A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 63

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 63

EP 11 – That’s My Crazy Dog (6)

Politics is really complicated.

“Master Won. Things got really messed up.”

The world was entangled with each person trying to achieve their own goals, and harming each other was the essence of everything.

“China has brought us into their propaganda. Japan insists that we take on the unbearable act of stealing a nuclear bomb from the United States.”

It is impossible to achieve the result everyone wants, so we slowly work out our own interests.

Slowly untwisting a twisted knot. This is usually referred to as ‘negotiation’.

“The North Korean military regime is trying to do something crazy to kill 100,000 defectors for the sake of system stability. In the meantime, an unknown Kaesong rebel army has brought Baekdu bloodline and is working in Korea.”

However, what is the dictionary definition of politics? It is the authoritative distribution of social scarcity values.

In that sense.

“…What did he, Alexander the Great, say in the past? Twisted knots were cut with a knife.”

Politics was no different from running wild with a mad dog biting a knife.

“Let’s cut.”

* * *

Won Ok-bun is a 68-year-old old man.

As a young man, Roh Tae-woo was a front-line swordsman in the public security zone and a powerful prosecutor who took the lead in the fight against crime. At that time, the fact that a woman did a swordsmanship was enough to guess her temper.

He was a fiery man.

He went out into the world with a passion for justice and correctness, and then was stabbed by a gangster, leaving a large scar on the half of his face.

It was an event that politicians would like to see.

A ‘female’ prosecutor caught a ‘thug’ and got a ‘scar’ after being hit with a ‘knife’, but showed ‘will’ for ‘criminal eradication’.

In the context of the press publicity was carried out extensively. It was close to provocative and patriotic propaganda.

Roh Tae-woo was the president who was elected due to infighting between Kim Young-sam and Kim Dae-jung, and he was a president who heard the sound of burning water in the political situation of the women’s college, so he desperately needed the momentum for the policy he had taken out.

Won Ok-bun, a prosecutor of justice, has appeared in modern history.

After the incident, she secretly suffered from depression for four years, and burned all the pictures of her when she was fine. It didn’t matter that much that I broke my marriage while screaming and smashing all the mirrors in the house.

She is forced to rise to fame, love, health, looks, dreams, passion. Lost it all. All that was left of her was the low reputation that the politicians had given her.

And she later found out that the thug was actually an innocent person caught by the police, and that it was a relative who was wielding a knife at her. did not surrender this.

All that was left was power.

That was the reason why she abandoned Roh Tae-woo and changed the chief prosecutor to Kim Young-sam, and it was the reason why she was able to go right up to the Prosecutor General.

If you live upright, you have to make a choice in the end. The more those choices are repeated, the more miserable people become.

“…I lived like a reed.”

If you break it, it will break. to avoid being swayed in the first place.

As the wind blows, without going against the trend, smoothly.

“It came all the way down to the president’s chin.”

During the Hana purge, from Roh Tae-woo to Kim Young-sam.

During the DJP Alliance, from Kim Young-sam to Kim Jong-pil.

After entering the National Assembly, from Kim Jong-pil to Kim Ki-chun.

In the 17th presidential election, Kim Ki-chun changed to Lee Myung-bak.

Number 2 is also very noticeable.

Approach Kim Ki-chun rather than Park Geun-hye.

Aim for the entourage of the entourage.

Don’t always go beyond the best.

Not elected, but appointed party secretary.

So that we can sit down in the Legislative Judiciary Committee and receive only the nominations according to the party’s argument.

The politics of Won Ok-bun were roughly like this.

“Let’s cut it… I know what you mean.”

“Don’t you think it has gone too far to be resolved by negotiations?”

She always rides the flow, senses the flow, and gives herself to the flow.

That is, it took the line.

“A senator. Didn’t I tell you sister? You keep doing politics like that and you will get seriously hurt later.”

“If the world looks like this, how long will you be sane?”


Some say it’s frustrating, some say it’s prudent.

Won Ok-bun looked at Han Seung-moon calmly.

“……what the.”

The process of changing the rope is always accompanied by betrayal. And betrayal requires a weapon.

“A useful hand came from an unexpected place.”

In other words, her poor tightrope life was a series of tricks and tricks,

“…Is this the first time a member of Congress works with me?”


“……her. Come to think of it, the badge hasn’t even been a year yet, has it?”

while holding a large bomb.

“This time, a member of the lawmaker hit me in front. I’m going to stab you in the back.”

No politician could hit the back of the head more deliciously than her.


“Is it delicious?”

“Yeah, yes!”

“Would you like to eat more?”

“Thank you so much! Member of Parliament!”

The kid sitting next to me smiled brightly and ate the shrimp cracker. It is also delicious to eat. Our group went out together to a nearby orphanage after a long time.

It’s an orphanage, and it’s sneakily using one of the military hospital facilities. It was the annex of the military hospital prepared by Kim Doo-sik.

In the yard, Il-ho Yang and Ho-jeong Lee were giving out rice balls to the children with Si-ho Kang.

“To protect our children, the hope of the people…”

Yang Pan-seok was smiling for broadcasting in front of a cold person holding a cell phone and hugging children with awkward expressions.

And I’m sitting on a bench with a girl. He asked, stroking the boy’s hair gently.

“Is this neighborhood comfortable to live in?”

“Dawn, Dawn! Very satisfied!”

The boy’s name was Kim Seong-ah.

“What’s your friend’s name?”

“My friend, Park Soo-jin, says!”

I guess I’m not used to respectful words. I patted Kim Seong-ah and continued to offer food.

Filling his cheeks with food and looking at it with joy.

“Yes, this time, I would like to ask you a question from Senator Han Seung-moon!”

A cold person who was filming Yangpan Seok came up to me with a cell phone. It was a live Internet broadcast that was broadcast on Naver and YouTube.

Coldja asked with a press voice, and I laid my face for the broadcast.

“After the Han Seung-moon Foundation Minor Protection Center, you also established an orphanage for North Korean defectors. There are many opinions that people pay a lot of attention to children’s human rights!”

Neither of them were made with pure intentions, but I bowed down, pretending to be as shy as possible.

“Hey, you have a cold! Don’t be awkward!”

“Uh, a broadcast accident. Broadcasting accident.”

“Why are you doing this all of a sudden after boiling ramen together in the morning?”

“Ah no, do you try a show or two?”

“It’s awkward…”

It was a contest for reality.

The cold person said to me in a voice mixed with laughter.

“When Rep. Han Seung-moon comes out, the number of views will rise sharply. Why don’t you just say one thing?”

“Uh huh, uhm.”

“About children’s rights. yes.”

“When evacuating from Uijeongbu, citizens voluntarily evacuated children first. I think it’s just a late follow-up.”

The cold person brightly posed an additional question.

“By the way, there is an opinion that Congressman Han brought the North Korean defector issue, which had been hidden, to the surface. What do you think?”

“Haha… Actually, it’s the work of the South Korean military and the government.”

I put a wedge

“It is said that he was protecting 100,000 North Korean defectors while I was unaware. On the Civilian Control Line.”

The colder let out the promised exclamation.

“Is it 100,000!?”

It had a bit of a conte feel, but for a war reporter, this kind of emotional acting was decent.

“These are the people in the shadows that the government cares for without anyone knowing. As far as I know, the Awakeneds from there were very active on the Namyangju Front.”


“Actually, it’s something I hadn’t even thought of. Our aides came and talked first.”

“Is that so?”

“yes. In fact, it is safe to say that more than half of what I do is the work of those friends. Those are my friends who give me a lot of strength. They are the younger brothers who have been friends since they were aides.”

The cold person naturally left the place and focused on Yang Il-ho and Lee Ho-jeong.

Yeah, they’re going to get their faces off soon too.

I smiled happily and stroked the boy’s head. And patted him on the back.

Yang Pan-seok walked over and whispered.

“…It was confirmed that the North Korean ambassador entered the underground bunker of Acting Won.”

“It’s fast.”

“Because the Ri Yong-su regime did not deny the legitimacy of the Kim regime. I didn’t know that the song I had at the end of every word that I had attached to my son would come back like this.”

Yang Pan-seok naturally laughed and muttered as if talking about the dinner menu.

“When I see you, your ears are very bright.”

I paused for a moment.

“Honestly, I am very surprised now. I didn’t even put a straw in the NIS. It’s me, the chief of civil affairs at the Blue House, and I was eating jajangmyeon in the sauna of the Capitol, but what are you…”

Yang Pan-seok asked with admiration.

“Is there an intelligence department on David Kim’s side? Or the GS group? I know that they took the Hong Seon-ah faction and created PMC this time.”


“Are there still people under the manor? When you were working with Cha Jae-gyun, who did you put in the security office? How the Blue House didn’t know…”

I glanced at the orphanage head Pichaewon. Pi Chae-won, who was looking at this through the gap in the window, quickly closed the curtain.

I answered Yang Pan-seok.

“What would you like for dinner?”

I don’t know


North Korea expressed an immediate reaction. even

– The South Korean government has acted contrary to the close cooperation between the peoples. We strongly urge you to stop doing the hard work of ignoring diplomatic rules and to fulfill the promises made by the check in accordance with the protocol.

It was even announcing the opinion that Although it was not broadcast in Korea.

Won Ok-bun’s diplomatic line only gave a simple answer.

The repatriation of the North Korean defectors became difficult as an opposition lawmaker made a fuss to increase approval ratings. I’m sorry.

Of course, North Korea was crazy and jumping around.

The conversations with North Korea that Won Ok-bun and Yang Pan-seok indirectly heard were roughly like this.

– For the sake of national peace, appropriate behavior should be taken in accordance with the Code.

– The government’s policy implementation became difficult because opposition lawmakers agitated the public.

– The South Korean government must immediately repatriate the rebels to the North!

– It became difficult because an opposition lawmaker had an accident without knowing it. I’m sorry. – The rebel bandits of the republic who harmed the people should be properly punished!

– This is all because of Han Seung-moon.

– hey! this! Ganna baby!

– This is all because of Han Seung-moon.

When diplomatic conversations usually whine in one pattern, it meant that the other party was in a very urgent situation.


North Korea had an accident.

– The South Korean puppet gang is under the command of the wicked U.S. imperial government! He has committed countless criminal maneuvers to intimidate the Chinese people!

– If you don’t stop trying to destroy the peace of Dong-A! Keep in mind that you will taste the punishment of the People’s Army like a fire!

In fact, it was about exposing that we hit China on the brink of North Korea.

Considering that North Korea cannot block the Chinese front without the help of our air force, it was a very simple thing to jump out of the ship.

Of course, there has to be someone to protect the liver.

– The Japanese Air Self-Defense Force’s military action against the Korean Peninsula has been detected. Confucius forces not only bring fighter-bombers close to our airspace…

North Korea has joined hands with Japan. Considering that Japan’s Confucius University is within the top 5 in the world, it would have been a very good alternative.

“Japan has seized 200 nuclear weapons from the US military and poses a serious threat to the whole of Northeast Asia. This is an act contrary to the US-Japan Atomic Energy Agreement, and as a war-criminal state…”

I fluttered a map of Japan with uranium stickers on it.


in front of the Chinese ambassador.

“……I will contact my home country.”

Won Ok-bun decided to ride the pro-Chung line.

As an added bonus, I don’t know whether the United States handed over nuclear weapons to Japan, or whether it was taken away, but at least on the surface, the pro-American line also rode along.

China bit the bubble and threatened Japan, and I stood in front of the camera holding a map with the uranium sticker on it.

“It is a human crisis. How do you carry out nuclear armament in the midst of this? And that’s because they stole an American nuclear bomb!”

Seeing that the United States was still standing still, it seemed like the two of them were fighting each other, but if they didn’t reveal it outwardly, it was a political version that they could blindly act assholes.

“Japan should immediately apologize to the United States and immediately stop serious threats to peace in Northeast Asia.”

And diplomacy is politics after all.

China, who had been questioning the number of cases in a long time, gave a wide smile and foamed up, the United States moved the 7th Fleet and carefully returned the nuclear weapons as promised, and Japan finished the job with one foreign minister flying off. It’s a one-party dictatorship.

Of course, it is a self-evident fact that many lobbies came and went in the process. We shared a bit of magic stone technology to subdue the US’s hidden secrets, and we tentatively agreed to accept China’s further talks.

Some of the Mana Stones imported so far were returned to Japan. In fact, there is no other place that has a stable supply of magic stones as much as in Korea. The amount of magic stones possessed by GS Group was staggering.

Diplomacy tends to be frowned upon, and North Korea has no money to lubricate other countries.

Without air force support, what kind of money would a country that can’t block borders have?

North Korea quietly shut its mouth.

At first glance, peace came back to Northeast Asia.

However, what we did was actually cut off the peace,

“Who knows that we know of Kim Seong-ah?”

“North Korea will be dubious. Yangbans from Gaeseong are not aware of it at all.”

“I will control the outside for a while. A lawmaker should approach the rebels in Kaesong.”

“Yes, sir.”

“I even spoke a little bit to Commander Doo-Sik Kim. One lawmaker speaks directly to both lawmakers. There is also the issue of trust.”

“Kim Seong-ah’s guardian has the ability to teleport. There is a threat of assassination, so it would be best not to provoke him if possible.”

“…The US side admitted that they did the nuclear bomb. It will have a finite reaction on our side for the time being, so use it wisely.”

South Korean politicians began to sharpen their blades in the dark.


Han Seung-moon’s enthusiasm was reflected on the half-broken TV.

– Japan should immediately apologize to the United States and immediately stop the grave threat to peace in Northeast Asia!

A boy approached, wiping the blood on his knife. The boy stood in front of the TV for a long time.


She approached the boy.

“Hey, what are you doing?”

“Oh, I’m sorry, sister.”

“It’s right in front of the Seoul Gate. Not long left.”

“Yes. Let’s go.”

The boy put the knife into its sheath and kicked it off the ground.

She paused and sat and watched TV for a long time.

“…that bastard is starting again.”

she laughed softly.

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