did.”

Power was poison.

Even more so, because it was a cruel world.

“… … This is not something people do. Chaewon-ah.”

“… … .”

“But someone has to. So you have to give up being human. I have to do what I have to do.”

It is a world of superhumans.

It is a crazy world where unreasonable madness eats up the world, uncontrollable variables are mixed in the world, and nuclear bombs with personality walk around.

Some people want to be the main character of this world, but after playing the role of the main character, there is no other place like a dog.

“People are crazy. Chae Won-ah. People are crazy.”

“… … .”

“I am no longer me. If you pick and choose what to do, in the end, you are driven by your duty, not your free will. is that a person Machine?”

It was a day when humanity was worn out. In order to reduce the remorse of conscience, we must let go of our conscience. So, in the end, I came just before I took the last step.

I throw away 7 million people in Australia.

The knights who fought there, and their comrades were abandoned.

You will remain so powerful. It won’t be that difficult. There is Yangpan-seok pulling from above, and Yang Il-ho and Lee Ho-jeong pushing from below.

But what will I be like 10 years from now? Do you have a conscience? Do you have a heart? Will it remain as a human child in the first place?

I do not know. I just don’t know everything. i don’t know me So I asked what I was.

Fortunately, there was only one person in the world who could answer that question.

“Chaewon-ah… … .”

“… … .”

“What do I want to do?”

The answer came back immediately.

Everything I asked was embarrassing.

“You want to be president. What.”

“… … What?”

“You say it every day. If you twist it, I want you to take power.”

What is this sound.

My eyes widened and my eyes widened.

Pi Chae-won looked at me like that and smiled.

“I already knew you were going to hit me anyway.”

“… … .”

“So all I can say is, I will always follow.”

The girl laughed.

After a very, very long time, I laughed.

It was the first look I had seen.

* * *

“We only take 500,000 stimulants.”

“… … What?”

“Didn’t you get some money by playing around with the price of magic stones this time?”

I wanted to hear something, but it was a dog whistle.

Yang Pan-seok asked Han Seung-moon.

“… … With the money to make 500,000 stimulants, the economy of Korea can be recovered, man. In fact, there was a lot of money raised for that. But let’s pour it into a stimulant?”


Han Seung-moon smiled softly.

Yang Pan-seok wanted to hit that with an ashtray.

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