A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 84

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 84

EP 14 – Asaripan is said to be eaten by Torai (2)

– At an emergency supreme meeting of the Kuomintang on the same day, Kuomintang Chairman Kim Jo-in expressed great concern over the legitimacy of the Won Ok-bun regime. In addition, he said he expected the sincere steps of the candidates for the national convention to be held five days later. Now, what do you think, Professor?

– Oh, that’s it? When Governor Chung Jung-yeop was confirmed as the de facto presidential candidate, he emphasized the position that the party still verifies the candidate? There will probably be quite difficult communication between CEO Jo-in Kim and Governor Chung Jung-yeop. A general declared war without the permission of the king.

Isn’t that the situation?

– Are you saying that infighting has arisen in the leadership of the Kuomintang?

– I see it that way.

– Yes, I heard you. By the way, floor leader Han Seung-moon did not attend this supreme meeting, right?

– Yes… In fact, not only this Supreme Council, but also the Kuomintang party government is not having any impact. In fact, up to the time of the last bipartisan affair with the Kuomintang, yes. Was it fierce?

– It was buried in the Uijeongbu case, but there was also a judicial uproar. It was a case that even led to a special investigation into the rebellion, yes. So anyway. It was probably the members of the KMT at that time, led by Rep. Han Seung-moon.

– The start of the Kuomintang is Han Seung-moon, and the driving force is Assemblyman Han Seung-moon. By the way, does Rep. Han Seung-moon not actually do politics in the party? Any guesses? How about a lack of experience? Are you going to stay behind the scenes? Otherwise, the connection with Won Ok-bun-


Yang Il-ho, who was holding the steering wheel, asked a question.

“Hyung, why aren’t you in politics?”

“I? Have you just been in politics?”

It was after I had finished eating publicly at the discount corner of a local hypermarket, and rolling up soup in front of the camera was the heart of politics. When he tilted his head, Yang Il-ho smiled shyly.

“Ah no, central politics…”


As I was smiling and keeping silence, Yang Il-ho carefully turned the steering wheel and asked me. It was kind of curious.

“If I were an older brother, I would immediately grab the nomination right, then run for people who are loyal to my brother nationwide, and win the election through a campaign to support the devil, then win the National Assembly! It is eaten.”


Contrary to Yang Il-ho’s wish, because I gave up on the KMT, the party leader was run by an economic bureaucrat who had little knowledge with me, and only two people I put in the National Assembly were Ho-jung Lee and Il-ho Yang.

The guy lost his appetite.

“Ugh. It’s not that I’m talking floating clouds. Just looking at his popularity.”

“Is that so?”

“Just a little. I’ve been wondering for a long time. It seems like my older brother is reluctant to give power to the Kuomintang for a long time. Do I have to say that I’m trying not to get entangled well…?”

I didn’t answer. Yang Il-ho smiled shyly.

“If you can’t speak, you don’t have to answer.”

I didn’t answer.

The car sped silently over the empty military road, and as a few tanks passed in the distance, only the sound of the radio rang out.

– Actually, floor leader Han Seung-moon’s track record is yes. You know?

– I know.

– To be honest, I don’t know what he’s thinking.

* * *

“It’s very difficult to guess the insides of a person named Han Seung-moon.”

Dalgrac, Minister Yoo Jae-kyung put down the coffee cup a little rough. The chubby hair and dark circles stand out. In the eyes of Kim Doo-shik, he looked like he was about to collapse on the street at any moment.

A company that made people work until they reached that point was clearly one of the worst of the worst, but unfortunately he was a Korean public official. It is also the Minister of Strategy and Finance.

“As you can see by just looking at my gossip, with my abilities, it’s easy to stop Cheon Geum-soon from going crazy.”

“I see.”

“However, we have to deal with the economic crisis.”

“You are working hard.”

“Besides, Han Seung-moon is looking for an opportunity to come out. Some say that a representative does not appear in central politics because of his lack of experience, but I am someone who has seen a representative blow up dozens of lawmakers in one shot, to annihilate Kaesong by driving monsters north. He is a man of decisiveness and agility at the same time.”

“I don’t think I am an ordinary person either.”

“It’s even scarier because I’m the same age as my child.”


They, who run 4th and 5th in the presidential election, had a secret meeting at a Korean restaurant. To be precise, Yoo Jae-kyung called Kim Doo-sik, and Kim Doo-sik came to listen to the business.

Of course, Yoo Jae-kyung used a civil servant-style speech that turned words and responsibilities round and round, and Kim Doo-shik was a poor soldier who hit his boss like he was eating three meals a day, so it wasn’t a very pleasant conversation.

“General Doosik Kim, do you know the head of GS Group, Cheon Geum-soon?”

“Ah yes. During the retreat from Gangwon-do, a container ship was pulled from Russia…”

“He’s an evil speculator.”


“Capitalism-born, that, the best f**k… ahh.”

The Minister of Strategy and Finance and the head of GS Group are fighting a fierce battle for money. Thanks to that, the gentle and calm Yoo Jae-kyung was half broken. It was because he was carrying a bomb named Cheon Geum-soon while feeling anxious about the character Han Seung-moon.

Yoo Jae-kyung spoke about the seriousness of the Korean economy and criticized Cheon Geum-soon’s wickedness to take advantage of him.

“The Korean economy is already on the verge of collapse, no. It has already collapsed. It is the era when Hetbahn is up for auction on the Internet. Therefore, we need to be vigilant against variables and expansion as much as possible, and restore the economy under the control of the state. It means that we do not have the means to take care of the circumstances of the crazy money ghosts who want to make money because they think it is an opportunity.”


“But who put the knife in that crazy b*tch’s mouth? Who gave GS Group permission to produce most of the Manastones and stimulants? So, can you guess the heart of the representative I made?”

“You probably won’t.”

Minister of Strategy and Finance Yoo Jae-kyung brushed his teeth while washing his face.

“At this time, Chung Joong-yeop is in a riot and has to catch the FKI, and maybe Cheon Geum-soon takes this opportunity to receive an order from a representative and do something. Where might something explode? It means that we are in a position to revive the Korean economy, which is on the edge of this precipice, even though we care so much.”


“Then if I make a mistake, I just leave. Ministers are basically consumables. shit……”

Kim Doo-sik silently sips Yulmu tea and looks at Minister Yoo Jae-kyung. Minister Yoo Jae-kyung suffered from anxiety and seemed to be on the verge of collapse.

Kim Doo-sik looked at Yoo Jae-kyung, who was holding his head and moaning sadly.

“Are you okay?”

“…Oh, I’m sorry. I can’t sleep.”

“How long have you not slept-”

Yoo Jae-kyung, holding onto his fiery hair, answered with six fingers.


“General Kim Doo-sik.”

“You tell me.”

“Give me your hand.”

“Why should I do that?”

Kim Doo-sik asked a question without an expression as usual, and Minister Yoo Jae-kyung’s eyes were tired of fatigue, but the gun did not become cloudy.

“Do you know what you and I have in common?”

“Inducing people to ask questions over and over is a very tiring way to have a conversation.”

“We are not politicians. And each has its own territory.”

This economic bureaucrat and military man was the undisputed leader of the Republic of Korea.

Army Captain Kim Doo-sik is a man who made a rare achievement of the Chungcheong defense line. He was a master commander who minimized the damage by repairing the Seoul defense line (more than half of the ROK army) that had collapsed during the Uijeongbu Incident, and immediately built a defense line in Chungcheong-do with overpowering power to stop the monster from moving south.

And when the gate was first opened, Minister Yoo Jae-kyung was the head of the budget office (although the expression “one” was an inappropriate position), but in recognition of his ability, he was the person who took full control of the national administration according to the consensus of the chiefs of the Sejong City Office. ever since then.

Therefore, they were representatives of military and bureaucratic culture, respectively.

“Thanks to that, we are classified as a key factor in the Wonokbun Cabinet. It is also listed in the presidential polls.”

Needless to say, Yoo Jae-kyung assumed the role of the de facto prime minister and oversaw the administration of the cabinet, and Kim Doo-shik was the case with Won Ok-bun’s help at the time of the restoration of the Chungcheong defense line, in which one director took over all powers.

Therefore, both of them are classified as a member of the Pan-Wonokbun family.

And Yoo Jae-kyung kept emphasizing those commonalities, and Kim Du-shik calmly arranged Yoo Jae-kyung’s words.

Because I hate talking like this.

“Yes. They have expertise in their respective fields, and thanks to that, they are occupying positions in the current system. Listening to it, it seems that the minister and I are in very similar positions.”

Interpretation: So what do you say, kid?

Yoo Jae-kyung was colored.

“It’s just secondary. The biggest thing we have in common.”


“We are not alone.”

He looked at Kim Doo-shik with his tired eyes sharp as he drank cold green tea.

“How many people are we in charge of?”


“A lot?”

“A lot.”

“But we can be purged at any time according to the interests of the politicians. By the way, aren’t we actually doing all the work? Why do practitioners have to live so anxiously? Why do we have to turn our backs on our business with such worries?”

“Isn’t democracy when the parliament checks the cabinet?”

“This is not a check, but a use.”

Korea was not a country where the separation of powers was maintained so well.

To be precise, there were times when the politicians maintained the separation of powers as needed, and there were times when they did not.

“I can’t eat like this. You never know when or how you will die. We need to keep the political wave from reaching the front lines like ours.”


“I just want you to relax and save the Korean economy and national defense. Why do we have to be out of work in this state of affairs because we are running errands on the political lines?”

Yoo Jae-kyung’s tightrope walking and siding with Won-ok-bun were voluntary, but Kim Du-sik also sympathized with his earnest appeal.

Right now, didn’t he also say something similar to Han Seung-moon? I want the politicians not to touch the military.

So he answered Yoo Jae-kyung,

“Certainly, I agree with the Minister’s words—”


Yoo Jae-kyung grabbed Kim Doo-shik’s hand tightly before he could even finish speaking. Also with both hands.

“Let’s go out from under Wonok-bun and give Han Seung-moon a line. we.”

When the yangban, who had been arguing that he couldn’t trust Han Seung-moon until recently, suddenly turned his rubber shoes over and slapped his tail, Kim Du-shik became confused and looked at Yoo Jae-kyung.

“No, Minister. What do you mean?”

“There are some parts that I can guess. If we go on like this, we’ll both get out.”


“It clings to Wonok-bun and sinks together.”

The pace of the conversation had completely shifted to Yoo Jae-kyung.

“If we are swayed by the politicians like this, the country will falter. It would have been fine if it was normal. However, now is not the time when it is not possible for us. We must stand up like pillars in our respective fields to gain discipline, whether in the bureaucracy or the military.

Interpretation: Let’s grab a bowl of rice together with me!


“General. Our responsibility is to the public service community of the Republic of Korea and the Armed Forces as a whole. It is not for our sake that we should not be shaken any longer, but it is a very natural duty to the position we have and the people to whom that position is responsible.”

If it wasn’t for the person who took medicine in the first place, he wouldn’t have been able to come up to that position. Yoo Jae-kyung suddenly blushed and grabbed Kim Doo-shik’s hand tightly with both hands.


“Ah, no, now…!”

“We, aren’t we responsible?”

Yoo Jae-kyung bowed his head enough to embarrass those who saw it straight away. The old bureaucrat slammed his forehead against the table to make a noise.

“When I take action in the near future, please help me.”

“Yoo, Minister Yu! Wake up!”

“Would you like to help?”


Yoo Jae-kyung spoke in a slightly trembling voice.

“People on our shoulders, the responsibility is not so light.”

And Yoo Jae-kyung suddenly thought,

‘Mia. Dad lives like this.’

It wasn’t the responsibility, but in the end, the middle-aged man bowed his head because of responsibility.


“It was a lot of responsibility.”

Seol Jin-woon sat across from me and muttered the flounder sashimi. Also in our house.

The reason I listened to the story of this 20-year-old Swordmaster at the head of my house came from my aunt’s remarks the other day.

At the name of Seol Jin-woon, who frequently appeared in Yeo Do-yeon’s journey, which she confessed in the hospital room, her aunt had promised to bring her sometime and give her some food.

It came from a strict sense of debt rather than a bountiful rural heart, but I personally did not distinguish between the two in my aunt’s character. Because he’s such a crooked person, his expression might be a little inexperienced.

And either way, the fact that he gets a generous serving of sashimi at our house hasn’t changed. Of course, this is purely a political thought. In the end, the conclusion, not the reason, matters.

And the reason I’m thinking about such frivolous thoughts is that it’s hard to hear what he’s saying.

“…From Dongdaemun Camp to Seoul. He killed a few to save many. Even if I go higher, I don’t think I’m going to do a better job.”


“…yes. To put my pride down and be honest, I’m not confident, I’m scared, and I’m so tired that I don’t want to do it anymore.”

The reason why Seol Jin-woon refused the position of vice president of the Awakened Association was the same as why I avoided taking office by actively intervening in the general election.

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