A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 143

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 143

143. Entry (1)

“It must be somewhere between heaven and hell. Immigration office.”

Estelle took off her sunglasses and looked towards the cloud of dust rising far away from the edge of the wall.

“Warning the vagrants! Get off the wall right now!”

“You cowardly bastards inside the wall! Kill them all!”

A militant group could be seen siege to the Imperial Army above the wall.

However, siege weapons and equipment were so crude that they gave the impression of hitting a rock with an egg.


“These days, the numbers have increased a lot. The slogan of tearing down walls and restoring equality seems to be working quite well.”

Estelle’s eyes and long hair were dark gold.

It was a feeling that could not be approached easily due to the dull color or the luxurious and intelligent atmosphere.

Cain also had black hair, but his face was changed.

“It’s not something we care about right now. Branch.”


The two entered the immigration office building. They sat in the waiting area in front of the long desk where the employees were working.

“It’s like a bank teller.”

It was good to see that they were almost identical.

Expensive marble floors and famous paintings hung on the walls. And except for the calming classical music.

Aside from that atmosphere, the behavior of the visitors who went through immigration was diverse.

“no! So why not! Looks like I’m short on money!”

“I’m sorry, sir. I told you that we need letters of recommendation from at least 20 Imperial citizens or equivalent certificates.”

Not only were they dressed in luxurious clothes, but they were also seen wearing relatively shabby appearances.

This was due to the fact that there were not a few people who went to the screening office blindly with hopes for entry.

“Come with us for a moment.”

“Uh, huh?”

Soon, the guards with a strong physique grabbed his shoulders and disappeared somewhere.

“Next customer, we will help you with reception.”

As if dealing with the truth seemed familiar, the employee called the next number with a casual smile.


Cain, who was sitting in front of the window, said.

“Yes? sir. I’m sorry, but you have to fill out the documents first. ID as well.”

Cain glanced down at his watch. Then he looked at the other staff who were busy running behind him and said.

“It must have been communicated that you were visiting at this time. Can you call your supervisor?”

“Suddenly what… .”

At that moment, a man who looked like a senior from behind intervened with an urgent face.

“Oh, sir. Did you say your name is John?”


“I apologize for the rudeness of the staff. I will take you to the drawing room.”

Cain and Estelle were guided by another staff member to the drawing room inside the building.

“I want to see someone have their throat cut off! I know whose guest he is!”

There was a sound of slaps and shouts coming from behind.

It must have been strong in the breath of the chief. One of the most powerful people inside the wall.

After a formal check in the drawing room, the two were able to enter the inside of the wall.

“This is your new ID to use while you’re inside the wall. And this is my business card. If you call me when you need me, I will run to you at any time.”

The senior bowed down and rubbed his palms to see off the two of them.

“Now this is District 23. He said it was the first time he had personally entered the inside of the wall. What is your first impression?”

Well-maintained roads and colorful buildings were a common sight even in the center of the 30th district.

“… … .”

However, the items displayed on the outside stand, regardless of the store, revealed that the security of this place was fundamentally different from that outside the wall.

This is probably because all the police personnel that should have been put outside the wall were put inside.

“This place doesn’t smell.”

“to? Smell it?”

“The smell of anxiety and poverty.”

“Oh, I said it smelled like a sewer.”

The stench deep in the heart is inevitably borne by human beings who have suffered from poverty and deprivation.

However, there was no smell in this place, as if the entire street had been bleached.

“Then we… .”


Just as Estelle was about to ask for her next destination, a sports car came and stopped.

A red-haired woman wearing sunglasses got out of the car and approached the two of them.

“It’s been a while! I don’t know how old it is. Welcome to entry! You said your name here is John, right?”

The red-haired woman poured out her words and spread her arms out to Cain in greeting.

And whispered in a size that could not be heard around.

“Did you change your face? He’s handsome. I quickly noticed the atmosphere. He even said he would arrive at this time.”


Then a scabbard slipped between her and Cain.

“Fall off.”

“John. Who is this woman?”

The red-haired woman’s eyes narrowed. Estelle said looking at her.

“You must have been very busy, Pieta. When I see that my skin has become dull and dark circles have subsided even more.”

“Ah, you are Estelle Priest. You changed your face a bit like John. You didn’t want to raise your lips a little bit more. Estelle-sama was flawed in that.”

The two women exchanged conversations. The corners of his mouth were raised, but his eyes were not smiling.

“Take this off. Can’t you even say hello?”

“I came here as a bodyguard. I’m on a mission.”

“Both of you, stop and go.”

At Cain’s restraint, Pieta and Estelle snorted at each other and fell.

The three got into the car and headed into the area.

“It’s all about John. what kind of person How was the treatment developed? What is your relationship with the former CEO of Hexa Medical?”

“Are the profits satisfactory?”

“sure. The stock price has already skyrocketed hundreds of times. Even now, without knowing the end, it keeps going up.”

Unlike CureAll, which was used to treat horse disease, TX-001 has proven to be effective. The increase in the share price was also unparalleled.

“I think it was the best thing I did in my life to ask Johan to escort me at the auction house at that time.”

Pieta was driving and talking to the back seat.

“Thanks to that, the company continued to expand and this time around, we were able to play a part.”

She was sincere.

Cain was a noble person who made me who I am today, and was a reliable business partner that should not be missed.

“You would have succeeded without my help. It was only a little bit earlier when I met you.”

“I like John’s humility as well. But there is.”

Pieta’s gaze flickered toward the seat next to him.

“Why is Priest Estelle in the front seat? Isn’t it John?”

“Originally, the boss is to ride in the back seat. And call me Anna. Because I changed my name.”

“Oh, no.”

“Are you making a tongue-twisting sound? Can I pull it out?”

Cain looked out the window as the two of them talked through one ear.

Residential area outside of commercial area.

Rows of luxurious mansions were flaunting their appearance.

‘Pieta said that this is the property that Pieta had found in advance.’

I was going to purchase a mansion as an activity base inside the wall.

The conditions were simple.

In the middle of where the wealthiest people in the Empire live.

‘It needs attention. I have to quickly build up a network, stand at the center of the topic, and enter the imperial family.’

Cain thought of every person who had the slightest possibility of being a prophet.

Emperor Caesar.

The center of all power on the continent and the only person allowed to be called an Archmage.

And the four princes who will be fighting fiercely for the succession to the throne.

other high-ranking nobles.

‘It is very rare for a person in the imperial family to leave the palace basically.’

All the facilities necessary for daily life are provided in the Imperial Palace, and a tight schedule for each day is established.

It must have been possible that the Prophet met Professor Ellen and ordered the assassination of Laxen by taking the time and difficulty.

Rather than waiting endlessly for the imperial figure to come out, it is better to go in and search for the prophet.

And pulling out a card called petrification cure was in order to dream of a prophet.

‘The Prophet, Baek Jin-woo, certainly knows the flow of the original story.’

You might think that the flow of the work has gone awry since the original protagonist, Laxen, has died.

However, even taking that into account, the treatment for petrification is far beyond the point where the story can be twisted.

Surely he would react in some way, and that moment would be his end.

That was Cain’s way.

Extreme efficiency at risk.

Of course, it was a decision I made because I saw enough possibilities.

“It’s all here. Here it is.”

While immersed in thought, we arrived at our destination in District 13.


The three got out of the car and looked at the mansion that appeared in front of them.

Estelle said with a puzzled face.

“It’s really big. It will be two or three times the size of the other mansion.”

“Right. All I can say is that it’s huge. It’s a mansion rumored to have once been inhabited by a fallen nobleman, but it’s been vacant for quite some time.”

As evidenced by Pieta’s words, the windows were full of dust and the walls were covered with overgrown vines.

“You will know why it’s empty even if I don’t tell you, right?”

“It will be expensive. Its size.”


The three of them opened the door and went inside.

The road to the mansion was quite long.

Cain asked, looking at the statues scattered throughout the garden.

“Are all those pieces included in the mansion?”

“Right. It’s the work of famous old masters, and it’s part of the reason why the mansion is so expensive. A broker will be waiting inside, so you will soon know the exact sale price of the mansion.”

As I opened the door to the mansion, I heard a conversation coming from inside.

“Are there two middlemen?”

“no. I know one person… .”


“Didn’t I tell you that I couldn’t? If you want to defer the payment until next month, then you should buy this mansion.”

A man who appeared to be a middleman was arguing with a young man in front of him.

“I don’t think anyone will buy this mansion in the meantime, but I want to live here right now. Do you think you can’t afford to pay me?”

The young man boasted of himself that he had not asked since.

Thanks to this, Cain learned that the young man is the second son of ‘Voltgear’, which supplies materials to Latium, and that he is preparing for independence.

The young man shouted, his face reddened, when he could not be persuaded by the broker.

“this person! I’ll write a note! How many times do you say it! I know what kind of business my father’s company is! The moment we stop delivery, Latium has no choice but to stop the production line!”

‘You can’t beat my blood.’

Cain shook his head inwardly.

If it was Boltgear, it was a fairly large company, but it wasn’t to the extent that it could be compared to Latium.

It was only a subcontractor who delivered materials to the last.

“ah! Pieta!”

The broker looked back at Cain and his party and shouted with a smile that they were alive.

“who… .”

Before the young man could even ask a question, Cain passed him and looked around the mansion.

Although it has been inhabited for a long time, the management is not bad. I also liked the paintings on the walls.

“Don’t buy. How much?”

“Yes, yes?”

The broker inquired in a bewildered voice, then realized that Cain was the ‘guest’ Pieta was referring to and said the price of Burinake.

“It is 430 million shillings. As you can see, users can move in immediately because the interior is constantly maintained.”

430 million shillings.

An outrageous price for a simple mansion. It was a result of the peculiarity of being close to the capital where the imperial family was located.

But now it was not an amount that was a burden to Cain.

“I like it. Don’t let me buy it.”

“Yes? Take a look around a bit more… .”

“Call the account to send the money to.”

Just as the middleman stuttered at Cain’s coolness, a young man intervened.

“Wait, what are we going to do now?”

The young man had a sword tied around his waist.

Cain motioned for Estelle, who was about to step forward, to let him stand still.

“I like the mansion and want to buy it.”

“Are you asking because you don’t know that now? I wasn’t the first to make a deal!”

Cain turned to the broker.

“I heard it’s impossible to pay later, isn’t it?”

“Yes, yes. you’re right.”

The middleman answered, noticing the harsh atmosphere.

“For things, the first person to pay for it is the owner. It’s a pity that you don’t seem to understand the simple logic of the world.”

The young man’s face grew even redder.

“Even so, there is such a thing as Sangdo. It’s a property I’ve been looking at for a few weeks, so it would be better to give it up!”

“You’re being forced. It doesn’t look like you have a high standard to live in a mansion like this.”

After that, quarrels continued.

In fact, it was more of a one-sided deterrence and ignorance than an argument.

Cain was calm, but the young man alone had a voice that was getting hotter.

“Hey, here it is.”

Cain ignored the young man and accepted the business card and account note from the broker.

At that moment, there was the sound of something hitting the floor from behind.

“There is a degree to ignoring me, the unheard of! How dare you know who I am!”

When I turned my head, I saw a white glove that had fallen on the floor.

“Request a duel! If he was a man, he wouldn’t back down!”


Cain stared intently at the young man with his sword drawn.

‘You seem to be an apprentice at the Knights School.’

A strong man like Zervia cannot be defeated with a sword. These are the ones who have been breathing with the sword all their lives.

But if it’s like this.

‘There is no need to use mana.’

Acquiring the body strengthening characteristics, Cain’s physical ability was slightly inferior to that of Suin.

Even without using reinforcement magic, a stone can be crushed with a funny fist.

Cain bent down and picked up the white gloves.

“I accept the duel.”

It wouldn’t be bad.

A proclamation announcing the arrival of the new owner of the mansion.

Because the more provocative the rumor, the faster it spreads.

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