A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 213

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 213

EP 34- Perfume Bottle(1)

The term of office of the President of the Republic of Korea is five years.

What does this mean? Korea means a country that goes back every five years. In general, as the years of seniority accumulate, the country suffers.

Especially at the end of the presidential term, there is no real hell. Because politicians who want to win elections turn the whole country into a wrestling ground.

All kinds of vested interests jump in and fight, regardless of public service and general social high schools, and local wars break out in the education, medical, financial, and other sectors of society.

And since society is inherently organically connected, if something goes wrong in one place, things get entangled and a bomb explodes.

of course,

The hunter industry was no exception.

* * *

It was about 90 days before the end of President Yang Pan-seok’s term.

It was around the time when the politicians started quarreling in earnest, and it was time for the political parties to enter the candidate primary to change to an all-out war system.

From this point on, all the presidential candidates make their own promises. And at that one word, the whole society shakes. It is such a time

Of course, as with all election promises, it was mostly bullshit, but that bullshit is eaten, so election season is election season.

“Chief. I have one thing to report to you.”


I, too, was the chief of the presidential chief of staff, so I could not rest comfortably in this situation. It’s a time when governments get hit harder than ever when they get into an accident.

And people make mistakes, and the government cannot make mistakes. In the end, you have to be beaten up to some degree.

Of course, there is a way to set up a yangban-seok as a bullet holder, but it’s not a good picture to put up an old president’s body… … .

In the end, even at the level of filial piety, I had no choice but to mobilize all the government’s capabilities, and thanks to this, I was unable to leave work again.

suffocating air. puffy waist. And it’s been two weeks since I’ve been at work with the clumsy NIS uncles.

One day, while waiting to write his resignation after the presidential election, Pi Chae-won asked about strange news.

“The National Defense Party presidential primary debate reached 6 million YouTube views.”

“Isn’t the Kuomintang going to do that? The quality of the discussion with the audience members and Kim Doo-shik came out a bit.”

“Symbol number four. A candidate with a 0.6% approval rating had an accident.”

“why? Are you going to give the whole nation free stimulants?”


“Are you going to invade Japan and make a colony?”


“Then what?”

Instead of answering, Pi Chae-won held out her tablet.

I played the video with a squeaky sound.

and a roar of screams.

“Recapture Seoul! Why not? 10 million metropolitan area refugees are shedding tears of blood! Of course, there is no need to retake Seoul!”

“that… … If all gates in the metropolitan area are closed, the jobs of domestic hunters will drop to less than half. The same goes for related industries. And the ROK military must advance north, but considering the current ammunition and oil reserves, the defense… … .”

“Then I will ask Candidate Jae-Kyung Yoo. retake Seoul. are you going to do Aren’t you going to do it?”

“It’s not that I won’t. However, long-term planning is required. Gemstone is petroleum. If you dig up all the oil because it smells bad, you will have to import it in the future, and then when the international oil price fluctuates, the country will tilt… … .”

“Then you mean you want to coexist with the monster? Who is the main enemy of Korea?”

“Candidate Geun-Young Hong, I didn’t mean it that way-”

“Whoever wants to become president- I will eradicate the monster! What if I can’t even say a word about this!?”

retake Seoul.

The aspirations of 10 million metropolitan area refugees have risen to the surface.

* * *

“Isn’t that absurd!”

It was the opinion of the chief of economics at the meeting of the chief secretary of the Blue House presided over by the chief of staff.

And the other Blue House aides also poured out their stories with the same goo-dong-seong.

“Even though the economy has improved since the Japanese civil war, it is actually a temporary boom made up of war specials. How to pull this out is a more important issue, but I think trying to retake Seoul here is close to self-defeating.”

“That too. Wasn’t the percentage of mana stones from the metropolitan area 40% of the total energy consumption?”

“I’m guessing it’s 28.6 pro now. As in Japan, income has increased a bit… … .”

“Considering that Korea is the world’s largest mana stone importer, this is a staggering number. If you close all the gates to retake Seoul, there will be an energy surge. The hunter industry will be cut in half.”

“150 of the 203 gates in the metropolitan area have already been closed. The rest is under the control of the government. In fact, there is no need to fear, but it is spreading fear in the political arena.”

“Yes. If the break breaks, it’s a matter of expanding the high-ranking hunter’s contract. It is not common sense to close them all and use Seoul as a refugee residence. Buildings and infrastructure are not recoverable either.”

“The Bank of Korea has already confirmed the rate hike next quarter. I endured to the limit because I was worried about the collapse of the household group, but if I say more endurance here, it will cause problems in state affairs, not people’s livelihood.”


I didn’t understand half of it, but anyway, it’s about not recapturing Seoul.

I pretended to understand roughly and studied the Blue House secretariat. Everyone was shaking because they were civil servants and not politicians.

“haha. There is no need to overreact to the ballot during election season.”

“Chief… … .”

“Didn’t the established media also counter that it was unrealistic? Media owners and chaebols also know how much damage it will take if the domestic gates are closed.”

“However, Chief Executive Officer Han Seung-moon and Jeonbuk Governor Won Ok-bun have already responded. I’m already making a positive gesture to the media… … .”

“Oh, he’s spreading nostalgia for Seoul to be president, isn’t he?”

“… … Yes?”

“We will postpone the recapture of Seoul while talking about a social compromise in the final round of the presidential election and distribute housing to refugees in the Saemangeum New Town through preferential sale.”

“… … ah.”

“That is the self-selection strategy that I set up four years ago. Creating a new city through the Saemangeum reclamation project, sending in Seoul refugees and receiving tickets.”

“Is that so… … .”

“The more difficult and desperate people are, the more likely they are to go to the voting booth.”

“… … .”

“… … Hmm!”

Suddenly, the cluttered atmosphere of the conference room disappeared, and everyone was looking at me with strange eyes.

uhm. Did I say it too blatantly? For some reason, I feel a little embarrassed because I feel like I’ve been letting the little ones know that Santa exists.

I smiled and got up from my seat.

“From now on, politicians will start putting spoons on the table saying it has become hot for a while, but there is no need or reason to intervene at the government level. Don’t get on the news by responding to social media for nothing, and focus on running state affairs.”

* * *

“Chief. It is said that the president has finished the G20 meeting. He also greeted the new Japanese Prime Minister. In America, you’ll be back tomorrow… … .”

“Can’t I ask you to buy me a souvenir when you come?”

“And it’s been around a month since the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport started the Bird Flu TF… … .”

Pi Chae-won is now a veteran secretary. He naturally ignored my nonsense and continued the report.

“It seems safe to say that the bird flu in Chungcheong Province is now in a stable phase. There is no damage other than doubling the price of eggs.”

“I’m glad.”

“And then, Marshal Yeo Do-yeon filed a complaint asking for the construction of a Dalian room or practice area in the building of the Superintendent’s Office.”

“He and my sister, if you don’t want to pay for everything that you destroyed while chasing a criminal on the first floor of a Lotte Department Store, stay quiet.”

“All right.”

“Is it over now?”


“leave work!”

I got up from my seat and stretched out to see the sunset through the window.

The bright red evening sunset warmly illuminates the office.

I was in a good mood, so I laughed. Perhaps it was the same with Pi Chae-won, a faint smile appeared on her haggard face.

“Hey… … . How long does it take to leave work when the sun is up?”

“Iknow, right.”

“What would you like for dinner?”

“Do you have any appointments?”

“The president’s term is almost over, who buys dinner for the chief of staff? I am a dog now.”

“Then we order chicken at home.”

“Oh right. Infinite Challenge today… … .”

“It’s the first episode of season 3.”

We left the office chatting about nothing.

I went to the parking lot with public officials leaving work, and, as always, I put Pi Chae-won in the passenger seat and turned on the radio.

“Before, the ruling and opposition parties organized a supplementary budget bill by June when this extraordinary session of the National Assembly ends… … .”

「The autobiography of the senior inspector general of the Gamcheol Portrait Management Department, ‘Red Han River’ has been on the bestseller list for the 5th week… … .”

“As the internal primary of the National Defense Party enters into a muddy battle, it is predicted that former Prime Minister Yoo Jae-kyung will run independently. Amid the growing voices within the National Defense Party about the establishment of a new party… … .”

I was just passing the Gwangan Bridge, so I opened the driver’s window slightly. A cool sea breeze blows and blows your bangs.

A red sunset spanned the horizon over the National Assembly building on Dongbaek Island. Sunlight shimmers and scatters along the waves.

sunset. ocean. island. and clouds.

It looked like a painting.

“Wow… … .”

Admiration leaked from Pi Chae-won’s mouth. I turn my head in amazement whether it was a sound I didn’t even know I had made.

I smiled a little and glanced at the scenery through the window. It was a style that focused on driving, so I fixed my head in the front, though.

That was then.

“… … .”

Feeling strange, I turned my head.

My parents died in a car accident, so considering I have an obsessive compulsive disorder, it was something I would never normally do.

Pi Chae-won didn’t know that either, so she asked me in surprise.

“Why? Senator?”

“Oh, no… … .”

I suddenly answered.

“… … I think the sky was a little distorted.”

The evening sunset was quietly sinking into the sea.

* * *

“Recapture Seoul. Isn’t it?”

“No, what is it?”

“The government is leading public opinion.”

“As the president’s term is coming to an end, what are we promoting? If you ask the head of the public broadcaster’s press to buy you rice, they call it Kimbap Heaven.”

“Child! Don’t joke!”

“The government is not really agitating public opinion. So, please rest assured, Mr. Cheon Geum-soon. Why are you so scared? A person who was like the opposite.”

A buzzing sound was heard over the phone.

To be honest, the archangel’s tone of voice was a little like that, so it didn’t sound like he was earnest.

“It was right before the company went bankrupt. Because that damn Hong Geun-young thing brought up the story of recapture of Seoul, the stock of GS defense agency went downhill… … .”

“In the meantime, confidence has come from your wallet… … .”

The controversy over ‘retake Seoul’ did not subside easily even while the government was consistent in its inaction.

In fact, only those in the know know, but the number of people mobilized to manipulate public opinion is usually around several thousand. Hundreds of people are enough on the Internet. Dozens of reporters.

However, out of 40 million Koreans, 10 million were crying out for the recapture of Seoul.

The voices of refugees from the metropolitan area shook the electoral politics of the Republic of Korea.

That is enough to make the chaebols nervous.

“As you know, if we retake the metropolitan area, the domestic hunter industry will be cut in half. In fact, it is considered extinction. Except for the metropolitan area, there is only North Korea, but who wants to hunt in a place full of criminals?”

“Yes. Yes. I know. know.”

“If there is no place where you can safely hunt, the hunter training itself will be ruined. Where in the world is there a hunting ground that is so well controlled and rolled into a system? I wonder if American kids will come to an expedition with newbies… … .”

“If you make mistakes while hunting, the South Korean military will save you. When in danger, just shout and the magistrate will run. Yes.”

「Hunter power Korea! Cheon Geum-soon to the National Assembly! Why should an election be held with such a catchphrase, recapture of Seoul, that, uh, such a horrific story?”

“Ah, okay, so please stop! It’s no use holding on to the chief of the plant government’s secretary and complaining!”

She tried hard to remove the archangel who kept sticking to the chinta, but she stuck to the end and teased her mouth.

I can’t tell if this woman is over the phone or if she’s really drooping on my legs.

「Ok-Boon Won, Jae-Kyung Yoo, Doo-Sik Kim. No matter who gets elected, there is no one in Korea who doesn’t know that he is in power.”

“ah! A little!”

“It’s a warning in advance before collective action among business people occurs. I’m not going to intervene, because I’m dokgo, but company officials might come out a bit harsh.”

“Won-ok, you all know that the old man is manipulating public opinion to become president, right? Hong Geun-Young follows that too! But why are you clinging to me!”

“Oh. Candidate Hong Geun-young accepted Won Ok-bun? I didn’t know that. thanks!”



I looked down at the hung phone and sighed.

It wasn’t really the archangel’s irritable sigh. Even if information is leaked, there is a problem… … I’m not a road person, and there will be a day when I will pay you back sooner or later.

However, it is because the situation of refugees is so pitiful.

Commoners too,

The tycoons also

Even politicians who instill hope in them.

In fact, no one was serving the refugees.

“… … .”

The gate opened and 10 million people died. Most of them were citizens of metropolitan areas. And their families became refugees.

They live in housing provided by the government. Most of the shabby villas in Chungcheong-do are cheap. The people who lived in Prugio lived in the semi-underground.

If the government bails out their property, the national treasury suffers, and there is no way or capacity to investigate the past wealth of 10 million people.

they lost everything Still, they do not have a home or starve themselves, but humans are not animals that live only to eat.

However, to retake Seoul, which has now become a wasteland, there is more to lose than gain… … .

“… … Write.”

What. If you are too sensitive, you cannot be a politician.

My job is to prevent social chaos and save the economy for the happiness of the majority, not to transform into a human rights activist and fight for a shave.

So today, with a bad attitude, I am trying to get myself back to work.

got a call.

This is the Minister of Portrait Management, Yang Il-ho.

“Ugh. Minister Yang. Long time no see. I’m thinking of writing my resignation soon, isn’t it?”

“It’s a big deal.”


“The hunters are on strike.”


“Recapture Seoul. Stop.”


The gate opened on the first day of my tenure episode 223

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