A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 34

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 34

EP 7 – Northern Wind (4)

Step on the accelerator deeply.

the engine boils,

A car drove down an empty road.

The sound of a throbbing engine reverberates throughout the body. Gear is 5th. It’s the first time in my life I’ve ever walked this far.

Passengers tapped their smartphones to gather information.

When the situation became urgent, Hong Seon-ah, who had calmed down a bit, was the first to send information.

“They said a monster appeared in the city outside the siege. One in Gwangam-dong, Dongducheon. Hana on a mountain near Sinpyeong-ri, Pocheon-si. And many more.”

shit. Both are near the martial law headquarters.

“Did the gate open again?”

“No, it just popped out of nowhere and jumped into the crowd, you know? what?”

“How many died?”

“Ah, huh, partly because a lot of people died, and partly because they didn’t die…? Some say he’s not a monster but a human…?”

“Sunah Hong, where are you looking now?”

“Naver News!”



If only a monster appeared, they sent an army, and there is more to it than just turning on martial law.

“Since Won Ok-bun took office, the media can’t say anything recklessly, so look for rumors from the general public. DC, Ruriweb, Ephem, Mak! Yes? Everyone will be excited to take a photo shoot and make a fuss!”

Yeo Do-yeon’s husky voice was heard.

“hey! A man has turned into a monster!”

“Because it’s a strainer!”

“It’s an official government announcement!”

“Then skip it!”

That’s the hardest to believe.

“If this happens, I will go to Cha Jae-gyun…!”

“Oh, no…!”

Suddenly, Pi Chae-won grabbed my shoulder.

“You can’t do that!”

* * *

Man turned into a monster. The person attacked by the monster turned into a monster. A monster appeared among the refugees.

18 people died, 3 people were injured, but no deaths. The army has already suppressed it.

A new kind of monster has appeared. It’s a conspiracy by the NIS. What North Korea did


All the stars are spinning around.

There is nothing to believe

You have to close your eyes and try to find the best answer by smashing it roughly, as if stuttering something.

Perhaps Cha Jae-gyun struck a deal with Wonok-bun to extend martial law to Gyeonggi-do, or it could be that he was detonating a smoke bomb from above to cover up a suspicious incident.

It always happens in places I don’t know. But it has an impact on me.

And how you use that influence determines the level of a politician.

I decided to figure out the situation first.

“Oh, Senator…!”

So, I made contact with the cold person through Pi Chaewon.

A pension near Chuknyeongsan Mountain in the northeast of Gyeonggi-do. There was a cold in the shabby mountain hut where all the refugees had left.

“Thank you so much for coming!”

“No, this is, what the hell…!”

“Come in at once.”

The cold sore had blood bruises all over the place. He looked around with uncomfortable movements and led us to the hut.

The aftermath of the typhoon did not go away. The damp wooden building was filled with the smell of water.

We sat around a shabby table. Winder turned on the light, but it wasn’t particularly bright because it was so old.



“…Remember, I said before that the military was neglecting the survivors of Apgujeong?”

Shit. To say something like that in the presence of Hong Seon-ah. I nodded my head, controlling my expression like crazy.

The cold-jaw took off his obscure glasses and wiped the cold sweat around his eyes and continued talking.

“As you may have guessed, I have been digging into the back of the military since I was entrusted with the Martial Law Command.”

I didn’t guess.

“I’ve been through countless battlefields so far, and in my experience, in situations like these, those, beggars, the military is bound to commit beggars whenever they do. It was the same this time.”

I looked at Pi Chae-won’s expression slightly. It was shocking news, but he didn’t even move. It seems that from the beginning, they worked as a team with Cold.

Maybe there was a connection while living together in the VIP room. Maybe Pi Chae-won approached the cold first.

You have to keep your mind straight. This situation was created by the victim. I still don’t know what this daring guy is aiming for.

The cold person rummaged through his bag and continued talking.

“Actually, there are a few blacks who are tacitly known among journalist networks. It’s a very small number, but…”

The ‘black’ he was referring to was probably an agent belonging to the National Intelligence Service.

The NIS has Agent Black and Agent White.

Agent White is an agent whose identity is disclosed, and Agent Black is literally a secret agent.

It’s the kind of thing that goes missing even if you die. He also appears frequently in movies.

“When I walk around the security zone, control zone, and no-travel zone every day, there are always Koreans I come across by chance.

Later, when reporters try to guess, they look similar, but the names are different. Such people.”

“First of all, I know very well that Gamja-nim is a person that even a secret agent of the National Intelligence Service can recognize.”

“Ah yes. Anyway, airport built-ins, no. I heard from the guys in the entertainment club, most of the blacks have returned to Korea these days. The rest have returned home, but we probably haven’t been able to find them.”

“No, what, is a reporter looking for an intelligence agent?”

“What I usually do is follow foreign agents. government or rebels.

Surprisingly, Korean children are a little more immature. Ah, this is not important right now…!”

Even in the midst of this, the cold-jaw was looking around and rummaging through a large bag.

I don’t know what this guy is doing as he goes further. I groaned and pressed my temples together.

“Then, what did the NIS blacks do?”

The cold person who had been rummaging through his bag for a long time took out a brown briefcase.

and handed it to me

“The NIS was conducting a living experiment.”


“’B-10 me’ case. It looks like he has cut his flesh and put a magic stone into his forearm.”

I took one of the pictures he gave me.

lying corpse. Blue rocks are embedded in his forearms, which are twice as large as normal. Blood flows from the blue veins.

“It’s ‘C-02’. It looks like mana stone powder has been sprinkled on the tongue.”

A face with a vertical split chin. The long tongue protrudes from the mouth to the navel. The tongue is so threatening that it can be used as a whip. There are traces of bullets in his forehead.

“It’s D-05.” It looks like he has consumed the wild dog monster’s mana stones.”

A person with hair all over his body. The snout protruded like a wolf. The skin around the mouth is torn, revealing the muscles. Sharp teeth protruded from his lips, ragged.

“The ‘E-03 is’ case. It looks like a liquid that has been mixed with a jellyfish gene by grinding a magic stone and injecting it into the forearm.”

Arms were torn along the fingers of both hands. It spread like the tentacles of a jellyfish. Five strands of tentacles take the place of arms. The tentacles are long enough to reach the ankles.

I put the picture upside down on the table,

And, holding back the rising nausea, he chewed his words out.

“Hey, crazy…”

“This is an experiment in which non-Awakened people are forcibly crushed by mana stones in various ways.

I was using an underground bunker in Yeonjunsan Provincial Park as a laboratory. Depending on how you put the magic stone into the human body, the reaction will change.”

Yeoninsan Provincial Park. I let out a sigh.

“…if you fall over at the Martial Law Command, you will be able to touch your nose.”


Beyond the glasses, the eyes of the cold person were shining in the dimly lit room. He began to speak in a calm voice.

“I am a naturalist, so I really like to write novels.”


“How would you like to hear it?”

Silence replaced acceptance.

Colder took off his glasses and put them in his chest pocket.

“The story begins with Vice Minister Cha Jae-gyun, who has taken control of the National Intelligence Service, to create a special forces unit for psychics. He wanted to make the people most loyal to the country superpowers. Who would that be?”


“Yes. Black agents. From Cha Jae-gyun’s point of view, it would have been great if they could become superpowers.

However, none of them had superpowers. The Awoken isn’t the kind of thing that just pops out.”

The novel is similar to the conversation I had with Cha Jae-gyun in the past.

‘We are testing whether someone we can trust is a psychic. However, none of them had superpowers.’

The alternative I suggested here was the ‘foundation’ to Cha Jae-gyun’s lament. To build an orphanage, and to pick and raise awakened children among young children.

The cold continued.

“But, as a result of observing the survivors inside Seoul, the rate of awakening was strangely high. This is where Cha Jae-gyun becomes convinced.

Gates and psychics are closely related. People who are active near the gate or who are frequently exposed to magical powers are more likely to wake up.”

This was also the story I had with Cha Jae-gyun. Not even having rescued a group of survivors inside Seoul.

“So Cha Jae-gyun stands by the survivors in Seoul. It was written like a kind of laboratory mouse. To see how the person near the gate wakes up.”

“Isn’t that too much of a guess?”

“Does the novel need proof?”

“…and so is it.”

A novel by Waku like this doesn’t need any proof. The country will turn upside down as long as it works well on the Internet.

The proof is that the tentacles that sniff and stick to will find out on their own. the media or the prosecution.

Winder turned the pen between his fingers to organize his thoughts for a moment, and then continued the conversation.

“He knew the correlation between magic and awakening, so he wanted to create a special forces unit for superpowers.

Around that time, eminent biologists were called to Yeonjunsan Provincial Park. And Cheongsong Prison was empty.”

“…Have you conducted human body tests on heinous criminals?”

“Because you can’t just shove a manastone right into the loyal Black Agents.”

The cold-jaw quietly pushed the two photos to me.

“I got this from a friend of the Busan Ilbo. A container truck taken at Jinbo-myeon in Cheongsong at 3 a.m. on the 28th.

And this is the same vehicle coming into the supply base near the martial law command. Since then, a lot of vehicles have been heading to Yeoninsan Mountain.”


“At this time, the Apgujeong incident occurs.”

“for a moment.”

I raised my hand for a moment and cut him off.

“Then, when did the in vivo experiment begin?”

The answer was concise.

“Do you know what ‘C-03 is’ means?”


“The 3rd experiment means the 3rd subject of the 3rd attempt.”


“There was even an ‘F-01’.”

Since he couldn’t escape the shock, the cold person went on to explain.

“I will find out later that when we were isolated in Apgujeong, it was Cha Jae-gyun who agitated local governments and public opinion to target lawmakers.”

It must have been to prevent the political power from becoming stronger. They were detaining lawmakers.

Perhaps it was the aim of the lack of reinforcements at Gangnam Station. Trying to gulp the foundation?

My thoughts were interrupted as the cold continued to speak.

“However, you have become a new hero. At the same time, Rep. Yang Pan-seok threatened Cha Jae-gyun and freed 10 lawmakers.”


“If Rep. Han Seung-moon told the media at that time that Cha Jae-gyun was neglecting Apgujeong. What would have happened? With that as an excuse, Rep. Yang Pan-seok threatened Cha Jae-gyun…”

This is the first I’ve heard of it.

“……Uh, umm. At that time, I took the role of a broker who made contact with the media instead of Representative Yang Pan-seok. Because all the media near the Martial Law Command have been taken over…”

“Are you saying that the reason the 12-member National Assembly was launched was because of Rep. Yang Pan-seok’s back work?”

“Did you not know?”

I couldn’t help but stare at him with blank eyes. He continued speaking with a bewildered look.

“For now, let’s skip this part because it’s not important. The important thing is that Cha Jae-gyun succeeded in his research at this point.”


“There are a few side effects, but a drug has been developed that can awaken a normal person with a better probability.”

If not, it was now time to destroy the evidence.

“…I must have killed all the subjects.”

“Here is a fact he overlooked.”

The cold person put on his glasses again. Cold eyes gleamed in the darkness.

“Everyone has a hard time right before they die.”

It is said that the wild vigilantes who were just before being killed in a group ran into a group and were released.

So martial law was declared.

I calmly arranged the situation.

“So now,

Because Cha Jae-gyun wants to have a special forces unit.

Because the NIS conducted a living experiment with the monster,

Very powerful, unstable, and vicious at the same time,


Doesn’t that mean the monsters have been released?”

An appalling silence followed.

The cold person nodded his head expressionlessly.

“Why is my novel okay?”

“You call that a horse?”

“Can you make this a bestseller?”


“……Uh, um. I think it will sell well.”

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