A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 35

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 35

EP 7 – North Wind (5)

There is such a thing as a politician’s physiology.

In a nutshell, after biting and tearing in front of the camera, we shake hands in a sauna.


Because if you can’t kill them all at once, there will be a headwind.

If you’re not confident that you’re going to stop breathing all at once, it’s best to be friendly throughout.

So, when attacking someone.

You have to measure your kill angle and hit it.

In modern society, it is not unheard of to say that those who have information in their hands sweep large countries. You need to know the information to get the angle.

In that sense.


I was most afraid of Pi Chae-won.

* * *

To what extent is it a lie,

Where does the truth come from?

Whose board am I on?

“……First of all, I understand the current situation that you have grasped. I know what role you want me to play.”

Cha Jae-kyun, stop breathing. Isn’t this saying

But would it be that easy?

More information is needed.

“How the hell did you and our Ms. Pi Chae-won find out about this?”

I looked back on the current situation and continued speaking as carefully as possible.

“It is not very reliable that a reporter and a high school student broke through the tight security and infiltrated the underground bunker.”

The problem is, as I talk more and more, I feel something strong.

“The experiment was conducted in an underground bunker, how could you come with these photos and test records…”

As I questioned, several assumptions spontaneously came to mind, and a shocking speculation finally crossed my mind.

“Well, unless there is a collaborator inside, this can’t be…”

The table fell into silence.



“… collaborators, are you there?”

A long silence ensued,

That silence was soon affirmative.

The cold, who hesitated for a while, got lucky first.

“Certainly, there was a strong feeling of in vivo experiments, but no physical evidence. I don’t have superpowers, how can I infiltrate a military installation?”

To be honest, I thought this guy could do it, but he didn’t have to add any words.

“When I was contemplating for a long time because the road to report was blocked, Chaewon came to me first.”


“And lead me to the nearby mountains—”


Pi Chae-won cut off the conversation and got up from her seat, startled. And swish around like a meerkat.

The cold asked meaningfully.

“Did you hear that!?”

“Hey, nearby…!”


He put on his bag and got up quickly.

“The agents have come all the way here!”

“What, what?”

“Now that I have the vehicle ready, get up!”

“Wow, the car we came in—”

“Mine is a cannonball!”

what are you doing man

“let’s go!”

…and what about Pi Chae-won? Wasn’t it supposed to be a future poem?

For a moment, with a dazed mind, he has a bewildered expression on his face.

Chin, Pi Chae-won pulled my sleeve tightly and called me.

“I’m sorry……”


“I just have a little bit of a good ear…”

I looked back at him with blank eyes.

I didn’t foresee the roof door opening,

just heard the sound?

I didn’t hear the helicopter fall,

just heard the sound?

I followed him out of the pension with confused eyes.

As always, Pi Chae-won is smiling bitterly.


We got into the van of the cold person and headed to the restaurant on the 4th floor of Homeplus in a quiet city.

Mixed with the crowd, I chose a restaurant with few people, ordered four Japanese pork cutlets and sat around them.

The food came, but Pi Chae-won and I kept our mouths shut, and only Hong Seon-ah ate the pork cutlet with an expressionless or smiling face.

The cold person opened his mouth with tired eyes.

“How far have I been talking?”

“Miss Pi Chae-won has come.”

“Ah yes. Chaewon came to see me.”

The cold-jaw continued to speak after drinking a glass of water as his throat was burning.

“Chaewon called me in the middle of the night and led me to a nearby hill. There, I met Yoon-ah Lee, who had collapsed.”

“…Have you met an insider?”

The cold person smiled bitterly.

“Would you like to meet?”


“I also got an interview.”


Someone sat at our table.

A girl wearing a deep hoodie.

At first glance, he was ordinary, but he was not an ordinary person in that his eyes were completely black.

I shook my knee and tapped Hong Seon-ah’s thigh.

It was a signal to burn it right away if it was wrong. Hong Seon-ah also hit me.



A suffocating silence followed.

“……Nice to meet you.”

Black eyes spoke to us.

It was like a lion or a leopard roaring and mimicking a human horse.

“Hey, that criminal is ah, chock! Cologne! Kek!”

Perhaps it was too much for him to speak like a human, and he coughed heavily and vomited green sputum.

…the table melted.

The dark eyes wiped the corners of his mouth with a sullen look, sniffing and looking at the cold person.

The cold person who couldn’t see started explaining instead.

“…This is Yuna Lee, a university student in Siheung. He is the person who was caught and tested with inmates while visiting Cheongsong Prison inmates.”

“Oh, you mean you’re not from a prisoner?”

Coldja nodded his head calmly, but it was a very hard to believe sound.

He continued to speak.

“We continued the coverage with the help of Yoona. Chaewon also helped a lot. It is safe to say that the three of us have filmed several spy films over the years.”

“…are you saying that you are a trustworthy person?”

I asked the cold person, but the black eyes quickly nodded and answered positively. Black eyes are dazzling I see it and I believe it.

…even crying with a sad expression on her face.

“I, I, my father are thugs…! I was visiting, and I saw a truck loaded with prisoners. Cologne! The soldiers caught me…!”

The black eyes could not be ripped apart, and he protested in a torn voice.

“I’m sorry…! Me, me, jingja…!”

Now I cry and even sniff. When Pi Chae-won smiled bitterly and patted his back, the dark-eyed subject wiped the yellow tears with a tissue.

The cold person opened his mouth with pitying eyes.

“You can stop talking now.”

“mister…! I really…!”

“Yeah, yeah…”

His dark eyes seemed to say something to me, but he couldn’t speak because he was filled with anger, so he knelt down and cried.

But how do I know if this woman is a criminal or not?

“Criminal, no.”

Perhaps he noticed my questionable eyes, Pi Chae-won smiled sadly and patted the back of his black eyes. The black eyes wiped their tears again and lifted their head.

“Yes, you said Wonnim-”


head exploded

Lee Yoon-ah, who lost her head, collapsed in a messy body.

With a blank mind, I wiped the drops of blood from the corners of my eyes. Everyone was shocked and terrified.


Only then did the gunfire sound. Suddenly the window was broken.

It was a sniper.


The police came and took the case up.

I don’t think you need to worry about small issues.

I have a bigger concern.

“No, you want to be a soldier, a police officer, and later a member of the National Assembly?”

“You’re welcome.”

I was traveling somewhere in a police car with Colonel Jang in a cop outfit.

It is the NIS that was besieging the Underground Parliament and pretended to be the soldier.

“I am the chief of the Counter-Terrorism Security Agency.”

The chief smirked and smirked. I looked out the window sullenly.

“Somehow, the road is familiar.”

“I am taking you to the martial law command.”

“Did the Vice-Minister call you? I was just trying to find you.”

The chief looked very tired. I asked bluntly.

“It looks like you haven’t slept well.”

“Ah, yes. Your friends are having a bit of trouble…”

“It’s a little bit like a friend…”

I cut off the tail once, but the chief smiled without saying a word.

At the end of the hill, the martial law command came into view.


The familiar scent of yulmu tea exudes.

“Oh, are you here?”

Cha Jae-gyun handed me a cup of Yulmu tea.

“……Long time no see. Deputy Minister.”

“Nice to see you again.”

He greeted me with a gentle smile.

“I know it will be a huge shock.”

I reclined on the soft sofa, and he sat down in front of me, sipping the barley tea.

I threw a fastball.

“He conducted biological experiments on criminals to create special forces with superpowers. Is it true that martial law broke out because the subjects escaped during the final treatment?”

Cha Jae-gyun’s answer was concise and clear.


Translation: Since I made it clear to you that I did it, you will now be on the same team as me, or you will remain silent here forever.

As his expression hardened for a moment, Cha Jae-gyun smirked and sipped the tea.

“Hey, do you know that the person next to him is more dangerous than the person who smokes?”

A cigarette that suddenly popped out. I suddenly answered.

“…are you talking about secondhand smoke?”

“Smokers have filters. The person next to you is drinking poison without moving.”

He rolled his wrinkled eyes and smiled bitterly.

“So I am fine, but my wife is dead. At twenty-nine.”


“Because I was smoking around at home because I was a veteran soldier. It’s no wonder I don’t get cancer. He didn’t actually die of cancer, I killed him.”

This was the first time that Cha Jae-gyun’s voice had a high and low pitch.

He started talking to me in a very relaxed manner.

“When I came in after the funeral, my two-year-old daughter was buzzing in the corner. I also cried for a long time while holding that little swaddling bag.”

Cha Jae-gyun took out his wallet from his inner pocket.

“That’s why, for 30 years, I didn’t live with only one daughter looking at me. I am so thankful that I grew up beautiful and genuine under the widower who killed my mother.”

He took a picture out of his wallet. And with a friendly attitude, he crossed the desk and showed me the picture. Even pointing at the people in the picture one by one.

“Yo, yo, this is my daughter Jaehee. Next to our lawyer, Song Seobang. Two little puppies under them are our granddaughters.”


“The guy in the stroller is Su-min, and the guy hanging from Dad’s leg is Su-jeong. Isn’t it cute?”

Cha Jae-gyun smiled with no face.

“The body was removed on the first day of the incident.”

Without a smile, he put the picture in his wallet and put it in his inner pocket.

Then he leaned back deeply on the sofa.

He crossed his legs and placed his interlaced hands on his knees. And he had a more relaxed smile. At first glance, it may seem daunting.

he said softly to me.

“There is a word that the senator once asked me.

what is my goal

What did I do then?”

The answer he gave came out of my mouth.

“…a monster, annihilation.”

Cha Jae-kyun said.

“Did I not tell you?”

Said the soldier who was more like a soldier than anyone else.

“I am a soldier, and everything I do is killing. In that sense, I think of myself as a good soldier.”

he laughs

“I will not explain every day.”


“The fewest people and the most monsters will die.”

The old vengeful smiles broadly.

“There is no greater patriot than me. on this land.”

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