A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 107

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 107

107. raksen (3)

The last day of the tour itinerary.

Early evening sunset.

The students were walking around the shopping streets around the hotel in groups for their free time.

Due to the barriers laid out by the professors, he could not go outside a certain radius.

“That student is alone today. I think I have a similar feeling to you, except for the fact that society hasn’t heard of it yet. I feel like my world is firmly established.”

Estelle, leaning against the roof railing, looked at Laksen and said. There was no denying her words.

“The world is bigger than I thought. It’s full of things you don’t know.”

After talking with him once disguised as a wandering fortune teller, he confirmed that he was not possessed.

All that was left was to see if his inclination could be judged safely by ‘good’.

At that time, I saw Raksen partially breaking the barrier and going out.

“It’s moving. I’m leaving first, so keep a distance and follow me. Do not intervene in the situation until there is a signal.”

“I see.”

I tracked him down through the movement magic installed on the roof.

Meanwhile, I realized that I wasn’t the only one pursuing him.

‘Professor Ellen.’

Someone in a cloak was secretly following him.

The light green hair exposed under the hood made it easy to guess who he was.

There were two possibilities.

To catch a student who has left the zone of action, or to have a different mind.

‘The answer has already been decided, but you probably need to check it.’

I continued chasing her without any restraint.

She chased him, and I followed her and him.

The more we walked, the more the buildings and people’s attire became thinner.

He had an unusually shocked face.

I had no choice but to do so.

There is no concept of ‘poverty’ in ‘inside the wall’, and of course there is no place like a slum.

Strictly speaking, poverty is not allowed.

You can’t even ‘enter’ inside the wall without money in the first place, and if you don’t pay high taxes at any time later, you’ll be deported.

The building gradually got lower and the space that could be called the roof disappeared.

I descended to the ground and continued the chase along the alleyway.

─I told you not to spend this money! please!

─f*ck, that’s important now! I lost money! Just pour a little more and you can get it!

Shouts and screams roared in from everywhere.

broken street lamp.

Graffiti scribbled on the wall.

Garbage thrown away carelessly.

The streetlights here did not function properly, and therefore, unlike the downtown area, which was like broad daylight, the entire landscape was dyed with the light of the sunset.

“… … .”

under the scarlet sunset.

His confused face was revealed.

He in the real world also grew up in a similar environment.

He must have been preparing to gradually activate ‘awareness’.

Suddenly, his steps stopped.

There were bloodstains in the alley right in front of me.

He followed the bloodstains as if possessed.

The labyrinthine alley ended and a low hill appeared.

A small old church in the middle.

Bloodstains led to the door there.


Aroused by the screams he heard from inside, he hurriedly ran up the hill.

He disappeared into the church, and Professor Ellen turned around the church wall and headed to the other side.

I approached the cathedral after some time interval and climbed onto the roof with a ‘flashing’.

‘His inclination is determined here.’

I pushed a piece of brick that made up the roof with my foot on my walker.


Through the gap, I could see Raksen fighting with a gangster with a knife.

In his hand was a long sword made of ice.

‘… Perfection is the best.’

Behind Laxen were two adults, a man and a woman, lying on the floor, bleeding, and two children leaning against the wall and shaking.

The story was simple.

A family living in an abandoned church.

A wounded vicious criminal is chased by the organization and hides here, killing his family mercilessly.

A situation similar to what he experienced in the real world.

In a moment of crisis, Laxen saves the children and ‘awareness’ is activated.

‘There are some conflicts, but in the end, the tendency is decided by ‘good’.’

At least so far, there have been no problems with the flow of the story.

“f*ck, what kid is this again!”

I kept watching the situation inside.

The colorful sunset passing through the stained glass illuminated the interior of the cathedral.

The statue of the goddess with one arm dropped looked at the two men with a benevolent smile.


At first glance, it looked like Laxen was being pushed back, but there was nothing to worry about.

Because his innate sense of battle is awakened, and in the end he will be the victor.

Injuries in the opponent’s abdomen would also play a part in the victory or defeat of the battle.

It was then that the miracle happened.

The sword that Laxen was holding melted in an instant.

He calmly tried to regenerate the ice cubes, but the ice crystals gathered in the air and scattered repeatedly.

‘Is it that way after all?’

When the first ice melted, I did not miss the unusually large amount of fire elements gathered around it.

In subsequent attempts at magic, external artificial pressure was being applied to the bonding between the elements.

Someone was interfering with the use of magic.

‘Behind the building.’

I ran towards the place where I felt popular.

As I stopped at the edge of the roof, I saw Professor Ellen looking inside through the window.


At the sound of the roof shaking, the opponent shook his head.

Break up!

I immediately created a lightning bolt and fired it.

Electric currents of eerie dark blue light hit her improvised protection and bounced in all directions.


The walls of the church shook and dust rose on the floor.

Small pieces of electric current squirmed and crawled on the ground.

In the aftermath of the shock, the opponent’s hood was removed.

I said looking down at Professor Ellen.

“Are you going to kill your student?”

She, who looked so embarrassed, quickly pretended to be calm and spoke in a low voice.

“Then that… ? How are you here? And the magic level… .”

Break up!

Instead of answering, I once again used lightning magic, and she clenched her teeth and spread her protection.

I immediately approached her right in front of her with “blink”, took out a knife and swung it.

widely! widely!

She pulled out a short metal staff and countered my attack.

“Let’s talk for a moment… !”

I continued the attack ferociously, ignoring her cry.

‘It doesn’t kill. subdue.’

The judgment of the situation was made quickly.

She appeared in a place she shouldn’t have appeared now and was doing something she shouldn’t have done because of her inclination.

The degree of ‘twisting’ of the story was excessive to be viewed as a butterfly effect that occurred simply with ‘I’.

All the effects of me observed so far were only minor fluctuations in incidental settings and events.

The main flow of the story has changed.

‘There’s a good chance there’s a behind-the-scenes thing.’

I couldn’t hide the joy that was boiling in the depths of my heart.

There are many people who could be behind it.

However, given the setting I know, there was no one who could instigate her to act like this at this time.

‘He must be an anomalous being outside of the original flow of the story, if any.’

And, to my knowledge, there was only one such thing.

‘Baek Jin-woo, the possibility of possessing him.’

An old family that I couldn’t shake off. If that’s true and he’s trying to kill the protagonist of the work.

He, too, must have confirmed the task of the person he possessed.

And he would have judged that the main character was getting in the way of his actions.

Darkness within the worldview.

The scope of the person he could possess was narrowed down in an instant.

“Wait, laugh… !”

“If there is an emergency, lay it down and listen.”


The ice crystals she had created formed around her.

However, he could not concentrate because he was blocking the knife right in front of him, and he did not reach a high level.

‘Still, the speed of completion of the magic is fast. to such an extent that it is impossible to destroy. After all, it’s a talent that ranks among the ten fingers in the worldview.’

I blasted the knife with mana, breaking all the rushing ice crystals, and at the same time pushing her away.

Growing up, she must be familiar with this type of battle, but it would not be comparable to this one.


The knife broke the shield and brushed her arm.

Beneath the torn clothes, there were several scars that looked like something had fallen off and a sign of an oath.

‘It’s an oath, too.’

I added more power to my home.

If you tried to kill Laxen by instigating Professor Ellen, or if you were trying to prevent your inclinations from being determined by good.

‘The former is correct. The fact that the inclination is determined by evil is not the purpose of the destruction of the world itself, but it is a reluctance from the standpoint of the darkness.’

What he wants is the sure death of Laxen.

One question remains.

What is the reason why you can’t move on your own?

I was unaware of my existence.

Why didn’t you try to get rid of the protagonist at an earlier point?

At the same time as the battle continued, numerous questions and speculations ran through my head in an instant.

His own answer to it also spread quickly in several branches.

‘But the plan is shallow. If it were me, instead of just Professor Ellen, I had to make an additional arrangement… .’


Then, as proof of my guess, I began to feel a vibration under my feet.

A total of three vibrations.

Something was fast approaching this way.

“… … !”

Professor Ellen had a surprised look on her face as if she felt it too.

While pulling the pistol out of her arms, she turned her body back wide and kicked her in the stomach.

With his body floating in the air, he pulled the trigger.


The moment the bullet flies.

The ground cracked, and something rose into the space where she and I had been before.

And that ‘something’ was pierced in the head by a bullet and fell to the floor with a strange scream.

It was a beast with a mole-headed beast.

An eye patch covered both eyes, and huge claws were attached to both hands.

The vibration under my feet did not stop.

One was towards the interior of the cathedral, the other towards Professor Ellen.

‘Are you targeting both Professor Larksen and Professor Ellen?’

“Protect Professor Ellen. She must not die until information is obtained.”

“I know.”

The voice was delivered to Estelle, who was waiting nearby with communication magic.

Then he ran towards the cathedral and shot the wind whirling in his hand at the wall.


The wall collapsed, revealing the landscape inside.

Laxen was aiming an ice sword at the neck of the vicious criminal who had fallen to the floor.

It was a situation that could hold the opponent’s breath if they hit it with a little force.


The vibration was approaching.

I calculated the path another mole man would run and picked up the pistol.

And soon I noticed a strange thing.

“… … .”

Laxen was not even looking at this side, and was only looking at the fallen opponent.

The flow of the original story proceeds in such a way that he does not kill the opponent himself, but hands it over to the police.

Like Estelle, he is reluctant to commit murder with his own hands, which is one of the main reasons his disposition is determined by ‘good’.

But now his eyes were those of a predator looking for prey.

‘… Did Ellen’s interruption affect his emotional line?’

His sword was raised high.

And it just went down.

As the owner of the story, I could intuit it.

His disposition is now determined to be evil.

Gugugu-. Kwajik!

In an instant, a number of moles broke through the floor and jumped up.


After stopping the vicious criminal, Laxen turned and instinctively swung his sword towards the beast.


After making a momentary judgment, I pulled the trigger.

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