A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 148

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 148

148. great cain (2)

drop. drop.

Tears flowed from President Vulcan’s eyes. He fell to the ground, washing away the traces of the hardships left by his battle with the disease.

Sadness and excitement, confusion and surprise.

Various emotions flooded in, and the chairman only groaned for a while.

After the emotions subsided a little, he spit out a single word.

“You mean I am standing on my own two feet?”

“you’re right. Let’s take a step forward.”

At Cain’s direction, the president gave strength to his feet. After a lot of hard work, I was able to take one step forward.

“The cure was really true… .”

“We are seeing a miracle now.”

“Tell me to write an article right now. We will announce the emergency report as soon as possible, and as soon as the sun rises tomorrow, we will publish the newspaper… .”

I did not think that the noisy atmosphere would subside easily.

Some of those who believed in the goddess were praying as if they had witnessed a holy scene in the Bible.

Speculation and mistrust floating around about the New Testament.

It was the moment when all of them disappeared without a trace.


The president took a few more steps and stumbled back. With Cain’s support, he sat back in his wheelchair.

“The muscles have suddenly normalized and are not yet fully functional. You have to go through a few weeks of rehabilitation.”

Then I heard Nylon’s cry.

“Nonsense! This is all a scam, folks!”

He was still shouldered by his secretaries.

He shook his head from side to side and vomited, but no one sympathized with him.

It is a fact that President Vulcan has been suffering from petrification for many years.

If what is happening right now is a scam, it means that Cain and Vulcan have been preparing for a huge play for a long time.

It was a story that was difficult to comprehend.

Cain slowly walked over to Nylon and bent his knees. And whispered in his ear.

“Didn’t I tell you before? If you want to bring others down, you have to be prepared to bring yourself down too. We will soon send the documents to the head office on the fulfillment of the contract.”

A document written by risking farmland.

Nylon’s face turned pale.

Cain got up and took the glass of champagne he had left with his secretary.

Raising the cup, he said.

“The party is not over. May you all enjoy.”

* * *

A living room inside the mansion.

“I don’t believe in God, but this was a moment where I had no choice but to think of it as a blessing from God. President John, you are a miracle that God has given to the world.”

President Vulcan was very curious about Cain.

Hexa Medical’s acquisition process.

New drug development process.

What kind of life did you lead before?

“sorry. There doesn’t seem to be any information I can give you.”

However, he didn’t ask any more questions while noticing Cain’s dismissal.

“Anyway, thank you very much. At first, I was skeptical and felt like I was grabbing straw. If there is any reward I can give you, I will do anything.”

“Are you talking about compensation?”

“Did you say you need farmland? Our company also has a small area of farmland inside the wall. I will give you as much as you want.”

President Vulcan literally had the intention of handing over the land to Cain ‘as much as he wanted’.

‘I was thinking that I would have to hand over the company to the first. That’s a good thing.’

There were many children, but there was no one who kicked the castle.

However, if you can continue your activities on your own, you don’t have to worry about the company and the succession anymore.

So even if you gave me a million dollars, it wasn’t worth it at all.

Cain listened to his suggestion and thought about it.


There was already land to be taken over from District 18, so in fact, the farmland no longer meant as much as before.

Combat Auto is the continent’s leading vehicle company.

Among them, the level of combat vehicles was famous for being unmatched.

‘I’d rather get a reward.’

After thinking of several situations that could happen in the future, Cain made a decision and spoke up.

“I will not decline to give you a reward. But I want to ask you something other than farmland.”

“What do you mean? Just talk.”

“This is not a request I can make right now. Maybe it will be a little bit more in the future.”

President Vulcan was silent for a moment.

“Are you going to ask me later?”

“Yes. It will probably be a request in a year or two. It will never be a request that will be unreasonable or harmful to Combat Auto or Chairman.”

Chairman Vulcan seemed to ponder for a moment and then opened his mouth.

“I see. Unless it’s a really ridiculous level of request, I’ll do it with all my heart and soul.”

“Thank you for your understanding.”

“What do you have to understand? I feel like I got a new life thanks to you.”

The pleasant laughter of Chairman Vulcan filled the drawing room. He has since told more of his story.

The moment when petrification first appeared.

A long fighting life.

Investments in several pharmaceutical companies.

“I wonder who you are, but I won’t ask any more. Make sure to visit our headquarters when you have time later.”

President Vulcan handed Cain a business card.

It was an action of considerable significance in that he was a tycoon in the business world who was in the position of receiving, not giving, a business card.

“All right. I will see you later.”

“I do. Then I’ll just let you get up for today.”

President Vulcan moved from the drawing room to the gate of the mansion by himself.

before leaving the car.

The president still felt like he was dreaming.

The moment he left the mansion, he was worried that the miracle that had happened to him would disappear.

“There is no need to use TX-001 anymore, as one time is enough. I hope you come back and work hard for your rehabilitation.”

“I see.”

It was a pity to leave, but it was also true that I had work to do when I went back.

Now that the movement of the body is free, there are not a few things that need to be corrected in the future operation of the company.


President Vulcan’s car left and Cain turned and walked into the mansion.

A much larger crowd than before had flocked to Cain.

Say a word or two,

to make a connection with him.

* * *

The mansion where the party is in full swing.

A black walker stopped in front of the gate.

“… … .”

Brown coat with stylish design.

A long sword at the waist.

Blue hair down to the waist.

Zervia’s fine eyebrows furrowed.

‘What the hell was he thinking of taking a place like this as a meeting place? .’

Lately, she has been very inactive inside the wall.

“Area 67. At the warehouse on 12th Street, the two organizations, Termoil and Narcarbon, will meet and trade drugs.”

Following Cain’s non-stop orders, he pursued the crime outside the wall.

Each time, she made a breakthrough, and her influence in the special task force grew day by day.

She clearly thought she had grown up.

“If we don’t defeat the troops immediately, there will be no lives for the prisoners!”

If he had been himself in the past, he would have been hesitant to choose because he was worried about the lives of captured crew members or civilian prisoners of war.

“There is no compromise with crime.”

But now it was different.

Without giving in to the threat of the enemy, he swung his sword.

And many times it turned out to be better in the end.

Although the operation is being criticized for being radical and inhumane.

‘Does not matter. Because I don’t care about other people’s eyes anymore.’

Zerbia remembered the day at the clock tower.

“Abandon the private things.”

“Think only about the tasks of your life.”

Cain’s voice that touched me deeply.

It seemed that the burning sensation of the moment the sign of the oath was engraved on his chest was still there.

It was after that day that he was reborn.

It was because I was able to break my brother’s ashes on my own and free myself from the old feelings that were nailed in the past.

“Captain. It seems that something has changed these days.”

“I think it makes people feel calmer.”

It was true that he had an obsession with eradicating crime.

anxiety and nervousness.

I feel like I’m constantly being chased by something.

An obligatory move to give meaning to one’s life.

But now it was different.

The goal of eradicating crime has not changed, but I no longer feel obsessive.

‘It’s just a matter of time anyway, and all crimes can’t get out of my hands.’

She now had confidence in herself. I was no longer anxious or impatient.

Just one recent thing.

“For the time being, I don’t think I’ll be able to give you any instructions because I have a lot of other things to worry about.”

The command was cut off.

In accordance with Cain’s instructions, he was running in a hurry without even opening his eyes.

It felt like the light that had been guiding the road in the dark had suddenly disappeared.

“The mansion complex in District 13. I’ll give you the address, so write it down. I think it would be nice to see each other and talk there after a long time.”

So when I got the call yesterday.

He handed over the mission he was performing to his lieutenant and immediately returned to the inside of the wall.

The emotion she felt at that moment was obviously love. Although I didn’t realize it myself.

Her lips moved, repeating her two-letter name.

“… Cain.”

Her hostility toward Cain had subsided.

I hate to admit it, but my current feelings were close to gratitude.

“I will put you on the throne. Destroying the Blue Serpent wouldn’t be difficult if it was in a position where the police organization was free to run.”

Anyway, thanks to Cain, it was true that he was making great achievements in a short time.

A special promotion was scheduled for the next quarter, and it was going to continue to rise.

It would have been impossible without Cain’s help.

Because of this, she was unconsciously thinking that she should return the help.

You can’t live with debt.

Apart from the fact that Cain was a criminal worthy of judgment, it was her pride.

‘Of course, as soon as the oath ends, my sword will be directed at your neck.’

But it was unclear whether that could really be the case.

Not only was Cain a formidable enemy, but it was also due to the emotional agitation he felt at the clock tower.

“It’s definitely better than before.”

A word the guy threw out while exchanging a workshop. He must have remembered his older brother at that time.

“It’s definitely better than before. I should commend you.”

When I was young, everything was uncertain.

A warm word that made me forget the worries of the world even for a moment.

It was true that the tip of the sword trembled during the battle as he heard his brother’s voice overlapping.

I felt disarmed for a moment.

Recalling what happened at the clock tower, Zervia shook her head violently.

‘Did I say I was happy with his compliments?’


He exaggeratedly clicked his tongue to deny the past.

It was absurd.

To hear the praise of the enemy, and the praise of a guy who is no less than an enemy, made me feel happy.

‘I don’t like it.’

For his full growth, he needed to confirm the identity of the emotions he felt at that time.


Zervia fixed the scabbard and walked into the mansion.

reaffirming those feelings,

I thought I would take it out and destroy it thoroughly.

“… … .”

And exactly one minute later.

She got lost in the crowd.

* * *

Unlike the others who were dressed for the party, she was alone in the coat.

As she walked through the crowd, she focused her attention and heard the gossips of those who recognized her everywhere.

“You’re Inspector Xavir from the Special Task Force. you’re so cool You can feel the dignity in the way you walk.”

“Are you here to investigate something?”

Of course, the people’s voices did not reach Zervia’s ears.

‘This is definitely the place I’ve been to before… .’

It was because everywhere I went, it was crowded with people and I was confused.

In fact, the dignified and fast gait was a big reason to hide the embarrassment.

‘Clearly there is Cain somewhere here.’

Zerbia was not yet aware of the rumors about the owner of the mansion.

Having just returned from outside the wall, it was far from her personality to listen to gossip unrelated to work.

‘I wouldn’t have called you here without thinking. Cain, when are you going to show up?’

It was said that if the command was delivered face-to-face, the importance would be quite high.

‘If it doesn’t appear first, maybe I’m wearing a recognizable mark.’

With excitement and anticipation, she hurried to find Cain.

“Lieutenant! One autograph, please!”

“I am now investigating… .”

Of course, the movement of her body was different from her enthusiasm.

“I enjoyed seeing the heroic story in the article! The honor of being able to shake my hand just once!”

“No, I am now… .”

She was swept away by the crowd and pushed around the party hall.

It was her nature that she could not treat anyone except criminals harshly.

After writing 23 autographs, shaking hands 13 times, and drinking 4 cocktails, she was pushed into the mansion and arrived.

‘… … .’

She was a little drunk.

Originally, the mana user could drive out the alcohol from the body, but the problem was that she was very weak to alcohol, so if she was even a little drunk, she could not operate the circuit properly.

‘Why is everyone drinking this kind of liquid that makes me nauseous… . Whoops.’

She covered her mouth and staggered as she tried to lean against the wall.

“You seem drunk. I will support you.”

Someone grabbed his arm and stopped him from falling.

She turned her head slowly, thinking she was glad she didn’t get upset.

“Thank you, thanks… .”

And in that moment I could see it.

“Thank you for signing while you are busy, President. We will entrust the management of the artworks in the mansion to the designated company.”

Yongin, who bows his head to the man who supported him, and returns home.

The signature at the end of the document revealed under the file with the user.

It was a familiar font.

A unique bad handwriting that cannot be forged.

Unknowingly, she called out a name and raised her head.

“… Cain?”

A face hard to see under the bright lights. She furrowed her eyebrows.

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