A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 41

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 41

EP 8 – Youngest Granddaughter of a Conglomerate (3)

8 in the morning.

A mountain valley where the sun shines on the snowflakes.

A white lake shore covered in morning mist.

It is refreshing to hear the sound of an unknown bird. It’s still a dark world, but I feel refreshed by the rising sun over the valley.

An old man was sitting at the edge of a lake in the superb view that looked like something out of a Chinese movie.

He was wearing a North Face white label Delton jacket BLK and a Kia Tigers baseball cap.

Yang Pan-seok was not particularly interested in baseball, but the Kia Tigers had a home in Gwangju, so he often acted as a fan as a district manager.

Feeling popular, he turned around and lowered the mask. Yang Pan-seok smiled softly and opened his mouth, and white breath leaked out.

“Are you here?”

“Hello, Senator.”

“I just wanted to go out to the sea off Busan. Because my life is precious, I want…”

There are monsters in the sea too.

Anyway, we exchanged greetings with shivering, but the mood was not very clean. Because he told me not to bring an assistant.

I mean, it’s not about fishing.

It sounds like you have something secret to say.

Thanks to this, we were the only two of us. He murmured as he looked at his watch.

“You are late. I knew this was going to happen.”


“Hmm, no.”

He gave me a seat and smiled.

“We haven’t talked for a while.”

* * *

“The world is very chaotic, but the political world is peaceful. When the National Assembly, the government, the prosecution, and the opposition and the opposition work together, it can’t be this good.”

I sip a paper cup of hot mixed coffee.

“…I’m not interested in catching monsters, and seeing them just eat the land makes me a little uneasy.”


“Aren’t they already flirting with each other as they place orders for the Seoul reconstruction project? The most dangerous thing is to play with money that you don’t originally have…”

“The risk is gone by holding on to the media. There is no one to insult Still, they are playing cutely in a line that doesn’t avoid us.”

“I don’t think the line to be observed is not that line…”

“Where is the line in this yard? Don’t make enemies for nothing, we’ll be in front of us-“



“Ah, sorry. Because it’s cold…”

Sniff, I chuckled and threw the fishing rod. The float floated on the lake. I asked Yang Pan Seok.

“When is the election?”

Under the current law, the president had to be elected within 60 days.

Proportional representatives had to be filled with existing candidates immediately,

The parliamentary by-election was held in April next year.

“Since the citizens isolated in Seoul cannot vote and there is no way to determine the life or death of lawmakers, we have agreed to maintain the current system for the time being.”

It’s a saying that we’re going to keep eating.

“Hmm. I roughly expected it. People will understand that

ah! I’ll have to convince you of that from now on.”

As long as the politicians were united, there were not one or two ways to ‘convince’ the people.

First of all, you can cast the magic of statistics, a long-standing tradition of Korean media. If you report that Won Ok-bun’s approval rating is the highest ever, you and I will support Won Ok-bun. That’s what psychology was.

Or, it’s okay to catch a chaebol who has become accommodating, define it as the ‘axis of evil’ and beat it down. Gapjil-Cider is a formula that always works.

You can push the judiciary that has already become half-guarded by putting a gun on the National Election Commission in George’s way (the original Supreme Court Justice is the chairman of the Election Commission),

Or, it’s okay to play with both parties fighting and pretending to be reconciled.

The methods were varied.

“…Power is a group, so if you have creativity, you can do anything.”

“Isn’t that why we have been fighting bloodily to seize power?”

Most of the situation was resolved by death, but it was a firm fact that we settled at the top of the pyramid by taking advantage of the vacuum of power.

Yang Pan-seok presented a vision.

“In the future, we should draw a great nation with talented and like-minded people.”

It sounds like we should do some water quality management.

Don’t take out the stone that has been rolled up.

so that we can maintain our vested interests,

Only carefully selected personnel should be raised to the top of the pyramid. This was it.

As he looked at Yang Pan-seok with his cold eyes, he smiled.

“Was it a little outdated?”

“Yeah, you were a little rude.”

“I, indeed. It’s been hard to talk to the old man these days because he wore a badge. I should die before I get any more insults…”

“Oh, why are you doing this, I’m sorry!”

Yang Pan-seok grabbed the fishing rod and grinned. The calm voice of the old man echoed in the still lake shore.

“…I’m the talker. He was a fighter to the bone.”

Yang Pan-seok came from a sports field. He was also an Oyabung with dozens of gunners, and he was appointed as a late judge and led several judicial upheavals.

Of course, that career, the words of the present,

All are past tense.

He’s only been a politician for 13 years.

“Apart from ideology, my uncle was unfairly dragged to Samcheong Education University and beaten to death, so it was a natural procedure.”

Yang Pan-seok began to recite modern history line by line.

“By the way, I did everything I could to get rid of the dictatorship, but when Roh Tae-woo was elected after a fight between Yang Kim and Roh. How did I feel?”

13th presidential election. Infighting within the democratization forces and fisherman geography.

“How was it when YS broke the back of DJ’s head and held hands with JP and Roh Tae-woo? Thankfully, this led to one-time liquidation, so I guess that’s the case.”

triangular party. Kim Young-sam’s betrayal, or myo-su.

“When the DJ forgave Chun Doo-hwan and offered his pardon, how would it feel to me as a judge watching that?”

Yang Pan-seok looked into my eyes for a long time, expressionless.

And only smiled with his mouth.

“You don’t understand. I don’t even know It’s natural.

The fuzzy modern history doesn’t even appear in textbooks, and it’s become too old to be left in people’s minds. tt… Now, in the corners of the Internet, things are used only as a topic for political fanatic fights.

Even if you take it out when unplaying, it has no effect because it’s so old. Sangdo Donggye High School Donggyo Donggye High School is already obsolete…”

He fiddled with the fishing rod and smiled softly.

“But, this was my life. I’ve always compromised my beliefs and accepted reality, and as I’ve gotten older I’ve learned to chip away at me. In fact, everyone except politicians would do this.”


“Do you think politics has the right answer?”

I shook my head without hesitation, and Yang Pan-seok lowered the mask under his chin and continued speaking, blowing out white breath.

There was no smile on his wrinkled face, which had always been consciously smiling.


He said that the essence of a politician is survival.

“All political developments are nothing more than populism in the process of survival. A promise to get votes. It means nothing more.”

He said that the job of a politician is an illusion.

“Don’t believe in ideology and justice. Left and right are all in vain. There is absolute evil in the world, but there is no absolute good.”

He said that the beliefs of politicians are futile.

“Do you know that I see one or two people who are separated by ideology and justice? I don’t need to lose my strength. Even when you’re in your 50s, no, you’re in your 40s, you’ll become a giant who rules the country.

Do not spread when you are young and look long. Don’t try to achieve anything. If you survive, you will all become stronger. That’s the country’s system.”

It is said to live to live. The 13-year-old politician denied the politician’s dream and will.

“For now, I’m struggling to live. Politicians aren’t beasts that can afford to see anything else.”

It was the first time Yang Pan-seok spoke in such a voice. Without realizing it, the tension in the wind made my shoulder muscles throb.


Yang Pan-seok laughed softly.

“In that sense, I called to introduce you to a person. How-”

Bourneung. A car came up this way with the sound of the engine.

Just looking at it, it’s better than starting to drive. The vehicle staggered to a stop, and from there a woman in a suit got off and ran hurriedly over here.

“They said that even a tiger would come when I said it.”

Yang Pan-seok stood up from his seat with a languid smile.

“Have a nice time.”

It was just an empty conversation in that neither of them had a bait on their fishing rod.


“…Oh, hey. Mr. Han Seung-moon!”

Smaller than me, she approached me with staggering steps.

The suit looked a little bigger than the body, probably because of the dark circles and narrow shoulders.

She spoke in a small, muffled voice. She looked like she was crying because of the drooping eyebrows.

“Nice to meet you…”

She swallowed dry saliva and shook hands with me with trembling hands.

I said anxiously.

“… aren’t you cold?”

“Oh, yes… it’s fine…”

I was shaking a lot for something good.


Once I brought her to my car.

“Huh…! I will live…”

The weather is different, but if you’re wearing a suit without a coat, it’s fine. After turning on the heater, the car warmed up shortly after.

“Eat some of this.”

“Thank you…”

She smiled softly and took the thermos that I had handed her.

Because of the drooping eyebrows, it seems like a bitter smile even if you just smile. it’s weird

Anyway, it’s a quiet time. Did Yang Pan-seok even play the role of a pimply madam?

Suddenly, she looked at me and smiled bitterly.

“Sa, you look a lot more tired than the picture…”

“…Oh, yes. I can’t sleep these days.”

“it’s okay! I also have insomnia…!”

“Is that so?”

The woman of Myoryeong looked at me with a mysterious expression and smiled, and then threw a word.

“Oh right…!”


“Come on, wait a minute, I left something in the car…”

She put two high heels on her hand and went down the thick snow in stockings.

“Ah, tea tea…!”

And I often ran to my feet and returned with a briefcase from the car.

“Here you go…!”

She handed me a piece of paper and smiled with a strange cry.

“Would you like to have a date with me?”

“…Who are you?”

“This is Cheon Geum-soon, managing director of Cheonmok Shipping…! Your grandfather is the chairman of the Cheonmok Group…”

“Oh, yes, Mr. Geum-soon.”

“But I hate that name…”

What do you say?

“Oh, then what should I call you…?”

She tilted her droopy eyebrows and smiled.


“Hey, what is it, Managing Director Cheon Geum-soon is with me…”

“It’s a thumb.”

“…Yes, it seems like you want to keep good exchanges with the opposite s*x. If you look at the contract you gave me, the front looks like a magic stone transaction, but how come there is content on the back as well?”

What she handed over was a back contract.

“Um, the Fair Trade Commission, the prosecution, the divorce, well, it’s all intertwined! Then go home and read it slowly…”

“So, by marrying me, I want to do something for mutual benefit. Are you proposing an arranged marriage for that purpose?”


“I don’t like it.”


“Oh no…!”

“ah! Why are you here!”

Cheon Geum-soon grabbed my wrist with a gleaming glance.

“Hey, that’s a lot of money!”

“I don’t need money.”

Little by little, she bit her nails and offered suggestions one by one.

“Well… I’ll let you live without a drop of water for the rest of your life.”

“I don’t believe it.”

“Are you sure you don’t need constituency management? I can make good promises of job and investment attraction… There is a shipyard in Tongyeong…”

“I’m a Democrat, and I get insulted when I do that.”

It was a bit temperamental.

“He, he, and his aunt committed suicide in the past by losing an unfair victim lawsuit…”

“Are you threatening me now? It’s true that my aunt was at fault, but I was in middle school at the time.”

“Oh, no! That’s what our hiring managers were trying to blow up on JTN by moving. I also handed a small amount of compensation to the bereaved family… and the speed of joining was a little…”

“…Thank you for that. I will convey my sincerity in a different way.”

she said to me in tears.

“Hey, can’t we just date each other?”

“Well, if the Cheonmok Group is proposing a business, please contact us in a more gentle way. I’m not that stuck.”

“I don’t want to end up with a business!”


“I mean, I couldn’t do it without Mr. Seungmoon!”


…We drove container ships, sold chickens, melted lead, refined oil, sold books, and did a lot of stuff with octopus feet…

It’s a typical big company. How many tenth place in the business world…? Anyway, I’d say 19th or 21st. I come and go every day…

But I ran a department store in Seoul…? It’s broken now though. Anyway, I was working as usual back then, and the gate was open.

…and barely survived and joined a nearby apartment complex. Yes, it’s Apgujeong. I was at the Apgujeong camp.

There, for the first time in my life, I starved to death, couldn’t wash my hands, saw a lot of people die, and even got sick, so I wondered if I was going to die like this…

Senator Han Seung-moon did a miracle.

……Yes, I’ve been wanting to see you a lot since then. But being a politician and an entrepreneur is not a combination that people like.

I was just hanging around because I thought it was a hassle for nothing, but I barely made contact with Rep. Yang Pan-seok, so it’s the first time the two of us are alone like this… hehe…”

Cheon Geum-soon smiled bashfully and twisted her hair.

I asked her carefully.

“Uh, then, you were with me on the Shinbundang line-”

“…? Yes? Oh no. Do you live in Busan?”


“But I don’t think this is a scenario that the public will be able to convince…

If you just apply for election funds, you will be subject to the Political Fund Act… So once you get married, you have to roll the money…

In order to avoid being criticized for having a relationship with politics for nothing, you should have at least one waku that is good for unflagging…

Oh, isn’t it…?”

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