A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 61

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 61

EP 11 – That’s My Crazy Dog (4)

During the coalition government between the Cha Jae-gyun military and Won Ok-bun’s cabinet,

To be more precise, when the stimulant test subjects ran wild.

There was one craft work that Won Ok-bun carried out to rectify the situation.

At that time, Cha Jae-gyun heard that Ri Yong-su, Minister of the People’s Armed Forces of the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK, gave us the coordinates of the bunker where the chairman of the State Affairs Commission was hiding.

indirect coup.

It is the scheme of the car-to-killer.

[We pass the test subject runaway as North Korea’s terrorism, and then blow the Chairman of the State Council to a bunker in retaliation.]

[In the People’s Armed Forces, Ri Yong-su is outraged by the ‘assassination’ of South Korea and occupies a void in power.]

[After that, we will continue hostile propaganda towards each other and increase the approval rating of the two governments.]


This was the plan that Won Ok-Boon had made up to this point. Even if I did expose the instigator of the biological experiment as Cha Jae-gyun.

“…you must have wide feet.”

It was not unusual for Won Ok-bun to have connections with North Korea.

* * *

A VIP hospital room in Sokcho, a port city in Gangwon-do.

In fact, it was close to the hotel. I looked down at the ground from the terrace.

The wide and dark blue sea of the East Sea, numerous container ships going to and from the port, and refugees filling the ground.

I heard the sound of a ship’s shell, and I saw people packed into the deck of the container ship. The refugees who managed to escape to Sokcho were fleeing south through the coastal road.

Suddenly, my hair fluttered in the sea breeze.


It’s been a while since I cut my hair. The hair that came down to my eyes was slightly harsh to the touch, and it was white and I frowned.

“The weather is still cold, what are you doing outside?”

Yangpan-seok, dressed in luxurious long padding over a thick suit, came out to the terrace. Steam rises from the mugs in both hands.

“Are you here? huh? It is difficult for the elderly to digest long padding…”

“Abu, don’t tremble a little bit. Get me a cup.”

Yang Pan-seok licked the corners of his mouth and handed me a cup of latte. It was natural to be handed the coffee to a nobleman whom he had cared for for several years.

Yang Pan-seok leaned against the railing of the terrace and looked at the world with a hazy smile. He took a sip of coffee and looked at me.

“okay. What did you call me for? Everyone is downstairs.”

“A little. I want to tell a political story.”

“Isn’t there any political story in the world?” He shivered and sat down in front of me. I asked him.

“Dr. Cheon Hwaran, was your due date next week?”

“There are about ten days left. I’m a little worried because it’s premature.”

“Because she suffered a lot with her pregnant body…”

“Yeah. Unclean sound.”

“Oh, sorry.”

Yang Pan-seok lightly pointed his finger and gave me advice.

“If you catch a cold, you’re wandering around the country with Gam Ga-yoon to take care of your daughter-in-law. It seems that leaving your wife alone and going outside is very painful. Make a phone call.”

“Ah yes.”

“Listen well. Our basic education is to say hello to the phone. How would you feel if you brag about it at a drinking party and say, ‘I’m a member of the National Assembly?’”


Our group was staying in the VIP room just like when we lived in Gangbuk. At that time, it was because of the research institute attached to the hospital, but now it was because of Hwaran Cheon’s childbirth and my rehabilitation.

As with all politicians, we exchanged information through small talk.

“It seems that General Kim Doo-shik has suffered a lot.”

“You’re doing well these days, but why?”

“The problem is that there are too many monsters on the Western Front pushing down to Chungcheong Province, and they say that the Eastern Front has to fight guerrilla warfare with the monsters hidden in the Taebaek Mountains.”

“That’s what I heard a little bit about.”

“It’s very dead.”


Yang Pan-seok shrugged his white eyebrows.

“Do you remember Yoo Hyun-jong? I fought with you in Uijeongbu.”

“Ah yes. him. A little sassy…”

“This time, it seems that he has been specially promoted as a major general and has established himself as a central figure in the Northern Army.”

“No, how are you?”

…that gentleman?

“The south is the Chungcheong defense line, isn’t there a clear front line? Kim Doo-sik also reorganized.”

“……Ah, that’s not the case in the North.”

Because of the gates spread out in all directions, numerous divisions are fighting each other. In fact, the actual isolated area was in the northern part of Gangwon-do, and Gyeonggi-do was no longer a place for people to live.

In other words, about 7 million people were concentrated in the northern part of Gangwon-do. If you include those who are isolated in the northern part of Gyeonggi-do and waiting for rescue, the number will increase even more.

“The military is operating in the form of an emergency contact network for division commanders. There is a central command center, but it’s useless. How do you lead when you can’t judge the situation on the ground? There are no wires.”

“……The division commanders, aren’t they the commander-in-chief at best? The senior generals are obviously,”

“They fled to the south of Sin, didn’t they? When was the last time the headquarters moved to Jeju Island…”

“Oh right.”

“So the South also announced that it would respect the judgment of the field commander. In this yard, Yoo Hyeon-jong ordered the other division commanders from Uijeongbu and successfully retreated…”

“…Are there any factions?”

“It’s pretty much the same. The division commanders who were active in Uijeongbu at that time are leading the situation in the northern army. Because there are achievements.”


When he frowned, Yang Pan-seok laughed.

“Yeah, I’m a little anxious, but the character Yoo Hyeon-jong is so indecisive. I don’t think we need to worry about a coup.”

“But the surveillance should be strict, right?”

“right. Won Ok-bun sprayed the NIS nearby.”


“Anyway, that grandmother is a person who has been in politics longer than me. Don’t be vigilant that it was just one shot.”

“All right.”

Yang Pan-seok stretched out as if sulking.

“It’s creepy, can I just go in?”

“Oh, yes.”

The two elderly people got up recklessly and went into the hospital room. Next to the luxurious patient bed, there was a large sofa, and in front of it was a TV.

I made a ‘goo’ sound and walked to bed, and Yang Pan-seok made a ‘egugu’ sound and sat down on the sofa and turned on the TV.

[…unstoppable! According to the Songun leadership of the party!]

A distinctive ‘vigorous voice’ flowed from the TV. The TV volume was also at the maximum, so the voice was resounding.


Yang Pan-seok was startled and dropped the remote control.

[Considering the criminal maneuver to destroy the peace of Dong-Ah! With the merciless kick of the People’s Army! The posture of thorough punishment-]

[Yes, you have seen the data screen. Professor Ahn. This time in North Korea-]

It was a JTVC data screen.

“Huh… hey. no way…”

Yang Pan-seok laughed softly.

“I usually watch Chosun Central TV, but? Is it a syringe?”


“Are you a syringe?”


Yang Pan-seok couldn’t close his mouth with a shocked expression.

“No, come on. Don’t you know the injection wave?”


“If politicians don’t know that, they use it. Do you know what left-handed dragon means?”

“Uh, umm… Seeing the ‘left’ going in, roughly…”

“Hey, you’re a part of the North Korean red-headed generation. You probably haven’t even heard of a leftist dragon…”

“Is it a generation gap?”

“Be quiet.”


Both of them closed their mouths until only the sound of the TV could be heard. What the professor said on the panel,

Oh wait, that’s my advisor. It seems that he called the Department of Political Science and Diplomacy at Korea University.

The professor began to guess roughly like an octopus fortune teller. It was quite unfamiliar to me to hear the voice calling for a good night’s sleep on TV.

[Do not propaganda using other countries. Leading the way in uncovering China’s secrets. that, over there, what is it? The warning level is quite high. Yeah… this is, sort of. that. I see it as a gesture of reconciliation.]

[Are you saying that North Korea has reached out to us?]

[yes. In fact, after the suspicious death of the North Korean leader…]

It’s not a question mark. It was a bunkerster.

[Isn’t the inter-Korean relationship quite dangerous?]

not really. Good.

[By the way, in a situation where North Korea cannot effectively defend the northern border without the help of our air force. I’m not asking for further support… I personally think-]

I asked Yang Pan Seok.

“This one. This is the work of Acting Officer Won Ok-bun, right?”


“It’s the North Korean movement.”

“Why are you asking the obvious?”

I slowly decided to bring the topic out.

“Do you know what the situation in North Korea is now?”

“Hmm. In the past, they said that biological experiments were done in North Korea. I should have assassinated the North Korean leader. Didn’t you say that the biological test was done by North Korea, not because it was done by Cha Jae-gyun?”

“It was.”

“It seems that Ri Yong-su, Minister of the People’s Armed Forces, was floating in the middle. There they declared that the South Koreans had killed the chairman. People didn’t believe it.”

As if Yang Pan-seok had finished his coffee, he placed an empty cup on the table next to the sofa.

“However, by example, I shot a few and took power. It doesn’t look like it’s very strong yet. Isn’t Ri Yong-su of Baekdu blood? He asks a lot about his origins. Lee Yong-soo is a little bit of origin. Should I say it’s not enough?”

“I am anxious.”

Originally, a military regime with a shaky foundation was the most terrifying form of state.

I don’t know what kind of bullshit I’m going to do to get discipline.

I murmured as it flowed.

“Anyway, I am very grateful to North Korea.”

“Even China will not know that North Korea is our puppet.”

“At least we have no reason to refuse. At the same time, we have to explain that China is not what we really want.”

“It is not.”

“Is North Korea going to get hit a little bit by China’s back? No, because from the beginning, we were dealing with the monsters that China was pushing there. There are no big changes.”

“Because of that, why would you hesitate when you even detonated a nuclear bomb?”

“But I wouldn’t have done this with my bare mouth.”

Obviously, Commander Doo-Sik Kim said that the military should not be used as a political attack.

Then you have to find another material.

I smiled and looked at the yangban-seok.

“What the hell did North Korea even give out liver lumps?”

Yang Pan-seok laughed bitterly.

“I knew this was going to happen.”

“Don’t do that, let me know.”

“I didn’t talk about it on purpose because I was afraid you would be tired.”

“So what did you decide to spread?”

“Do I need to know?”

“Mr. Yang.”

“okay. okay. okay. It’s a first-class secret, so don’t go anywhere. Except for the Parliamentarians.”

Yang Pan-seok gave a short answer.

“North Korean defectors.”

and added.



‘The gate opened and North Korea moved almost all its troops north. Thousands of people have crossed over to the southern border using this opportunity. Especially when the system temporarily collapsed after the chairman’s death. as I know. More than 100,000 North Koreans have fled to South Korea after the gate incident.’

‘…The media didn’t say a word?’

‘Do you still watch the news…?’

‘Oh right.’

‘Don’t look at that. Anyway, they’re being housed at the military base facility near the border. After all, it’s a military-controlled area. A lot of land.’

‘Hmm. Instead of returning North Korean defectors, cover them diplomatically?’


‘Worth it for North Korean defectors…’

‘no no. Even if North Korea is in an emergency, it’s not stupid. Naturally, there were a lot of troops deployed on the South Korean border.’

‘By the way.’

‘Most of the North Korean soldiers stationed on the Kaesong border were killed. And the defectors came rushing in. About 20,000 a day?’


‘There was a massive uprising in Kaesong. It also focuses on talented people. Besides, are there any other races that can cross the border guarded by the military besides the capable ones?’

‘…You are saying that the proportion of superhumans out of 100,000 defectors is quite high.’

‘In addition, about 20,000 to 30,000 of them are people who revolted in the Gaeseong Express City, killed the soldiers and escaped.’

‘Power repatriation?’

‘Acting Director Won Ok-bun made that decision.’

‘…People who say they don’t want to go?’

‘Repatriation is not something we do.’


‘The People’s Army told me to take him.’


‘next week.’


There will be a massacre of 100,000 people in North Korea.

After hearing the news, I returned to my room and held the phone for a while.

First of all, David Kim delivered the nangbo 朗報.

[Uh, it seems that traces of your family have been found. I’m chasing the escape route, but it took me a while because I traveled so far in the deep mountains.]

“Is that so? Under the gate, ok, wasn’t it wrong?”

[Umm. It seems like he escaped alive. The problem is that I don’t know where it went. The mountain is now called heaven and earth.]

“Whoa… thank you.”

[yep. I have to go catch the monster, so I’ll stop. I will contact you as soon as new reports come in. Oh, and I put them on the tracking team, except for a few fighters. Be sure to pay this debt later.]

“thank you. Thank you very much…”

I immediately called Commander Doo-Sik Kim.

“I’m really sorry to bother you every day.”

[Oh, no. Did you hear what Chunshik said?]

“Yes, maybe today…”

[yes. There is not. First of all, I made a list of reporters. I haven’t seen anything about the family yet.]

“Oh, I see. thank you.”

[Sorry. We will contact you as soon as the identity is identified.]

“yes. Thank you, Commander.”

I confirmed the survival of the family through Kim Chun-sik, and confirmed that no bodies were found through Kim Doo-sik.

After that, I dialed the phone for a while. Police, Fire Department, NIS, etc. etc. etc.

I turned all the calls I had to return today.

It’s over.

I had no will to do anything more.

Refugees and what? Whether or not they are taken to North Korea is up to me.

When I tried to find out what Won Ok-bun had distributed to North Korea, it was my intention to make a weapon in case of an unexpected emergency, and I did not intend to engage in politics in the first place.

He looked at the dark city with a blank gaze. The port of Sokcho was glistening with the lights of mobile phones of people looking for their families.

“……The plague.”

f**k me now I chew and swallow antidepressants with my trembling hands.

What kind of politics are you going to do? I. now. f**k.

thud. thud.

I quietly banged my head against the wall and bit my nails.

It’s something you never show in front of others.

I purposely placed the lodging on a street that was three stories apart from Pi Chaewon.

I scratched my face with my nails. I was able to go to sleep only after taking painkillers for a persistent headache.

I was good at being a member of parliament. He is using all his power to find his family.

When I close my eyes like that


In the room I was looking through with a blurry vision.

Someone came out of the void.

I want to see nonsense.

“……Nice to meet you. comrade.”

said in vain

“…Comrade Ryeo Do-yeon, you are looking for me in the dark. I heard.”

I got up from my seat like a seizure, and asked the empty thing.

“Where are you. now.”

“…I went with you.”

In vain took my hand

“…I think. Member of Parliament.”

We were not standing in a hospital room, but in the woods.

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