A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 175

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 175

175. Royal Slots (1)

The entrance leads directly to a large hall with a desk.

It was a place where chips and cash were exchanged, and guards of strong physique were placed everywhere.

“The security is very strict.”

“It will be densely arranged in the inner casino space. It’s a place where accidents are easy to happen.”

There were several windows.

There was no need to wait for the customers to turn around quickly.

“How much can I exchange?”

Cain took a bundle of cash from his bag and placed it on a tray in front of the window.

ten million shillings.

Money to buy two medium-sized cars.

However, compared to the total amount of money consumed in one day here, it was not a huge amount.

At first, I was thinking of going around the casino with a reasonable amount of money and checking the atmosphere.

An employee pulled a tray of cash into the window, and soon the sound of stacking chips was heard.

good- good-

“Thousands of shillings. Has confirmed. Have a good time.”

The tray appeared again.

The chips were divided by denomination bills and placed in a dedicated holder.

It’s not too big to fit in two hands, but thanks to the chips inside, the holder’s weight was heavy.

Cain roughly tucked the holder into the cross bag and walked towards the casino.

Estelle followed.

“There was no process to verify identity or property here.”

“A cautionary note that anyone with money will receive it as a guest. If there are more users, that in itself will help to create a casino atmosphere.”

As evidence of that, the people walking around the casino varied in their attire, from high-end suits to loose-fitting casual clothes.

The two went through the bustling crowd to the casino area on the first floor.

Estelle, who was looking around with a feeling of being reminded, asked.

“Sometimes it is strange. These large-scale gambling establishments are in operation. It’s not something the police couldn’t find.”

It was as she said.

With the entire District 77 revolving around a casino called Royal Slots, it made no sense for the police not to notice.

“It’s not that you can’t find it, it’s that you don’t.”

Estelle made an ‘ah’ sound.

“Is it tax?”

“I will. The tax collected here must be the size of a dozen other districts combined.”

The standard of lawlessness is nowhere else.

If it grows to a size that cannot be touched prematurely, then it will no longer be illegal.

‘Still, the police may not be aware of the fact that the real owner of this place is the boss of Red Skull.’

To be precise, the chief would have known.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the hostile relationship between the Red Skull and the Blue Serpent started from a bad relationship between the two bosses.

The purpose of visiting the casino was to meet the boss of Red Skull and make an offer.

A proposal to put an end to the long-standing enemy relationship.

‘The time has come when there will be no difficulty in removing the chief of staff.’

Now that you’ve got all the help you need, it’s best to remove the risk factor.

Absorbing his mana, spurs him to reach circuit level 4, and raises Zerbia to the vacant position of director.

The plan is perfect.

However, the problem is feasibility.

Cain asked himself a question.

‘Can you kill the chief by current force?’

I remembered what happened when I visited the police station a few days ago.

When you are having a conversation while drinking coffee at the entrance of the main office building.

A criminal broke the door and ran out of a convoy passing by.

“only you! If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have been caught!”

Two meters tall was a probable criminal.

He broke even the handcuffs at once and narrowed the distance with the chief and flew his fists.


The eerie mana that wraps around his fist.

I was able to judge my skills by the momentum and speed.

I was surprised at how high-quality it was.

At least it was at a level enough to fight against Estelle.

If you hit that fist, your face will be shattered.

Cain glanced at the chief.

Even though the criminal was running right in front of him, he was calm.

And the moment the fist was swung.


The chief’s body moved.

It was a speed that was hard to keep up with.

When the situation was over, the offender was lying on the floor, shaking with a teaspoon in his temple.

The chief said casually to Cain.

“Can I borrow a spoon? It’s because the powder hasn’t melted yet.”

After contemplating, Cain once again asked himself a question.

‘Can you kill the chief by current force?’

The answer is ‘it can’t be killed’.

Even if he rushes with all his powers, including Estelle, the odds are unclear.

Moreover, since the Blue Serpent’s activities were suspended, the director has been living only inside the wall.

Not suitable for battlefield.

Because the inside of the wall is full of variables that are hard to control.

Ultimately, it is concluded that the chief must be pulled out of the wall and attacked with a stronger ally.

“Did you say Al Pacino was the owner of this place?”

Estelle whispered.

Al Pacino.

The name of the Red Skull Boss.

He was also the original owner of the slush fund that Cain had acquired in Area 102.

“okay. Not many people will know.”

“I’m nervous. You said that he was a very talented person like that person.”

“Not right now. We will probably meet in person in three to four days.”

Until Monday and Tuesday of the following week when there is no Matop class, including weekends.

Cain planned to stay in District 77 for up to four days and enter the casino.

It was unlikely that Al Pacino would be here right now, as he always travels around the district for business.

However, he did not intend to wait indefinitely for him to appear.

I had no intention of finding a member of the Red Skull gang and requesting a face-to-face meeting with the boss.

‘This is an inefficient method that is likely to waste time. He is a person who is reluctant to leak information about himself.’

Moreover, there were other obvious ways to do it.

“I’m at the gambling house, so I’ll have to gamble.”

To beat the dealer and suck the entire casino side of the money.

If the money in the safe is in danger of running out, Al Pacino will have no choice but to show up.

Cain entered the casino on the first floor with Estelle.


The first floor casino was divided into several zones.

The east side, where entertainment facilities including slot machines are gathered.

West where players can play games.

North where you can play with the dealer.

Simple bars were installed in all directions.


“Pina Colada. Non-alcoholic.”

Cain and Estelle ordered a cocktail from one of them and headed north.

“stop! Please stop at number 21!”

“Raise. I will pay you twice as much.”

poker. hold’em. black jack. slots, etc.

At tables of various sports, users were enjoying games against dealers.

“Is there a game you want to play?”

“Uh, can I participate too?”

As Cain nodded, Estelle’s face turned red.

“How about that one? Blackjack?”

“Do that.”

The two went to an empty blackjack table and sat down.

The table was semicircular.

Three guests were already seated at the side of the class, but it didn’t look like they were a party.

On the straight side, the dealer was waiting while holding a deck of cards and shuffling.

He said as he put the deck down on the table.

“Now that the people have gathered, we can begin. Is there anyone who doesn’t know the rules?”

Estelle and one of the guests raised their hands.

“It’s not a very difficult game. All players, including myself, receive two trump cards. The more the sum of the numbers is 21 or closer to it, the more wins the game, and I put a card face down… .”

As the dealer continued to explain, Cain looked around.

‘Certainly, the security is stricter than the hall.’

CCTVs circulated everywhere, and guards with mana detection rods roamed between the tables.

It’s likely that it’s not just the craftsmanship of the customers that casinos are paying attention to.


Supernatural phenomena that defy the laws of physics.

Depending on the type of magic available, there must have been wizards who tried to rob the casino.

Looking at the rumors that the Royal Slots were stolen, it seems that no one has ever succeeded.

“Then let’s start the game. Please place your bets first.”

The explanation seemed to be over.

Cain took out his holder and gave Estelle some chips.

She bets by pushing half of them towards the dealer.

“… It’s my first game, so it’s better to play a little bit like me.”

“Just trust me. You know I’m lucky, right?”

Estelle gave a confident expression, while the dealer started dispensing cards.

Two cards are dealt in front of all players.

There were also two cards in front of the dealer, but one of them was the back, so the participants could not check the number.

“You can choose whether you want to receive more cards or not. The moment you exceed 21, you lose, and the sum of the numbers must be higher than your loss.”

Customers who arrived first took turns.

They draw more cards or stop depending on the sum of their cards.

Cain checked his card.

8 spades and 9 hearts. Total 17.

From a probabilistic point of view, stopping was the right decision.

“I’m not going to stop here.”

“All right. Who is the next lady?”

Cain checked Estelle’s card.

10 clover and 9 hearts. Total 19.

‘Of course I will. If the number is 3 or higher, you lose immediately… .’

“Of course we should get more.”

Estelle made an unexpected decision.

And really unexpectedly, her next card was Heart 2.

“… … .”

“Wow! So, unless the dealer rolls the same 21, will I win?”

Cain put the question ‘Are you sure you understood the rules?’ back into his throat.

The card was rotated a few more times.

The dealer also added his cards, but the total was only 19.

Estelle laughed as she looked at the double and returned Chip.

“Wait. I’m going to get all the chips out of here.”

Unfortunately, Cain thought that would never happen.

The casino’s dealers are professionally trained gamblers.

Of course, they are not gambling, but in terms of skill, ordinary people could not beat the dealer.

Even if you can win a lot in one match, the number of matches piled up and, statistically, the dealer’s win rate was high.

‘No matter how lucky a beginner is… .’

“Wow! I got 21 on the first two cards! Was it 1.5 times that way?”

“… … .”

“Look at this. This time it’s 20!”


However, Estelle’s victory streak continued, and the chip in front of her grew with a terrifying force.

Cain was a little confused.

I don’t remember setting her up as such a lucky person.

‘The world view itself is set within the game. If we assume that some bug has arisen internally… .’

At Estelle’s strong luck, Cain began seriously speculating nonsense.

And when he thought of a plan to win casino money with Estelle, the goddess of fortune, at the forefront, and then he shook his head.

“Guest. There will be a checkpoint.”

A voice came from behind.

I turned around and saw the guards standing in a line.

However, his gaze was not on this side, but on the other customer.

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