A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 46

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 46

EP 9 – Jin Insa Daecheonmyeong盡人事待天命 (1)

With a voice that takes orders, he connects the ships with the warships of the warships, the dotdanbae, and the windswept boats, and goes back and forth like a flat land.

Cao Cao, after training for a tour, my heart is happy. Jung-wook and Sun-wook said to Jo-jo,

“Cho Seung-sang, I can already guess the graveyard where a naval battle turned into a land battle when the boat was tied up and floated on the Yangtze River.”

“If it is going to be scorched by fire, how can you avoid it?”

Cao Cao answered and said,

“The southeast wind doesn’t blow, you bastards.”

Pansori Jeokbyeokga

* * *

“I don’t die alone. Keep that in mind. We all know each other, don’t we?”

“Are we others? It’s difficult if there’s no one who hasn’t put the firewood soup on it and it pops out without loyalty.”

When the panicked lawmakers bubbled in their mouths and turned into crazy dogs, Yang Pan-seok began to rectify the situation.

“Come on, everyone, calm down. Let’s start with dealing with the situation. Whether it’s a smoke screen or a special ethics committee…”

“Yu, Ethics Special Committee?”

‘Special Committee on Ethics’.

It is a special committee that can remove badges by examining the qualifications of members of the National Assembly.

“Hey Senator Yang! Are you saying you’re going to get rid of us now!? Let’s all be together-“

“It took me about a month to decide whether to open the Ethics Special Committee or not. This is the sound of the special ethics committee opening and dragging for about a month to examine the public sentiment and the political situation.”

[When time passes, it becomes quiet]

“Ahhh…! ah ha ha! I’m sorry! Sorry! I was so excited!”

“I know it doesn’t work well when there is blood on your head, but calm down. Let’s calmly put our heads together. Isn’t it the situation where the social leaders are united anyway?”

[How long have you been eating together, but the government won’t even cover it?]

Those who can’t even roll their basic head can’t wear a gold badge. After Yang Pan-seok stabilized the situation, everyone seemed to have cooled down.

“For now… how about if the transcript is framed as manipulation?”

“Who would believe that?”

“Supporters need excuses, not original reasons. Once allegations of manipulation arise, the public opinion will be divided.”

A serious discussion began.

“Isn’t the country revolving around the southern regions? The proportion of older people in the population is significant. Wouldn’t that have an advantage in forming public opinion?”

[A lot of young people die and there are only old people, so wouldn’t it work well for agitation?]

Republican Party Policy Committee Chairman Na Yoon-hee frowned.

“No, I think you need to be very careful, not to take action. that. Public opinion is very sensitive…”

[I wanted the parents who lost their children to complain. I don’t think he’ll be on our side.]

“I think we need to watch public opinion a little more closely.”

[Acknowledgement] At this point, there was an opinion that we should cut out the wounds before they rot, but there were too many people involved to choose their own lives.

We knew each other’s weaknesses too much. It was almost impossible to do politics without getting dirty in Korea.

Pneumatic elections, party competition, media play, political and economic collusion, budget distribution of the standing committee, constituency management, nomination massacre, campaign fund raising, etc.

Naturally, it asks for time. They do not kill each other because they can kill each other.

If you cut it, you die together.

So, somehow, you have to grab hold of the wound and fight.

“Why don’t we look at the situation of local governments and assessment agencies from within each person’s reach?”

[Who doesn’t know that my brother-in-law is the chairman of the Korea Communications Commission? I’ll cut the press first, so raise your hand next time]

“I’ll take a look at Honam.”

[The mayor of Gwangju is the person I put in when I was governor]

“Um… I’m going to make a few phone calls to the prosecution.”

[I control the prosecution]

“Um, who was the chairman of the National Election Commission now…?”

[Rep. Yang Pan-seok. The current chairman of the National Election Commission is Justice Lee Ju-hyeong. When you were a Supreme Court judge, didn’t that friend put you in the courthouse? Why don’t you tell me to pay off that debt?]

“I do not know. It is good to listen to the opinions of the officials, but first, how can we get the public opinion?”

[It’s not time to do that now.

Yang Pan-seok interrupted the conversation.

In order to fight by grabbing the wound, it was the first priority to stop the bleeding.

A former Supreme Leader of the Democratic Party supported Yang Pan-seok’s opinion.

“I agree. Now, public opinion criticizing the politicians is inevitably strong.

‘Our’ Rep. Han Seung-moon Think about it when you entered Apgujeong. How many people blinded by anger… Ah! Sorry to mention bad things. A senator.”

Interpretation: Seungmoon-ah…

“No, no, it’s fine.”

“Hmm. Anyway, the whole nation is now looking for someone to resent. Will you listen to our excuses? This is it.”

Interpretation: Seungmoon-ah…

“Then, what? Do you even issue a statement of condemnation as a group?”

Interpretation: Seungmoon-ah…

“It’s a headwind.”

Interpretation: Seungmoon-ah…

“I, really…”

Interpretation: Seungmoon-ah…

Everyone looked at me and continued the conversation. A sense of desperation was felt in the small eye contact that lasted about 0.3 seconds.

Everyone’s tails were blurry, but somehow it seemed to be coming from behind.

“Whether making excuses or apologizing, calming the public’s feelings is the first priority…”

I’m the only one who can do that.

“It’s just too big to go through. Parliament should step in and explain. The problem is political trust…”

I, who is trusted, will fix it with a press conference.

“First put out the fire…”

look at me and turn away

I looked around in bewilderment and stuttered.

“Ah, no, uh…”

“…a member of the legislature.” The Republican policy chairperson next to me held my hand tightly. She was called the queen of negative elections.

“I think we have to announce the position of the National Assembly first. Can you add a little bit of your opinion?”


“Politics of division is not good for Korea. Doesn’t even a senator know that? Even though you are much younger than me, as a friend from whom I always learn. I’m sure you know what I mean.”


“Shouldn’t the National Assembly come together to overcome difficulties?”

“Oh, uh… yes. Yes. Oh, I see.”


Senator Han Seung-moon!

KBC Woo Joong-young is proud!

This recording!

This is SBM Jaepal Lee!

Proportional representative candidate succession intentionally in the National Assembly!

“No, uh… One by one, the words—”

It is said that the general election in April has also been postponed!

Senator Han Seung-moon!

Please answer me!

Is it true that you excluded it!

The monopoly of parliamentary power!

This is JTBN Kim Hyun-joong!

“Hey, if you ask me one by one…”

Senator Han Seung-moon!

The monopoly of parliamentary power!


Is it true!

This is YTM Kim Bong-jun!

Senator Han Seung-moon!

Did you participate?

Are the transcripts true?

“Come on, come on, wait a minute. I will pass.”

Member of Parliament!

Parliamentary dictatorship!

Did you join?

Just one word please!

Senator Han Seung-moon!

Political riot!

What do you think!

“Well, about that. I recklessly-”

Are you participating in the supremacy of the vested interests?

This is Y, YTN Kim Bong-jun!

Did all the lawmakers agree on it?

The opinion that you betrayed the people!

“Ah, that’s not the politics of division now. Tongue, small teeth…”

Please answer me!

“Ah, ah! Don’t hit the mic! Whoops…!”

Did you join the collusion? April general election postponed!

Excluding proportional representatives!

Did the legislators block the will of the people?

“That, that, that…”

The exercise of the people’s right to vote!

Candidates decided by the people’s vote!

Members of Parliament who must represent the will of the people!

To monopolize the National Assembly!

Deliberately using undue pressure!

Isn’t it blocked?

“Wow, not only us, the US, and the Democratic Party. Republicans too. I am dedicated only to the people…”


Political riot!

Please answer me!

Did the legislator also participate?

“Hey, now is not the time for the people and the National Assembly to engage in a politics of division and hatred. Cooperation through harmony…”

I am a reporter for the Korean newspaper Gam Cheol.

Are you talking about unity?

“Ha, ha, is it worthy?”

Did Republicans and Democrats agree to unite!?

“Not that. cooperation-”

Did the opposition parties decide to unite?

Senator Han Seung-moon!

The birth of a dictatorship huge party!

In fact, even now, the prevailing opinion is that the division of the party is meaningless!

Is it worthy?

“The ruling and opposition parties, only for the sake of the people-”

Is it worthy?

Is it worthy?

Are you a republican-democratic party?

“It’s not like that, but since it’s a national crisis, the meaning of reducing conflict between factions is-”

Did the unity actually happen under the water?

“Well, that’s not it. The story of cooperation is-”

How is that different from Yahab?

“There was definitely talk of not being tied to a partisan.”

Since when did the merger take place? Does democracy have any meaning? Senator Han Seung-moon! Did you justify it! This is YTBC Lee Jun-seok! Please answer me! Is the postponement of the April general election also the result of a riot? Was the exclusion of proportional representatives the result of under-the-hood negotiations? Have you betrayed the people?

“Come on, it’s only been a while, I don’t know!”

Thirty-six precepts

military warfare

the 27th

lack of value

: Pretending to be foolish, but not crazy The lawmakers gathered again in just two days.

“What are you doing! A senator!”

Public opinion is going crazy. The opposition of the lawmakers has become a fact rather than a fact. All kinds of clarification requests are pouring in.

General elections, the right of the ‘people’.

Proportional representatives elected by the ‘people’.

Parliamentarians on behalf of the ‘people’.


But this is fact He even ate it to the brim.

Articles are pouring out that say that the fundamentals of democracy have been shaken by the simultaneous detonation of several bombs.

Naturally, the accusations of lawmakers poured in for me for triggering him by mistake.

“I can’t even speak! I don’t mean to let go of this on purpose!”

“Oh, no…”

“Are you kidding me now!?”


“You little bastard! really!”

The legislator, who was most at risk due to the most naked revelation in the transcript, bit me with his red eyes and crab foam in his mouth.

Yang Pan-seok deterred him.

“calm down. What are you doing here?”

“Aww. Now that I look at it, isn’t it a member of Congress who unpacked the transcript? no. You did it!”

“Huh… you were blind. I was blind.”

He even untied his tie and threw it to the floor. A venomous exclamation flowed from his face, which was red up to his ears.

“f**k! Do you want to get together with everyone!?”

“Where are you from?”

“Hey, yukshirell…!”

He threw the watch on his wrist to the floor again. Glass shards and small parts were shattered and scattered on the floor.

“hey! Han Seung-moon! What are you going to do with this!”

“Why, why are you like this!”

“Ask because you don’t know!? A bastard with no blood on his head. You dare to kill someone!”

“Let go!”

He came up to me and grabbed me by the collar. He was a big man, so when he grabbed my collar, his body swelled up.

He put his face in front of my nose and lowered his voice. I was a public security prosecutor, so I was a little scared of the voice of someone chasing me.

“Hey, you bastard. Do you want to die?”

“Ugh…! Big black…!”

I caught the wrath of a middle-aged man with a half-brown eyebrow in front of my nose with an awkward posture.

“Neiji? Is it you?”

Yang Pan-seok, who couldn’t see me, came up to me and grabbed my wrist.

“Yoon Jae-sang.”

The cleavage that was shaking me stopped abruptly.

“I don’t dry it with my tongue.”


“Hold on for once. See how it goes.”

The hand holding me was released. I chuckled and sat down on my seat, wiping away the tears that were spilling over me.

He returned to his seat with rough steps. The sound of shoes hitting the floor resounded.

Silence fell among the legislators.

Someone muttered uncontrollably.

“…First of all, the utterances at the drinking party caused concern among the people. A special ethics committee will be opened. Announcing that a general election will be held in April. Let’s all apologize to the public.”

No one was against him.

Because that was the only way left.

“Whether it’s taking time by opening a special ethics committee or preparing for an election campaign… First of all, the people…”


“Whoa… everyone, prepare for the press conference.”


The day of a new press conference has dawned. Eleven members of the National Assembly stood side by side and stood on the podium.

You will feel like you are on the death row.

Exactly I uploaded it.

Reporters shouting loudly. NGOs being stopped for trying to throw something.

He endured all kinds of anger and insults. My bangs are wet because I got hit with an egg on the way to the conference room.

The person in the transcript grabbed the microphone.

The camera shutter sounded loudly, and flashes went off everywhere.

“……Hello, fellow citizens. I am Jae-sang Yoon, a member of the National Assembly.”

The interview began, but instead of being silent, the room became noisy.

We went out into the hallway and stood in a line like children standing in a row, silently bowing our heads.

“Society is in chaos. A politics of division, a politics of hatred should no longer exist.”

at that time.

I untie my tie and throw it to the floor.

And he hurriedly descended from the platform.

“First of all, I would like to apologize to the people. uh. Han and Han Seung-moon, lawmakers. What are you doing-”

“I am against it!”


“I can’t admit it! I am against it!”

Thirty-six precepts

military warfare

the 28th

Sangok Autumn Festival

: Put it on the roof and remove the ladder.

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