A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 168

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 168

168. blueprint (1)

tongue. tongue.

dark hallway.

Cain’s footsteps echoed.

The dense dust in the air flew in all directions, avoiding his steps.


Cain’s feet stopped.

It was the door at the end of the hallway.

「No. 3107」

“There Haley”

The name of one of the prisoners brought out by the emperor during the imperial ball.

Two titles were written in small letters on the lower part of the nameplate.

「Dean of Magic Engineering Department」

「Latium Chief Researcher」

It was three years ago that he was arrested for stealing research data from Latium.

Up to that point, he was a celebrity with quite a bit of influence in the capital.

Although he is now confined to the basement of the Imperial Palace.


When I ran my finger over the nameplate, the dust came out.

It must have been a pile of dust for three years.

A search and seizure occurred at the same time as the incident occurred, and the entire floor must have been closed after that.

The Emperor and the New World Project.

The design of the ark and mana tank.

Statues of goddesses erected all over the continent.

As Cain, who knew the details of the incident, he could easily envision the situation that would have taken place at the time.

On the door there was a tape with the words “No Entry” on it.

The doorknob was also wrapped with the same tape.


He ripped off the tape on the doorknob and injected mana to unlock the magic.


The inside of the laboratory was empty.

All drawers and bookshelves were empty.

All items in the laboratory were confiscated in order to find the research material that Dare Haley stole.

‘But you probably haven’t found it yet.’

If the research material had been found, the valueless Dare Haley would have already been killed by the emperor.

With calm movements, Cain traced the tiles on the wall and floor one by one.

The research data Haley hid was, to be precise, a ‘blueprint’.

A blueprint for a new conversion device that can change the mana of the mana tank into properties suitable for the human body.

‘The current emperor is using a spherical converter.’

He is absorbing a certain amount of mana from the mana tank every day using a conversion device in the basement of the Imperial Palace.

The reason why the emperor was able to steadily grow the mana circuit, unlike other characters whose growth limits were blocked.

Objectively, the amount of mana absorbed every day was not small, but the emperor was not satisfied with it.

He instructed Latium to improve the converter, and as a result, a prototype with superior performance was completed.

And the improved device should have been passed on to the emperor.

‘If Haley hadn’t realized the reality of the New World Project, it would have been the case.’

Very few people know the full story of the Shinsegae Project.

Engineers and researchers who participated in the construction of the ark all misunderstood the purpose of the ark.

Humanity’s challenge to find the ‘Public Library of Historia’.

A piece of land somewhere floating in the sky.

The legend that there exists a library where all the history and knowledge of mankind are recorded.

With the recent increase in eyewitnesses, it was a theory that scholars began to seriously examine and study.

Cain continued exploring the walls, floors, and ceilings.

‘Haley managed to destroy the prototype and hide the blueprint just before being arrested.’

It was then confirmed that the tip of one tile was very slightly raised.

He took out his knife and inserted it into the gap in the tile. Then he leaned back and lifted the tile.

little slack.

A small space that appeared under the tile.

There were no items kept.

The police should have found it this far.

I wouldn’t have gotten anything.

Cain took out some weights he had prepared from his bosom and calculated the weight.

And it was divided and raised on one side of the floor of the space.

How many minutes have passed?


The floor on the side where the weight went up slowly went down and the floor on the other side started to rise.

As if rotating up and down sharing a single horizontal axis.


The floor swung around with the sound of something breaking below.

Exactly one (1) squared floor.

In the exposed space below, a wooden bar, presumably supporting the floor, had fallen in two.

And a bunch of thin paper lying there.

It was just before it came into contact with the corner of the returned floor.

If the floor had rotated a little more, the dust and paper on the corners would rub and catch fire in an instant.

It was kind of a safe.

A safe that must know exactly the weight and position of the weight to be placed on the floor.

If the weight is insufficient, the stick will not break, and if it exceeds even a little, the paper is designed to catch fire.

Cain pulled out a bundle of papers and scanned them quickly.

It was a blueprint for a new mana conversion device.

Even though it’s only the front part, only half of the whole blueprint.

‘Originally, something that the protagonist Laxen should have obtained at a much later time.’

Finding the blueprint of the other half, completing the conversion device, and stealing the mana accumulated in the tank to fight the emperor was the main character’s set course of action.

‘… It can be said that he transforms into a transcendent being.’

Cain put the blueprint into the subspace.

‘The location of the other half is the garbage dump in District 33.’

The exact coordinates were known only to the person who hid the items, just like when searching for the Red Skull slush fund.

In other words, it was the story of having to go into the basement of the imperial palace and hear the coordinates from Haley.

It’s almost impossible to search directly through a vast garbage dump.

‘Killing the emperor is yet to be decided. But to be prepared for any number of cases… .’


That was then.

A small spark erupted right next to Cain’s face.

breakage. breakage.

When he turned his head, sparks were rising all over the laboratory.

‘… I was too focused on thinking.’

Suddenly, the concentration of mana around it soared.

Elemental proportions also varied.

Mana in the air is usually evenly distributed among all elements.

But now it was possible to sense that the electric element occupies an overwhelming proportion.

Cain quickly restored the tiled floor and pressed himself against the wall next to the lab door.

Break up!

Electromagnetic elements collided with each other to create sparks.

It was a phenomenon caused by the element field.

「President of the Elements」

The art of building a favorable environment for using one’s main attribute magic by releasing a large amount of mana from the circuit.

Circuit level 4 is a technology that can be used without difficulty, and unique characteristics may be expressed depending on individual circuit characteristics.

‘Elevator CCTV inspection time. It was confirmed that the CCTV in the corridor on the 31st floor was not working.’

The figure entering the 31st floor would not have been exposed.

If so, it is a story that someone witnessed the moment when the elevator stopped on the 31st floor.

Plus, considering it’s the evening hours when most of the staff and students are gone.


It was already clear who the opponent was, even if he didn’t ask for a lot of circumstances.

Because there is only one person in the Magic Tower who can spread the element field with such an abnormal ratio of elements.

Cain paused the circuit for a moment and held his breath.

And with a very slow movement, he went out of the lab.

Break up! Crazy!

At the end of the hallway on the other side, a luminous body was approaching.

To be more precise, a certain figure was floating and moving on the floor, spewing electric currents all over his body.


His characteristic is an ‘elemental singularity’ in which all main elements in the circuit are forcibly converted into electro-based elements.

Therefore, if you use body enhancement magic with the mana in your body, you become that kind of ‘electric man’.

Break up!

As the lightino approached, the size of the sparks increased and the frequency became more frequent.

It was as if an electric storm was approaching.


Laitino stopped right in front of Cain.

I turned my head slowly and looked in the direction where Cain was.

Pure white eyes with no pupils.

Instead, it was filled with shards of electricity that flashed nonstop.

“… … .”

“… … .”

Cain’s body did not even move like a completely inanimate object.

He didn’t even blink, let alone a small breath.

After a few seconds,

Lightino’s head turned to the front again.

He turned and walked away again in the direction he had come.

‘I can’t see the future either.’

It was a side effect when using the elemental field and strengthening magic.

Instead, the senses of the body were maximized, and the movement of people and objects could be sensed with the electric element spread in the air.

If he stayed still, he would have been able to safely escape the 31st floor after Lightino disappeared.

But I didn’t mean to.

Because it was his way to get the most out of any situation.


Cain moved his body and made a mark.

He immediately moved his lips for the line.

At the same time, Laitino’s body spun around.

Break up!

The electric elements in front of Cain’s nose gathered together.

A speed that is impossible to break.

The moment when an element that has finished bonding is about to explode.

“Latino. That’s me.”

Raitino’s body trembled with Cain’s voice.

The elements barely dispersed into the atmosphere just before bonding.


Lightino’s feet came down the hallway.

The electric current was sucked into the body, and the pupils also returned to normal.

“Hey, was it you? Why are you here?”

A voice full of despair.

And the eyes, which have not yet fully resolved the boundaries, were conveying the message that one’s actions could change greatly depending on the answer.

It was threatening enough.

But it didn’t matter.

He knew well enough how to deal with characters like Lightino.

“Clearly there must have been a locking spell… .”

“The locking pattern was terrible. It only took 5 seconds to dispel the spell.”

“Yeah, it’s okay… uh?”

At Cain’s red flag, Raitino, who was trying to express his anger, was rather embarrassed.

“Especially the third and fourth patterns, the similarity was so strong that it just didn’t work.”

“uh… That’s it.”

“I really wonder who designed the pattern.”

“Even though the designer is old… .”

Lightino said, confused for a moment, whether he was the one who should be embarrassed by this situation.

“It is. We will tell you where to improve. If you do it this way… .”

And he was unwittingly admiring Cain’s supplementary measures.

“indeed… ! There was a bit of a disappointment while making it, but if you do as you say … no no! Why are you here? what I’m saying is!”

Cain’s eyes stared intently at Lightino.

“ah! Don’t just look at me like that, say something-!”

“To be honest, I have heard rumors.”

Lightino looked blank for a moment, then said.


“Yes. Rumors that someone stole Latium’s research data.”

Cain calmly explained the situation.

I heard rumors about the two prisoners who came up to the ballroom and became interested in them.

“I must have told you about my desires before. The goal is to rise as high as possible in an aristocratic society.”

I don’t know what the research material is.

But he knows that the emperor was angry because of it.

“The purpose was to find the material and hear it one more time in His Majesty’s eyes. I’m sorry that I came to the 31st floor without permission.”

“… … .”

Lightino felt his anger subside in an instant.

‘Your Majesty certainly told me to keep an eye on it. If nothing goes wrong, he is the man who will be put on the ark. Did you mean this when you said you were close to being persuaded?’

The identity of the lost research data has gone beyond the level that ordinary people can guess.

And if John boarded the ark and became the emperor’s limb, it wouldn’t be a big deal to know the identity of the data at that time.

“Then you didn’t tell me in advance, man.”

“sorry. There is a procedure for everything, and Gongmyungshim did that earlier. We apologize again.”

Latino sighed in relief.

Maybe he would have killed this young genius with his own hands.

‘Maybe my neck could have escaped too. It is very rare for Your Majesty to like someone.’

I thought about removing the 31st floor button from the elevator altogether.

It was true that he didn’t pay much attention to the fact that he didn’t pay much attention to it, as there was a warning all over the tower not to even come close to the 31st floor.

It turned out that the stolen blueprint was not on the 31st floor, and there was also a locking spell on it.

Who knew that Satan would fly like this today?

As I pondered over the relief, I suddenly had a question.

“yes? By the way, where did you come from?”

“I was in the lab. The way he was doing and the atmosphere was unusual, so he couldn’t speak to me.”

“Ahhh. I’d be surprised. I’m sorry.”

Latino convinced himself.

It seems that there was a room where the element had not yet been sprayed.

Because it was his own elemental field that could sense even millimeter-level movements.

‘It doesn’t make sense to stand still without moving. Unless humans are rocks.’

“Branch. On the way home, let’s have dinner together. Let’s talk a little bit about your lecture… .”

“Before that, I have a favor to ask you.”

Cain’s voice grabbed Laitino, who had turned and walked away.


Cain answered without hesitation.

As if it were a right he deserved.

“I would like to speak directly with There Haley.”

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