A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 11

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 11

011 episode. Faith (1)


“Chief. This is Gerek. I have something to report to you.”

There was no sound coming from inside.

After thinking for a moment, Gerek grabbed the doorknob and turned it.

A brief report anyway.

I was thinking of leaving the report alone on the desk.

“… … .”

… I thought so.

Gerek frowned as he saw a figure sitting on the sofa at the reception table.


A prisoner who came in a month ago.

It was said that he was a former executive of Blue Serpent.

Actually, the name doesn’t really fit me.

Because I’ve never been able to properly run the scene in my life as a police officer.

They used all sorts of means, such as bribing their superiors or making excuses for chronic illness, and only worked in places that were comfortable for them.

“Is the manager absent?”


‘jackanapes. If you see the guards, you should get up and say hello.’

Gerek’s stomach churned.

I don’t like it.

That guy’s eyes didn’t change at all from when he enlisted.

Even though he suffered so much from other prisoners and even went to solitary confinement.

‘Besides, you look at me like a dirty thing.’

It has survived so far with one glance.

He was able to catch even the most subtle and secret meanings in people’s eyes.

The emotion that Cain was sending out was disgust.

A gaze that seemed to be looking at an unpleasant, disgusting creature.

‘What else is a necklace? Are you even going to church?’

I get angry, but I endure it.

It is not possible to educate prisoners at will in the work space of a superior.

‘I’ll pass on it now. At least now. In this place.’

I’ve been serving as the warden’s chess teacher for the past few weeks, but a prisoner is just a prisoner anyway.

Lately, I’ve been quiet, so I haven’t had anything to do with other cases.

But his sentence is long.

The rest of his work period is also long.

‘Someday, one will be caught.’

Gerek leaves the room with the report on the desk.


“… … .”

Cain’s eyes stayed on the closed door.

It was obvious what that bathing pig was thinking.

Cain was also accustomed to reading the subtle nuances emanating from people’s eyes and gestures.

‘… But now there is no time to worry about a guy like that.’

Cain organized the contents he had seen in the file file in his head.

I couldn’t go through all the documents because I was in a hurry to organize the site.

But there was already enough information.

Maybe, to the point where I thought I could get out of this place much sooner than I expected.

* * *

“Who determines the cleaning area?”

“The chief decides. The guards don’t care who cleans where, as long as the facility is clean.”

Igor responds with a glance.

When I looked at him silently, he panicked as if he had realized a big mistake.

“Ahh! If you don’t like the area you’re in, we’ll change it, no, you can change it! Bar, the class leader is Cain.”

He had a bandage on his finger.

He received treatment and recovered to some extent, but he was unable to use his fingers as before.

“Some of the class A prisoners go to the material warehouse. put me there.”

“Yes? It’s outside the wire mesh, so you have to walk quite a bit. After cleaning, there is no time left to rest, so usually the weakest prisoners go.”

“… … .”

try shooting again

This time, a healthy, unbandaged finger.

“Hey, hey! I’m sorry. Everyone must have a reason.”

It was very convenient to know how to react.

The next morning, I went deep into the warehouse with a broomstick.

de- de- de-

Among the piles of materials, several generators were spinning and making noise.

Passing through them, he reached the wall.

‘Just beyond this wall is the outer wall of the prison. This warehouse has a structure that is just attached to the outer wall.’

Adamantium was used for the reinforcement of the exterior wall.

Metal with high strength and magic resistance.

However, the outer wall around this area is much weaker than other places.

‘Because a different metal was used.’

‘Arcon’ has the same appearance and characteristics as ‘Adamantium’, but has much lower performance.

It was a conclusion I came to by combining the information I had acquired.

I have read all the parts about facility construction.

When the prison was built, what materials were ordered, how much, and where they were used.

‘Adamantium’s order quantity and actual usage did not match.

The use of the shortage could not be found anywhere else on the paper.

And, as much as the shortage was ordered for the arcon.

The intended use was also not indicated.

‘… It is said that the general manager stole the adamantium and ate it.’

It is also persuasive to assume that he resigned himself the year after the construction was completed.

Selling the stolen materials will not only give you money to live on for the rest of your life, but it’s not a very good idea to stay at a crime scene.

I wondered what action I would have taken if I had been the general manager.

Even after he left, he would have hoped that nothing would ever be discovered.

‘The only building attached to the outer wall is this warehouse.’

Although the appearance of the two metals is the same, when making a large building such as a wall, there is a tendency to show a difference.

At that time, the person in charge covered the wall with ‘Arcon’ written on it with a warehouse.

‘Because it is a cliff that falls into the sea, there is nothing to see from the outside.’

Before entering the warehouse, I burned the area near the contact surface between the warehouse and the wall.

A burn mark remained.

This could not have happened if Adamantium had been used.

Then I realized

This is my way out.

[circuit level: 1]

[Mana: 215 / 215]

However, at my current level, even if I use explosive magic, I cannot penetrate this place.

It has lower performance compared to adamantium, but arcon is also a formidable metal.

‘It would be possible if you keep practicing, but it will take at least half a year.’

I had no intention of being locked up here for so long.

‘A way to increase the power of magic in a short time.’

Thoughts are not long.

One possibility immediately flashes through my head.


A one-time mixture that amplifies the effects of magic.

The main ingredients are precious metals and rare plants.

However, since it is the wizard’s own body to handle the amplified magic anyway, there is a disadvantage that it cannot be used often.

‘The catalyst material used for explosion-type magic is.’

Start counting in your head.

Most of the precious metals you will need can be obtained from the mines, the A-Class labor area.

However, I can’t go down because I’m banned from entering, and I can’t get my subordinates to come out because of the strict surveillance.

You have to find another way.

‘… Additional materials can be obtained from the canteen.’

I heard that the silo in charge of the canteen has a line leading to the outside.

If the use is not questionable, you can bring it in for a small amount of money.

For example, soaps or chocolates containing certain ingredients.

‘There is a high probability that they are from high-end brands. I don’t need one or two, so it’s going to cost a lot of money.’

I didn’t know that the money I had now would not be enough. for planning.

* * *

Whirick – chin.

Whirick – chin.

I took the book out, read it, put it in.

He walks through the bookshelves and relentlessly sucks in texts.

The first is architecture-related books.

I need to calculate the exact strength of the outer wall.

It is a small library, but fortunately, there were a few basic books.

Originally, it was a facility that only prison guards could use, but I was able to enter with special permission from the warden.

“I want to study my faith properly. There are many things that the Bible I have now and the sermons in the church are not enough.”

The warden was pleased with my words.

It was as if his teaching changed a person’s outlook on life.

‘We used to talk a lot about religion. Play chess from time to time.’

After all, the library was quite quiet as it was a space that even the prison guards did not use.

Feel free to continue reading the book.

I was planning to absorb texts from other fields as well, so that I would have a perfect knowledge of this world.

How much time has passed since then?

I closed the book.

We’ve gathered all the information we need right now.

‘For now, until here.’

I left the library and headed to the prison building.

The closer you get, the more piercing and hooting sounds in your ears.

In the corner of the vacant lot, I saw people gathering like swarms of bees and surrounding something.

─ I will hit you, you bastard!

─ Is that the only thing you can do? How much money did I bet on you?

‘Looks like it’s a start again.’

I put the religious books I had borrowed into my arms and headed closer. I went through the crowd and moved forward.

“Kill! Kill it!”

“Put it away! I don’t think I’m going to lose to the class C guy!”

What appeared in front of me was a wire mesh again.

In a small arena with a goalpost that looked like a basketball hoop, two prisoners were entangled and fighting.

“wake up! Wake up!”

“Marco! This chewy! If you lose, you will die at my hands!”

The atmosphere resembles an arena.

The guards also gathered in a good spot high up the watch tower and looked down.

“Twenty thousand shillings to Marco! All the money I have saved in a year!”

“Wait a moment. OK Accepted. But do you know that if you bet now, the odds will inevitably drop?”

A guy with a notebook was busy walking among the prisoners.

A fight ‘officially’ waged by prisoners to clean up their ranks.

Strictly speaking, it is nothing like an arena, and it takes place with the approval of the guards.

The reason for approval is simple.

Not only do the prison guards bet their money, but life in prison is boring and they are all the same.

I called the ‘notebook’ and asked.

“What percentage of the money is on both sides now?”

“Are newcomers caught? Let’s see. If you do the math, it’s roughly 6 to 4. Six money on Marco.”

I had no intention of betting money.

‘Speculation’ tends to take place frequently, but those with a large power gap rarely fight.

Because sorting usually happens between people of similar skill level.

Therefore, the amount of money spent on both sides is almost equal. This is the reason why the dividend is not satisfactory even with a large bet.

Even after paying taxes and taking the money I have as a weekly wager, it takes quite a long time to reach the amount I’m estimating.

‘I need a room. A very large room.’

There is a way.

If two opponents with an overwhelming power difference are competing, the stakes will naturally shift to one side.

Thinking of Kiftel returning from solitary confinement, I walked back to the prison building.

* * *

The church after the sermons have ended and the people have left.

Estelle said looking at me, who was still there.

“You don’t seem to be getting hit by people anymore, do you? If you see no nose bleed in the infirmary.”

“… You want me to get hurt.”

“No, it’s not like that. Are you just missing something?”

She smiled and continued.

“Let’s go have a cup of tea.”

I followed her to the office. Yes, it is only a single room.

As soon as she was figuring out where the artifact might be stored in a small box on the desk, she came to make tea.

moon moon.

Two teacups headed for two lips.

“Your manager compliments you a lot. It is said that there is one devout believer who follows the goddess.”

“… It doesn’t smell bad.”

“I wear necklaces from time to time. What do you think? Just to look good?”

“The acidity in the finish is unique.”

“Tell me. You don’t believe in God.”

“Is it the Lutea variety grown in District 22? It’s the only car that can do this combination.”

“How else did you know that? No, this tea, can I pour some in your face?”

It’s grim, but there’s a soft bonfire hanging over it.

I thought I should stop joking around.

If I talk more here, I might end up savoring the tea with my whole face.

“… As you said, I do not believe in God.”

“I know. It’s just that you feel something different from other people, so that’s why I asked.”

“This time I ask. Does he believe in God?”

She looked at me with stern eyes.

I put down the teacup for a moment and rattled it with my fingertips.

Finally she said

“Am I so outwardly stinky? Well, I think you already know the answer and ask-.”

She let out a small sigh and said.

As if to release the accumulated emotions.

“To be honest, I don’t know. In the distant past, it was said that the goddess appeared directly into the world, but now it is not.”

She sips her teacup.

“I am not doing anything for those who have believed in me for a long time.”

“You are not bringing salvation to the hungry.”


“We are not driving unjust violence out of the world.”

“I admit it.”

“You didn’t even cure the demon you had.”


Her hand holding the teacup stopped. His face hardened and hardened terribly.

In a wary, sharp voice, she said.

“you… . How do you know that?”

Surprise, anger, embarrassment.

It’s only natural for her to react like that.

It must have been the truth that he only talked to the priest who took him away.

I glanced at her and sip the tea.

And slowly opened his mouth.

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