A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 32

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 32

EP 7 – Northern Wind (2)

China has pushed a monster into the Korean Peninsula. It was said that all the monsters on the Northeast border were crazedly thrust into the Korean Peninsula.

North Korea detonated a nuclear bomb without consultation. If you ask for help first, you lose shape. Thanks to you, I look like Russian Roulette with Fallout.

The north wind blows

“First of all, I apologize for the radical remarks.”

I came to the side of the podium and bowed my head 90 degrees.

I kept my head down for a really long time.

Now this is the front page of the newspaper.


little silence. Focus your expectations on the next statement.

“Isn’t this a world that doesn’t need an apology for radical behavior?”

* * *

For this moment, I did not sleep for three days and three nights. My bloodshot eyes lit up, and I spoke in a hoarse voice.

“The South Korean Air Force uses a bomb called the MK84. $3100 each. It’s about 350 million won in Korean money.”

Yesterday, in every corner of the house, I screamed and scratched my head like a madman. A weak, cracked voice came out of the microphone.

The concept of a young politician who can’t sleep because of worries about the country.

“The South Korean Air Force’s fighter-bomber F-15K can carry seven bombs.

It’s 25 million won.

And 40 fighter-bombers are preparing to depart to help North Korea.

One billion.”

I waved the pile of papers I received from Cha Jae-gyun.

Of course, nominally, this is a plan of operation that I secretly stole.

“This is an operational plan. A third strike is planned.

A total of 30 billion.

And, to prepare these fighter-bombers, we conducted the 1st and 2nd FX business, and spent 4.6 trillion won and 2.9 trillion won, respectively.”

I tossed the paperwork to the floor with an expressionless expression. A pile of paper fell to the floor.

“We have spent 7.8 trillion won to prepare a fighter-bomber,

You’ll spend a billion dollars worth of bombs three times.

In addition, we are unable to smoothly supply bombs and jet fuel right now.”

The crowd was silent, only the red camera light announcing the live broadcast was shining.

“The ‘Monster Damage Restoration Foundation’ has an orphanage for children who have lost their families to monsters.

However, it is not yet operational due to financial problems.

And 3 billion is enough money to feed 6,000 orphans for a month.”

He spit out his words in a trembling voice.

Slowly, emotions began to flow into the words.

“The reason South Korea is taking away food for war orphans is because China pushed the monster to the Korean Peninsula, and North Korea threatened us with nuclear bombs to prolong the regime.”

Calm, but feel anger. I frowned and muttered calmly with my dark circled eyes.

“I understand. This is the international community, and this is politics. Everyone is willing to act selfishly for their own country. China and North Korea did the same.”

ask the people of the country.

“But why are South Korean politicians silent?”

Pointing in the air, raising his voice for the first time.

Like an anger control disorder, the throat bursts in an instant and screams evil.

A fast, distorted voice rang out from the speaker.

At the end of every word he broke his finger and pierced the podium.

A scream erupted from the horribly cracked throat.

“On our land!

Send the monster!

I’m spraying radiation!

Our top heads!

what are you doing!


bang! At the end, the podium broke and he slammed his fist.

Some reporters shut their mouths.

I have crossed the boundaries of politics.

Of course, it was an agreed-upon derailment.

I started to cry with a sad expression on my face.

“…2 million people, 2 million people died.”

The voice of a young politician filled with anger comes out.

A single tear drips down again.

How many negotiations went through to get this speech now. Yang Pan-seok must be smiling happily while watching TV by now.

“The gates are constantly flooded with monsters.

Half of Seoul citizens…!

Locked in the house and dying, now…!”

The National Assembly promoted the guild and established a cause for the special committee, but in reality, the guild was an organization that I founded by myself. The National Assembly only puts a spoon on the finished table.

That’s why I can vomit them now.

Give and take.

“But the National Army…!”

Besides, my ‘criticism’ targeted the South Korean military as the main target.

“Why does the ROK military help the North Korean regime with people suffering in front of their eyes…?”


The military was not a group that needed the support of the people.

Commander-in-Chief of the military is the situation in which Cha Jae-gyun, not Won Ok-bun, actually holds the power through prior negotiations with the politicians.

No matter how much I curse here, it doesn’t leave a single scratch.

shadow boxing.

That’s the essence of what I’m doing now. The interesting thing is that you do shadow boxing, and you get a prize.

As public opinion heats up, my awareness will increase. As my sister and sister say, politicians are basically beasts that feed on attention.


now. Cha Jae-gyun will tell the North:

‘I will reduce support because the domestic public opinion is not good’


I vehemently cursed Cha Jae-gyun, but

In reality, both are beneficial.


Even Cha Jae-gyun’s political participation could be suppressed.

This is because Cha Jae-gyun, as a soldier, has not suffered a single flaw in my attacks, but Cha Jae-gyun as a politician has suffered a significant blow.

This was the trick we crafted.

balance of power. and common interests.

I take political advantage by criticizing the military and the National Assembly.

The National Assembly takes away my achievements and gives momentum to the special committee.

Won Ok-bun uses Cha Jae-gyun as his body bread and safely assumes authority.

Instead, Cha Jae-gyun is granted ‘absolute’ military power by the politicians. A situation in which it is possible to reduce aid to North Korea both at the same time and at the same time.

Each of them took off their own flesh and tenderly put it in each other’s mouth. This is Korean politics. creative economy.

I finished my speech.

“…All remarks up to now are only the personal opinion of Assemblyman Han Seung-moon, and I am also informed that all political responsibility lies with me. Also, from now on, I will surrender myself to the police on charges of leaking military operations.”

Anyway, I didn’t bother to say that I couldn’t catch him because of the immunity, and it was a secret that the police wouldn’t even touch it because it was all set up in the first place.

“…But, I will tell you one last thing.”

Now it’s time to pray for the southeast wind.

“With the help of dedicated government ministers at the Sejong City Government Complex, I was able to gather the remaining members of the Meteorological Agency and measure the wind direction.

As a result, the continental wind was blowing under the influence of the summer monsoon.

That is, the southeast wind blows.

Radioactive fallout is basically radioactively contaminated ashes. Fallout will fly north.

I sincerely hope that the Korean people will not be blinded by fear.

Lastly, I would like to add my sincere request for your cooperation and consideration to the guidance of each local government. That is all.”

I stumbled and slumped into the police car, supported by the officers. And he lowered his head sullenly.

I thought in the slow moving police car.

Jin Insa Daecheonmyeong盡人事待天命

I don’t know if the southeast wind blows or not. Everything a man had to do has been done. Heaven will do the rest.

I did what I had to do.

A bitter sigh escaped.


Political life is spectacular.

That is how my one-month term as a member of Parliament came to an end.


The police detention ended as soon as I woke up from a night’s sleep.

It was because 10 members of the National Assembly (all except me and Won Ok-bun) came to the front of the police station and pressured Han Seung-moon to be released.

In front of the police station, an old politician and a young politician shook hands, reconciled, and shared a hug of tears, declaring their commitment to the Republic of Korea.

The operation of Yangpan-seok was completed.

1st day. Cha Jae-gyun throws a half cider.

Day 2 As soon as Won Ok-bun takes office, he bursts into soup.

Day 3 The National Assembly and the guild came up and grinded the follow-up.

Day 4 I alleviate the side effects of gukppong.

Day 5. national unity.

only 5 days.

After five days, the country began to revitalize.

According to the vice minister of the Ministry of Finance, there is no backlash even when the police arrest people who are trying to stock up on the market, and as public opinion calms down, companies that have been fooling around are also starting to hoard themselves.

Yang Pan-seok quickly began to print special bills in the National Assembly. They were probably things that I would pass through when I was swimming later.

The large-scale refugee protests that Cha Jae-gyun had been struggling with were also temporarily disbanded, and North Korea’s aid was greatly reduced. It seems that there is nothing to say about public opinion that has deteriorated because of what they are doing.

As the acting president, Ok-Boon Won started to restore the administrative base using the government building in Sejong City as his base, and he caught a few chaebols who were fooling around and held the discipline.

More than anything.

It is said that the awareness of the Han Seung-moon Foundation has risen, and fundraising for the operation of the orphanage has started voluntarily. 6 billion was raised within two days of the fundraising start.

“This is my country…”

I sat comfortably on the soft bed. Then he hugged the pillow and rolled over. comfy.

I couldn’t sleep and how meticulously prepared for the operation. It felt like my mind was going to crumble when I made a big agitation with the top powers in Korea.

I had a pleasant vacation.

After a long time, I got a new suit and prosthetic leg at the shopping mall with my aunt, and I took the reporters to the guild and took some pictures with the hunters.

As soon as I got home, I ate the two plates of sashimi my aunt prepared for me, and I laid down on the sofa with Yeo Do-yeon and watched a weekend variety show.

I scratched my round ankle.

I think I can sleep comfortably today.

and slowly closed my eyes

cook. Someone poked my cheek.



“Are you chewing?”

cook. cook. I pretended to sleep without succumbing to violence.

“Do you want to wear rabbit-patterned sleeping pants at that age?”

“Ah no, I hid the bunny pajamas in the third drawer of the day— ah! evil! Hey!”

Yeo Do-yeon stabbed me in the side without mercy.

I sat down on the bed with hazy eyes and roared. Yeo Do-yeon smirked.

“Hey, 27-year-old kid. Aren’t you waking up soon?”

“I am 28 years old…”

“Shut up.”

“I’m in my mid-20s, and Nin is in my late twenties!”

slap! When Yeo Do-yeon slapped my forehead, my weak body collapsed on the bed.

“wake up.”

“I’d rather kill him…”


I wiggled my blunt ankle.

“Fill your legs.”


Yeo Do-yeon carefully filled in the prosthetic legs while making an impression. I barely smoothed out my trembling body.

“come out.”


I grabbed Yeo Do-yeon’s hand and got up from the bed.

Yeo Do-yeon supported me as I stumbled and headed towards the front door. Only then did I wake up.

Blurred vision returned.



At the front door, Pi Chae-won was looking at me with strange eyes. I stabbed Yeo Do-yeon in the side.

“Hey, I’m sleepy.”


“Aren’t you supposed to tell me to change clothes?”

“You did.”

“Is that what you said to change?”


“Are you human?”

Yeo Do-yeon smiled like a devil and left me in the room and returned to the room, and Pi Chae-won was staring at me with a strange expressionless expression.



“…Oh, hello?”

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