A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 178

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 178

178. Royal Slots (4)

“How about increasing your base bet?”

Sweat was dripping from the hands of everyone on the team.

He smiled inwardly and exclaimed with joy.

The most important point of the operation’s success could be said to have been passed.

The wind chimes, including King, were acting as they looked at each other and said.

“I don’t care.”

“I don’t care either.”

“You do that.”

Cain also nodded in affirmation.

With everyone’s consent, Philaeus said with a satisfied smile.

“Then let’s take a break after this edition is over and proceed. By raising the base bet.”


During short breaks, participants went to the bathroom or brought more chips.

After that, they gathered at the table again.

“Sorry to keep you waiting.”

The last to return was Philaeus.

Perhaps he contacted the boss and raised the betting limit that dealers have to follow according to the rules.

“You can look forward to it. boss. It will make a lot of money today.”

With a smile he couldn’t hide, he might have said that kind of remark to the boss.

According to King, he is one of the people who is being talked about as the successor of the casino.

Then there was a commotion among the crowd.

“Is that right? Even though there are no restrictions on access, this is a bit… .”

“I think my mind is a little strange.”

A woman with a scruffy appearance was walking around begging, holding people’s sleeves.

“Help. Hungry. Help.”

It didn’t look like he was sane as people said his eyes were out of focus.

Cain’s gaze didn’t go away from the woman.

“… … .”

was similar

dead mother.

looks very good.

If he had been alive, he would have been around that age by now.

Cain’s fingers tapped the table nervously.

His memory, which helped him a lot through life, made him unable to forget things that he should have forgotten at times.

“Where did a baby bug… .”

Someone’s murmur caught Cain’s ear.

When he turned his head, it was Philaeus.

It was a self-talk that no one could hear, but it was clearly heard by Cain, who was strengthening his five senses with magic.

“This is an important seat, so could you go somewhere else for a while? This should be enough for you to eat.”

Philaeus bounced a chip at the woman.

Weak mana that was put on the chip without anyone else’s knowledge.

The specific gravity of the fire element was high.

The moment you hold it, you will be troubled by the heat and will leave scars on your palms.

The woman’s face was not even aware of it, and her face brightened.


Chip, flying through the air, was caught in Cain’s hand.

The fact that this is a wizard was not disclosed to anyone.

I didn’t protect my palms with magic on purpose, because I could raise my suspicions.

After completing its role, the fire element disappeared leaving a slight pain in the palm of the hand.

Cain put a few more of his own on the cooled chips.

He got up from his seat and went directly to the woman and put it in her hand.

“I hope you don’t skip meals.”

The woman stared blankly at Cain’s face, then nodded her head several times before disappearing into the casino exit.

Cain returned to his seat.

“Let’s get started.”

Philaeus, who had a bewildered expression on his face, came to his senses and answered.

“Oh, yes. I would like to raise the default bet 10 times again. How are you all?”

Women’s work was quickly forgotten from people’s minds.

A cheer broke out among the spectators.

Considering that the previous bet was already 100 times the normal table, it was said that it would now be 1000 times.

‘The default bet is 10 million.’

The annual salary of any professional is the entry fee for each round.

It was only a matter of time before one of the raises went bankrupt.

King said with a smirk.

“Doesn’t everyone have that much free time? They must be representatives of dozens of businesses. Or maybe it’s the hard-core professional gamblers on this floor.”

It was a joke, but it wasn’t entirely wrong.

From a general point of view, unless you are a character in a good position, you will not be able to afford the stake.


“Me too.”

Everyone agreed and the game started again.

“Five million.”

“Six million.”



“10 million.”

Unnecessary conversations are gone.

Even the onlookers held their breath.

The number increased, but there was only silence around the table.

Only the sound of raising chips and voices calling for bets went back and forth in the hall.

‘The King’s hand is Clover A and Heart 9.’

Since several unique signals were designated for each pattern and number, there was no problem in communication with gestures alone.

“Twenty million.”

“40 million.”


“80 million.”

The stakes grew exponentially.

The bets were fast, fierce, and bold.

“1 million.”

Just looking at it makes me feel out of breath.

The game rushed towards the end.


“I’m all-in too.”

The two windman pushed all the chips in front of the hand.

“It looks like everyone is doing well. I will go all-in too. I can’t get out of here.”

Philaeus also pushed all the chips.

According to the signal from Spade, Philaeus’ combination was four cards.


Four of the same number in each glyph.

‘The probability of getting four cards in hand is about 1 in 4,000’

In fact, it was right to see him as the strongest loser.

Although there are higher combinations, the probability of their appearance is even worse.

Cain looked at the situation on the table and prepared to exchange his private card for a space card.

All you have to do is raise your palm to absorb the old card, then place the new card in its place.

‘To catch Philaeus, you have to create a higher number of four cards or higher combinations.’

With 3 undisclosed cards, looking at the cards of all players currently on the table, any combination is possible.

The best choice would be the higher number four cards.

straight flush.

about 1 in 60,000

Royal straight flush.

about 1 in 600,000

The upper combinations were likely to be suspicious.

Cain changed his hand in an instant and completed the combination.


Then I pushed the chip to the center of the table.

Chips piled up like a mountain crashed into each other and fell.

“It’s fun. Everyone goes all-in.”

Philaeus’ eyebrows curled.

A face as if he knew something.

The wind fighters felt their hearts sink for a moment.

Something is wrong.

they could sense it.

“Everyone is all-in, so there is nothing more to see. Reveal your hand.”

The cards were released from the windbreakers, including the king.

triple and straight.

and full house.

Although strong, it was a combination that could not be beaten against four cards.

“I think the goddess of fortune was smiling at me.”

Philaeus revealed his hand with a creepy smile.

Heart J.

heart Q.

As each card was dealt, sighs rang out from the crowd.

Everyone forgot to breathe and made a hopeful face.

heart K.

heart A.

When all the cards were revealed, the hall became a melting pot of chaos.

Cards continued from Heart 10, which had already been revealed.

“Nonsense! It’s a royal straight flush!”

“Did I actually see that in my lifetime?”

The murmur spread quickly.

Confused, so were the table participants.

The signal from the spade was obviously seven cards.

When he sent his eyes of doubt and bewilderment, he avoided his gaze.

With a gesture as if for protection, he approached and stood near Philaeus’ guards.


A word popped into everyone’s mind.

It was only now that I realized why the plan had worked out so easily.

Concentrating on deceiving others, he did not know that he was being deceived.

There were noises from all around.

“Isn’t it manipulation? Anyway, it’s a rotiple.”

“I don’t think it’s possible.”

1 in 650,000 odds.

In fact, the team members sensed a slight sense of incongruity in Philaeus’ hand gestures while dispensing cards.

unlike ever before.

Only once in the last round.

However, due to the tension and excitement of the situation, the sense of incongruity was let go.

Also, spades have been doing their job well so far, so there were some things that went unnoticed.

“I don’t doubt it.”

“It’s because the cards came out at such a decisive moment.”

It is clear that the deck was manipulated.

It is certain that rumors will spread.

The casino made the choice to win the game even at the risk.

The stakes piled up on the table now were enormous.

“Then I will take all of these chips.”

“for a moment.”

Cain’s voice stopped Philaeus’ arms outstretched on the table.

“I haven’t checked my hand yet.”

“Do I need to check? Have you already come up with the best combination?”

Philaeus snorted.

The fact that the opponent was going to switch hands, he already knew from Spade.

The fact that the changed combination was 10 four cards could also be secretly communicated to the spade through a predetermined signal.

‘It’s a sign. I really couldn’t have imagined it. At the very least, I almost would have been beaten without a move.’

Philaeus continued with a mocking expression.

“What. You must have come up with a good combination. If you’re sorry, you can publish it. I will have a look.”

“Is it caring? Thank you.”

Cain reached for the covered card.

Spade J.

spade Q.

The moment the card was revealed, Philaeus sensed something strange.

In this case, 10 four cards cannot be drawn.

Looking back at the spade, he, too, had a confused face.

spade k.

Now there is only one private card left.

The crowd stopped talking, held their breath again and watched the situation.

Cain picked up the last card.

“Aren’t you curious what this card is?”

“Nonsense. I can’t… .”

“Make a bet. Guess what combination will be completed. I’ll bet on a royal straight flush. If I win, I hope they accept one of my gifts.”

Philaeus was on the verge of panic.

“This is really absurd. This can’t be a rotiple. It doesn’t make sense in my calculations. This is really… .”

“I’m sorry. I’m not good at betting.”

Cain turns the last card over.

spade a.

Combined with the existing 10 Spades, a Royal Straight Flush was completed.

In the same combination, the spade beat all the glyphs, so it was literally the strongest hand.

“Oh my gosh!”

“The rotiple comes out twice at the same table?”

When people’s cheers and shouts burst out, and the mood reverses.

Cain quickly grabbed a chip and heated it up.

Then, after forcing it into Philaeus’ hand, he wrapped his hand so that he could not open it.


“I lost all my stake. It’s the kind of recognition you leave for you, who has nothing, so please be grateful for it.”

Philaeus struggled, but Cain’s grip prevented him from moving.

Cain let go as the guards rushed in.

But Philaeus’ palms had already been severely burned.

“Ouch! my hand! My hand—!”

The table shook.

An unused deck collapsed and flew.

Cain immediately moved and covered the table from CCTV.

Recognizing Cain’s intentions, all the team members got up and covered the table.

Cain absorbed the duplicate cards from the deck into subspace.

Complete destruction of evidence took place in just a few seconds.

“Find the card! He must have swapped cards! These swindlers!”

Philaeus cried out in pain.

Just as the guards were about to attack Cain, Estelle appeared from the crowd.

Arriving next to Cain in an instant, she pointed her sword at the guards.

A sword, not the mace or stick that you normally handle.

In order to protect Cain, it was her will that she would be immortal to injure others.

The guards froze before her sword.

Meanwhile, the rest of the guards who went to the table shouted.

“Note, there are no duplicate cards. I think the combination made with cards from the deck is correct.”

“You stupid bastard! Does that make sense? Do you think the rotiple will come out so easily?”

The murmur of the people grew louder.

“Then, does that make sense?”

“Because it’s right to use hand skills when shuffling decks.”

Not knowing that public opinion was getting worse, Philaeus threatened the guards.

“Find yourself! The card you swapped will be in your arms!”

“If you want to die, don’t even take a step closer.”

Cain whispered to Estelle.

“Okay. do not respond to the interrogation We will be able to accept the outcome only when we completely shake off our doubts.”

Estelle didn’t seem to like the fact that someone touched Cain’s body, but she followed the instructions anyway.

Several checkpoints were made against Cain and his teammates.

However, the hidden card did not appear anywhere.

“Mom, not even in the body. The mana detector has nothing to do with it.”

Surprisingly, so were the team members.

Because the skill they showed them during the meeting was the skill of swapping cards with what was on their sleeve.

They didn’t know the existence of subspace, so they thought that Cain was hiding the card.

“Nonsense! So, is the rotiple really complete? And at such a decisive moment?”

Philaeus grabbed his burnt hand and approached Cain.

fate that lies ahead.

and anger towards others.

Embarrassment and confusion about the situation.

It was a face that was contorted with mischief, full of emotions.

“Damn it!”

Philaeus raised his fists as if they were about to strike Cain.

At that moment, a voice was heard.

“Stop it, Philaeus. you lost It’s a complete defeat.”

it was king

He touched his face and pulled it, the skin peeling off, revealing a new face.

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