A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 109

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 109

109. raksen (5)

A brother and sister who were swept away by a torrent while escaping the wizard’s laboratory and lost each other’s hands.

The older brother became an executive of a criminal organization, and the younger brother became a professor at Matop.

Baek Jin-woo.

It wouldn’t be surprising if he knew the setting.

It’s only halfway through the whole plot, but he’s read all the manuscripts I’ve completed.

“Professor Ellen.”

I put the gun under her chin.

I lifted it up, and her swaying eyes made me look straight at me.

And he spat out the real name of Bama, a setting that Baek Jin-woo did not know.

“Do you want to meet Edgar?”

Her eyes widened even wider.

Soon the shock subsided, and she nodded as if possessed.

I can’t help but want to meet you

Because that’s her job.

I feel ashamed of the scars after removing the scales, but that’s why I chose make-up with poor skills rather than transformation magic.

Because of the fear that if he completely changed his appearance, the older brother he met on the street might not recognize him.

“… Do you even know about my brother?”

“At least you know more than that prophet.”

I unpacked the information about the siblings.

The stories of their birth, growing up, and even parting.

Only the two of you in the world know.

Or the secrets of your own that you’ve never told anyone.

When the story ended, her eyes went blank.

“Who are you? And the prophet… . Have you been watching us? Are you holding onto your brother?”

She said to me after pondering her confused feelings for a long time.

“Just tell me. Is your brother alive?”

“live. He misses his lost brother very much.”

A single tear flowed down the corner of her eyes.

From her point of view, it must have been a day close to force majeure.

“I would have made an oath. Did he use magic himself?”

“He seemed to know how to use magic, but I did the use of the oath myself. I promised to give you information about my brother when I return after killing Laxen. That was the deal.”

I asked for some more information about the Prophet, and she answered in a watery voice.

However, no further nutritional information was available.

“Now that I have answered all my questions, are you planning to kill me?”

When the interrogation was over, her eyes calmly subsided, as if she had resolved her feelings to some extent.

His will to somehow survive and meet his brother shone beyond that.

“Don’t kill me. I don’t know who you really are or what you want, but if you keep it alive, it will definitely help you.”

“I will not kill you.”

She made a puzzled expression.

I took the gun I had put to her chin.

“Why? I thought he was going to kill me to keep his mouth shut.”

“It was the Prophet who was trying to keep his mouth shut. Who do you think sent the prisoners?”

“… … .”

She thought for a moment and then opened her mouth.

“… He kept his identity extremely secret and showed a wary attitude throughout the conversation. If you wanted to completely hide the fact that you were the instigator of murder… .”

The possibility cannot be denied.

Because she herself has a point to point out.

It must have been the guy’s idea to use the ‘good’ characters for the plan and remove them all so as not to interfere with their future steps.

“Then what do you want from me?”

“You killed Laxen according to your oath.”

I took a deep breath and continued speaking in a low voice.

“Even the unidentified beasts that appeared along the way were defeated with your own hands. It’s embarrassing, but I decided to think of them as drug addicts that are common in slums.”

“… … .”

“The bodies were all burned and there were no witnesses. The excursion team searches for the missing student, but in the end, it is not found, and in the end, it is treated as missing and returned to the capital.”

Realizing that she had to take the next step, she said ‘Ah’ and opened her mouth small.

“Meet the Prophet and receive a reward for fulfilling the oath. He probably didn’t intend to pass on information in the first place, but he’s signed an oath, so it won’t be a big deal.”

“And then… ?”

“Live your normal life. Do research, prepare lectures. Do not leave the capital, as the Prophet can always try to kill you again in places of weak security. Until I tell you otherwise. We do not communicate through communication.”

“It is true that the Prophet is ungrateful. But the information about his brother he was supposed to give me must be true. ’cause that’s a promise But even after hearing that, are you still stuck in the capital?”

I chuckled.

“Professor Ellen, you are misunderstanding something. They are not in a position to question the situation now. If you don’t follow the instructions, you’ll die right here. I promise to kill your brother as soon as you return to my residence.”

brother’s death.

At that, her face turned pale.

“But I am not that cold-blooded. It’s not a very good way to just push your opponent. If you follow the instructions, I promise you a greater reward than a prophet.”

“… … .”

“Take responsibility and let him meet you. With the lives of both sides intact.”

Mana flowed out of my hand.

She drew a complex and clear magic circle that could not be compared with the one engraved on her arm.

It is considered one of the most difficult levels of all magic, and it was an oath that the limit that could be applied as a contract condition was different depending on the skill of the user.

she took a breath

“Immortal… ? I’ve read it in old books. It is said that there are beings who have reached the pole of magic, deal with all the elements, enjoy eternal life, remember all the history of the continent and wander the world. It’s a story told like a legend, but… .”

“It’s ridiculous that a professor believes such a thing.”

She blushed once more and shut her mouth.

“Professor Ellen, you faithfully follow all my instructions. When the oath is completed, he meets Edgar again. I decide that time.”

“… Can you take responsibility for what you said? It’s about whether I can really meet you.”

“The choice is yours.”

She remained silent and then nodded her head.

A clear unfair contract.

But if you don’t, you die.

Self-esteem is not an issue.

If she can be reunited with her family, she’s strong enough to throw away all her pride.

“I will accept the oath.”


The magic circle was split in half and engraved on Professor Ellen’s chest.

With this, I have a total of four tokens of the oath.

Estelle. Zervia.

bama. and Ellen.

There was a limit to the number of tokens the circuit could handle at the same time, and I was looking at that number as five.

‘There is no problem with the circuit. till now.’

I reached out and cast a healing spell on Professor Ellen.

The visible wounds were completely gone.

She looked very embarrassed by my use of healing magic, but didn’t ask any further questions.

“Go back to the field trip. If you don’t show up too late, you may be suspicious. I’m going to clean up this place.”

He took out suitable clothing from the subspace and threw it at her.

She looked at me and got up from her seat, grabbed her clothes, and disappeared into the alley.

With an expression mixed with emotions such as guilt, confusion, and shock.



“Follow the tour group when they return to the capital. And watch her.”

“Should we dig up the back of the prophet?”

“okay. But there’s no need to overdo it. It’s better not to get caught by him than to get information.”

“I know. It’s a pity that we’re far away from you, but I’ll be able to stop by the church headquarters after a long time.”

We looked at the place where Professor Ellen had disappeared and walked into the church.

After offering a silent prayer to the place where Laxen’s body was, he turned to the children again.

She never had any questions about what I was doing or directed.

I just trusted and followed him faithfully.

It means that trust in me has increased, and it also means that I have become mentally blunt and can’t stand anything.

It was good to say that he had achieved a kind of spiritual growth, but it was still not enough.

You will have to reach a level where you can stand firm without being shaken in the face of the truth that will soon come.

* * *

The tour group conducted a full-scale search for the missing student, but found no clues.

The professors led the students back to the capital, fearing that they would be reprimanded after their return.

Leaving a message asking the local police station to communicate whenever they find a clue.

“Then see you later. I will call you on the date you specify.”

Estelle’s car followed the tour group and left Clarkfield.

Shortly thereafter, the staff arrived in front of me with two cars.

“These children. I will take responsibility and hand it over to the orphanage. This is the vehicle the CEO will ride.”

The children still had faces that could not escape the shock, but they were much more mentally calm than at the beginning.

The car with the employees and children moved away, and I got on the car prepared in front of me and started the engine right away.


It was an SUV developed for combat.

Basically, the armor was thick and the body was high, and it was designed to be able to run skillfully on rough terrain.

As I slammed on the accelerator, the car sped forward in an instant like a giant beast.


The landscape of the wasteland quickly brushed back.

The destination was Area 58.

A place better known by the name of ‘Rustwood’ rather than by number.

‘It would be a rusty forest if we interpret it literally.’

Contrary to the name, there is no forest there.

Not even a withered tree, not even a single piece of grass.

The piles of scrap metal and garbage piled up on the barren land are just taking a similar shape.

I remembered the communication I had with Bama in the morning.

“The list of candidates for executives has come down. three in total. I have been ordered to recruit one of them.”

He said that Leica’s men would be dispatched to the other two candidates as well.

“One of the candidates is Tyrhorn of Rustwood. They said he was a well-positioned person there.”

It wasn’t something I set myself up for.

I immediately contacted the information guild, but got a reply that there was no data.

Talk about having to go and hit it with your body.

One didn’t matter.

If it was a person who would become a risk factor in the future, it was only necessary to remove it in advance.

Leica’s subordinates, who were going to be recruited, were also included in the target.

‘Let the blood dry slowly. So that you don’t get exhausted unless you run into your impatience first.’

There was no intention of watching the boss move to reinforce his power by recruiting a new executive.

I was thinking of breaking each move and inducing them to attack the 47th area first, and fighting with an advantage in defense.

‘Excluding Tirhon, there are two candidates for the executive.’

Bama, who was in charge of one of them, was planning to cause a conflict on purpose and fail to recruit.

The other candidate also leaked information to Zervia, so there was no need to worry.

“That information… . i get it. Let’s go to the area you mentioned and catch them all.”

Her face projected on the communication hologram was cold and dry.

I knew that it wasn’t simply because of animosity toward me, but because of a change in my personality.

She cut off unnecessary emotions and gained the energy to run towards her goal.

‘Yeah, if you see me in person again, you’ll see emotional sway.’

Either way, the information I gave her would play a big role in her performance.

While I was immersed in my thoughts, I saw small mountains made of scrap metal in the distance.

It was the beginning of Rustwood.

Unlike other districts, there was no ‘wall’ as a boundary with the wasteland, and between the piles of scrap metal, there were houses that had been raised with rubble.

Residents appeared everywhere at the sound of a loud engine.

Slowly slowing down, he wrinkled his nose and approached this way.

They said looking at me inside.

“Are you human?”

“Are you human?”

“It’s human.”

There were only beasts with animal heads around, and I was the only human nearby.

I turned off the engine and got out of the car.


“It’s human! human!”

“Kick, Kick! Did you come to catch me?”

After seeing the prisoners drooling, I turned around and looked around the scenery once.

‘This place is still there.’

It was arrival.

The site where the great forest once existed is an area where legends are passed down.

The living quarters of most of the continent’s beasts.

District 58, in Rustwood.

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