A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 12

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 12

012 episode. Faith (2)

“You didn’t even cure the demon you had.”

The moment she heard those words, Estelle felt her breath stop.

He raised his head and met his eyes.

In fact, the person who spit out the contents could not help but calm down.

It was as if the remarks were about the weather today and tomorrow.

“you… . How do you know that?”

horseman (魔病).

A disease often born with children in high-numbered lands infected with Magi.

A black twig pattern that appears on the ship.

The exact cause and treatment are unknown.

It is not contagious and there are no symptoms, but sudden death inevitably comes between adulthood and thirties.

‘Have I ever met this person outside?’

I shook my head inwardly.

In a nutshell, there has never been

He had never told anyone except one that he had a horse disease.

‘… Priest Adele died more than 10 years ago.’

Multiple possibilities run through my head, disappearing one by one.

One conclusion remains.

I know it’s a stupid idea, but the sudden embarrassment makes me ask a stupid question.

“Did you see my boat?”

“… You are talking nonsense.”

“Ah, Mr.”

Estelle blushed.

okay. Have you ever shown your bare skin to someone?

I lived my life wrapped up in a priest’s uniform or armor.

“Tell me quickly. how do you know that Depending on your answer, it will depend on what I do with you here.”

Unsupervised, he picked up the Bible he had left on the desk.

Even with the exception of divine magic, he was a high-level mana user.

Books can be a great weapon and conversational tool as long as you have mana on them.

“It doesn’t matter how you know. Rather.”

Cain spoke calmly, not paying attention to her sharp eyes.

“It doesn’t matter that I can cure your demon.”

As soon as he heard those words, Estelle got up from her seat and shouted.

“Nonsense! If that is possible, the scholars of the denomination will do it earlier!”

“You can tell a lie by looking at your eyes, right? Say it again.”

Cain took a breath and spoke as if declaring.

“I know the cure for horse disease.”

“… What are you?”

Estelle’s eyes fluttered wildly.

What Cain said was true.

A mention of one’s own abilities.

Say you know the cure.

“It doesn’t matter who I am.”

“Then tell me how. How do you treat the demon?”

Estelle’s pounding heart did not stop.

desire for life.

The most primitive human emotion.

That was the reason why she turned to religion.

If you believe in God, salvation will come one day, and you will be able to break free from the bondage of horsemen.

However, seeing the people around him suddenly die from horse disease, his will gradually weakened.

He is currently 25 years old.

The remaining life is up to 5 years.

The treatment was half abandoned.

‘I didn’t tell the people around me that I had a horse disease. … It’s like admitting that I’m really going to die if I say it out loud.’

But now, this man in front of me knows the cure.

In my mind, I wanted to hang it upside down from the ceiling right away so that I could vomit out information.

“Tell me quickly. Don’t be stingy.”

“There is no cure in this prison.”

“Do you need some medicine? I can get them from outside.”

“There is no need for materials. but.”


“You have to go to a specific place outside of prison. You and me, both of you.”


Eyes and eyes meet.

Cain’s blue eyes that seemed to be sucked in.

Estelle took a deep breath.

These words were not false.

“After all, it’s impossible.”

the end of the sentence, or death.

There is no other way for a prisoner to leave Kentrock Prison.

“I heard that your sentence is close to life imprisonment. Oh, why don’t you just tell the top you know the cure? Just to prove the way—.”

“Escape from jail.”

“mask… what?”


Estelle’s head was pounding.

“You talk like that as if you are going out for a walk. If that was possible, other prisoners would have done it earlier.”

The next moment, Estelle had to doubt her own eyes.

Seeing the sparks, ice crystals, and electric spheres that rose above Cain’s hand.

“you… . Were you a wizard? But how in 1st… . Oh, my head hurts.”

Cain’s activated mana circuit is now felt.

Have you been hiding it all this time?

‘How many times should I be surprised?’

Even the elders of the tower can handle at most two elements.

A situation far beyond common sense.

Estelle gave up any more logical thinking.

“I need your help.”

“… How can I help?”

Cain breathed mana into his limbs and seemed to move.

“Within two weeks, the entire prison population will know this. Then ask for testimony. He healed the broken tendon with divine magic.”

Complete restoration of damaged cellular tissue or body parts.

It wasn’t impossible at all.

If three or more marks were engraved on their body, they were treated by bishop-level priests.

“People know that the power of holy magic is proportional to their faith. If you say your faith has deepened, you will believe it enough. The warden is said to be a miracle of God, and he would rather like it.”

Divine power is not proportional to faith.

It is only proportional to the number of marks that will be additionally granted through the denomination headquarters test or will one day be retrieved.

“Still, it would be difficult to completely avoid suspicion. The guards here have different working attitudes depending on their superiors. In particular, the chief prison guard, who will be appointed soon, is very famous in the capital city—”

“You mean Xavir? Know. I am a person who values discipline, so there is no way I will pass on anything.”

“… … .”

Cain shifted his gaze to the boxes on the desk.

“So we need the things he has.”

Estelle’s gaze shifted to Cain.

Boxes full of junk, I can’t even remember when I opened it.

“I don’t know what you want… . If you need anything there, take it.”

Cain opened the box and began to examine each one.

Seeing Cain like that, Estelle crossed her legs.

‘There are a lot of things I don’t even know what their purpose is.’

Installation of a statue of a goddess and recovery of relics from the ruins of the ancient magic kingdom.

It was the main duty of a combat priest.

The forms of artifacts vary.

From accessories to weapons and armor.

From simple household items.

They usually have special powers, but those abilities are sealed.

This is because they had been left unattended in the land where the Magi were overlapped for a long time.

‘You have to ‘detox’ to use it properly.’


A series of processes that infuse mana to purify magic and activate the magic engraved on the artifact.

However, the difficulty level is extremely high because the method applied to each artifact is different.

Estelle’s relics were also items that were judged to be impossible to decipher or have no hidden abilities after submitting them to the church.

all of a sudden-

Cain took a necklace out of the box and ripped the string.

And he replaced the chain of the denomination necklace he was wearing with the string of the relic necklace.

As a result, the symbol of the octagonal star remained the same, but only the lines were changed.


The blue mana that flowed from Cain’s hand permeated the necklace.

Except for the octagonal star, the part of the string resonated with it and glowed, then returned to its usual state.


And at that moment, Estelle could no longer sense Cain’s mana circuit.

To be precise, I could feel the magical mana appearing in the air, but Cain’s body felt like a normal person.

“What the hell…? No, I don’t know. I won’t think about it any more.”

“What do you mean?”

“That’s Okay. Keep doing what you are doing.”

Cain then took out a pair of rings.

By infusing mana, the ability was opened in an instant.

One was worn by himself and the other handed to Estelle.


“It is a ring that can identify the position between the wearers.”

Like a listening doll, Estelle put the ring on her finger.

“… It’s real. I can feel your energy. Why are you giving this to me?”

“I have to go out and do something first. before treatment. One year after I escaped. Then come to me.”

Estelle frowned.

“Didn’t you ever think that I could die of disease in it?”

Cain got up and walked over to Estelle.

“What, what are you going to do?”

Cain’s hands passed through Estelle’s ears and headed behind her neck.

“It doesn’t die. you.”

A whisper whispering in my ear.

Cain retreated.

A new scarlet pendant hung around Estelle’s neck.


But her mind was not focused on it now.

don’t die


It was a strange sense of relief.

I’ve never felt it in my life before.

“Say it in the form of a proposition that makes it easy to detect a lie. I know it won’t die in at least two years.”

Cain’s voice awakened her mind.

… Not a lie.

“···I see. What is this pendant?”

“It slows the erosion of the Magi. The effect is not dramatic, but it will help.”

“The degree of erosion is invisible. How do I know if the effect is real or not… .”

“What is invisible is not the same as God.”


* * *

After Cain left, Estelle stretched herself into the chair.

‘Did I dream?’

My mind was still numb.


He seems like a funny person, so I’ve always been interested in him, but I never imagined that something like this would happen out of the blue.

‘It’s called jailbreak. Without telling me what to do.’

It was utterly unkind.

He didn’t tell me anything he was curious about, he said only what he had to say and left.

He said he would talk to me again if I needed help.

‘Is there a possibility?’

Objectively, it is close to zero.

He said he was a wizard, but the mana circuit he briefly glanced at was not at a very high level.

‘If you didn’t get caught in the inspection, you said that you made a circuit inside, but that doesn’t make sense. Oh, my head hurts.’


I’m tired of feeling like I’m going to die

The important part is like reading a novel that has been omitted altogether.


As he ruffled his hair, his golden, messy hair ran through his mouth like a thread.

I couldn’t even spit it out, I was just dazed.

“What method are you trying to use?”


It’s definitely close to impossible, but it’s still impossible to stop the anticipation from rising.

Is it because he has to escape to cure his horse disease?

Of course there is, but for some reason, it seems that it is really possible.

Because he has already shown the nonsense in front of his eyes several times.

That expectation eventually made him take the risk and cooperate with him.

“I heard that there are cases in which a Goddess manifests in a human body. It’s just a record, but it’s all-knowing, omnipotent.”

He immediately shakes his head.

Leaving aside the one-dimensional question of whether the goddess would manifest in a man’s body, Cain had already shown an attitude of denying God several times.

“… I do not know. Estelle, don’t use your hair. If you use your head, you lose.”

It was also true that every corner of my heart was comforting.

“I promise. I will help you avoid death.”

That one word seemed to pat her past time, and it sounded like a word of salvation.

* * *

I left the church and returned to my room.

‘It would be better to carry the necklace without loosening it so that others can see it. I have to lay the ground rice.’

The ring is bound to lead to suspicion.

I took it out of my pocket and put it in the Bible compartment.

What Estelle and Cain have in common.

I painstakingly sculpted, characters with deep affection in their own way.

Characters saved by the protagonist.

“It is the main character’s responsibility to help revenge and cure the demons.”

Originally, not everything is going to happen now.

The flow of the novel I had crafted was already messed up.

The main stem will not change, but the branches leading to each event may change in some way.

“… Does not matter.

It’s already been promised.

For the sake of my goal, I will use whatever is available to me.

I sat down and cycled the mana of the circuit.

[circuit level: 1]

[Mana: 230 / 230]

Recently, he had been spending some time sharpening the key, so his growth had slowed down a bit.

Of course, in addition to the simple element of effort, the growth stagnates as the amount of mana increases.

In particular, the section going from 400 to 500 is called the Wailing Wall.

‘When it reaches 500, the circuit level rises, so the efficiency of mana operation itself changes.’

The circuit level rises in 5-fold increments.

Once in 500.

Again at 2500.

The average mana of Blue Serpent executive candidates is around 500, and executives are over 2500.

Five minutes before the end of the free time, the prisoners entered.

“Isn’t that the guy the guards took to Room 8 earlier, Kiftel? The room you used to use was there, wasn’t it?”

“Today is the correct date for coming out of the cell. The back looked the same.”

“You may have come to pick up your luggage before going to the psychiatric ward.”

The prisoners nodded when they saw me and started cleaning up.

‘Looks back.’

And when I was about to get up.

Kick- bang!

The door swung open and a man appeared through it.

A gray ponytail reminiscent of rags.

Eyes open like a hungry beast.

the guy said

“Igor. Have you collected your taxes well?”

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