A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 159

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 159

159. Wonderful New World (3)

“Don’t even think about moving!”

man’s cry.

It wasn’t a huge threat.

He’s a mana user, but his level doesn’t seem that high.

But the objects exposed under his coat were threatening enough.

Tick. Tick.

Bombs around the ship and chest.

A timer attached to it.

In the man’s hand, the trigger switch was lifted out of his pocket.

“Pick up one finger. I’m going to push this down.”

The hall became a mess.


“Rain, get out of here! I will get out of here!”

Some screamed, others shoved people away from the bomb and ran towards the front door.

In the meantime, reporters kept pressing the shutter of the camera in order not to miss the scoop.

Cain, who looked at the scene, turned his gaze back to the man who put the bomb on.

‘Do not move seems to be a word that applies only to those who are above the four tropical zones.’

He seemed to understand the man’s purpose.

Look closely, considering that she is staring at Zervia.

“Each group prioritizes the evacuation of citizens! Calm down! Just follow our control!”

Recognizing that the terrorist was not responding to the movements of the citizens, the superiors quickly issued orders.

Personnel placed on the side of the barricade cleared the confusion and evacuated citizens out of the square.

Even those who were lined up under the four columns, all of the non-combatants appeared to be leaving the square under control.


The existence of a manual for the situation.

performance without error.

It was a sign of good training, but Cain shook his head.

‘WB-004. wall breaker. A bomb originally designed to destroy walls. Two minutes left.’

The widest effective range of any known bomb.

In addition, between each bomb was a bag of rocks, often used by terrorists to increase the blast radius.

In other words.

No matter how fast they ran, the majority of the people in the main office had no choice but to be swept away by the explosion.

The remaining time is 118 seconds.

Zervia felt her head spinning.

The supreme commander in this position is the director.

But he doesn’t respond.

He just watched the situation with a clear gaze, as if he was going to test the new chief of public security’s ability to respond to a crisis.

She bit her lip.

‘You cannot compromise with a terrorist. Because that’s the principle.’

Normally, he would have subdued his opponent by swinging his sword right away.

But when the experts were called in after that, it was questionable whether there would be time left to disarm the bomb.

113 seconds.

“What do you want? Are there any requirements?”

Sadly, the terrorist was silent.

He just stared at him with angry eyes and took a deep breath.

110 seconds.

‘Conversation is impossible. Time flows. I’ll think about it later and suppress it first… .’

The number of people who came up to the four columns,

The number of people below the four columns,

Everyone was waiting for the commander’s judgment.

107 seconds.

The chief opened his mouth.

It wasn’t the one I wanted.

“It seems that all the citizens have been evacuated. Johann Kirif. Is it someone you know?”

“no. someone you don’t know. I would usually state the requirements right away, but I don’t speak because I’m too emotional.”

A casual conversation that doesn’t fit the situation.

Maybe it was because the award ceremony was suspended, until he relaxed his honor.

Zervia felt a strong sense of alienation in the moment.

He’s only nervous about himself, and I wonder if the situation isn’t that dangerous.

However, no matter how many times he closed his eyes and opened them, it was the infamous WB-004 that the terrorist had wrapped around his chest and waist.

Both the chief and Cain are legendary figures in their respective fields.

‘I’m sure I have something to think about.’

It was true that it was boring.

Because there is no action taken in such an urgent situation.

102 seconds.

When she was about to draw her sword.


The terrorist’s mouth opened and a loud shout came out.

It was a cry close to a cry.

It was felt that the fluctuating emotions were suppressed, and that they were desperately spit out.


He threw a dagger in front of Zervia.

“I will start with the conclusion. take a nap in this place stabbing yourself in the neck. Otherwise, I will detonate a bomb immediately.”

The faces of the 0 squadrons, who were under the four columns, were terribly distorted.

In case of any sudden action, Zervia held out her palms towards them.

And he said to the terrorist.

“Do you want my life?”

“okay. Because for four years my younger brother is imprisoned forever!”

“… … .”

“He’s got his hands on drugs! Everyone else is getting out of nowhere, so why only my brother!”

97 seconds.

the criminal’s family.

While things quickly make sense,

A bitter feeling came up.

All citizens entering the premises of the main office will be checked.

However, the fact that a person with a bomb on his body came in meant that there was an assistant inside the police who helped them avoid the checkpoint.

“Can we expect that Inspector-sama’s unstoppable steps will continue in the future?”

A question I heard from a reporter at the conference room.

It means being able to tolerate repercussions.

Not everyone in the police department will welcome the winds of change.

‘I knew that attacks and checks would come, but I’m sure they’ll take such a blatant move.’

She looked around.

I could see the impatient members of the special task force and the citizens leaving the plaza far away.

94 seconds.

‘The Chief, Cain, and I may be able to withstand the explosion. But other police officers and citizens… .’

91 seconds.

“My words don’t make sense! stab it! neck! heart!”

The chief and Cain are still unresponsive.

I think it will show some action when the time comes, but that’s just a prediction.

‘In the end, it is me who has to make the decision now.’

88 seconds.

“die! Pay for your sins!”

guilt value.

Her lips twisted.

The opponent was originally innocent.

Even if it’s a criminal’s family, imperial law doesn’t follow the system of association.

However, he became a criminal the moment he broke into the commendation ceremony with a bomb.

And from the mouths of such criminals came the word “punishment.”

it doesn’t make sense

A strong feeling of discomfort took hold of her body.

84 seconds.

“Are you going to stop the bombs when I die?”

“okay. I’ll stop you anyway, come on!”

“Are you going to defuse the bomb yourself in a minute or so?”

“My colleague is watching me! I’ll hit the stop switch as soon as I see four years dead!”

80 seconds.

There is an assistant inside.

It is clear.

It is unclear whether self-determination will stop the bombing, but it is highly likely that the statement that there are colleagues is true.

‘Perhaps somewhere around the building.’


It is also true that it is a model that has one detonation switch and one stop switch.

78 seconds.

“die! please! Only then will my brother’s injustice be relieved!”

77 seconds.

i die

Then there is a possibility of saving everyone in this place.

76 seconds.

i don’t die

Instead, subordinates are seriously injured, and citizens caught in the explosion range are killed.

75 seconds.

it’s right to die

From a utilitarian point of view.

74 seconds.

But if we do, the task of eradicating crime will never be accomplished.

74 seconds.

she made a decision

The weak self of the past has been abandoned.

You have set a new course of action in your life, so you just have to follow it.

without any exceptions,

without giving in to any situation.

‘Subdue your opponent and find an enemy with a stop switch.’

Her hand moved like a flash of light.


it was black

something that happened so quickly.

The terrorist was unaware of what had happened to him for a moment.

“… … !”

Then he saw his severed wrist and screamed in pain.


“Everyone in place! Search all the buildings where you can see the square through the windows!”

Zervia ran towards the switch and the hands of the terrorists falling to the floor.

It was necessary to prevent the upper part of the switch from touching the floor and being pressed.


But one step ahead of her, the wind that Cain had created wrapped around the switch, stopping her in the air.

The switch is nothing to worry about.



Her walker turned, causing friction between the sole and the floor.

The sword was swung without an error and even cut off the remaining wrist of the terrorist.

The terrorist’s body collapsed.

The wind engulfed him, and he gently lowered his body to the floor to prevent the bomb from impacting.

“Suppress it!”

The special task force, who had been halfway up the four steps, rushed to the terrorist and arrested him.

Zervia exclaimed.

“Everyone except the four-fourths, find the location of the accomplice holding the stop switch!”

The remaining time is now about 1 minute.

Every second was tight.

For a moment, Cain’s eyes lit up.

Cain grabbed the ice spear created in the air and threw it straight away.

Nettle juice-!

The ice spear flew through the air and pierced the shadow that had been standing in the window of the Transportation Bureau.


A scream echoed from a distance, and no one did not understand the situation.

Among the special task forces that were scattered across the various buildings, those who were close to them turned in that direction.

Tick. 50 seconds.

However, it was unclear whether he would arrive on time and press the stop switch.

45 seconds.

A dismantling expert, who had been waiting in a place out of sight of the terrorist, arrived at the four columns, panting for breath.

He checked the bomb and put on a desperate expression.

“WB-004. It takes at least two minutes to dismantle.”

Zervia said as if urging.

“Is it impossible to dismantle faster?”

“You can speed things up, but the circuitry is so sensitive that it could just explode. Less stability.”

At that time, Cain, who was watching the situation, came out.

“Give me the tools. I will do it myself.”

“Yes? Ha, don’t touch it. This is something that even an experienced person can’t do easily… .”

Cain ignored the expert’s words and took over the dismantling tool from him.

Then, kneeling in front of the bomb released from the terrorist’s chest and waist, he began to work.

The process was so natural that no one in the field thought of stopping it.

As a person who has spread great rumors so far, there was also a slight expectation that it might be possible to disband.

35 seconds.

The bomb’s terminal box opened and Nipper moved.

“careful… !”

Nipper went through the intricate circuitry and cut the white circuit precisely.

The dismantling expert involuntarily shed a sigh of relief at the reckless movement.


The next move was also unstoppable.

Tick! Tick!

Like a machine that accurately executes the commands entered in advance, Nipper went back and forth between circuits and cut only the circuits needed for dismantling.

25 seconds.

Zervia felt her palms get wet with sweat.

Cain’s broad back.

and WB-004.

Memories from five years ago swirled in her mind.

A bomb attack on the pier in District 31. The bridge collapsed and the perpetrator was never caught.

Upon further investigation, the bomb used was identified as WB-004.

And as he climbed the stairs at the bottom of the pier to find the bomb, he encountered a sight he will never forget.

with my fallen brother.

Cain, who was holding a blood-stained sword in front of him.

“… … .”

“… … .”

Their eyes met, and there was no conversation.

Cain passed this way and went down the stairs.

He was a cadet at the Knights School at the time, but he was in shock and could not do anything.

As his legs loosened and he sat down, he heard a huge explosion coming from the other side of the bridge in the distance.

‘Cain. What were you doing there then?’

Now that I have formed a partnership with Cain.

There were plenty of opportunities to ask questions about what was going on at the time.

But the lips did not fall.

He didn’t know exactly what he was afraid of.

It was just a rush of memories from the past.

5 seconds.


The last circuit was cut and the bomb’s timer stopped.

Just in case, the mana in the body was raised and wrapped around the body, but the bomb did not explode even after time passed.

Everyone in the scene, except for the chief and Cain, breathed a sigh of deep relief.

The dismantling expert could not help but wonder and admire.

“Ta, did you learn the dismantling technique separately?”

“I was very interested in various fields, so I learned it.”

“I have been working in this field for over 10 years, but this is the first time I have seen such a sight. You have done a great job!”

His words were sincere.

From an expert’s point of view, Cain’s workmanship was truly amazing.

─The identity of the accomplice has been secured. I also secured a stop switch.

A voice came from the radio of the special task force.

the end of the situation.

Cain got up with one knee bent and looked down at the dismantled bomb.

“… … .”

Basic knowledge of all bombs was available, and it was possible to dismantle them.

However, in the case of WB-004, there was a reason that it could be dismantled faster.

‘I didn’t expect to see you here. It was the item that was supplied to the Resistance, but has it already flowed to the inside of the wall?’

It was because it was something he had made and spread by himself.

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