A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 125

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 125

125. slave market (3)

“Looks like something interesting is happening.”

Jaina felt as if she had been electrocuted for a moment as the horror wrapped around her body.

As he turned his head stiffly, there was Cain, who was polite and expressionless.

He walked over to the side with his arms crossed. He said to Jaina, who had only a small mouth.

“Last time I saw you used flashing by layering transformation elements on top of transition elements. Thanks to you, I found a new way.”

Jaina’s heart sank.

Numerous question marks popped into my mind.

‘Did you understand it only through the public eye?’

To understand the driving principle of the opponent’s magic by looking at the movement of mana. and applying it.

The two are completely separate stories.

No, rather than that, now wasn’t the time to be surprised by that.


There were no words behind the shock that had not gone away.

Cain replied with a characteristic relaxed tone, as if reading her thoughts.

“A car with a locator? I must have been driving without a driver and crashed into a rock somewhere and stopped.”

My embarrassment went away and I was sober.

Suin and the members of the organization had not yet noticed this situation.

Jaina strengthened her strength with magic, and at the same time threw a bottle of stimulant in the direction of the iron cage with all her might.

The blue mana that came out of her hand and a long slender ice pick reconciled with her and chased after the bottle.

‘great. My reaction was quicker.’

Cain was still staring at the flying bottle and magic with an expressionless face.

She envisioned a picture of the bottle breaking and stimulants being sprayed over the prisoners.

The next move was also quick.

‘It’s not the main element, but a simple magic.’

He gathered the elements of the wind and spread his palms forward.


The compressed air exploded, causing a huge impact between Jaina and Cain.

But Jaina was the only one whose body bounced off.


When he lifted his head, he saw a black shield wrapped around Cain’s body.

Obviously, no movement of mana was felt in Cain.

This too was incomprehensible.

Cain looked at Jaina softly and turned his head forward. The prisoners and the members of the organization, who noticed the commotion, were looking at this side.

As Cain stretched out his palm upwards, dark blue mana swirled over it.


Soon, ice crystals bloomed in the air and turned into a long awl.

It was so large and deep in color that it could not even be compared with Jaina’s.


Cain’s ice pick broke through the air with a gentle pounding sound.

In an instant, he caught up with Jaina’s awl and smashed it.

Like an arrow stuck on an arrow.

The awl flew non-stop and broke the bottle of stimulant in succession.


The bottle shattered over the heads of the Blue Serpent members, not the prisoners.

A colorless liquid fell like raindrops down his nose, eyes, and mouth.

“I wouldn’t have prepared ordinary things. Let’s see what’s going on.”

Organizers were perplexed.

He didn’t know the exact identity of the liquid, but he could tell that something was wrong with Jaina’s plans.

Before long, my heart started beating like crazy. It felt like blood was boiling and the world was turning red.

“Come on, wait!”


There were more people who did not resist the drug than those who did not. The gang members soon started swinging their swords at each other.

A reckless attack that does not cover the enemy.

The gray wolf was confined in a cage and was rather protected from strife.

‘Not bad.’

Just before returning to Sector 104, Cain was deeply impressed by the performance of his new trait.

internal focus.

A property that allows mana refinement within the circuit and increases its speed by one level.

The weakness of wizards is that they must expel mana from the body when implementing magic.

When dealing with the same wizard, there is a risk of being ‘interfered’ and nullifying the magic itself.

For melee type mana users, predict and respond to the type of magic.

Magic can be used almost instantly, but in that case, the refinement level is low and the power is lowered.

Therefore, the characteristic of ‘inner focus’ gave the enemy a huge advantage in that he could use a high level of refinement at an unexpected timing.

Cain said as he looked at the members of the gang fighting each other.

“However, to make a mana user with a certain level of skill like that, it must have been a pretty strong drug.”

Jaina’s face turned pale.

Something is wrong.

Even if it was wrong, it was wrong for a long time.

‘Is this the amount of magic used right away without refining?’

I could understand that it must have used some special artifact or something that didn’t feel the circuit.

But the magic he used almost instantly was at this level.

At the same time as the danger signal echoed in my head, I felt nauseated inside.

Watching the war with Parter in Area 47, I thought I had figured out Cain’s magical abilities.

His ability to manipulate elements is unmatched.

At least the elder level of the tower.

However, the level Cain showed now was beyond common sense.

Did you mean that something else has grown in the meantime?

far away

Jaina reached out towards Cain. Bright silver mana formed a stream and rushed towards Cain.

Cain raised his hand and responded in the same way.


black and silver.

Two mana stalks of different colors collided at a point in the air, creating a sight as if an electric current had met.

“It’s really the best naval force you can choose in this situation.”

Jaina smiled of conversion as she watched the mana stalks competing for strength.

A clash of non-magical mana and mana.

It was a pure power fight that had no room for craftsmanship, and it was a way to press down on the opponent based on the amount of mana he had.

‘Cain, no matter how well you handle elements, the amount of mana is above me.’

Although he chose the path of a warlock to build up mana quickly, that period would not be half a year.

Obviously, before entering prison, he was an ordinary person who could not handle even a handful of mana.

There was no way that he had more mana than himself, who had been recognized for his talent from an early age and had been steadily accumulating mana.

And her prediction came true.

What made Cain unique in magic was his ability to manipulate mana and elements.

Purely in terms of the amount of mana, he belonged to a lower axis than other powerful players in the worldview.

“… … .”

The mana in the circuits on both sides was quickly exhausted.

In the case of Jaina, there was still room, but in the case of Cain, the circuit was almost at the bottom.

The silver mana gradually began to push away the black mana.

“Are you suddenly speechless? If you would accept a magical battle, I would have avoided it. Leica and you are so arrogant.”

“… … .”

Although he was being pushed back in the magical battle, Cain’s expression didn’t even move.

Cain took something out of his chest and put it in his mouth, with his hand not emitting any mana.


“hearthstone… ! But just because I added a little bit of mana—”

“Who said a little?”

Cain took out the second manastone and swallowed it.

I could feel the mana charging in the circuit along with the fragrant scent.

Break up!

As if a dead embers were revived, the black mana grew stronger and began to push away the silver mana again.

“I’ll give it to you if you need it.”


Jaina, who received the manastone bag that Cain had thrown, panicked.

Usually wizards carry magic stones in case of an emergency.

But he’s such a reckless sheep that he can chatter like this.

‘Give the enemy a magic stone? Ignoring it is enough.’

far away

Anger and shame flooded in, but it was a feeling that had to be put aside.

Looking inside the pocket, it was undoubtedly a magic stone.

okay. Let’s hang out sometime

After all, it will be me who smiles.

His posture was disturbed to take his manastone out of his arms, and it seemed that there would be a gap in the magic battle.

Jaina took the Mana Stone from the bag Cain had thrown it, chewed it and swallowed it.

“You have a stronger platform than you think.”

“What do you know about me! Shut up!”

Cain pulled out a new pouch and chewed the manastone. Each time, Jaina also took out a magic stone and swallowed it.

Wriggling your eyebrows.

With a heart that you can never lose.

But that will didn’t last long. Her eyes fluttered and her face lost its color.

“Bur, it’s already the seventh! I’m thinking of using a few replacement manastones! all die! You and I will both die like this!”

Magic stones are not omnipotent.

Even if it doesn’t cause any major side effects right now, it comes at the cost of a long life in the future.

The amount that can be used at one time is limited, and when taken beyond the appropriate level, the reduction in lifespan accelerates.

He tried to follow Cain’s tempo, but it was too much.

Wasn’t the reason he wanted a ticket to the new world because of his desire to lead a long and satisfying life?

“Are you afraid of death?”

The moment their eyes met, Jaina knew.

That this man really doesn’t care about death.

It was a defeat.

Full of greed for life, he couldn’t win.

‘I’ve been looking at Cain’s level wrong for a long time. Boss, me too.’

Although it is a headache, I thought it was like a small fire that could be extinguished enough if you put in time and effort step by step.

But this was no small fire. It was the forest fire itself that devoured everything it reached.

Cain swallowed the next Manastone, but Jaina couldn’t.

A manastone bag fell from her hand, who had lost her will.

Break up!

The black mana began to push away the silver mana in an instant.

As Cain drew closer to Jaina, the stalks of mana that were collided became shorter and shorter.

“Oh, don’t come!”

Jaina stepped back. Within a few steps, he hit a railing and had nowhere else to retreat.

Cain reached right in front of him and grabbed Jaina’s wrist. Then he injected his mana into her circuit.

The composition of mana added to the circuit varies depending on individual characteristics.

It was clear what would happen if mana with a different personality was forcibly injected.


Cain’s mana ran through Jaina’s circuit. Like seething lava, he violently traversed the path he passed.

“Let it go! Please let me go!”

Jaina knelt before Cain.

He tried to get the wrist out of Cain’s grasp, but to no avail.

Permanent damage to the circuit.

The moment she sensed it, Jaina’s head seemed to go white.

‘Berrick, what the hell is going on in the midst of this fuss… .’

If there was any glimmer of hope, it was Berrick who would lend this space now and wait for the work to be finished.

“Are you waiting for help?”

My mind was blown.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t think that will happen.”

The sound of the door opening was heard from below the audience.

Bama appeared, covered in seven packs of blood, and looked up at Cain.

His hand gripped Berwick’s neck.

“The head was caught. All the loads were sorted out. As you said among your subordinates, there is one guy that I will never forget in my dreams. I’m old, but I’ll never forget that face that smiled greedily when you gave me a reagent.”

Bama’s face was still in excitement.

It was a moment when it became clear who had a significant portion of the blood splattered on his body.


When Cain let go of her wrist, Jaina sat down. Her arms were stained black like dead branches.

“How are you going to deal with Berrick?”

“kill. After asking for the password to the safe.”

Berict didn’t move as if he had become a stone. It was because of what happened to Bama.

Jaina clenched her teeth.

‘no. I have to get out of this place somehow… .’

Mana drains like sand from a broken circuit. Before it was completely depleted, he gathered up the remaining mana with all his might.


「Space movement」

A magic that changes the coordinates of space and transmits a target or object to a relatively long distance.

If it’s a movement type magic, I’m confident that I can use it faster and more accurately than anyone else.

‘Even if it’s the first goal, you have to meet the boss.’

While Cain and Bama were concentrating on their conversation, Jaina fired a mana at Berrick.

Silver mana disappeared along with Berrick. As if nothing had happened to begin with.

On the surface, it was clearly a success.

She had to use magic to get out of the room right away, but for some reason she had a confused face.

‘My element was shaken. Obviously, the part that sets the coordinates… .’

There was no error in his magic. It meant outside interference.

Jaina turned her head to Cain.

“Uh, where did you send it?”

“I changed the coordinates a bit. Not outside the building, but inside the concrete wall.”

Two objects cannot coexist on the same coordinates.

whether it is living or inanimate.

He seemed to know what Berrick would have been like without even imagining it.

The mana he had raised to use space movement once more was scattered helplessly.

Jaina thought it was really over.

And then the ceiling collapsed and something fell.


Very ferocious and violent.

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