A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 124

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 124

124. slave market (2)

“Wait there, we’re first… .”

The man who was about to shout, saw the card that Cain had presented to the employee and shut his mouth for a moment.


And as if not a little startled, he started hiccuping.

“Are you dissatisfied with me going in first?”

“Oh, no. Hiccup!”

It was rare for a person who worked in the shade to not use Ignis.

There was no bank other than Ignis that could deposit black money of unknown origin without complicated proof.

The only condition that Ignis raised was the size of the deposit.

Members below a certain amount were not accepted at all, and even after depositing, the amount was divided into stages and cards of various colors were issued.

Among them, the highest grade was the black card, which was issued only to depositors of 1 billion shillings or more.

“Hey, come in. I will guide you.”

The staff, too, lost their mind, then came to their senses and showed their palms toward the inside of the entrance.

Cain put Ignis’s black card in his arms and entered the auction house with Bama.

Those in the line looked surprised, but did not dare to restrain Cain and Bama.

Walking down the aisle, Bama whispered to Cain.

“You could have come in quietly. Is it necessary to do something so conspicuous?”

“Does not matter.”

Cain didn’t care. To fish, you have to throw the bait.

The location is bound to be discovered someday. Also, there was something to think about the other person’s reaction.

As I climbed the stairs and arrived at the seat, the amphitheater appeared in front of me.

Compared to the size of the building, it could not be said to be large, but it was not small either.

“They say they remodeled an abandoned stadium.”

Bama burst out laughing.

The stadium was surrounded by spectator seats, and the space was open so that they could see each other’s faces.

Cain sat down and grabbed the microphone and number plate in front of him. And looked around.

Allotted seats are on the top floor.

As if we were almost at the end of the auction, the seats were full, regardless of the floor.

Iron cages connected to chains were hung from the ceiling, and employees were busily moving in and out of the unit below.

Meanwhile, I saw a bald-haired man in a suit giving instructions to the staff in an overbearing manner.

It was Berwick.

“Have you seen Berrick?”

“I’ve heard the name a lot. First time actually seeing it. Except when I was very young, I had never been to such a high-numbered area.”

At that moment, the entrance to the auction house closed and a loud noise was heard from the center.

“A big thank you to the ladies and gentlemen who came to our auction house today!”

The staff went down from the podium and waited nearby with their backs on their backs.

As Berict bowed his head and greeted him nicely, applause erupted.

“Today, we have made every effort to present to you special products aired from all over the continent. I hope you can pick up your favorite items!”

Berwick reached out to the staff who was about to climb up the podium with the remote control.

Seeing the remote control being sucked into his hand, Bama said.

“Are you a wizard? Seeing that mana is black, you are a warlock.”

Cain nodded.

Not only Berict, but all his staff were also warlocks.

The method of airlifting slaves was, in most cases, kidnapping, so it was natural to have a certain amount of force.

Of course, from Cain’s point of view, Berwick’s magic level was not that high.

What made Berrick famous was his business acumen rather than his magic.

The reason the boss wanted to recruit him must also be there.

‘The enemy will aim for the moment when I approach Berwick. Or the moment you are away from the escort.’

The enemy and himself were clearly aware of each other’s goals.

In addition to killing each other, there was a goal of subscribing and obstructing Berict.

The interruption was simple. kill it

Because you can’t use a dead person as an executive.

A reasonable guess would be that the enemy was hiding somewhere in the auction house.

‘Let’s see how long he hides.’

“Come on then! Let me introduce the first product of the day!”


Tow trucks loaded with something in the shape of a square lined up on the platform. When the cloth covering the object was removed, an iron cage appeared.


Cheers erupted from all over the audience.

All of us inside were children, and we could see at a glance that they looked great even from afar.

“These products were hard to find in slums all over the continent! A pearl in the mud, so to speak! You are free to use it according to your taste or purpose. Beauty is guaranteed, so I think it would be good to grow it for a few more years to serve the night. Oh, of course, it doesn’t matter if you listen to it right away. haha!”

Number tags were hung around the children’s necks, and the auction proceeded in that order.

“90 million!”

“1.1 million!”

“1.7 million!”

At Berrick’s skillful progress, the atmosphere quickly heated up.

The price soared, and the children went on to win the bid one by one.

The tow truck carrying the successful bidders disappeared into the waiting room behind the stage.

“If you would like to receive the winning bid immediately, please head to the lobby on the 1st floor. Time is gold, so if you’ve accomplished your purpose, you don’t need to stay any longer. You can pay by card, cash, precious metals, any way!”

Because of their distrust of banks, there were many people who only used cash or money as currency.

For this reason, such auction houses tended to hire a money appraiser and put a safe inside.

Bama said, glancing at Cain.

“I’m going to salivate. Wasn’t it your specialty to rob the same criminal?”

Cain did not deny it.

By purchasing Hexa Medical’s stock, the amount of funds available for management recently decreased significantly.

“There’s money on the roadside, so there’s no reason not to pick it up.”

In particular, as the research complex and hospital have to be operated, the maintenance cost will continue to rise in the future.

Therefore, it was necessary to raise funds from sources other than the revenue from District 47.

The auction continued.

People of various ages and genders, regardless of human, beast, or species, were placed on the unit as prizes.

When the mixed race of beasts and humans came out, Bama showed a very uncomfortable look.

far away

Bama was clearly looking at the child of the unit and her past self.

He, too, was sold to an unknown wizard along with his sister at an auction like this.

The auction went on for hours, and Cain watched the scene contemplatively.

After that, he stayed in Area 104 for three more days and participated in the auction, but the enemy did not appear.

“I think being cautious is enough.”

“I think so too.”

The enemy may have dug a trap, waiting for this side to move first.

Bama and Silverfang agreed with that opinion, but I thought that the possibility had become less than at first.

“Perhaps Leica’s words were false information intended to make us waste time. Or maybe it’s true, but he hasn’t arrived here yet. Because Berik is not the only candidate for recruitment.”

“Predicting enemy movements is good, but sometimes simplifying your thinking is the answer.”

Bama and Silverfang’s voices were mixed with some dissatisfaction and frustration.

Cain, who listened to them, had no expression on his face, so he did not know what he was thinking.

After a moment of silence, Cain opened his mouth.

“I start after I see work. I’ll be back in two days, so wait until then.”

Leaving behind Bama and Silverfang, who were making faces of incomprehension, Cain left the room.


There were things that had to be arranged for the future.


Category: Unique – Passive

Effect: When you take fatal damage, you are revived only once. Resurrection takes 3 days, and all existing memories are lost when resurrected.

[Remaining Attribute Points: 1]

The ‘resurrection’ characteristic had already been acquired.

In the second half of the work, the characteristics possessed by the black screen in the worldview.

Loss of memory is obviously a huge penalty that cannot be compared to anything else.

But Cain was convinced that in his case only a part of his memory would be lost.


Category: Unique – Passive

Effect: Don’t forget what you see once.

Because of the characteristic of ‘memory’.

‘Resurrection’ loses memory.

‘Memory’ preserves memory.

In this world, the empty settings were filled in the direction that he would have made it that way.

What would happen in the event of a conflict of settings would also be within his expectations.

‘If only a few more arrangements were made there.’

Penalties can be almost perfectly offset. And the benefits that come with it are also clear.

Initialization of synchronization rate.

Initialization of damaged body by using manastones and catalysts.

Attribute points remaining as spares.


The place to be reborn when the resurrection characteristic is activated was in front of the goddess statue, the southernmost point of the continent.

It wasn’t too far from District 104.

Cain started the car and headed south outside of Sector 104.

When the car disappeared from view, a woman appeared from behind a water tower on the roof of a building on the outskirts.

“I don’t know what you are thinking.”

She fixed her glasses as she gazed at the lost wasteland. The silver hair flowing down the hood stood out.

“I knew you were coming to Area 104. But what do you think of revealing your location so openly?”

Jaina had arrived at Area 104 before Cain and the others.

It took some time to recognize that the opponent was Cain, as he had a face he had never seen before.

Because there was no trace of mana in the transformation magic.

If I hadn’t paid attention to every little behavioral habit that revealed Cain, I wouldn’t have noticed it.

Of course, the fact that Bama was beside him also contributed to the identification.

“Me in Blue Serpent? There’s no reason to refuse. It will greatly increase the scope of our activities.”

Berwick’s enlistment has come to an end.

There was an opportunity to surprise Cain’s party, but he didn’t do it because Leica had not arrived yet.

“The seeds of life have been found at the ruins of Area 97. Check it out and go. It won’t take long.”

The beast that went crazy in the forest has often been unfaithful to the boss’s instructions recently.

It may be that the organization has been shaken and judged that it is difficult to profit any more.

‘Be cheeky. Who laid the foundation for the business?’

Although he was sending a huge amount of compensation, the commercial building in Leica’s area was originally owned by the boss.

So were the facilities in the districts of Bama and Parterre.

District 47 was handed over to Cain, and due to Bama’s lack of business activities recently, the amortization payment was reduced by nearly half.

It was a bad situation.

Within a few years, the current world will end and a new one will open.

No matter where you look, you will find a world close to paradise where you can face the lush green land, not the barren land of today.

‘The boss said he would get me a ticket to the New World.’

Loyalty to the boss wasn’t just because he had taken his childhood self out of a back alley.

Because they promised life in a new world.

So I had to be sensitive to income.

As your income decreases, the number of tickets you can secure will decrease.

“… … .”

Jaina stayed on the roof for a while longer.

A locator attached to Cain’s car moved farther and farther out of detection range.

You can now move.

The toughest and most fearful opponent left.

The safest thing to do is to wait for the Leica to arrive, but I didn’t intend to.

‘I lost to Cain and ran away. The boss must have been disappointed.’

I thought I’d hit the ball first.

Bama and a bunch of beasts.

The best thing to do is to get rid of Cain, but reducing his power was also a blow.

Cain will not be late even if Laika arrives and joins forces to eliminate it.

Having made a decision, Jaina came down the roof.

Time passed and it was midnight and we headed to the back alley.

“Are you going to give me money if I go to the marked places?”

When he held out his thick pocket of money, the vagrant showed a disbelieving face.

“It’s about delivering stuff to the auction house. It’s time for the operation to be over, and if you say you’re here on an errand, I’ll let you in.”

Jaina placed a small bottle of colorless liquid in her purse in the vagrant’s hand.

It was a liquid made by collecting the body odor of Leica. A faint scent that humans could not smell was spreading through the lid.

“It’s not difficult, isn’t it dangerous?”

The vagrant’s doubts were quickly dissipated in the second money bag Jaina pulled out.

The vagrant nodded frantically, took the map and made his way down the street following the route Jaina had given him.

The path included the sidewalk in front of the inn where the Ashen Wolf stayed.

“Captain, now… .”

A gray wolf resting in the room raised his head and said.

“okay. I took it too.”

I looked out the window and saw a man wearing a coat and walking down the street.

Judging by his physique, he wasn’t a Leica.

The smell of Leica was also faintly emanating.

“It’s like one of my subordinates.”

“You have finally made your mark. Could it be that they sent reconnaissance? Leader.”

Silverfang agreed.

In the case of beasts, their body odor is more intense and characteristic than humans, so they cannot be easily hidden.

Especially in front of the wolf species, which boasts an excellent sense of smell even among beasts.

During my three days in Area 104, no Leica body odor was detected.

As Cain said, there is a possibility that the enemy has arrived first and is monitoring it, but I thought that if it did, the smell of Leica must have come from somewhere.

“Everyone get up. It spreads as wide as possible and follows.”

Cain’s words, telling him to wait until he came back, were buried in revenge against Laika.

It was also due to the fact that there was no battle recently and he was in a state of dissatisfaction.

not only to his subordinates, but also to himself.

widely. widely.

The footsteps of about 20 wolves passed through the alley under the moonlight.

Very secretive and subtle.

The only thing that smells like Leica’s body is the one being followed. The more he chased after him, the more the gray wolf felt his blood boil.

“It looks like the scout is right, too. There is no smell of Leica anywhere else around.”

The following target disappeared into the auction house.

Silverfang was in a dilemma between whether to follow suit or whether to return as it is.

But the moment Leica’s face suddenly popped into my head, the decision was made.

“I follow.”

Capture the following target and obtain information about the current location and plans of Leica.

Berict, who resides in the auction house, is also subject to removal, so he achieves his goal on behalf of Cain, who is overly cautious.

That was Silverfang’s idea.


The staff guarding the entrance could not even scream and collapsed.

Silver Fang, wiping off the blood on his nails, entered the auction house with his men.


My pupils dilated and my heart started beating like crazy at the texture and smell I had felt for a long time.

Everyone was asleep, and there were no other staff inside. I followed the smell and walked around the aisle.

And we arrived inside the auction house with the lights on.

The follower was looking around with a bewildered look on the central platform.

“Catch it.”

With Silverfang’s words, the gray wolves, including him, rushed to the target.

And the moment I got to the top.



“… … !”

I looked behind the silver top, which was holding the target’s neck and lifting it.

A huge iron cage fell off the ceiling.

“Captain, now… !”

The subordinates were also greatly perplexed and did not know what to do.

Seeing those gray wolves, a woman slowly stood up from one side of the audience.

“There is no other reason why beasts are inferior to humans.”

thud! thud! thud!

Jaina’s voice was not transmitted, drowned in the sound of the over-excited gray wolves shaking and slamming us.

She furrowed her eyebrows, but soon changed her expression back to normal.

‘Beasts with no intelligence.’

Since it was specially made for the handcuffs, we wouldn’t have to break it.

No matter how much they ran, they would lose their strength.

Anyway, it was easy.

Manipulating beasts faithful to their instincts like dolls.


Men in black suits appeared from the entrance of the auction house with Jaina clapping their hands and surrounded us.

Organization members assigned by the boss.

It was placed for emergencies, but they wouldn’t go out.

‘Now just spray this stimulant.’

Biting, scratching, stabbing each other.

They will face the end that suits the beast with their own hands.

‘Cain. I don’t know about magic skills, but in my head, I think I’m at the top. That’s why you, the suspicious personality, lost.’

If he had tried to get rid of all Berwick on the first day, he would not have been able to stop it by himself.

Jaina raised the corners of her lips.

Then he grabbed a bottle of stimulant and took a stance to throw it at the iron cage.

“Looks like something interesting is happening.”

Then a terrifying voice came from behind him.

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