A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 108

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 108

108. raksen (4)


If the inclination is determined to be ‘evil’, it may grow into some kind of disaster later.

The judgment was made quickly.


The timing when the sword and claw meet.

The bullet that ripped through the air pierced the heart of Laxen and then pierced the opposite wall.

“… … .”

Suin broke through the tile floor in the same posture with the claws gathered in front, and the new model of Laxen was torn down like a piece of paper.

I made eye contact with Laxen.

The emotion in his gaze was anger.

Anger at an unknown opponent who interfered with his future plans.


I felt the vibrations approaching this way, so I didn’t have time to think about it any more.


It seemed that the enemy was judging the opponent’s position through the vibration of the floor.

Waiting until the last minute, I spurted the floor and floated back.

At the same time, the weapon was switched to a shotgun with a wide target range.


Right in front of me, the floor where I was standing a while ago cracked and Claw appeared.

His body soared violently and I pulled the trigger.


One shoulder of the guy, including his arm, was completely blown away.

The guy pierced the floor in the other direction and disappeared.

‘Moving faster than the guy who first appeared outside.’

He couldn’t blow his entire body at once, but it didn’t matter much.

The damage was close to instantaneous death, so he would have stopped breathing without being able to hold out for a while due to excessive bleeding.

As if to prove that, I couldn’t feel the vibrations under my feet anymore.

“… … .”

In the distance, I could feel the eyes of two frightened children.

I had no choice but to do so.

Parents are dead, and the place is full of blood and dust.

I spread the shields around the children and turned around and headed out.

“Where are you going with such a cheap weapon! Mine is Mithril!”

Estelle was doing well in the role I was assigned.

While wielding a mace to protect Professor Ellen from beasts, she continued to block her escape route to prevent her from escaping.

-You can focus on the enemy.

Her movements accelerated with the delivery of my voice.

Soon, the beasts rushed out at a fast pace.


After a while, I shot Professor Ellen, who was trying to use the blinker.

She canceled the blink and hastily used her shield to block the bullet.

“Even if you have a lot of mana available, it’s useless if you don’t have an escort to buy you time to refine.”

He continued to fire over the shield and slowly narrowed the distance.

The shield repeatedly cracked and returned, and small fireballs and ice crystals formed around her.


She cried out with evil.

Crystals of red and blue elements rushed towards me.

The ones that were possible were hit by bullets to break them, and the rest were avoided by accelerating their movements with magic.

When she looked at Professor Ellen again, a sphere of ice the size of a human was burning in front of her, literally ‘fire’.


A fire element.

Ice element.

Elements of opposite poles cause strong repulsion the moment they face each other.

Like the poles of ordinary magnets, they reject each other, but if they can be tied together, their power far exceeds that of ordinary magic.

Because the conflicting energy itself is all converted into destructive power.

‘The premise is that he knows how to handle both the main elements, and that his skills should have reached the extreme.’

It seemed that he had finished casting the magic in a short time.

Professor Ellen exclaimed with a venomous face.

“Please die! Don’t bother me anymore!”

The sphere flew at high speed.

Estelle and Suin, who were fighting in the tremendous heat, looked around in surprise.

‘The distance is close. If you dodge using Blink, you may take damage in the aftermath.’

The possibility of breaking up came to mind for a moment, but he quickly shook his head.

The completed magic wave.

It’s not impossible in theory.

However, it was good to see that it was almost impossible to turn the magic used by someone at her level to nothing.

‘At least now at my level.’

The thought quickly jumped to the next judgment, and I dropped the gun and stretched my palm forward.


A fire element.

Ice element.

The two elements swirled violently and gathered at a point, expanding in an instant, creating a sphere of ice surrounded by flames.

“No, that’s ridiculous!”

Professor Ellen’s astonished cry was heard.

The sphere grew bigger and bigger, reaching double the size of hers.

Break up!

The shot sphere engulfed the ‘small sphere’ it collided with, making it even bigger.

And the moment it touched Professor Ellen’s shield, it caused a huge explosion.


The light flashed and the ground shook.

The noise stopped and the dust went away.

On the flat ground, Professor Ellen, whose clothes were burned all over, was kneeling down.

“Don’t warn me. It would be better not to rebel any more.”

“Nonsense. This is nonsense… .”

He took a step back towards her, who was breathing heavily.

Estelle, who had been immersed in Earl for a while, also subdued Suin and put her on the floor with a mace.


Then I heard a grinding sound above my head.

When I raised my head, I saw the one-armed cuff on the roof of the church and the church’s steeple leaning toward this side with the lower part split.

‘Are you still alive? It’s a tough life.’

He stretched out his palm and raised the element.

“It’s dangerous!”

I didn’t pay any attention to Estelle’s urgent cry.

Professor Ellen had a bewildered face.


The spire of the church came over this way.

Just like punishing those who make a fuss in the hall of worship.

And I stopped in the air at the same angle I fell from the telekinesis that I had manifested.

‘If it’s an inanimate object and a guy with no power.’

“Kit hik!”

The prisoner who was trying to get out in a hurry was captured using a flame copper.

He created a wind around him that was caught in the air like invisible grasps and applied pressure.

‘One person to dig up information is enough.’


With a sound like a drum being beaten hard, the guy’s body could not withstand the pressure and burst.

The blood that splattered in all directions also fell on Professor Ellen’s face.

“Ahhh… .”

He had a face full of fear, only now realizing who was holding the materials in the shopping mall.

* * *

“Can I take these children to the nursery?”

“… as you like.”

Estelle seems to have seen herself abandoned in the slums of the children in the past.

Kindness and caring for the weak.

It was her basic nature.

Even during my stay in District 47, I often visited the church’s nursery school.


While she calmed the children, I walked in and out of the church, burning the bodies of the prisoners and the fallen flesh.

As it is a slum, no one would care, but it was right not to leave a trace in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

Even in spite of such a great commotion, no one appeared around.

“… … .”

I stood in front of Laxen’s corpse.

He had his eyes open the moment the bullet pierced his heart.

I didn’t feel any guilt at all.

It was a funny and luxurious feeling for me, who had already committed countless murders for a purpose.


He was lifted up in the air and was engulfed in flames.

It was quickly reconciled to black ashes and flew in the wind through a huge hole in the place where the spire was.

The protagonist of the work is dead.

The man who was supposed to become the eyes of a typhoon and to bring turmoil across the continent died.

Then there will be no typhoons.

I shook my head inwardly.

The flow of the story has already been twisted.

The future will never be the same as before.

‘No, maybe the typhoon was already blowing.’

I remembered the words I heard from ‘she’ who played the old woman in District 62 in the past.

「The middle card represents the present of the youth. It’s a typhoon. That too is the eye of a typhoon.”

“Normally you don’t realize you’re the eye of the storm. The perspectives inside and outside the storm are different.”

“how about it. Do you feel a little bit about the present and the past of young people?”

She is the only survivor of the ancient magic kingdom and is being punished by eternal life.

Her prediction is correct.

It takes a non-intuitive metaphor, but eventually you realize what the word meant.

After all, the typhoon may have been blowing since the first moment I woke up in this world.

I just didn’t realize it, on a very large scale, centering on me.

‘And also around the black curtain that Baek Jin-woo possessed.’

Laxen was dried up between two typhoons and disappeared.

Before it grows into the wind, the eyes of a new typhoon.

I looked out at the ashes flying into the sky and went out through the crumbling wall.

It was time to confirm my conjecture with the interrogation.


There was only one survivor.

The guy who was overpowered by Estelle, had broken both legs and was trembling.

Next to it, a little further away, Professor Ellen was sitting.

He was looking at me with wary eyes, trying to somehow hide the skin exposed between the burnt clothes.


He approached Suin and aimed the gun under his chin.

“It would not have been done alone. Find out what’s behind it.”

No answer came back.

He just drooled from his snout and let out a mad laugh.

“… … .”

I pulled the trigger without hesitation, deciding that I couldn’t get the answer I wanted.


His head exploded, and flesh and blood splattered in all directions, and sparks from the air engulfed them.

In the first place, it was difficult to find a guy with whom you could communicate properly.

They’re close to wild animals, driven by instinct, always on drugs or intoxicated.

The body of a prisoner whose neck had disappeared was floated in the air and burned without a trace.

And when he looked away, Professor Ellen flinched.

I made a chair and sat in front of her by pulling wooden planks and rocks that had been scattered around me.

There were small scars all over her skin with patterns resembling snake scales.

It seemed that he couldn’t focus fully on me to cover it up, so I frowned and pulled out a coat and threw it.

“I wish we could have a little more conversation here. Same question. Whose orders did you take?”

She said, covering herself with her overcoat.

“… What are you?”

There was no sign of rebellion as he had completely lost his will.

It just wasn’t the answer I wanted, so I pulled out my revolver and pulled the trigger.

A bullet passed her ear and pierced part of her hair.

“Do not answer questions with questions.”

In the meantime, Estelle, who had calmed the children, approached me.

“I didn’t take any orders. I’m really alone… .”


A bullet pierced her shoulder and she let out a painful moan.

“You don’t think you have the talent to tell if what you say is a lie. It is the last warning. The next hole to be punched will be the forehead.”

Professor Ellen bit her lip.

He wrapped his arms around his shoulders, and said as if he had made up his mind.

“… I got an order. Kill Raksen at any time during the field trip. Suffering from guilt and conflict, I followed him throughout the schedule. And when I saw him fighting a robber in the cathedral, I knew I had a chance. Anyway, if I let you die at the hands of the robbers, I think I’ll be less guilty because I didn’t do it myself.”

She took a breath and said.

“I don’t know the identity of the person who ordered it.”

I looked back at Estelle.

She nodded, meaning the truth.

I looked at Professor Ellen again and said.

“Tell me everything you remember. Impression clothing, gender, voice, hair color, height, small hand gestures and tone of voice, everything.”

“… We’ve only met twice. There was nothing that I could tell by covering my whole body with a mask and a hood. His voice was that of an ordinary man.”

The range of darkness that Baek Jin-woo would possess has been narrowed once again.

I was basically assuming that he wasn’t aware of ‘me’.

The person who possessed this world must believe that he is the only one.

‘If you instigated Professor Ellen to kill the main character and even tried to silence the professor.’

Not bad, but there are a lot of flaws.

It must have been at this point, it must have reflected his characteristic lazy and weak personality.

At first, he wasn’t that sensitive.

emotional rather than rational.

A style that, once obsessed with something, runs forward without looking around.

A guy who was easily agitated and often exhibited selfish behavior.

‘So, I must have waged such a struggle with my laptop on a cliff to take away my work. On a day of thunder and lightning with rain and wind.’

No matter how much he was, he would have made a more thorough plan than this if he had been conscious of me.

‘The only things that can be excluded are the bosses of Blue Serpent and Red Skull.’

The bosses of both organizations have access to all kinds of information ‘outside the wall’.

He would have sensed Cain’s existence earlier, and he would have taken a more certain move than now.

No matter how ignorant the guy is.

Because the actions I’ve taken so far have largely deviated from the flow of the story.

“He approached me first on the way home after a lecture at the horse tower.”

“What did you talk about?”

“I called myself a prophet. He can see the future and he can do anything I want.”

So, it becomes a story that there is a high possibility that he is ‘inside the wall’, especially in the capital, who doesn’t know the news ‘outside the wall’.

Once again narrowed the scope.


A location where we can’t gather all the information out there yet.

Looking at the fact that only three prisoners were sent, there was a high possibility that he was holding power in an ambiguous position.

“At first, of course, I didn’t believe it. I thought he was a crazy person. However… .”

“You must have known a lot about that. Even things that no one else will ever know.”

As she looked at the ground and talked, she raised her face in great surprise.

“Did you say you would find your brother in return for killing Laxen?”

Her eyes got even bigger.

There was a reflection of me trembling with an uncontrollable smile.

“How do you… .”

I was convinced of her existence by looking at her surprised face.

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