A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 27

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 27

EP 6 – Nuclear bomb-class incident (1)

lay it down up to.

L. japonicus.

We call him a ‘bass’.

The sea bass in August is tastier than ever. Since the sea bass starts spawning around November, it is most delicious in the summer when spawning is being prepared.

“I almost got fired as soon as you disappeared. know? How drowsy I lived for 12 days! Watching you get robbed of your identity as a child and being stalked…!”

I carefully picked up the grayish-white flesh. Elasticity comes out of the tip of the chopsticks, and if you dip the moist flesh in the vinegar, your heart will be excited as if you had met your first love.

“Why do politicians needlessly go to and from the accident scene and cause trouble! The whole country just went crazy! In the midst of this, all the politicians rushed like dogs!

It looks like the country is already ruined, but did you want to play a role as a shaman who insults people!? And what if I die?”

When King Wu of the Zhou dynasty was unifying the world, he saw a sea bass jumping on a boat and said it was a good omen. He puts the sea bass in his mouth with his heart.

oh The sea is in your mouth.

“…are you listening?”

“Yes, Aunt. I am listening.”

Uncle squeezed lemon juice on top of the sashimi and laughed.

“mind! Delicious!”

“Dog honey John Mattang.”

“My Mura!”

The aunt sighed and ruffled her hair.


I provoked my aunt with the correct pronunciation. Our intelligent lawyer, So-jeong Byun, at a large law firm, quickly turned his eyes and shouted back.

“hey! this! You bastard! you……!”

“Doyeon’s mother. Hold on… it’s a gate…”

“I’m the one who came from working in front of the bathroom!”

“Gee, really?”

Would a large law firm take the desk into the bathroom? I mean, it’s just that I ate an eye candy. But my uncle was genuinely surprised and worried about my aunt.

“… uhh, you shouldn’t talk.”

The aunt licked the corners of her mouth, wondering if it was good that her aunt was worried about her, and ate a piece of sea bass sashimi.

I added seriously.

“The sea bass is said to be good for recovering memory and preventing dementia. It is especially good for indigestion and has the effect of protecting the intestines-”

“Did you go fishing in the National Assembly?”

“Rep. Yang Pan-seok, you drive a yacht. Sometimes in the West Sea, I put earthworms on fishing hooks.”

“I do everything really…”

I flew the facts to my grumpy aunt.

“What if my husband doesn’t know about a fish store!”

“Oh, look at him. Are you arguing with the lawyer now?”

“Wow! Parliament’s authority-“

“mind! Aww!”

Yeo Do-yeon growled with a ferocious look in her eyes.

He has three perch sashimi in his mouth. She even spoke a rare Busan dialect.

“What time is it? uh!? Mura!”

Yeo Do-yeon was almost entirely covered in bandages. With her left hand without a cast, she clumsily picked up the sashimi and spilled it on the table.

I took the sashimi she dropped with chopsticks near Yeo Do-yeon’s mouth, and ate it.


I hit my ribs with my elbow.

“How long are you going to play like that?”

“Ah, the kid stole mine!”

“I am still a senator. Don’t do that in front of others.”

Although she and her mother did not get along very well, Yeo Do-yeon silently nodded, thinking that she was not wrong.

But are you saying that you can hit me when others are not seeing it? If I had to mention this, I thought I’d get one more shot, so I just kept my mouth shut.

All the sashimi piled up in the stomach disappeared, and my uncle brought a watermelon from the kitchen to the table.

“Igo boss, is this service?”

“Eh, hey. Don’t play situational. I can’t.”

“It’s hot, but it’s okay. Honey, give me the knife. I’ll cut you off.”

The rainy season is over.

The humid heat has arrived, the season for sea bass is the most delicious, and 1.4 people are dying every second in Seoul today.

Today, our Lady Do-sik Yeo was wiping off sweat with a handkerchief, pouring out the middle-aged tea.

Byeon So-jeong, who married with the intention of catching a good-looking and kind man and feeding him, was smiling happily.

“I like my aunt’s muscles, do you like her face?”


The fact that the answer came out boldly showed her character. I posed a few questions with the heart that good things are good.

“How was Nara Koraji while I was away?”


Aunt smiled bitterly.

“Once all the resentment has been poured out on you.”


“People like you are arrogant as politicians, huh? So the country became this way. What is the National Assembly, which has only two members, doing…”

It was a pretty ironic story. Especially since the anchor is fervently praising me on the TV in the corner of the store right now.

barely caught on

The world is going crazy, and there is no one to blame.

The president is also dead, and there is no clear person responsible.

In fact, the real power is Cha Jae-gyun, but he was quite cleverly putting his subordinates in the martial law commander and casting the Meat Shield.

Well, in the first place, this situation wasn’t anyone’s fault. However, if you feel like a beggar and don’t swear, you feel worse.

But, in the meantime, I did something crazy. Perhaps the whole nation was united and shouted Han Seung -moon.

“Then I think the reason people like me now is because I’m a little bit sorry. The one who cursed saved 1,200 people…”

“Whether it’s the media or anyone else, everyone praises them on a steel plate. I’m so excited I get a headwind when I go out. you.”

The aunt glared at her sharply and then quickly turned her head.

In the end, it wasn’t too bad that everything she said was a concern.

“ah! okay. The president of our company said we’ll have lunch tomorrow in the sand. Although it is a little disgusting, I think it will be a good opportunity for you, so I will tell you first.”

“Ah, I have an official schedule.”

“Well? There is no National Assembly, so what is the official schedule?”


“Come on, one, two, seet, kat!”

I sat in the middle wheelchair and cut the tape, and as the fireworks went off, the sound of camera shutters poured down like a rain shower.

This is a tape cutting ceremony to commemorate the launch of the guild.

we are

‘Opening of the Special Service Association under the Monster Damage Restoration Foundation’

It was under the banner.

people probably

‘Guild under Han Seung-moon Foundation’

will call it

Just then, the reporters put their microphones in.

“Sir, you have established the foundation before entering Apgujeong, so please tell me one thing.”

“When it comes to the Gates incident and superpowers, the state was immediately considering a prudent response. We would appreciate it if you could see that a part of that effort has now paid off.”

“There is also a suspicion that the member of the National Assembly has set up a private organization! Isn’t that a violation of the principle of prohibition of concurrent positions?”

“I led the establishment, I am not involved in the operation.”

“David Kim is a foreigner, but can I take over as the head of a public service organization?”

Now is the time to get angry.

“He was born in Korea, raised as a Korean, defended Korea as a soldier, and saved 1,200 Koreans as a psychic.”

“Oh that-“

“Do you have any more questions?”

“Oh, no…”

I felt a little sorry for the new reporter, but what people wanted was this kind of issue making.

When news of someone’s death is heard from time to time, it is the people these days who barely survive with this kind of cider. I gave them vicarious satisfaction when spraying.

after eating when getting into the vehicle.

Her eyes met with Hong Seon-ah, who was mixed in the crowd in the distance.

She smiled softly and waved her hand. I smiled casually and waved my hand. It’s like going back to college.

I was in a theater club.

When I got into the car with a smile on my face, Yang Il-ho stepped on the accelerator, and Ho-jeong Lee, who was sitting in the passenger seat, started reporting.

“It is said that the mayors of Samnam Province held a group press conference. We will come up with a plan to accommodate the refugees in the metropolitan area.”

“I guess I got a little swear and changed my mind.”

So far, local government heads have shown a lukewarm attitude toward accepting the refugees. Exactly, I didn’t mention it.

Those people have to get their Nawabari votes, but if they get refugees, the people of Nawabari hate it. That is why refugees have been neglected.

They quarreled over the acceptance of refugees in the metropolitan area in a way of swaying.

It was absolutely thanks to me that it was able to be tolerated so far. They said that they chewed me hard and enjoyed the press play.

However, now that the special meat shield called Han Seung-moon has disappeared, and a strong headwind is raging.

“I’m going to be beaten properly by Rep. Yang Pan-seok.”

As if waiting, Hojeong Lee delivered the information. Since raising her to the position of secretary for political affairs, Ho-Jeong Lee has been acting as my mailbox.

“Hey, do you have the knife that Yang Won-sang used often?”

It meant his son-in-law’s line that he put in the Busan District Prosecutors’ Office.

“Uh-huh, I also benefited from the election season.”

“It’s about to get a tool out of the cabinet and swing it.”

“No, how does the Busan District Prosecutor’s Office harass the local government chief?”

Yang Il-ho, who was absorbed in driving for a long time, opened his mouth.

“Anyway, this floor is tied to the training center jjambab and college classmates. After all, it was all George.”

“Ah, right. I was your lawyer.”

“,,,,,,,! Isn’t that too much!?”

“It’s not scary at all if the 7th-grade assistant is looking at it. Thank you for your driving on your left -footed brake! ”

“You only have that once! really!”

Lee Ho-jung smiled softly.

“ah! Come to think of it, you can’t step on the brake with your left foot, can you?”

“Are you human?”

You have a prosthetic leg, you bastard prosthetic. If I had to look at it here, it was only me who was pathetic, so I grabbed the back of my neck and tilted my head.

These demonic kites giggled at each other and continued driving.

“…you all will be cut one day. really.”

“Wow. I was wrong…”

“You were both wrong… Brother…”

Now, everyone seems to be living in the usual atmosphere. These are the members who squatted in the corner of the Capitol and ate cup noodles in an unsightly manner.


Here, Kang Seok-ho is sullen and says that no matter what you do, you can’t do that to your brother. I should make fun of Kang Seok-ho as Jinji-chung.

that’s how it should be


Kang Seok-ho entered the guild.

We shut our mouths slightly empty.

“Is Seok-ho okay?”

“Oh, yes. I often went to the hospital with Hojeong. They say everything is fine except for two fingers cut off.”

“He said he had burns to his lungs.”

“Director Cheon Hwa-ran corrected him and left.”


After all, I did not meet Cheonhwaran.

After a long-term hospitalization at Seongnam Hospital in Gyeonggi-do, I went straight to my hometown to spend time with my family.

He and Yang Pan-seok went on an outing to Busan and sold their faces.

However, Hwaran Cheon’s research center was located in Gangbuk. The winder headed straight there, but I was still in a position where I couldn’t go up because I was rowing when the water was coming in.

“Did you say that you managed the research center by yourself while I was away?”

“You took care of everything from opening to security. It is now operated as a private laboratory. There is no chemist who knows how to manipulate magic…”

You are carrying a fairly heavy load. It is probably one of the few superpower research institutes on the planet.

“…I called a few times. Maybe I should find it myself?”

“I think time will fly from this weekend. Still related to the interview and the constituency office-”


When the designated ringtone for Senator Yang Pan-seok’s phone rang, I quickly took out my cell phone and put it to my ear. It was a kind of reflex movement.

-Ahh. As soon as I walked in, I saw that the water was still low, but the assistant.

“Hey, Senator! What did you call for?”

– See you at the Underground Parliament soon.


– Twelve members of the National Assembly have gathered.

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