A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 45

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 45

EP 9 – Jin Insa Daecheonmyeong盡人事待天命 (1)

[Last 11th. The court sentenced Cheon Geum-soon, president of GS Group, to 200 hours of community service. Speculative fund management caused economic turmoil, but it is analyzed that the judgment was taken in consideration of the fact that it was trying to fulfill its social responsibility in the future.

President Cheon Geum-soon said that he would not appeal.]

[I think the punishment given this time is very reasonable… I desperately realized that what I was trying to make money could cause harm to others…

No matter how hard you try, 👌👌👌👌 I’ve learned that mistakes are irreversible… a little bit more as an entrepreneur, behave responsibly-]

The Monster Damage Restoration Foundation’s Minor Support Center. Also known as Han Seung-moon Foundation orphanage. infant nursery.

On the TV hanging in the corner of the ceiling, a video of Cheon Geum-soon crying with a pathetic face was shown.

Watching the interview with a whimper like that made me feel a little bit fat.

I asked the woman who was passing the bottle to the baby next to her.

Hmm. I thought the third generation chaebol had never even heard of a newborn baby.

“You are doing better than you think.”

Cheon Geum-soon, who was very skillful in supporting the baby’s neck and feeding her milk, smiled brightly.

“I had a younger brother. My nine-year-old half-brother.”


half-brother It was said that he was a younger brother that his father had an affair with.

“It was pretty cute. I died of an illness when I was 13, but…”


“Maybe my mother killed me. I heard that he died of acute shock due to some kind of disease, but he even went for a walk with me the day before…”


I guessed it, but it seems that I didn’t live a very normal life. Cheon Geum-soon, who was looking at the child with a complicated expression, opened her mouth with a smile.

“By the way, what do you think of the title of president?”

Cheon Geum-soon insisted on the title of president.

“The president is a little ignorant… The president looks so young… There is something called atmosphere in the name.”

“I don’t seem to care.”

“I’m a little sensitive to names… Anyway, cute, right? I also wanted a name like this, not Geumsoon!”


What does ‘Angel’ mean? As he tilted his head with a mysterious face, Cheon Geum-soon quickly answered the question.


* * *

“ha…! It’s over…” Cheon Geum-soon stretched and walked out.

“You have 158 hours left.”

“…Seungmun-san, please…”

“You have to work overtime after you die.”

“……babe. Will you be mad?”

“Aren’t the chaebols just throwing ashtrays at their employees these days?”

“I do not know. I’d like to throw it at the legislator, but…”

“Stop smoking.”

“Ah… I’m out of breath…”

Just as she was muttering, ‘Sometimes I can drink…’.


A young voice came from the sky.


“Long time no see!”

Ga Ji-yoon ran up to me in the sky. When I grabbed his hand, the kid went up to the sky like a balloon.

I took Ga Ji-yoon and introduced it to Cheon Geum-soon.

“Ah, Mr. Chen. This is Gam Ji-yoon. with me-”


“The telecommist who escaped from Seoul…?”

“I, can I catch you just once…?”

She tried to take Ga Ga-yoon away from me like a child trying to steal a balloon.


Gam Ji-yoon was floating and swayed to and fro like a helium balloon.

“Uh, why are you here?”

“Ha, I’ll catch you just once…!”

“Go away.”


I borrowed Gam Ji-yoon’s superpower and floated Cheon Geum-soon for a while.

“Ji Yoon-ah. long time no see?”

“I saw it often on TV!”

“It’s not like we met. By the way, what have you been doing these days?”


Ga Ji-yoon smiled brightly.

“I stumbled when I raised the pole! Destroy the hamburger house! Let’s eat it from the boss! Demachi for the time being!”

“Uh, uh…”

My head was pounding for a moment, but Cheon Geum-soon interpreted it.

“I dropped something while putting up an aircraft pole and smashed the on-site restaurant… I got scolded by the head of the team and I don’t have any work for a while…”

“CEO Chun, can you hear this…?”

“You have that construction company…”

“You are meticulous…”

Gam Ji-yoon was the ace dispatcher of the guild public support team. ‘Public Support’. Build a broken house. Clear up the rubble of a destroyed building. etc.

In other words, it played the role of an all-round heavy equipment on a walking construction board. Apparently, I got along very well with the uncles.

I gave Ga Ji-yoon to Cheon Geum-soon. Geum-soon Cheon gently shook Ga Ga-yoon and said to me.

“Ahh… I thought I had sacrificed one of the chief executives I loved and ran away. I didn’t expect to get 200 hours…”

“The Financial Services Commission also needs to save face.”

The stigma of not cracking down on economic crimes under the pressure of the government was ‘formally’ removed. Cheon Geum-soon grumbled.

“What happens to people who know everyone anyway…”

“We’re building up excuses that we can use in the next state audit.”


“It’s all about politics.”


Chaewon Pi started reporting.

“That… you became friends with a member of the House of Representatives, circuit breaker? I was wondering if I could adjust the time…”

He told me Cheon Geum-soon’s inner feelings.

“……This is not a sangtorai bastard!”

“What is that…?”

“When the stock market goes open, the country shuts down the shutter, but if the youngsters use it well, they are called thousands of times their money, right? This, what…!”

What kind of drugs do I have to take to come up with these thoughts?

Even in the stock market, you’re thinking of doing a damn fire ant or something to do. It was a very risky act in that she was a chaebol.

When it comes to making money, it’s really a devilish talent. I could only think that such an idea was possible only in the realm of talent.

“Did you have any other thoughts?”


“Now we have 158 hours left. Please work a little more, Miss Pi Chae-won.

It seemed like a good choice to stimulate the Ministry of Finance and forcefully catch her.

This was because the chaewon could periodically monitor her while working at the orphanage under a community service order.

I was a little out of my mind Think of crazy ideas. Races that succeed in crazy ways.

The kind that politicians are most wary of.

We call it a great man.

Pi Chae-won, who performed a brilliant civilian inspection, did not leave the room even after finishing the report with a trembling expression.

“What happen?”

“… Senator. No matter how I think about it, this is not-”

Knock. Knock.

“Come in.”

With the sound of a knock, a familiar face poked her head out.

“Hmm. Chaewon was there?”

“Ah, it’s over. Come on in.”

Chae-won Pi left the office tumbled, and the director cautiously entered and sat down on the sofa.

“How? Are you worthy of being the head of an orphanage?”

“I don’t think it’s my vocation.”

The chief of the Jangdan near the Underground National Assembly.

Chief of the National Intelligence Service.

Gyeonggi Jang, Seoul Branch,

Director of Han Seung-moon Foundation.

“He was also a soldier. Agent did too. The police did too. Do you even work as a manager?”

“Life is real, yes. haha…”

I got up with my cane, smiled kindly, and handed him the barracuda.

“Isn’t this all for the sake of the country and people?”

“You are right.”

“Let’s try a little harder. we.”

He politely drank the barley tea with both hands. I also tilted my share of a paper cup and sip.

I am now dealing with the NIS counter-terrorism security agent who worked under Cha Jae-gyun.

I don’t know the name. It changes every time you see it.

He is now the director of the orphanage of the Han Seung-moon Foundation. To be more precise, the head of the Center for the Support Center for Minors of the Monster Damage Restoration Foundation.

“What about the percentage of psychics?”

He is investigating whether minors who have lost their families in Seoul are awakening.

As there were hundreds of thousands of people with nowhere to turn, it was taking quite a long time.

“They are all from Seoul. The percentage of Awoken is significant.”

“Did the gate magic and awakening prove a relationship?”

“Statistically, yes.”

I’m not saying it’s not scientific…

Director Cheon Hwa-ran, the highest authority in this field, has reached full term. There is a shortage of research personnel right now.

“Chief Cheon is now…”

“He said he wouldn’t give up on research completely. You haven’t gone to Busan, but you are still in Seoul.”

“I’m about to give birth, so what are you going to do? For now, give up your help, and if there are highly educated among the Awakened, put them in the lab immediately.”

“All right.”

When Cheon Hwa-ran, exhausted from overwork, started recuperating at the hospital, the progress of the research came to a halt.

A method of converting magic stones into heat energy and methods of accelerating body recovery with drugs using magic stones already exist, but they are still in the testing stage.

Of course, he brought in a number of scholars and replaced them. However, wouldn’t it be so common to find an ‘awakened person’ who is a researcher and doctor who is well versed in chemistry and the human body?

For a person who cannot see magical powers to discuss superpowers, this was too abstract a science.

I know because I can’t see magic.

Although the Awoken was divided into several categories, it was practically meaningless.

In the end, if David Kim throws a stone, it’s far away, and if Hong Seon-ah sticks to it and burns it, it’s close. In the beginning, Kim Chun-shik was carrying a gun every day.

On the Internet, attackers, rigid body magicians, healers, psychics, pyrotechnics, etc., were given a lot of cool nicknames, but it was difficult to actually differentiate between superpowers.

However, there is only one established standard. type A. type B.

Type A is a person who has been affected by magical powers.

That is, they are people who have changed their bodies.

Yeo Do-yeon, Kim Chun-sik, Kang Seok-ho, and others.

These are people whose bodies have been deformed in such a way that they become hard, their hearing develops, they vomit gastric juices far, and poisons come out of their bodies.

Type B is a person who uses magic.

That is, they are superpowers.

Hong Seon-ah, Ga Ji-yoon, and others.

It manipulates electricity, floats objects in the air, restores people, emits light, and causes phenomena that defy the laws of physics.

Types A and B have in common that their magical power is visible, and they become stronger by absorbing magic stones. There is a difference depending on your talent and level, though.


I can’t see magic. can’t eat gems

Personally, I think I’m type C.

Chaewon Pi is a case similar to mine. He couldn’t see mana, and he couldn’t absorb mana stones.

I don’t know the exact principle since it was first distinguished by humans, but it was.

“Oh, my head hurts…”

“Are you okay?”

“I think it’s because I’m old.”

“Uh, really…”

The chieftain asked me.

“Even in the basement of Mt. Inyeon, no research has been conducted in that direction. The problem was how to adapt the magic to the human body.”

“Were all the subjects type A?”

“Type A was the most common. Occasionally, type B came out. Individual abilities were also very different, and we focused on maintaining reason after transformation.”

“Hmm… First of all, let’s talk about a headache. The time has come for the phone call…”

“Ah, then I’m alone.”

“Yes. take care.”

Exactly 51 minutes later. A text message came.

address was written on it.


It took 4 hours to get to the address.

And within 4 hours, the country was turned upside down.

I managed to get to the junction, avoiding reporters who approached me. It was an underground bunker in a certain mountainous area.

I saw a body search at the entrance, so I handed the tie pin and watch over there first, and passed the search at once.

Upon entering, members of the National Assembly are gathered together and watching TV. Some had their faces reddened and yelled at their phones.

[The press is controlled, what is this? You don’t have to walk an embargo! Embargo!]

[Uh, Joopil Kim. This is a bit disappointing. Do you want to flirt with me? Is there anyone out there who doesn’t know that your bastard is doing drugs?] [I am. Ah, that’s an excuse. Well, no matter how hot it is on social media. I’m in a hurry, so I can’t hold on to my ankles like this.]

It’s not a riot.

I quickly approached and checked the breaking news on TV. with subtitles

‘Disclosure of the transcripts of members of the National Assembly. stir’

It was raised in a big way.

[…It was circulated at 6 o’clock. The confirmed voices are Kim Yun-sik, Jeong Cheol, and Yoon Jae-sang, from the Democratic Party. Rep. Jeon Pil-jae, Im Woong-jae, and Kim Jae-woon.]

The subtitles of the breaking news have been changed.

‘Exclusion of proportional representatives. y’all?’.

Then, a cheap gold badge 3D model was placed on the black silhouettes, and a transcript was played, starting with a voice mixed with noise.

[I heard that you met a candidate for proportional representative Kim Jo-in. Rep. Jung.]

[…No, he’s not a senior politician. It’s unfortunate that you fell by one number this time.]

[Hey. Who knows who has no one to take care of?]

[Uh-huh… Be careful with your words.]

[Don’t take a strict person’s ponytail. Act straight. How much did you spend on closing the snouts of the tentacles? Now, a proportional representative candidate. Yes? It is not polite to say that I will succeed.]

Proportional representative members vote in advance by assigning numbers from 1 to the latter.

When you enter the polling place, you will be given two ballots.

The name of the person is the constituency, and the name of the party is the proportional representation.

If the party receives a large number of votes, it is elected up to 23 proportional representatives.

If a party receives fewer votes, it can only win up to 16 proportional representatives.

roughly like this

by the way. When you think you’ve won by the 16th.

If one proportional representative member goes out, the number 17 will inherit the seat.

That’s the rule.

[I don’t mean to follow the rules in this yard. What did Kim Jo-in say?]

[What kind of habit is that to the elder!]

[I’m her senior! Check the genealogy straight away!]

[Come on, everyone, calm down.]

[He? him? I’ve known you since you left. Where does a bastard without a genealogy count up and down!]

We overturned the issue of proportional representation succession in order to monopolize the rice bowl called the National Assembly.

12-member parliament. In order to protect their respective pieces of cake, they decided not to invite more people to the table.

[What did you say now!]

[Anyway, do not bring proportional representatives into the National Assembly. How did you silence the voice of the general election in April, are you going to bring it up now?]


[Oh, keep your dignity! Some dignity!]

It even postponed the general election scheduled for April. They tried to prolong the 12-member system.

[When are you talking about?]

[Anyway, I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear the request to elect more proportional representatives. I lost my ears.]

[No, everyone, please calm down-]

[I only get up.]

[Rep. Kim, who went to the detention center to wrap you up. Are you talking about being a monster now? That guy quit the party. Where can I talk to the elder?]

[It’s not polite…]

“……Who is it.”

A lawmaker who just hung up on the phone scattered the crowd with poison eyes.

“that. a few months ago. Didn’t it happen in the Underground Parliament?”


“Which bastard read the transcript?”

The senator slapped the senator.

“hey. Kim Jo-in said that he did not appoint a proportional representative. Do you want all of them?”

“My, would I? And what kind of habit is that-”

The senator grabbed the senator by the neck.

“A bastard who took money from these bastards in college and ate them.”

“Hey, let this go!”

“Where are you trying to match the prosecutor?”

“This is not a crazy bastard!”

“Are you scared? huh? Do you know that I left the cabinet behind when I left the prosecutor’s office?”

“What do you mean by that!”

“I ate a college girl. Don’t think that the prosecution couldn’t investigate at that time and didn’t arrest him. The man who put the badge on you covered it.”

“hey! this! baby! Decades ago-”

“The prosecution does not erase the record even after the investigation is over.”

The legislator looked back at the members and opened his eyes gleaming with life.

“I don’t know what kind of bastard it was. Remember it wisely.”

The senator threatened the senator.

“I am not alone.”

Among the confused lawmakers. I’ve been staring at one of the members the whole time. He also looked at me.

I made eye contact with Yang Pan-seok for a moment.

He closed his eyes, and I avoided them.

36 Commandments

losing battle

Chapter 33.

Anti-tricky anti-間計.

: Separate the enemies and make them distant from each other.

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