A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 211

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 211

EP 33- The War Against Crime (2)

It is my job to look at all things from a seated position.

Whether I like it or not, everything that happens in Korea is meant to be heard.

The national secret that appears like a cliché in a movie, if I had designated it, I did.


“This is an urgent breaking news! Currently, there is a large-scale unrest in the new Japanese refugee residence in North Korea… … 」

“The culprit is presumed to be an S-class or higher telecommunication magician, and has now fled to Mt. Geumgang… … 」

“The news that while guard martial law was invoked around the border, Marshal Yeo Do-yeon, known as a 9th-class hunter, suffered serious injuries and fell unconscious… … 」

The fact that I confirmed the case with breaking news was to prove the seriousness of the case.

* * *

“It doesn’t matter.”

“… … Are you okay?”


Yeo Do-yeon gently waved her hand. Despite the cold sweat soaking my back, it was a truly stress-free reaction.

She was unconscious and was in the emergency room. It looks like he’s just returned from the field, and he’s wearing a tattered shirt and trousers.

I said looking at the dark blue magistrate’s coat hanging in the corner of the hospital room.

“… … He said he was unconscious.”

“Uh, well, that, you know.”

It was an overly carefree reaction. I was furious for a moment.

Holding on to the feeling of wanting to hold on to one, he continues the conversation.

“… … What do you know?”

“No, if hunters overwork, they get sleepy, pick and fall. These days, I struggled a bit to deal with the situation in Jangjeon-eup… … .”

“… … It’s a mental problem, isn’t it?”

“okay. There is nothing wrong with the body. Don’t say strange things to your mother.”

“… … I am.”

I was sensitive to the health of my family.

It’s not that I’m particularly sensitive, but if I had to leave my family in a car accident, it would be like that.

However, even after hearing the news that the family was unconscious, I had to go to the Blue House situation control room first, not the hospital.

That was my responsibility.

It felt like I had a heavy stone on my chest all day long, but I have just finished the meeting prepared by the National Intelligence Service and the Security Agency.

And thanks to that, I did not fall for Yeo Do-yeon’s obvious lies.



“Take a look.”

As she sat down on the chair for the guardian and gestured to her, Yeo Do-yeon clicked her tongue.

She lifted up her shirt. The purple bruises stained his side were clearly visible.

“Gosh… … .”

The sound of a song leaked out of a hole larger than a human’s face.

Yeo Do-yeon was also a martial artist, so she had all kinds of bruises since high school, but it was more of a serious injury than a simple wound.

The purple blood bruises dyed her side brought a visual shock to the extent that even from the eyes of ordinary people who do not know the ‘medical’ person, it is thought that it is a serious wound.

So, without realizing it, I lightly touched the hole.


“Ah, ah… … !”

Yeo Do-yeon twisted her body like a loach. The emergency room bed was slightly crumpled. A sigh escaped the mouth of the doctor who was watching.

Seeing Doyeon wriggling while holding her side like that, she suddenly got a fever.

“Hey, I’m fine!”

“You madman! Why do you press it!”

* * *

“It was a hunter who caught people.”

“… … What?”

The real Yeo Do-yeon managed to slowly start the story.

“The news says it’s an S-class or something. In my opinion, it was an A-class bottom. In Korea, I feel like a level 6 hunter with a first year of hunting experience… … ?”

It was not an easy analogy to understand because the water supply system for hunters in Korea was complicated, but if you put on a level 6 in your first year of hunting experience, you felt like a moderately talented prospect.

Of course, this alone is quite different from the NIS’s speculation.

I beckoned to keep talking. Yeo Do-yeon frowned sharply and traced her memory.

“maybe… … The reason why people are buzzing about being called S-class teleconsistants on the news right now is probably because they are the top kids in Korea.”

“Who was beaten?”

“Suddenly we got a report that a body had been found in a Japanese residential area. So the first thing to do was to run the coordinating magistrate.”

“A friend with a double sword? I go along with Marshal Yeodasol.”

Jo Jung-sik, Yeo Da-sol.

Observers from Apgujeong faction officials. Although they were young, they were superhumans with skills that could be recognized abroad.

As the leader of the reconnaissance team of the Apgu faction, he had a knack for chasing monsters, and he was the best hunter in Korea for reconnaissance and exploration.

“okay. Tracking them was easy once they left. As soon as they saw the body, they succeeded in tracking down the culprit. However, as soon as the fighting started, he passed out due to excessive bleeding and was transported. The other magistrates were in a similar situation.”

“… … What?”

It was unbelievable.

Basically, if you want to be treated as a high-ranking hunter in Korea, you have to get permission from the government.

So I knew very well how monstrous human beings the high-ranking Korean hunters were.

And the Security Bureau of the Superhuman Support Agency is an organization made up of veterans among the high-ranking hunters.

By the way. Those monsters were swept away by just one person? That was beyond my common sense.

However, Yeo Do-yeon’s story did not end there.

“That bastard. In terms of output, it was grade A. It’s not even an A-class that’s close to an S-class. Grade A, which is slightly inferior to Grade A.”

“… … Are you kidding me? One A-class telecommunication magician smashed the magistrates?”

“It’s hard to even call that a telekinetic magician… … .”

Yeo Do-yeon seemed to be at a loss as to where to begin.

“Aren’t all telecasting magicians the same?”


“Some people can lift things, some can fly, some can only dab from top to bottom, some cut through the air… … .”

“Even if you look closely at the superhumans who are classified as telecommunication magicians, no one is exactly the same. It’s a story I know so far. therefore?”

“… … Do I have to say I should shoot a gun?”

gun? That was another odd sound. Yeo Do-yeon continued speaking with a look of embarrassment.

“… … Isn’t it natural that ordinary people can’t defeat people with guns?”

“The magistrates wouldn’t be ordinary people.”

“He was no ordinary man. The total amount of power used was not a big deal, but the telekinesis was collected into dots and shot… … .”

“… … .”

“It’s helpless.”

Yeo Do-yeon gently pointed to her side. A little purple blood was visible between the shirt and the trousers.

It’s a gun that fires with telemetry. So that’s how it happened. To put it simply, Yeo Do-yeon was shot while wearing an iron plate.

And seeing that Yeo Do-yeon, the toughest woman in Korea, has become like this, I can only guess the condition of the other magistrates.

“… … There must have been a hole in the wind.”

“No one fights perfectly with a hole in their thigh. where is that If you try to approach, you will trip over your legs. If they want to catch it, they run away to the sky.”

“Did the magistrates get hurt by that kind of trickery?”

“… … okay. Fortunately, there are no fatalities, but everyone is in a state of shock in their own way.”

Yeo Do-yeon took a deep breath and spoke weakly.

“Me too.”

* * *

A week has passed since the sudden incident.

A telecommunication magician killed four Japanese in a Japanese residential area in North Korea. There are many Korean wounded, but no fatalities.

Some people presume it was a murder without asking questions, and the media classifies it as a hate crime against Japanese people, but the NIS analyzed it as a terrorist attack against Korea.

Meanwhile, in mainland Japan, fake news is spreading that South Korea massacred Japanese people. It wasn’t a government announcement, but it was information spread by the government.

Of course, the truth has not yet been revealed.

Like those behind the Jangjeon-eup incident.

And like the criminals of the Korean hunter hunt.

Only the hideous rumors floating under the water were coolly forging the bottom of a troubled society.

“Anyway. The magistrates’ request is that the criminal be an S-class or higher telecasting magician.”

「Actually, it would be a shock if it was revealed that Korea’s top hunters were swept away by one A-class hunter… … .”

Yang Il-ho’s voice came over the phone.

It must have been that he had been up for several nights, and his condition was not very good.

“I knew right away that the ability to catch monsters and the ability to catch people are different, but it is shocking to be hit like this. I don’t know if I’ll have to quit that minister sooner or later. The criticism is so strong… … .”

“I’m sorry. But hold on a little longer.”

“Can’t we just quit early? It’s the government audit season soon, so I think I might get hurt by being called to the National Assembly for nothing… … .”

“You know that you don’t touch the badge minister. You’re not on active duty, but the lawmakers know the morals. Hojeong is also in the National Assembly, so what… … .”

“still… … .”

“Yeah, no.”

“ha… … .”

I don’t know if I should call this fortunate, but the ripple effect of the incident was not that great. Thanks to this, the government breathes a sigh of relief.

Now people were not so sensitive to the deaths of hundreds of people. It is a world where, from time to time, not only famous cities, but also news of the collapse of countries are heard.

Rather, the ripple effect of the five-car crash that occurred in downtown Jeju yesterday was even greater. It was because there were two celebrities among the dead.

It was a tragedy that occurred because celebrities and chaebols live in a world crowded with celebrities, but on the contrary, the news that the price of land in Jeju Island is rising every day was often mentioned in the news.

“… … .”

I wondered if this was the world I wanted to create, but

I suddenly remembered Yeo Do-yeon’s request.

“Oh right. Ilho.”


“I asked you to say that the fact that Marshal Yeo Do-yeon fell unconscious was due to overwork. I’m going to go back to work tomorrow.”

“why? Take a sick leave and get some rest.”

“In my own words, a hero should not show weakness,” he said.

“… … Isn’t that actually a distortion?”

“… … Let’s play it as a good lie for the weak and weak citizens.”

“yes… … .”

After finishing the call with Yang Il-ho, he put his cell phone in.

The TV dealt with the reorganized WPO Hunter Ranking.

Korean hunters could not join the world rankings because specific measurement results have not been secured yet, but the announcement of the domestic rankings has garnered a lot of attention.

A moderately famous entertainer on the full-length current affairs entertainment channel shuddered and wrote the script.

“Ah, as expected, Gam Ji-yoon is the undisputed number one. The only psychic who broke the magic meter! Gam Gam Yoon will be the only hunter who catches monsters with a backpack on the way to school?”

「The 2nd place is the hero of Australia! Former Hunter Association President, and WPO Council Korea Representative! The main character who adorned Time Magazine is Hong Seon-ah Hunter!”

「The third place is our Sword Master. From the boy hero of Dongdaemun to the center of the world-loved Knights Society! Korea’s representative night, Seol Jin-Woon Hunter!”

“… … .”

It felt very strange to see all the familiar faces popping up on the show. Rather, it felt more unfamiliar than I was on TV.

From now on, the hunter industry was going to be centered around that guy. It was a phenomenon that followed the trend abroad.

Hunters will now begin to trade freely like soccer players, rather than working like soldiers belonging to the PMC, and gradually privatization and capitalization of the hunter industry will begin.


In one place, even if a hunter killed four Japanese, in another place, it was a world where the hunters were ranked and appeared on variety shows.

Everywhere in the world has its own problems, and politicians are too busy to stick to just one problem.

“So, let’s finish this now.”


Jangjeon-eup situation.

The North Korean government directly sells people’s organs abroad,

South Korean high-ranking officials actively imported the organs,

Even the worst case in which an unknown force intervened and systematically hunted Korean hunters and harvested organs for research purposes.

The bottom of the paranormal society still remained, threatening the sound order, and after a long pursuit, I finally managed to catch the tail.

“Why don’t you hunt Korean hunters and steal their organs? Wouldn’t they collude with the North Korean government to trade organs of the people? Now, even committing a terrorist attack on Jeju Island, and killing four people in the middle of the night.”

“Ah, we did the previous two cases-”

“At least you, no, I know it has something to do with Japan. Am I wrong?”

“… … .”

A safe house built by the National Intelligence Service.

There were seven civil servants belonging to the Presidential Security Service in the house, and in fact, they were ‘hunters who catch people’ who were not counted in the Hunter Rankings.

And there was a ‘Human Hunter’ in front of me.

The person who stopped the high-ranking hunters in the banquet hall at the time of the Jeju Island terrorist attack, killed 4 Japanese in the Japanese residential area, and escaped from the pursuit of the police.


A key member of the Japanese militia who was brought to North Korea.

“Mr. Yoojung Lee.”

Not like a serial killer who killed four people, she looked quite normal in fear.

“First, tell me everything you know.”

That day, Yang Pan-seok received a report that Han Seung-moon had succeeded in finding the cause of the long terror.

Japanese government. And it was the Yakuza.

The gate opened on the first day of my tenure Episode 219

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