A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 206

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 206

EP 32 – Horse, Horse, Horse (3)

「Real-time broadcast of the hearing: Gentlemen. broke news. Han Seung-moon is a net worth of 1.4 billion won.”

“Hell Zhuan: I thought so. Only those who suck on Han Seung-moon have their heads broken? No, in common sense, if you leaked national wealth to a foreign country, you should catch it right away. What are you doing?”

「Muciel: I owe you a lot of debt!」

「Milk injection: shock, Han Seung-moon minus 1.4 billion won worth of assets!」

* * *

“No, I mean, candidate.”


“Are you sure this is a fortune? You have 1.4 billion in debt?”

“It’s embarrassing, but yes.”


As soon as my property was disclosed, the faces of the lawmakers who rushed to each other were red. Isn’t it like they’re the only ones who become assholes in an instant?

Of course, the members of the National Defense Party, Yang Pan-seok, were holding back the laughter that was about to burst out, and they seemed to understand why I was Yang Pan-seok’s one-pick.

Still, at least no one seemed to know that the current situation was a well-dug trap. If you don’t know that, you’ll have to remove the badge.

But who can ask me, ‘Why did you dig a trap?’ In the eyes of the people, it was not only rude, let alone election season.

So I quietly trembled like a chungbaekri who was unfairly framed.

However, National Assemblyman Jae-ryong Kim, who was so angry (or considered this his last chance), trembled at his fingertips and applied for a speech in progress.

“… … Dear Chairman? Proceedings speech-”

“Oh, yes. do it.”

“… … candidate. I would commend you for being very modest, but then, why didn’t you explain this part? Why didn’t you submit the data? If the intention was to slander the hearing members for political reasons, the National Assembly would be very ridiculous-”

“I’ve been saying it consistently since before. We ask for your understanding, as the WPO Council member has the command of the United Nations, not the Republic of Korea, and as a result, it may harm the public interest if he has to explain his/her personal matters at the National Assembly hearing.”

In other words, why did you ask me why you didn’t listen to me?

Rep. Kim Jae-ryong, knowing this, raised his voice as if he had a fever. It was a voice that was closer to a groan than a scream.

“Isn’t that the sound now! And even if so! The fact that the president was given a luxurious mansion at a low price was a bribery real estate-”

“sorry. At that time, I resigned the post of Minister of Portrait Management too hastily, so my residence was unstable… … .”

For reference, the reason I resigned as the Minister of Portrait Management was because of the headwinds of the Jangjeon-eup incident.

In other words, it was because of the public opinion driven by the rogues who sold organs in North Korea.

Perhaps that member of the House of Representatives had reached that point too quickly, so he cut off my words in an instant and blurted out the point.

“So, the allegation of real residence in ‘bribery real estate’. Do you admit it?”

“I have nothing to say. At the time of the Jangjeon-eup incident, I resigned the Minister of Portrait too hastily… … .”

“Oh, you admit it!”

“I was expelled from the official residence in a hurry and was homeless, so I got help from President Yang Pan-seok for a while, but I never dreamed that it would become a problem in this way.”

“Did you not know? Is that what the National Assembly is going to say?!”

“sorry. There is no face.”

There was an atmosphere where Rep. Kim Jae-ryong unilaterally scolded me, but it must have been a very ugly appearance for broadcasting.

Other members of the National Assembly, who quickly grasped the atmosphere, also tried to stop it, but Kim Jae-ryong thought it was the last time and continued to attack until the end.

Or you lost your sanity.

“20 million Seoul refugees are still suffering from the cold! How much favor and kindness you had in that luxurious mansion! As a member of the House of Representatives, I can’t even imagine the indifference of that feeling-“

“sorry. The detached house was immediately cleaned up for participation in the Australian War.”

“Oh, did you? As far as I know, you are living in the Tongyeong coastal area. Do you know how much gold land it is now and say?”

“I have no knowledge about real estate, so I don’t know for sure, but it is the hometown of my relatives and relatives whom I have interacted with since childhood.”

“Now, do you even come out with your relatives? I don’t know how far the corruption goes. Why do you leave your parents’ house and go to live with your relatives?”

* * *

“Sir, I have a text message.”


“The hearing report was adopted by the National Assembly.”

“Have I not already passed?”

“Prime Minister Kim Doo-shik and Chief Auditor Lee Moon-young. It is said that the hearing report has just been adopted.”

“That’s kind of hard to believe.”

Prime Minister, Chief of Staff, Chief Auditor General.

They are high-ranking officials who shake the Blue House if any one of them is twisted. Naturally, during the election season, the National Assembly could not pass the hearing smoothly.

But instead of saying no to the lawmakers, the hearing report was also adopted? It was literally magical.

When he sends a suspicious look, Pi Chae-won tilts his head with an expressionless expression.

“The live broadcast of the hearing was a hot topic.”

“But why?”

“There are advocacy theories in the refugee community as well. The general public opinion is obvious.”

“Did the National Assembly take notice?”



In fact, Commander Doo-Sik Kim had expected that there would be scratches in some way. Because he’s getting a lot more attention than expected.

In fact, General Kim Doo-sik was merely a paving stone to expel Yoo Jae-kyung. Isn’t he a good war hero with little political color?

I have no interest in politics, and I have close acquaintances with Won Ok-bun and Yoo Jae-kyung.

In fact, it was the only middle-class person the Blue House could hire.

However, there was a terrorist attack on Jeju Island.

As the atmosphere of fear spread, concerns about national defense soared, which led to public interest in ‘soldier’ Kim Doo-sik.

“A hero of the Chungcheong Defense Line. ‘Master’ Doosik Kim.”

“It was Yuan acting as general who promoted General Kim to the 2nd rank… … The Decision of Salvation”

「Yoo Jae-kyung’s New Year’s Address Announced. “The problem is the economy”

The situation was roughly like this.

Commander Doo-Sik Kim. No, Prime Minister Kim Doo-sik began to threaten Yoo Jae-kyung and Won Ok-bun, who were running two tops, and the rise of the fringe was not the result the established politicians wanted.

Moreover, Kim Doo-sik was a person who could become the mainstream at any time.

All soldiers and reserve forces are indirect support bases, and there is no one who dislikes the South Korean military in the Republic of Korea today.

Therefore, this hearing was a golden opportunity to press Kim Doo-sik down again, but was the hearing report adopted so smoothly?

I could only think that something had happened. And I think that variable was me.

“Um, it’s all thanks to me.”

“If you say that out loud, it’s not cool.”

“Chaewon, why don’t you have any respect for me?”

“Iknow, right.”


“I always respect you.”

Pi Chae-won smiled softly. It was a smile that raised only the corners of his mouth mechanically, but his dark eyes harbor a strange sense of playfulness.

Just when I was about to physically attack Pi Chae-won, I heard a ding-dong and the doorbell rang.

“hey. It looks like pizza has arrived.”

“I’ll take it!”

Pi Chae-won ran to the front door in an instant. Don’t forget to bring a delivery tip.

I must have been very hungry

But when the front door opened, it was not a pizza delivery man behind it, but an old man with sparse gray hair.

“Uh, you’re the secretary’s secretary. long time no see.”

“… … President?”

“Okay, where is my secretary?”

* * *

Chief of Staff to the President.

President’s aide. Chief of Staff of the President. the president’s body. the right hand of the president. President’s number 18. The President’s Stress Relief Sandbag.

He is the chief of staff of the president who even hears that the president is an office wife because he spends more time with the chief of staff than the first lady.

This time, the story is said to be a little different.

“Yes? Don’t you want to go to work?”

“Hey, you can’t go to work.”

Yang Pan-seok muttered his pizza. It was an odd conversation.

“The Blue House is 200 meters underground. You can’t even commute there. But it’s not your job to sit still.”

“Is that so… … .”

Still, the chief of staff works from home. Feeling betrayed by something, I looked at Yang Pan-seok in despair.

But the yangpan-seok smashed me hard.

“No, even the head of the National Intelligence Service lives in an underground bunker. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff brought his family and sat down. I can see your face in 30 seconds on foot, do you need to come and relay this?”

“That, but… … .”

“I am the general secretary, and I am the chief secretary. Even at the dinner table with the staff, we talk about work and make friends. If the chief of staff comes and rants, the report becomes longer.”

“Then I… … ?”

“okay. The role I want to entrust to you is… … .”

Yang Pan-seok wiped his hands with a tissue.

Then, he dips the tip of the pizza in mayonnaise and squirms, then brings out the main point with a smirk.

“You should do some work upstairs.”

“On the ground?”


Yang Pan-seok explained my work in detail.

If the former chief of staff feels like a brain stuck to the president, I feel like a remote-controlled robot by the president.

The president says he can’t get out of the underground bunker for safety reasons, so I have to walk around on the ground instead of the president.

“Occasionally, we bring together the head of the news agency’s press to eat some soup. I often go to the National Assembly to hang out and make some friends… … Do you know what I was talking about?”

“Ahh. Yes, you know.”

“Secretary P. This guy is also very talented. Do what you’re good at. Usually, instead of me, I go to events and reflect on my face, but when something goes wrong, I get an order… … Yes?”

In short, while Yang Pan-seok was leading the government in an underground bunker, I was told to go around with Pi Chae-won and carry out political operations.

It was a typical lobbyist job, but it was also something I was best at.

Thanks to you, I smiled confidently.

And Yang Pan-seok also gave a cool challenge to Pi Chae-won.

“Originally, there are 1 and 2 assistant secretaries under the chief of staff. One is the presidential assistant and the second is the first lady’s assistant secretary. But it’s been a while since I’ve been separated, haven’t I?”

“Yes… … .”

“So, the 2nd part will be ordered by Chaewon, and you will turn it around on your own.”

“Secretary Pee as an assistant secretary to the Blue House? Do you really want to?”

In the midst of a serious conversation, Pi Chae-won, who was eating three slices of pizza alone, raised her head in surprise.

Yang Pan-seok looked at him as if he was cute and happily continued talking.

“I even worked as a secretary to the Minister for Portrait Management. He even served as the Korean ambassador in Europe. What can’t be done? If you’re going to make an issue with your age, you’re the first one to be hwang.”

“Go, thank you.”

Inwardly, I wondered if this was okay, but the Blue House said that since moving to an underground bunker, it was a wartime administration system, so there was a feeling that something was skipped.

Initially, the chief of staff had to take charge of the housekeeping of the Blue House with the secretary, assistant, protocol, record, and speech, but the president was living in an underground bunker, so the NIS was playing that role.

So I didn’t have to have the president, and my role was very free.

Isn’t it negotiating and conducting political operations instead of the yangbansuk in the underground bunker?

When the position arrangement was completed, Yang Pan-seok issued the first order.

“okay. I have to go to America first.”


“Well, it’s not that big of a deal… … .”

Chiik- Yang Pan-seok opened the cola lid. Then I started pouring Coke into my paper cup.

“The president of the United States has changed. I need to go to Korea as an ambassador.”


“Let’s meet with the elected candidate and talk about the Jeju Island terrorism. I plan to find the culprit and take revenge. I mean, what do you think?”

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