A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 26

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 26

EP 5 – Hunters (9)

11 hours ago.

“excuse me!”

Someone tapped my cheek.


The world is dark. The moonlight shone through the window curtains.

In the early morning hospital room, I barely got up.

“Hong, Seon-ah?”

“yes-! It’s me.”

I dyed the tips of my middle and middle hair red, no. A woman with her hair dyed red with magical power came to me.

She smiled and sat down on the bed.

“Are you all right?”

“Ah yes. it’s okay. Is Hong Seon-ah okay?”

“I heard that you are running a foundation.”

Her smile softened slightly. It’s a face that can’t tell if it’s smiling or expressionless.

“Because I found out. You said you were going to set up a PMC.”

“…how did you know?”

“Some Awakened people have good hearing. What.”

I nodded my head.

“Yes, even so, I was going to visit you when it was bright.”

“To Uncle Kim Chun-sik?”


she smiled brightly.

“You see us on TV and say we’re great people!”

“…Yes, it’s overkill. I hear you say that.”

“Was it such a big deal to get out of Seoul?”

“Probably so.”


Hong Seon-ah returned with a subtle expressionless expression once again.

“It was really easy and simple for the Awakened to leave Seoul.”

“……Is that so?”

“It is cumbersome to move civilians ‘dang’.”

Hong Seon-ah got up from her seat and leaned against the window. Her face reflected in the moonlight was very cool.

“But because of the whining of civilians that they do not want to leave the house. Are you staying in Seoul?”

That was the reason they stayed in Apgujeong. Hong Seon-ah smiled sadly.

“Hmm. This doesn’t seem like much! Yes?”

“I do not know. As a politician-”

“Isn’t Seungmoon a Hunter?”

It was the first half-word she ever wrote to me.

“we. Shaking shoulders with each other. You’ve been through that dark and hellish road. So what now, Something doesn’t work?”

“Wow, what’s so grandiose?”


Sparks from her lips flashed in the air. A small lantern was floating around.


She beckoned into the air and spit flames near my face.

It was so beautiful that it swelled up, and her face became hot in an instant. she told me

“Is it warm?”

And my spine shivered. In this situation, if Hong Seon-ah makes up her mind, I will burn to death.

She smiled softly and took my hand as she sat on the bedside. And carefully put my hand into the flame.

“Come on, move.”

“……It’s beautiful.”

“Here, try making a lark, making a fish…”

The flames fluttering in the air change their shape at will. A lark swam in the moonlight in the dark hospital room.


She put out the flame in an instant, and trembled as if she had missed it.

“This is also a technique passed down by a friend who taught me cheese tuna mayo tteokbokki.”


“The friend worked with water, but he died while guarding the Apgujeong camp. I got shot.”

Hong Seon-ah smiled brightly.

“Did he get shot and die? Or did you die listening to civilians whistle?”

Quite simply, things are going to be fun. I lowered the corners of my lips at this point.

“a! You don’t have to take it too seriously. I, that, what okay. Magneto! It’s not like he’s a fan of superpowers who should rule the world!”

She smiled and put her chin on the railing of the bed.

“It’s okay. The Awoken need not be unconditionally devoted to civilians.”

“…I think so too.”

“Ugh. I have found a good man!”

job! She playfully clenched her fist at me. I smiled formally and patted his fist.

“Ugh. You’ve been criticizing the military for a long time.”


“You want to be friends with superpowers, right? If so, would he be willing to lure us into the Foundation? The means are useless.”

Hong Seon-ah took out the contract from my bag.

“Service company, private military company disguised as .”

“…you have a very bad hand habit.”



Hong Seon-ah looked at me with a smile and burned the contract. The ashes naturally flowed out the window.

“I don’t know about Chun-shik. To be precise, you are too noble to understand us.”


“There were a lot of people who had this idea from the beginning. I just didn’t really resist. Because Chun-sik owes his life to uncle.”

Hong Seon-ah had a very worried expression on her face.

“If Chun-sik takes a lot of shares. If the rest is split like a scallop. I think some people will be a little offended. A lot of people got hurt and died while listening to that man’s romance…”

“Is that you?”

“Yes! So, just like the contract, don’t distribute the shares fairly. Chun-sik 30. That 10. I’m trembling 0.5. How about making a new one like this?”

Interpretation: Please create a cause for internal division

That’s not a bad proposition. If you do that, the foundation will eat more shares than before. 40 or so.

Hong Seon-ah added.

“More than accepting Mr. Seungmoon’s push by himself. Wouldn’t it be better if the company had a buffer?”

In fact, the buffer had already been inserted. The entire PMC administration team was Yang Pan-seok and mine.

nevertheless. Hong Seon-ah was a very coveted kind of magician.


“I don’t think it would be so much fun if we had a fight right after the company opened.”

“Do not worry. Because I am a woman who knows manners. And I have no intention of doing that yet.”


“Are you looking quite far away?”

“Because the death of a friend is forever in my heart.”

Hong Seon-ah smiled bitterly and grabbed my hand.

“Rep. Han Seung-moon. It’s not that I’m going to drive out Chun-sik and take power.”


“I just don’t think the Awoken should always play hero games.

The problem is, a hero named Chun-Sik Kim will someday shed that burden on us. in any way.”

Hong Seon-ah smiled sadly and gave strength to the hand holding me.

“I just don’t want to lose another friend.”

I looked into her eyes, which were pathetic, even pathetic, and made a careful judgment.

these dazzling eyes.

I can’t fully believe this.

Despite her overwhelming abilities, she was the one who stood by the cage in front of the wolf.

She didn’t use her powers until David Kim greased the wolf’s head. And he shamelessly stuck with me and even apologized.

The same goes for hiding abilities. Although the interests of the organization are concerned.

Considering that I am a politician, her lies were more than natural.

As always, judgment was quick.

Her plans are not important now.

“…a very reasonable proposition.”

In a dark hospital room soaked in moonlight.

Put a fox fire in the air.

There was a secret handshake between the hunters.

I don’t know who will eat whom.

“It’s an honor to work with the best hunters.”

A true hunter does not choose his prey.

“You’re welcome. Han Seung-moon Hunter.”

either monster. either person

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