A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 64

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 64

EP 12 – Bearers (1)


I stand gloomy and look down at the two of them. The second parents are inside the transparent coffin. The black blood vessels that had spread all over the body had not yet subsided.

I sighed and closed my eyes for a moment. I thought I was going to sleep soon, but I couldn’t sleep because of my anxiety.

When I close my eyes, I always think of a funeral home. Maybe it was because it was the most impressive place in my life.

My father, who was running a business, left behind many debts here and there. Because my mother did not die immediately and died in a state of unconsciousness after undergoing 4 surgeries, she blew away her scarce wealth.

At that time, I also said that there was a lump of iron stuck in my stomach and the intestines burst, so fecal poison was rising in my body. I heard that the doctors worked hard to save him. He was even unconscious for two months.

Thanks to this, I held the funeral with the debtors, not the funeral workers.

No one who lent us money showed up, only those who lent us money came to us, and someone pretended to have lent us money.

Chin, I put my hand on the transparent coffin.

My family was there.

The aunt who drove away the debtors while swinging the table with one hand, and the aunt who sold her house to pay off the debt. And the older sister who hugged me and cried profusely.


Everyone is not by my side.

* * *

As he was sleeping in the car with his head nodding, Yang Il-ho glanced in the rearview mirror and made a puzzled expression.

“Brother, what are you doing today?”

“uh? why?”

“Umm… no.”

“Every time you put a nasal note at the end of a sentence, it’s a patta. Aren’t you holding the steering wheel straight?”

Yang Il-ho cried and concentrated on driving.


Becoming a politician has changed a few things.

First of all, I was able to hide my feelings well. It was originally like that, though.

“Ah, ah, wow. Ganjang Gongjang Gongjang… Khmm…!”

His voice has changed a bit. I have to say it’s a little cracked.

I sat down in the backseat of the car gloomy and looked at my face reflected in the window. Then, with my index finger, I looked down under my eyes.

“Dark circles are no joke…”

His cheeks were also slender, making him look very sharp, nervous, and sensitive. It’s not that I’m really sharp, nervous, and sensitive.

“Hey, turn off the heater.”

“You didn’t play?” “shut up.”

I said to Lee Ho-jung, who was sitting in the passenger seat and looking over my schedule.

“Hey, I weighed myself in the morning. He seemed lighter than you.”

“How many did you come out?”


“Are you crazy!?”

Hojeong Lee was furious.

“How much chicken breast I ate to keep this body shape! What 60 is 60!”

“Did you get stabbed?”

“It’s 52!?”

Yang Il-ho muttered brightly.

“54 Dundeng.”



I smiled and said to the guys.

“Hey, since I’m in politics, there are a lot of people, and what?”

“Did you say?”

“It’s too expressive. Anyway, doesn’t it look like something has changed?”

“You seem to be doing loyalty tests too often these days-”

“Not that sound. I have dark circles, gray hair, my voice is cracked, I’m losing weight, and people look sharp and nervous. Doesn’t it seem like that’s changed a bit?”

As I muttered while fiddling with my chin, the fact bomber Ho-jeong Lee spit a dagger in my chest to see if it was a little nauseous.

“It’s like putting 200 syringes in your arm. Not because of politics.”


“Politics ruined people?”

“Not that far.”

“You don’t like politics?”

“It is, to say the least.”

Ho-jeong Lee, who was sitting in the passenger seat, smiled and handed me the chocolate stolen from the collapsed convenience store.

“Are you out of the party now?”

“a little.”

yum. It was cheap chocolate, but it was delicious after I ate it after a long time. I guess it’s because I only ate spam and hetbahn for a living.

“Honestly, if you look at what you are doing from the side, it makes sense. Well, you never enjoyed it.”

“Hey, mama. Where are the people who are legislators wanting to enjoy-”

Ho-jung Lee came in with a smirk and was speechless.



“Did you ever become a member of the National Assembly for patriotism?”

Lee Ho-jung was right.

Who in the world today is a civil servant trying to be patriotic? I just wanted to get some power.

“It is not that a person who even went to Korea University would not have entered the National Assembly saying that he would be a member of the National Assembly for 20 years. So are we. I went to Sky University. Anyway.”

Just by looking at Yang Il-ho, he was the youngest guy with all kinds of titles, and he was the guy who even went to the training center after taking the last bar exam.

Why would a guy with a lawyer’s license drink coffee while accepting the hysteria of a member of parliament? It’s all about politics. To get a dog bone thrown by a legislator like me and put on a badge.

As such, it is safe to say that the National Assembly aide is a job that almost all aspiring members of the National Assembly do.

“But the current member of the National Assembly is different from the member of the National Assembly you were thinking of. right?”


There has been no such extreme job since I broke into the sky.

I can’t sleep for six hours, when the government collapses, I don’t get a salary, my lifespan is shortened, I can’t go anywhere because of reporters, and sometimes someone pushes a gun anywhere.

“It seems natural to me. No one wants to live like that. It is not eternal.”

“No, it’s not that I don’t like MPs…”


“……What is for dinner tonight?”

Politics is boring. politician.


To be honest, I am very skeptical these days.

What have you gained by struggling?

Of course, I gained fame, power, and this and that, but losing my family and my health makes people feel a little empty.

It’s a kind of political hatred. Or is it just a slump?

After hard work and hard work returned to society, a black goat popped out, and I became a moron. Of course, even if it’s not really


It’s kind of like getting hit by people all the time. It’s a bit burdensome because the lives of so many people depend on a single political choice.

In a word, the load is a bit heavy.

And now I’m a little tired.

So it was hard.

Meanwhile, my family is also ill, and my sister is scouring the most dangerous places in Korea to find a cure that already exists. You never know when your body will come back.


I sighed a little in front of the door and made up my mind.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

And knocked slowly. As neat and clean as possible.

“Come in…”

“It’s been a while, Archangel-”

As soon as I opened the door, I paused for a moment. Exactly, it was stiff.


“Han Senator, long time no see!”

In front of CEO Cheon Geum-soon, who nodded her head in a stooped posture, there was Hong Seon-ah, who was sitting leisurely with her slender legs crossed and waving softly.

The atmosphere was different, and the difference in size was so extreme that it was image-wise, but in my eyes, they both looked like similar beasts.

what. Is it a snake pit?

Hong Seon-ah smiled softly.

“The councilor is coming, so I stopped by for a moment!”

“…Ah yes.”

In the past, only the tips of her hair were red, but now about half of her hair was glowing a pale red.

“…are you dyeing your hair with neon these days?”

Hong Seon-ah’s hair really ‘shined’. gently.

She smiled leisurely and crossed her wiggly middle feet. No, I became long-haired while I couldn’t see.

“What am I supposed to do because I have become so powerful? Fireworks girl Hong Seon-ah is still-”

“Please don’t be rude.”


Even when he cried, his expression was lively. Cheon Geum-soon, who was sitting across from me, was fidgeting with my sleeve.

“It’s been a while, sweetheart…?”

“Oh, yes. I heard that you are having some fun with Manastone these days.”

“It’s all thanks to you, well…”

Right before the Han Seung-moon Foundation was forcibly disbanded to the prosecution and the special prosecutor, I donated all the magic stones I had accumulated so far to the GS Group.

And she is forming a magic stone market with just the right price, just as I instructed. He also took the lead in the market at the same time.

I sat down on an empty seat and asked how she was.

“I heard you made a PMC. Aegis, right? The GS mark on the golden shield is old-fashioned, so I remember it well.”

“It’s been a while since we met, but are you going to throw stones first…?”

I glanced at Hong Seon-ah, who was sitting in front of her. It seems that the face was dry and makeup was even filmed for a broadcast.

“Is it because Hong Seon-ah is the guild leader? How are you two doing?”

It was the relationship I woven to break the nationalization of Hunter and achieve the hunting market economy.

At this, Cheon Geum-soon laughed softly.

“Take him back. Get sucked in…”

“Ah, sister, why?”

“Don’t stop talking…”


Cheon Geum-soon quietly took the macaron that Hong Seon-ah put in her mouth and ate it. It seems that you have met an angel.

“I heard from Minister Yoo Jae-kyung that business is going well these days.”

“You f**king bastard.”


“Oh, no…”

Oh right. Yoo Jae-kyung said that the Financial Services Commission moved and tore up one affiliate of Cheon Geum-soon.

Although the Financial Services Commission was a direct agency of the Office of Government Policy Coordination, the members were all high-ranking officials from the Ministry of Strategy and Finance.

So, Minister Yoo Jae-kyung seems like a killer. The GS Group stormed up to the 5th place in the business world, and it was said that they were chasing at the Financial Services Commission.

I didn’t even ask for anything because I knew there was nothing better because I owed him, so Cheon Geum-soon must have been fighting a money war with the most powerful minister in Korea in a place I didn’t know.

“Still, Aegis is said to have taken the top spot in the industry?”

“Where is the saw in startups… You have to lay it down and spread it out big.”

Cheon Geum-soon was awkwardly shivering with humility as she was worried about gently floating it from a while ago.

It’s quick to see.

Still, I’m not going to be any worse off than a politician.

“Aren’t these days PMC’s heyday?”

As the stimulants slowly dissipated on the market, and the number of awakeners surged through the Uijeongbu Gate, all kinds of PMCs began to appear.

Yes, it was a small number, but the amount that started circulating in that industry was by no means small. It was because the possibilities of the magic stone business were so limitless.

“I make potions with the mana stones I got from PMC. making electricity. Well, aren’t you doing a lot of R&D with new technology?”

Interpretation: Did you get some money thanks to me?

“That’s right… the amount of magic stones coming from there was more than expected. Hunter Hong is so resourceful…”

Interpretation: It’s not because of you.

Hong Seon-ah smiled proudly.

“I burned the Taebaek Mountains!”

“You swear a lot at Greenpeace. Anyway, are you comfortable working?”

“It’s only necessary to clean up the half-dead ones after burning them! Sometimes there are guys who can’t get through, but my friends are so talented!”

The yangbans in Aegis were also chideuls who were originally rolling under Kim Chun-sik, so their skills were guaranteed. Because Aegis was actually a gathering of guild members.


David Kim opened a bottle of soju in a gloomy mood after Hong Seon-ah left with her children. I’ll keep it a secret.

Whether someone should die for whom, or that a few should make sacrifices in order to save more people, it was a question without an answer.

After staring at the floor gloomy for a moment, Cheon Geum-soon yawned and asked me.

“By the way, what did you come here for…?”

“Ah, what is that…”

I laughed awkwardly.

“I decided to have a modest party with people I know.”


Cheon Geum-soon’s face was dyed with embarrassment. Hong Seon-ah still maintains her characteristic expressionless expression that she does not know whether she is smiling or not.

“No, that. Has anyone helped you so far? Gather the people you are grateful for and treat them to a small meal. It was also a place to make friends.”

I invited them to the party.

“It’s been such a difficult time, so I can’t do much. I think it would be grateful if you came and shined the place…”

“I’m going!”

Hong Seon-ah smiled softly and raised her hand, but Cheon Geum-soon muttered with an unfamiliar expression.

“……What kind of feast?”


“The first episode from now on! Let’s start the National Party National Convention – !”

– Whoa!

A thunderous shout resounded in a large baseball field, and I gave a standing ovation with excitement on the outside and deep inside.

“Han Seung-moon, floor leader, was seated! Please welcome me with applause!”

– Whoa ah ah ah ah !!

– Kiyooing!

– Whoa, whoa!

A louder roar rang out than before. My face was caught on a large billboard. It looked like it was being broadcast live on all channels in real time.

Cheon Geum-soon and David Kim sat next to each other. Both of them were highly popular in society, so they were S-class by screen.

While getting up from his seat, smiling brightly and waving his hand, I saw Cheon Geum-soon clapping with a stiff expression on his face. It was an uncomfortable position, so it was obvious that he was going to grind his teeth.

If the National Defense Party wins the election, what will happen to Cheon Geum-soon who participated in the National Party convention?

For this reason, for the chaebols, politics was always something to keep an ambiguous distance, because she was now in a place called the flower of politics.

…Yes, the flower of politics.

spring flowers bloomed

The presidential and general elections are approaching.

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